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									Like how we experience seasonal changes, our Chinese sages ,since 220 AD ,found out a way of calculating the earths energy change, which have been recorded in a book named ICHINGthe book of changes in the symbolic form ,this record reveals the quality of energy which effect each direction ,based on the yearly ,monthly ,weekly ,hourly and even daily &minutely calculations!! When a premises is constructed , based on the time of completion of the total structure ,with foundations ,walls &the roof, Chinese calculate as what type of energies get packed with the reference of the exact compass degree facing ,which indicate the accurate directional influence!! Based on this base chart& the inhabitants date of birth , the fengshui(vaastu) experts try to tap maximum positive energy which influence nourishment ,prosperity, success in every aspect of life, through planning of doors ,windows, ventilations, toilet, kitchen, living room, bedroom etc-positions, they even consider the minute electromagnetic energy developed through electrical appliance position ,gas stove as individually influencing energy emitter. They frequently used to consult for their fengshui (vaastu) annual, monthly influencing report and get necessary guidelines, as the opportunity to correct and re aligning is highly possible in the hands of man than other luck sources, which are said to contribute the make or break the luck factor of man which is 33.3% effective apart from his astrological influences (33.3%), known as HEAVEN LUCK & that of his deeds (33.3%) also known as MANKIND LUCK (karma effect)!!Every inhabitants date of birth and the house constructional base chart, which arrives from the approximate date of construction and exact compass degree facing, will need to be matched for all round development of inhabitants!! For example, the constructions falling between 1984-2003, come under great influence of period 7 energy/chi, which bless the inhabitants enjoy with success over completions, riches, excellent media luck, all maximum goodies! the period between 2004-2023 falls under the influence of period 8 energy ,where the 7 energy which was fortunate in the earlier period due to its expiry, activates its negative influences continue the side effect through out other periods unless the energy are re-modified and remedied, in the form of bone pains, accidents,robbery,cancer,blood sheds, murders! which we all find these traces since 2004 in an aggravated form!! The author is fengshui practitioner since this science entered India and is blessed with world famous fengshui grandmaster YAP CHENG HAIS formulas! The accuracy of this science is been verified in various parts of India, which even matched the biggest disaster events called sunami!!Fengshui science matches with our Indian astrology known as Mundane Astrology. Interested parties can send their details to metro mag. in the following pattern:* names of every family member staying in the household: *gender details: *previous house facing direction: *present house facing direction: *aspect of life which you need direction to improve: *approximate year of construction: *House layout with direction known &plinth area details: *with general consultation fee: rs 998/BELOW ARE THE PREDICTIONS OF ANNUAL&MONTHLY VISITING STAR COMBINATION WHICH ARE LIKELY TO INFLUENCE &FOLLOWING SOLUTIONS!!
For annual predictions for this 2009 year login: 6th June 09- 5th July 09

