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									            Value Overview       January, 2010
Who is SMI?
   Founded and driven by our members
       Non-profit corporation established in 2005

   Senior-level healthcare supply chain executives
       Representing providers and healthcare supply chain
        industry partners including manufacturers and
        distributors of medical/surgical supplies,
        pharmaceuticals, major equipment, IT companies and
        service providers

   United by our vision to:
       Influence positive change
       Shape future directions
       Advance the healthcare marketplace through internal
        efficiencies and improvements
Vision and Mission
   Vision:
    United in shaping an improved, more efficient healthcare
    supply chain

   Mission:
       Convene innovative leaders within the healthcare industry
       Create a neutral, balanced, developmental, and mutually
        beneficial environment
       Develop solutions through small, intimate work groups

       Produce results that solve real industry problems

       Work for the benefit of the entire healthcare supply chain

       Create         Understand      Introduce     Define and            Deliver
   opportunities          and            and         develop             tangible
                       appreciate     learn from
    for the best         risks                      member-            results and
   exchange of            and                        driven           demonstrate
 innovative ideas     challenges                    solutions        improvement

               Raise the bar for healthcare supply chain standards
The SMI Difference

      We Are:

    Action/Results Oriented

    Member-Driven

    Industry Benefit Focused
How We Operate
   Focus on strategic initiatives that lead to
    transformational changes in the healthcare
    supply chain

   Collaborative process (non-selling, non-
    combative environment)

   Multi-disciplinary teams (member selected and
    driven) to create and validate “serious” solutions

   Semi-annual member Forums
Member Value
   Be a distinct voice in creating best-of-the-best
   Rich collaboration on mutually beneficial
    initiatives versus fruitless debate
   Build long-lasting ties/relationships with senior
    level supply chain innovators and decision
   Gain new insights into decision-making while
    working at the ground floor of healthcare supply
    chain changes
   Demonstrate individual and organizational
    knowledge, expertise and value
Value Progression

                                                    Shared Vision

    Intuitive          Tangible                  Countable          Recognizable
    •Networking        • Network                 • Measurable       • Marketplace
    • Idea               connections               supply chain       adoption
     exchange          • Richness of               improvement      • “Pull” demand
    • Serious            collaboration             outcomes           for SMI
     work              • Solution                    • SMI            “products”
    • Education                                      • Providers
                         acceleration                • Industry

                  Initiatives                            Forums

 Lower                                                                       Higher

                                Degree of Significance
    Open to all Provider and Industry executives
     with direct transactional trade involvement in
     supply chain and delivery of patient care
        Industry Partners include: medical, surgical,
         diagnostic and pharmaceutical supply
         companies; capital equipment and medical
         device companies; distributors; IT companies;
         and service providers
    Must have a corporate structure owned and
     controlled by a single entity
        Centralized operations with capacity to affect

   Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials
    Management (AHRMM)
   Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN)
   Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics (University of
   GS1 Healthcare US
                              • Seasoned executives
  • Improved supply chain
                              • Balance between
                                Provider & Industry
  • Proven results
  • Customizable
                              • Shared vision for a
  • Industry wide sharing
                                more efficient supply
  • Market adoption

  • Self selected/directed   • Issues based leadership
    initiatives                of supply chain
  • Focused teamwork         • Neutral venue
    efforts                  • Collaboration
  • Look outside of          • Making a difference
    healthcare                 (transformational)
Initiatives in Action

   Product Recall Management

   Value Proposition Alignment

   Regional Aggregated Contracting

   Clinical Integration
Accomplishments to Date
   SMI website established as major industry resource (launched
    May, 2008)

