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Medical Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
   Anatomy 1
   Ayurveda 1
   Biochemistry 3
   Biomedical Sciences 3
   Cardiology 3
   Communication 4
   Forensic Medicine 5
   General 5
   Genetics 5
   Medicine 6
   Microbiology 6
   Neurology 7
   Nursing 8
   Obstetrics and Gynecology 9
   Pediatrics and Child Care 11
   Pharmacy 12
   Physiology 14
   Surgery 14
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                                       FORTHCOMING TITLES
Concise Pharmacology
Kaushik, Mrinal
This book presents the subject of Pharmacology in the context of the most significant clinical conditions, both from the academic
and professional points of view. Each chapter deals with the drugs that are used for clinical conditions rather than as drugs acting
on individual organ systems. The emphasis throughout the book has been on logic-based understanding of the subject. The author
has deliberately avoided presenting information in a manner that tests pure memory skills. In this way, this textbook hopes to
enhance and improve students’ understanding of the often complex subject of Pharmacology. It includes learning objectives,
summaries, questions and many schematic illustrations.

Essential Obstetrics
Oumachigui, Asha, Soundara Raghavan, S. & Habeebullah, S.
Essential Obstetrics is a textbook, aimed to cater to the needs of undergraduate medical students. It is expected that postgraduates
in the first year would also find the book useful. The contents have been selected carefully to not only include preventive and
curative aspects of obstetrics, but also the associated medical and surgical disorders. The book covers in an integrated manner
the sociocultural factors that influence obstetrics, obstetrical problems prevailing in India, the national programmes for improving
women’s health and the status of health care delivery system in the country. Practitioners need to be sensitised to gender and
sociocultural issues like nutrition and domestic violence as they have a great impact on the outcome of pregnancy. They should
be aware of the ethical dilemmas they might encounter in their practice and the principles that would help resolving them
appropriately. They should also acquire good communication skills. A special feature of the book is the focus on these areas.
   The presentation is designed to make the book ‘reader-friendly’. Besides the Learning Objectives and Key Points, sufficient
questions of descriptive type and MCQs have also been included so that students would find the book useful while preparing for
examinations. A number of colour illustrations enhance the understanding of the concepts.

Mudaliar and Menon’s Clinical Obstetrics (Eleventh edition)
Gopalan, Sarala & Jain, Vanita
The book is targeted at undergraduate medical students of obstetrics. The forthcoming edition will be an updated one in four-
colour. The book will be more student friendly, with bulleted points, more MCQs and short answer questions, and algorithms.

Textbook of Industrial Pharmacognosy
Ramachandran, S., Sukumaran, Bindu & Kashi, Anusuya
Since ancient times we have depended on plant medicines for all our needs—alleviating ailments, searching for eternal health,
longevity, to relieve pain and discomfort, and as fragrances. In spite of advances in Western medicine, medicinal plants continue
to play an important role in emerging and developing countries of Asia for both preventive and curative treatment. India and
China have been using plants in an organized healthcare regime for more than 5000 years. The book gives an introduction to the
herbal drug industry, discusses the general principles of the various allied systems of medicines, the morphologic and microscopic
characteristics of plant parts, classification and qualitative analysis of crude drugs and plant chemistry, and the biogenesis of
secondary metabolites.
                                                                                                              M EDICAL S CIENCES
visit us: www.universitiespress.com            MEDICAL SCIENCES
              AIDS/HIV                         Human Neuroanatomy                           its role in the evolution of medicine and
                                               Vijaya Kumar, K.                             its achievements.
Blood-borne HIV:                                                                            1999 • 234 pp. • Paperback
Risks and Prevention                           Human Neuroanatomy describes and
                                               explains the structure of the human          978-81-250-1521-5 • Rs. 295.00
Correa, Mariette, Gisselquist, David & Gore,
                                               brain and spinal cord together with the
Deodatta Hari                                                                               Controversial Drug Plants
                                               peripheral and autonomic components
When a person has contact with body            of the nervous system. In this book, the     Nair, Vasudevan
fluids, which contain a virus, serious          author, Dr Vijaya Kumar, K adopts a new
                                                                                            This book describes some commonly
infections like HIV (which causes AIDS)        approach, he traces the development
                                                                                            used medicinal plants of uncertain
can occur. Such exposures can happen           of each part of the brain through
                                                                                            botanical identity. With the increased
within the health care system or even          the process of evolution from the
                                                                                            public interest in the use of herbs to
in a barber shop or a beauty parlour.          invertebrate to the vertebrate and finally
                                                                                            treat ailments, many spurious plants
When safety standards are not observed         to the human brain.