*Left hand side annual visiting star *right hand side monthly visiting star For compass degree bearing between (112.6 degree -157.5 degree); southeast (8/9) : For the period of 7 constructions, it denotes strong metal energy in wooden sector, which means lots of arguments due to tension and jealousy, it can even invite skin related diseases for the first sector of southeast facing premise, and basically this combination denotes happy events. for the period of 8 constructions ,if the combinations works positive, it may may result in advancements in relationship success over competitions. For compass degree bearing between (157.6 degree -172.5 degree); south (4/5) : The chances of lawsuits for period of 7 constructions for the 1st sector of south facing may face robbery or financial loss especially due to lawsuits. Beware of accidents (limbs). The deadly 5 yellow star flies into the South sector of the house or office. It brings misfortune, sickness and accidents that will dominate for the rest of the month. This unlucky star will affect females in particular.Work will be tense as you find creativity sorely lacking. For compass degree bearing between (202.6 degree -217.5degree); southwest (6/7): For the period of 7,1st sector of southwest facing robbery or rivalry between siblings & family members will be at pace. Pregnant women be cautious for period of 8.1st sector of southwest facing poisoning or gossips and back stabbing may be experienced .hence if is advisable to keep calm & concentrate in meditation. ) The violent star is strengthened by an excess of metal element, bringing danger of robbery. It also brings violence and conflict, Violent fighting could lead to injury and bleeding, so keep sharp metallic instruments hidden away. Try not to cause aggravation by quarrelling unnecessarily. If your bedroom is in this sector, take extra care. Keep this area well lit at all times. For compass degree bearing between (67.6degree -82.5degree); east (7/8): For period of 7,1st sector of east facing premise become victim of accidents or robbery; danger of injury. for the 2nd sector of east facing beware of fire hazards. for period of 2nd sector of east facing beware of fire hazards. for the period of 8 constructions beware of accidents. The auspicious monthly wealth star brings money luck to houses with main doors facing this direction. Activate this area with a water feature as it brings monetary gain. It is possible to gain lots of money if you can prevail over your competition this month.However, take care of the violent star as it is enhanced by earth energy. Place a pair of Fu Dogs (or if you really have dogs you can tie)here to keep away the bad chi and safeguard against intruders with bad intentions. For center grid also known as brahmas than ; center (9/1): Basically this combination enhance the career opportunities, this support the academic achievements. those who are planning to switch on to other job can make moves. This powerful combination of stars brings you support on all fronts. The stars here create the kind of chi that brings good fortune that aids career progress as well as financial advancement. Place a 9 tier water feature here to attract wealth luck into your life. Residents should avoid overwork or working too late as doing so places a lot of stress on you and brings danger to the stomach and nose. Do not over activate this combination of stars. For compass degree bearing between (247.6degree -262.5degree); west (2/3):

For period of 7 constructions this combinations aggravate the losses in the form of vigorous fighting &arguments resulting some other form of health losses like injuries. for period of 8 constructions, there may be chances of marital conflict. Watch out for problems caused by the clashing elements and energies of this sector resulting in much conflict and discord. These energies bring gossip, arguments and disagreements that could lead to serious legal entanglements. Do not generate too much noise or have excessive activity here. Switch off TVs and stereos. Marriages and close relationships suffer from tension and stress. For compass degree bearing between (22.6degree -37.5degree); northeast (3/4):for the period of 7 constructions ,the residents can be benefited through studies and academic pursuits, this combination can also help good for romance, promotion and publicity. for the period of 8 constructions if the energy is positive it brings good romantic prospects. if negative it denotes violence & embezzlement., in a fight, one may get hit by wood element. This sector bodes well for those with academic, communication and literary pursuits. Children benefit from the conduscive energy for studies. Place an Amethyst Slab under the bed to protect the marriage. There is also a tendency towards emotional stress due to relationship problems. For compass degree bearing between (337.6degree -352.5degree); north (5/6): For the period of 7 & 8 , this combination can help in growth of money & prosperity . be careful of head injuries and head aches. for the other sector facing, this combination can aggravate accidents symptoms, or robbery. Heaven luck could bring an unexpected windfall and males staying in the North enjoy good speculative luck. However, lingering bad chi obstructs good luck and is particularly unlucky for the man. Health problems like kidney pains could develop. For compass degree bearing between (292.6degree -307.5degree); northwest (1/2): This combination can affect the inhabitants with stomach, intestine or digestion problems! Pregnant women pay attention, chances of miscarriage or gynecological problems may arise. for period of 7 constructions, this time is good for anyone who need to travel for career.competion is deadly! Take care! The illness-bringing star cause lung and nose problem. Elderly people should avoid this sector as it could bring them serious health problems. Car accidents are possible so be careful when on the move. There is an indication of spousal conflict which could lead to separation. Kindly note: Do not put plants or water feature chargers in your bedroom to activate energy! To have accurate predictions and practical solutions, we should need to have your premise time of construction and exact compass degree facing details

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