   Ten (10) team initiatives concluded since inception

   Nine (9) “Tools” finalized and provided free of charge to
        Vendor Access Guidelines (endorsed by AORN)
        Measuring Effective Relationships (software)
        Roadmap to the Perfect Order
        Contract Synchronization
        New Product Introduction Management (software)
        810 Transaction
        The Link Between Supply Chain and Revenue
        Supply and Labor Cost Calculator
        Vendor Managed Inventory
Accomplishments to Date
Multiple industry efforts nationally to promote
SMI and the adoption of SMI Tools:
   AHRMM annual conferences – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
   AHVAP Annual Conference – 2007
   Provista Annual Conference – 2007
   Medline Executive Roundtable – 2008, Spring & Fall
   VHA TV – November 2008
   World Congress on Supply Chain – 2008, 2009
   GHX Supply Chain Summit – 2007
   GS1 Global Conference 2009
   HSCN National Healthcare Supply Chain Conference, Canada –
   AHRMM Webinar – Perfect Order 2008
   FDA’s Unique Device Identifier Hearing – 2009
Accomplishments to Date
Multiple industry efforts regionally to promote
SMI and the adoption of SMI Tools:
   Pennsylvania Statewide Faculty – 2009 (2)
   New Jersey Materials Management Society – 2009
   Yankee Alliance Annual Meetings – 2008
   Greater Ohio AHRMM Chapter – 2008
   Pennsylvania Statewide Faculty – 2008
   New England Chapter of AHRMM – 2007
Accomplishments to Date
   Founding member of the Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Coalition
   Member of GS1 US Healthcare Leadership Team
   Over 50 SMI webinars conducted in 2008 & 2009 on NPIM Tool adoption
    for both SMI members and non-members
   Active collaboration relationships established with:
        AHRMM
        CIHL
        Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN)
   Board Representation of Bellwether League
   Judge for Premier Supply Chain Innovator Award
   Engaged multiple industry stakeholders in efforts, including:
        FDA
        Advamed
        VHA Supply Chain Institute
        National Coordinator of Health Information Technology
        GNYHA
Provider Members
   Allina Hospitals and Clinics                     Catholic Health Initiatives
    Cheryl Harelstad – Vice President,                Joni Rittler – Vice President of Supply Chain
    Technology & Supply Chain
                                                      Data Analytics
   Ascension Health
    Scott Caldwell – Senior Vice President,          Catholic Healthcare West
    Supply Chain; Mike Gray – Vice President of       Peggy Styer – Senior Director, Operations,
    Operations, Supply Chain Management               Supply Chain Management

   Atlantic Health                                  Cleveland Clinic
    Joseph DiPaolo, Director                          Bill Donato – Executive Director, Supply Chain
   Baptist Health System
    Michael Louviere – Vice President, Supply        Denver Health and Hospital Authority
    Chain                                             Philip Pettigrew – Director of Materials
   Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Joe Sheil – Director of Contracting
                                                     Department of Defense
   BJC HealthCare                                    Lt. Col. Theresa Tillock – Chief,
    Nancy LeMaster – Vice President, Supply           Standardization & Integration Cell
    Chain Operations
                                                     Duke University Health System
   Carolinas HealthCare System                       Jane Pleasants – Assistant Vice President,
    James Olsen – Vice President, Materials           Procurement & Supply Chain Management
    Resource Management
                                                     Fletcher Allen Health Care
   Catholic Health East                              Charles Miceli – Vice President, Supply Chain
    Florence Doyle – Vice President, Supply
    Chain Management
Provider Members
   Geisinger Health System                           Methodist Hospital System
    Deborah Petretich Templeton – Vice                 Gary Wagner – Vice President, Supply Chain
    President, Supply Chain Services                   Management

   Greenville Hospital System                        North Shore Long Island Jewish
    John Mateka – Executive Director, Materials        Donna Drummond – Vice President and
    Management                                         Chief Procurement Officer
                                                      Novant Health
   Intermountain Health Care                          Tony Johnson – Corporate Senior Vice President,
    Brent Johnson – Vice President of Supply           Chief Supply Chain Officer
    Chain & Chief Purchasing Officer
                                                      Ohio State University Medical Center
   Iowa Health System                                 Rosalind Parkinson – Administrative Director
    Daniel McDow – Chief Operating Officer,
    IHSCS, LC                                         Orlando Health
                                                       Randy Hayas – Corporate Director, Materials
   Johns Hopkins Health System                        Management
    Bill Kennett – Senior Director, Supply Chain
                                                      OSF Healthcare System
                                                       Darryl Long – Senior Vice President, Chief Supply
   Kettering Medical Center Network                   Chain Officer
    Steven Huckabaa – Vice President, Supply
    Chain Management                                  Parkland Health & Hospital System
                                                       Andrew Montgomery – Vice President, Supply
   Mayo Foundation                                    Chain
    James Francis – Division Chair/Assistant
    Treasurer, Supply Chain Management                Providence Health & Services
                                                       David Hunter – System Director, Supply Chain
Provider Members
                                                   Vanguard Health Systems
   Sentara Healthcare                              Gregg Lambert – Director of Operations, Supply
    Carl Manley – Vice President of Materials       Chain Management
                                                   WellSpan Health
   Sisters of Mercy ~ Resource                     Michael Nestlebush – Procurement &
    Optimization & Innovation (Roi)                 Contracting Administrator
    Vance Moore – President
                                                   Yale New Haven Health
   SUNY Health Resources                           Pamela Scagliarini – System Director, Supply
    Carter Lard – Director, Contracts &             Chain Management
    Procurement Management