                                                                                            are being used in the manufacture of
in such establishments, the exposures             Each chapter opens with a case study
                                                                                            Ayurvedic medicines. This is sometimes
are considered unsafe, as it could lead to     and chapter highlights, and ends with
                                                                                            owing to ignorance and in other cases, an
transmission of the virus.                     sample questions. The text is richly
                                                                                            attempt by unscrupulous manufacturers
   The sexual route to HIV transmission        supplemented with detailed illustrations,
                                                                                            taking advantage of this demand. The
has been dealt with extensively in             which have been specially drawn for this
                                                                                            book differentiates between adulterants,
several books. This book is different as       book.
                                                                                            substitutes and genuine drugs. This book
it deals with the non-sexual route—the                                                      will be helpful to those manufacturers
                                               2007 • 210 pp. • Paperback
transmission of the HIV/AIDS virus                                                          who wish to use genuine drug plants in
                                               978-81-250-3227-4 • Rs. 195.00
through unsafe blood exposures. It tries                                                    their preparations and to educate lay
to educate readers with information on                                                      people who are using Ayurvedic remedies.
how to protect themselves from such                        AYURVEDA                         It will also be useful to pharmacists.
unsafe exposures. It also dispels the
misinformation that persists about the                                                      2003 • 120 pp. • Paperback
                                               Advances in Medicinal Plants                 978-81-7371-469-6 • Rs. 225.00
transmission of AIDS through unsafe
                                               Reddy, K. Janardhan, et al. (Eds)
blood exposures in various settings.
   The book is primarily meant for the         Advances in Medicinal Plants is a result     Herbal Home Remedies
general public, but it could be used           of a national seminar held to address        Nair, Vasudevan
as an educational tool in educational          challenging opportunities in the field of
institutions, medical communities and                                                       This book contains information about the
                                               medicinal plants. The papers presented
in organisations (government, NGOs                                                          use of common plants to cure common
                                               were on a wide range of topics, including
and Positive Networks) working in HIV                                                       ailments. It is popular knowledge gained
                                               strategies for conserving medicinal plant
prevention and care.                                                                        from the experience of generations.
                                               biodiversity, GIS mapping of medicinal
                                                                                            The suggested treatments are simple,
                                               plant diversity and cultivation of
2008 • 104 pp. • Paperback                                                                  inexpensive and easy to follow. They are
                                               important medicinal crops.
978-81-7371-693-5 • Rs. 95.00                                                               recommended only as primary health
                                               2007 • 336 pp. • Paperback                   care measures. The book is beautifully
                                               978-81-7371-588-4 • Rs. 550.00               illustrated with line drawings of each
              ANATOMY                                                                       plant to facilitate easy identification.
                                               Ancient Indian Medicine                      2004 • 58 pp. • Paperback
Essentials of Human
                                               (Reissue)                                    978-81-7371-482-5 • Rs. 100.00
Genetics (Fifth Edition)
Kothari, M.L., Mehta, L.A. &                   Kutumbiah, P.
                                                                                            Indian Medicinal Plants:
Roychoudhury, S.S.                             This book is a result of many years of       A Compendium of 500 Species
See Page 5                                     study; it aims at satisfying a long felt
                                               need for an accurate and comprehensive       Warrier, P.K., Nambiar, V.P.K. &
                                               picture of ancient Indian medicine.          Ramankutty, C.
