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            Building the Heart of
Who Is ABC?

   ABC was founded in 1950 when seven
    contractors gathered in Baltimore, Md. These
    7 shared the belief that construction projects
    should be awarded on merit to the most
    qualified and responsible low bidders.
Who is ABC?

   Associated Builders and Contractors
    (ABC) is the fastest growing national
    construction industry association, with more
    than 25,000 merit shop contractor members
    in 79 chapters across the United States.
   Fortune magazine ranks ABC as one of the
    50 most influential organizations in the nation
What Is ‘Merit Shop’?

   Merit Shop is:

     The essence of Free Enterprise
     The belief that construction projects should be
      awarded on merit to the most qualified and
      responsible low bidders.
     The belief that employers must provide for the
      general welfare of the employee through fair
      compensation for work performed.
ABC Today !

   ABC's mission is the advancement of the merit shop
    philosophy, which encourages open competition and a
    free-enterprise approach that awards contracts based
    solely on merit, without regard to labor affiliation.
   ABC's activities include government representation,
    legal advocacy, education, workforce development,
    communications, technology, national and chapter
    awards programs, employee benefits, best practices
    and business development through an online
    contractor search directory.
ABC Heart of America

   Heart of America Chapter’s national
    federation charter covers Kansas & Missouri
   Heart of America was founded in 1975
   Growing membership in St. Louis w/
    Regional Office, media campaign and civic
Members of ABC

   Membership Includes All Industry Sectors:
     General Contractors
     Specialty Contractors
     Construction Users
     Architects / Engineers
     Construction Suppliers
     Associated Service Members
     Law Firms
     Professional Members
ABC Heart of America Code of Ethics

   To maintain a standard of performance consistent with the owner’s
    best interest.
   To quote only realistic prices and completion dates and perform
   To fully cooperate with the architect and other agents of the owner
    toward fulfillment of the contract undertaken.
   To solicit and accept bids and/or quotations only from firms with
    whom we are willing to do business.
   To make all payments promptly within the terms of the contract.
   To observe and foster the highest standards of safety and working
    conditions for employees.
   To establish fair wage schedules for employees commensurate with
    their ability so that they may enjoy the dignity to which they are
   To actively participate in the training of skilled tradespeople for the
    future welfare of the construction industry.
ABC Committed To Safety

   National STEP program – Safety Training Evaluation
    Process is a progressive tiered safety recognition
   TWO OSHA Partnerships between the Heart of
    America and OSHA in Kansas and Missouri
   Full Time Safety Director to assist members and
    their owner / clients
   Focus Four Programs, OSHA 10 & 30 hour, CPR,
    First Aid
ABC Committed To Training

   U.S. Dept. of Labor approved apprenticeship
    standards in 32 construction trades
   Approximately 500 apprentices currently registered
   20 training locations across Missouri and Kansas
   Training affiliations with Ranken Tech. College,
    Vatterott College, Ozark Tech. College, Metropolitan
    Community College of Kansas City, Pima
    Community College, University of Central Missouri
    and Columbia Area Career Center
ABC Committed To Members

   ABC has 23 nationally endorsed affinity
    programs providing the best discounted services
    to ABC members.
   Access to health care coverage at competitive
    rates with pooled health insurance trust (AHP
    model) available where state law permits
   Dental and vision insurance
   Web Enabled Training
ABC Value Partnerships
ABC Construction Resources

   National resources including legal, regulatory,
    technical, safety, education, peer to peer, economic,
    market and business development resources
   Chapter resources including labor and legal experts,
    craft / industry consultants, governmental
    representation, industry networking and discounted
    affinity program resources
   Interactive membership directory at national and
    local levels by trade, specialty and volume
ABC Accredited Quality Contractor

   The Accredited Quality Contractor Program
    recognizes and honors construction firms
    which have documented their commitment in
    four key areas of corporate responsibility:
     Safety (STEP Gold or Platinum Level Required)
     Employee Benefits
     Training
     Community Relations
AQC Pledge

 As contractors, we want business owners and the
 public in general to know that we care about our
 employees and the communities in which we build,
 and that we are prepared to demonstrate this
 concern through our actions. We are proud to be
 contractors and proud to be an integral part of this
 great industry. We want our many "publics" to know
 that we are dedicated to the principles of free
 enterprise and that we are committed to providing
 our employees, now and in the future, with the skills
 they need to work safely and productively on the
ABC Focal Points

   Diversity – National committee promoting a diverse
    industry and diverse workforce
       National grants enabling diversity at the local level
       Safety Tool Box Talks in English and Spanish
       Safety Orientation Video in English and Spanish
   Green Building
       ABC Green Building Resource Guide
       ABC National partnered with the U.S. Green Building Council
        (USGBC) to offer workshops
   National Quality Awards
       Excellence In Construction (EIC)
       Craft Excellence Competition
Why Belong To ABC ?

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc Is:

   40th most influential organization in the country (Fortune 500
   The largest PAC in the construction industry - $1.6 million (non-
    residential) and nearly $9 million spent by the Free Enterprise Alliance
    (FEA) during the last election cycle
   ABC PAC was listed among the Top 20 Association PACs in the
    nation, according to the Feb. 13, 2009 issue of CEO Update.
   The largest organization dedicated to the merit shop philosophy –
    projects should be awarded to the lowest, safest responsible bidder, or
    an owner's contractor of choice, regardless of labor
   The construction association where every member (specialty
    contractors, industry professionals, and general contractors) has an
    equal vote and equal status in ABC
Why Belong To ABC ?

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc Is:

   Leading the Construction Industry in opposition to
    the Employee Free Choice Act (Card Check)
   Funded a study exposing the critical funding
    shortage in construction union pension plans
   Leading the effort in both Kansas and Missouri to
    place a “constitutional right” to a confidential election
    on unionization into the state constitutions
What The Unions Are Saying
The Unions Are Organized

And If The Employee Free Choice Act

The unions will be doing a lot more
What ABC is Saying
We Must Organize To !

Your joining ABC will help to insure that
 open shop, merit based construction

Your membership and your voice will help
 ABC preserve YOUR right to run YOUR

We Need Your Help. Join ABC.
ABC Members Getting It Done

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