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					Beauty and Health Tips
by Julaine Neufert Many of you have asked and Julaine has answered: A Whiter Smile The new craze for whitening strips and gels can leave a dent in your wallet, but there is a way to give the illusion of a whiter smile without breaking the bank. [Getting] the look of whiter teeth is simple -- just change your lipstick color. For yellow teeth try a blue based shade like red or whine. For gray teeth try a warm hue like bronze or cooper. Beautiful Locks Are you tired of taking an hour to dry your hair? Use a metal core brush which retains the heat and cuts your drying time in half. Once you have dried your hair in no time, you might have a little extra time to give your hair more body. An easy way to give your hair a lift is to gather your hair at the crown and tie it with an elastic band. Spray lightly with hairspray, and let dry. Flip your head over and remove the elastic. Shake and flip your head up and you will have fuller hair. With winter upon us we all have experienced fly away hair, but there is an easy way to get rid of the frizz. To avoid the ‘finger in the light socket’ look simply rub hand lotion into your hands and lightly press on your hair. This will calm down the frizzes. A Healthy Life Still trying to stick to this year’s resolution of eating healthy? Want to have the feeling of fullness without eating a huge meal? Eat an apple! The fiber in the fruit activates hormones that tell the stomach that it’s full. If you experience a set back in your resolution, don’t get down, tomorrow is another day to start fresh. If you want to eliminate that bloated feeling after a large meal, eat a cucumber. Cucumbers are a natural diuretic that will reduce bloating by speeding the removal of excess of water and sodium from your body. Another way to help lose unwanted pounds is to drink green tea. Studies show that green tea increases your metabolic rate. Nails If you can’t find a nail file when you need one, use a book of matches. Take the striking surface and file your nail and your nails will look good as new.

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