         Plan to write? Contact:
                                               It traces the origin, development and        This compendium which is based on a
                                               interrelations of ancient Indian medicine,   treatise prepared by S. Raghunatha Iyer,

Prices are subject to change.                                                                                                          1
                                                                                            visit us: www.universitiespress.com

a scholar of both Sanskrit and Ayurveda,      the bedrock of ayurvedic practice today.      original chapters. Furthermore, it presents
aims to make an authoritative                 His contribution to India’s cultural          much of the data in tabular form, and
contribution to the field. The original        inheritance was profound.                     features many tables and illustrations in
work which drew upon classical texts             Caraka’s Samhita was, in fact, a           an effort to reach out to readers who may
and current research, as well as the oral     revision of an older text, Agnivesa Tantra,   include not only students of ayurveda but
medical knowledge of tribal groups has        which was written several centuries           also of modern medicine, biological and
been updated by scholars associated with      before Caraka’s time. Caraka’s revision       social sciences and the history of science.
the Arya Vaidya Sala in Kottakal, India.      became so popular that it was translated         The present volume is a companion to
This unique compendium offers profiles of      into Tibetan, Arabic, English and many        the commercially successful The Legacy of
500 key species with detailed taxonomic       Indian languages. The Legacy of Caraka        Caraka.
information. One of the leading features      retells the Samhita in a new format.
                                                                                            2007 • 908 pp. • Hardback
of this compilation is the special            Instead of adhering to the sequence
                                                                                            978-81-7371-666-9 • Rs. 950.00
technique used in the illustrations, both     of the Sthanas in the original, the
colour and line, which aims to achieve        author has retold the Samhita through
authenticity of texture, colour and form.     thematically-structured chapters, in          Legacy of Vagbhata
   The compendium also lists the              contemporary idiom. The retelling has         Valiathan, M.S.
distribution and popular nomenclature in      involved some degree of restructuring
English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam and       and condensation but has ensured that
Tamil. The main texts present properties      whatever is stated can be traced back to
and uses in a format which cites ancient      the original. In a detailed introduction,
verse texts and ethnobotanical sources.       the author has commented on specific
This rare work, in five volumes, should        aspects of Caraka’s philosophy, concepts
be of special interest to practitioners of    and practice, as seen from the point of
alternative medicine, students of Ayurveda,   view of modern medicine.
the research and industry associated             This book will be of special interest to
with medical botany, pharmacologists,         students of Ayurveda, medicine and other
sociologists and medical herbalists.          sciences, and those interested in the
                                              history of science in India.                  Vagbhata completes the “Great Three”
Volume 1
1993 • 430 pp. • Hardback                     2003 • 634 pp. • Hardback                     (Brhatrayi) of Ayurveda, with his
978-81-7371-702-4 • Rs. 875.00                978-81-7371-667-6 • Rs. 750.00                predecessors, Caraka and Susruta. His
                                                                                            identity and period are controversial
Volume 2                                                                                    but a major section of the scholarly
1994 • 436 pp. • Hardback                     Legacy of Susruta, The                        community believes that he was a
978-81-7371-703-1 • Rs. 875.00                Valiathan, M.S.                               native of Sindh, who lived in the sixth
Volume 3                                                                                    century and wrote Astangahrdayam
                                              Susruta’s name is synonymous with             and Astangasngraha. The two texts
1994 • 423 pp. • Hardback
                                              India’s surgical inheritance. A legendary     frankly acknowledge the authority of
978-81-7371-704-8 • Rs. 875.00
                                              figure, he is believed to have lived and       the Samhitas of Caraka and Susruta and
Volume 4                                      taught in Varanasi several centuries          closely follow in the footsteps of the
1995 • 444 pp. • Hardback                     before the Buddha, and composed the           earlier masters. The Legacy of Vagbhata
978-81-7371-705-5 • Rs. 875.00                Susruta Tantra which became a timeless        is based on a study of Astangahrdayam
                                              medical classic. Though the original          and employs a thematic approach with
Volume 5
                                              text was lost long ago, a redaction by        the plentiful use of tables. As in the
1996 • 592 pp. • Hardback
                                              Nagarjuna survived as Susruta Samhita         earlier volumes on Caraka and Susruta,
978-81-7371-706-2 • Rs. 875.00
                                              and won universal acclaim. The Samhita        great care has been taken in this
                                              is a study of the human condition in          volume on Vagbhata to maintain fidelity
Legacy of Caraka, The                         health and disease with undisguised           to the original text while ensuring easy
Valiathan, M.S.                               emphasis on surgery, and rivals Caraka’s      readability for the students of Ayurveda,
                                              classic in authority. In The Legacy of        medicine and the sciences.