   Sutter Health
    Dennis Maher – Vice President, Supply
    Chain Services
   Texas Children’s
    Terry Cox – Director, Supply Chain
   Texas Health Resources
    John Gaida – Senior Vice President,
    Supply Chain Management
   Universal Health Services
    John Cunningham – Vice President,
    Corporate Supply Chain Operations
   University Kentucky HealthCare
    Sergio Melgar – Chief Financial Officer
Industry Members
   3M Health Care
                                                     Becton, Dickinson & Company (BD)
    Bruce Bald – Director ,Strategic Accounts &
    Jan Gibis – Business Director                     Stephen Gundersen – Vice President, Corporate
                                                      National Accounts & Dennis Black – Director, e-
   Abbott                                            Business
    Steve Christian – Director, Strategic
    Accounts & Operations; Hal Lowe –                Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.
    Director, Health Systems                          Jeff Peacock – Vice President, Operations

   Aesculap                                         C.R. Bard, Inc.
                                                      Brian Kelly – Group Vice President, & Corporate
    Mark Meyer – Director, Corporate Accounts
                                                      Healthcare Services & Carol Stone – Vice
                                                      President, Corporate Marketing
   American Contract Systems
    David Thomson – President & CEO
                                                     Cardinal Health
                                                      Kenneth Kohler – Group Vice President & Eric
   Ascent Healthcare Solutions
                                                      Nelson – VP/General Manager
    Rick Ferreira – COO
                                                     Care Line, Inc.
   AtPar, Inc.
                                                      David Love – CEO
    Kishore Bala – Vice President
                                                     Coloplast Corporation
   AVID Medical, Inc.
                                                      Keith Johnson – Vice President, Sales &
    Michael Sahady – CEO & Rick Setian –
    President, COO
                                                     Covidien
   Baxter Healthcare Corporation
                                                      Armin Cline – President, Health Systems &
    Greg Neier – Vice President, IDN & National
                                                      George McNellage – Vice President, Health
    Accounts & Marie Keeley – Vice President,
                                                      Systems Corporate Sales
Industry Members
   DeRoyal                                           •   McKesson Healthcare Corporation
    Jack Payne – Executive Vice President & Bill          Mary Jo Ellis – Channel Manager, ERP Solutions &
    Pittman - President                                   Todd Tabel – Vice President, ERP Solutions

   Georgia-Pacific Corporation                  •        Medical Action Industries, Inc.
    Sam Robb – Vice President, Channel Marketing          David Dahle – Senior Director, National Health
    & Marketing Communications & Chris Jones –            Systems
    Vice President, National Accounts
                                                      •   Medline Industries, Inc.
   Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)                      Tim Jacobson – Senior Vice President, Corporate
                                                          Sales & Tom Egan – Vice President, Corporate Sales
    Bruce Johnson – President & Bill Carlson – Vice
    President of Marketing
                                                      •   Omnicell
   Hill-Rom Company, Inc.                                Suzanne Alexander-Vaughn – Product Manager
    Susan Schuette – Vice President, National
    Accounts & April Ngo– Director, Strategic         •   Owens & Minor, Inc.
    Accounts                                              Charles Colpo – Executive Vice President,
                                                          Administration; Scott Perkins – Corporate Vice
•   Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems                 President, West & E.V. Clarke – Executive Vice
    Margaret Ellis – Vice President Account               President, Distribution
    Management & Mike Wentling – Executive
    Director, Integration Strategy                    •   PAR Excellence Systems, Inc.
                                                          Richard Felger – Vice President, Sales & Marketing
•   Kimberly-Clark
    Keith Kuchta – Vice President, North American     •   Pfizer
    Medical Supplies & Lisa Kudlacz – Group               Dale Ammon & Tim Best – Senior Directors/Team
    Director, Corporate Healthcare Accounts               Leaders, Health Care Systems
•   Lawson Software
                                                      •   RoundTable Healthcare Partners
    Keith Lohkamp – Product Strategist, Supply
    Chain Management                                      John McConachie – Senior Vice President, Health
Industry Members
•   Sage Products
    Bill Howes – Vice President of Sales

•   SciQuest
    Krista Fuller – Director, Product Marketing

•   Smiths Medical
    Regina McIntosh – Vice President Marketing &
    Strategic Accounts & Robert Schena – Director of
    Sales, Health Systems

   Staples
    Susan Louis – Vice President, Healthcare

•   SterilMed, Inc.
    Mike Richardson – Vice President of National

•   Stryker Corporation
    Tamara Cutler – Vice President of Healthcare
    Systems U.S. & David Distel – Senior Manager,
    Data Integration

•   Suture Express
    Kurt Rall – Vice President, Sales/Marketing

•   Teleflex Medical
    Jeff Baran – Director, Corporate Sales; Ed Weidner
    – Vice President, US Sales; Vince Northfield –
    Executive Vice President, Global Operations
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     Tom Hughes, Executive Director

     Dennis Orthman, Senior Director

          Teri Gallagher, Director

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