Caraka, the master physician, is believed     Susruta, the text of Susruta Samhita has
to have lived in the first century AD.         been recast in a thematic fashion without     2009 • 946 pp. • Hardback
The Samhita composed by him forms             sacrificing any of the content of the          978-81-7371-668-3 • Rs. 1195.00

                                                                                                           M EDICAL S CIENCES
visit us: www.universitiespress.com

          BIOCHEMISTRY                                    BIOMEDICAL                       MRA and spectroscopy; Information
                                                                                           about recent advances and practice
Practical Biochemistry for
                                                           SCIENCES                        techniques; Detailed illustrations and MRI
                                                                                           photographs. Self-assessment questions
Medical Students                               Short Introduction to
                                                                                           and problems
Rajagopal, G. & Ramakrishnan, S.               Biomedical Engineering, A
                                                                                           2007 • 262 pp. • Paperback
Keeping track of the latest developments       Sarbadhikari, S.N.                          978-81-250-3080-5 • Rs. 375.00
in biochemistry, this innovative book          Bioengineering is the application of
equips medical students as well as             electrical, mechanical, chemical, optical
undergraduate and postgraduate students                                                    Principles of Medical Electronics
                                               and other engineering principles to
of biochemistry with a basic knowledge of      understand, modify or control biological    and Biomedical Instrumentation
practical biochemistry and its application     systems, and also to design and             Raja Rao, C. & Guha, S.K.
in actual clinical practice.                   manufacture products for monitoring         The book caters primarily to the syllabi
1983 • 92 pp. • Paperback                      physiological functions, assisting in       of Medical Electronics and Biomedical
978-0-86131-415-7 • Rs. 55.00                  diagnoses, assessing prognoses and          Instrumentation courses at the B.Tech.
                                               helping in the treatment of patients.       and M.Tech. levels in Engineering,
                                               This book presents a bird’s eye view        Applied Physics and also serves the
Textbook of Medical                            of the important components of              needs of AMIE (Section-B) students
Biochemistry                                   biomedical engineering for the benefit       as well as Polytechnic students. For
(Third Edition)                                of undergraduate and postgraduate           Medical and Paramedical personnel,
Ramakrishnan, S., Rajan, R. &                  students. It also provides a glimpse        this book is useful as a reference
Prasannan, K.G.                                of the emerging trends in biomedical        and for the electronics engineer and
                                               engineering like telemedicine and the       technician, the book will serve as a
This revised edition is thoroughly             wider use of computers in health care.      bridge to the medical world they will
updated with chapter summaries and
                                               Distributed worldwide (except India) by     be serving. Chapters on Biotelemetry,
questions included at the end of each
                                               CRC Press LLC, USA, Taylor and Francis      Computer Applications in Medicine, and
chapter. Topics such as biostatistics,
                                               Group                                       the Hospital and Medical Electronics
metabolism in starvation, and alcoholism
                                                                                           Department are some of the highlights
are extensively covered. New chapters          2006 • 276 pp. • Paperback
                                                                                           of this book.
on clinical biochemistry, immunology           978-81-7371-558-7 • Rs. 250.00
and environmental pollutants have been                                                     2000 • 288 pp. • Paperback
added.                                         Magnetic Resonance Imaging and 978-81-7371-257-9 • Rs. 295.00
Contents: Section I: The fundamental and       Spectroscopy in Medicine:
physiological aspects of biochemistry |        Concepts and Techniques
Section II: Metabolism | Section III: Energy                                                             CARDIOLOGY
metabolism, B.M.R., S.D.A., Nutrition,
                                               Raghunathan, P.
composition of foods and balanced              This book would be useful to                50 Fascinating Case Studies
diet | Section IV: Clinical biochemistry,      radiology residents, biomedicine            Misra, K.P.
Environmental Pollution and Hazards to         students, practising clinicians and MRI
health, and Immunology |                       technicians. It explains the physical       This book is an excellent tool for learning
Section V: Function tests | Section VI:                                                    clinical cardiology. It presents real-life
                                               and conceptual basis governing
Modern Techniques in Biochemistry |                                                        cases and clinical problems in cardiology,
Section VII: Physicochemical aspects of        present-day applications of MR. It
                                               also describes how imaging data is          and by using an interesting mix of x-rays,
biochemistry | Section VIII: Biostatistics                                                 ECGs and case presentations, it illustrates
                                               acquired, manipulated and reconstructed
2001 • 722 pp. • Paperback                     for visual examination. To reinforce        in each case, a principle or concept
978-81-250-2071-4 • Rs. 650.00                 the understanding of the main text,         likely to be missed, thereby resulting in
                                               problem-solving and self assessment         misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis!
 • You can also purchase our                   questions have also been provided.             Each problem is presented on a fresh
   publications online.                                                                    page and the diagnosis is arrived at
                                               Special Features: Comprehensive             through a series of analytical steps (given
 • Request for specimen copy can be            content coverage; Minimal mathematical      on the reverse), thus giving the learner
   placed by faculty members.                  concepts; Conceptual basis of MRI,          ample opportunity for self-learning.

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Volume 1                                      Primer of ECG, A (Second Edition)               Principles and
2006 • 112 pp. • Paperback                                                                    Interpretation of
                                              Misra, K.P.
978-81-250-3011-9 • Rs. 325.00
                                                                                              Chest X-Rays
Volume 2                                                                                      Mahesh, P.A.,Vidyasagar, B. &
2006 • 112 pp. • Paperback                                                                    Jayaraj, B.D.
978-81-250-3012-6 • Rs. 325.00
                                                                                              This book is meant for students of medicine
Volume 3                                                                                      and radiology, and practitioners. It has
2007 • 128 pp. • Paperback                                                                    nearly 400 x-rays including some very rare
978-81-250-3206-9 • Rs. 325.00                                                                ones. Both normal and abnormal x-rays
                                                                                              are shown and analysed. The discussion
Clinical Methods in Cardiology                                                                of abnormal x-rays in the clinical case
                                                                                              study format (under the headings: site
Soma Raju, B.                                                                                 of disease, pathology and etiology) is
Of late there have been dramatic              For over a decade, A Primer of                  the unique feature of this book. A brief
breakthroughs in basic research, exciting     ECG has served as an invaluable                 quiz at the beginning and end of each
results of major clinical trials, and new     guide in helping students master                section stimulate the reader and confirm
diagnostic and therapeutic devices.           the principles and applications of              understanding of the principles. A special
However, in order to effectively use these    electrocardiography (ECG). This book,           chapter on cardiac shadows is also
devices, the physician needs to keep two      considered a classic in the field,               provided. A free CD provided within the
basic factors in mind: understand the         explains the fundamentals of ECG                book contains some of the important x-rays
fundamentals of the history and physical      and its interpretation as well as the           from the book, for detailed perusal.
examination (rather than rely blindly on      common errors in interpretation.
                                                                                              Distributed worldwide (except India) by
technology) and be aware of the unique        With over 40 years of experience in
                                                                                              Anshan Limited, UK
patient-care issues of different regions of   teaching and practising medicine and
the globe.                                    cardiology, K. P. Misra uses his unique         2006 • 176 pp. • Paperback
   This book addresses both issues in         flair and exhaustive knowledge to                978-81-250-3006-5 • Rs. 375.00
an outstanding manner. The author             make this subject simple and easy to
brings his enormous wealth of clinical        understand. The numerous illustrations
                                              support the text and enable greater                     COMMUNICATION
experience to this book, which is an
exposition of his basic thesis that           clarity and understanding. This second
                                              edition of the book has been updated
                                                                                              Career English for Nurses
the clinical evaluation of the patient
                                              to reflect current thinking and aims             Rose, Selva
forms the foundation upon which the
management of the patient is built.           to better serve the needs of students,          This book, the first of its kind in India,
                                              practitioners and physicians.                   is based on the English syllabus for B Sc
2002 • 524 pp. • Paperback
                                              Special Features: • Simple language             (Nursing) and is designed to help student
978-81-7371-657-7 • Rs. 625.00
                                              • Updated chapters • Numerous                   nurses to communicate meaningfully
                                              illustrations to enhance clarity • Many         in academic and clinical settings. The
 • You can also purchase our
                                              examples and case studies                       learner-centred activities in the book
   publications online.
                                                                                              encourage involvement and participation
 • Request for specimen copy can be           Contents: The history and development           and prepare the young nurse to embark
   placed by faculty members.                 of electrocardiography | Anatomy of the         on his or her career with confidence.
 • Register online for regular                electrocardiogram | Electrical axis, Position
   updates on our publications.               and rotation of the heart | Chamber             2006 • 260 pp. • Paperback
                                              enlargements | Bundle branch blocks and         978-81-250-3023-2 • Rs. 150.00
                                              fascicular blocks | Heart block | Ischemic
       Plan to write? Contact:                heart disease | Arrhythmias | Drugs and
                                              electrolytes | Congenital heart disease |       Career English for Nurses
    info@universitiespress.com                The magic of ECG | Artifacts in ECG |           (Teacher’s Book)
                                              Treadmill test | Computer confusion index       Rose, Selva
         Order Online:
    www.universitiespress.com                 2010 • 168 pp. • Paperback                      This book is a teacher’s companion,
                                              978-81-7371-687-4 • Rs. 325.00                  indispensable to the effective use of

                                                                                                          M EDICAL S CIENCES
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the book, Career English for Nurses. The      modification of environmental factors,        Science in India. This series was inspired
introductory ‘To the Teacher’ section         which, in turn, can lead to promotion of     by the belief that these luminaries
explains the rationale behind the choice      better health in the community. This is      deserved greater coverage in a reference
of subject matter, task types and their       substantiated by numerous examples from      source devoted exclusively to providing
organisation. It also gives interesting       scientific literature. Further, individual    their messages and brief biographical
tips on organising classroom activities.      chapters deal with the application of        sketches, in the hope that they will
The texts for listening tasks follow          epidemiology to communicable diseases,       inspire a wider audience to take up the
this introduction. For some exercises,        environmental and occupational health        noble pursuit of Science.
the phonetic transcription has been           and health care planning for medical
                                                                                           Volume 1
given to help the teacher in correct          students, postgraduate students of
                                                                                           2003 • 592 pp. • Hardback
pronunciation. The ‘Key to the Exercises’     community health and other health
                                                                                           978-81-7371-432-0 • Rs. 850.00
will prove invaluable to the teacher as       professionals doing such courses.
a ready reference for verifying answers.                                                   Volume 2
                                              1994 • 184 pp. • Paperback
An exhaustive bibliography and a list of                                                   2003 • 704 pp. • Hardback
                                              978-81-250-0261-1 • Rs. 195.00
references help the teacher in accessing                                                   978-81-7371-433-7 • Rs. 850.00
source material for the theory and
                                              Eye Care Handbook, The                       Volume 3
practice of teaching English for specific
                                                                                           2003 • 788 pp. • Hardback
purposes.                                     Prajna, N. Venkatesh
                                                                                           978-81-7371-434-4 • Rs. 850.00
2006 • 80 pp. • Paperback                     This instructive and interesting
978-0-00106-353-2 • Rs. 65.00                 book provides information about the
                                              common eye problems encountered by                         GENETICS
                                              the population at large. It acts as a
                FORENSIC                      handy guide to the public, providing         Essentials of Human Genetics
                MEDICINE                      explanations and descriptions of various     (Fifth Edition)
                                              eye conditions and diseases as well as       Kothari, M.L., Mehta, L.A. &
Forensic Medicine                             the treatment options currently available.   Roychoudhury, S.S.
Guharaj, P.V.                                 This book also acts as a reference guide
                                              to administrators involved in eye care
This book is written mainly with              service delivery programmes and provides
the medical undergraduate in mind,            practical information in simple, clear
but should also prove to be a useful          language with the aid of appealing
reference for postgraduate students           illustrations.
and practitioners. Both the theory
and practice of forensic medicine and         2007 • 124 pp. • Paperback
clinical toxicology have been given case      978-81-250-3152-9 • Rs. 125.00
perspectives. Detailed references have
been provided at the end of each chapter.     Shaping of Indian Science, The
2003 • 472 pp. • Paperback                    ISCA-Indian Science Congress                 Genetics has become an integral part
978-81-7371-682-9 • Rs. 495.00                Association Presidential Addresses           of medical teaching at undergraduate
                                              These are a compendium of the speeches       and postgraduate levels. It is a science
                GENERAL                       of the Presidents of the Indian Science      where conceptual and terminological
                                              Congress Association (ISCA) from 1914 to     changes occur every day. This book
Basic Epidemiology                            2003. Through the years, these Presidents    provides information about various
                                              have inspired the Congress by their          aspects of human genetics in a brief,
Beaglehole, R., Bonita, R. & Kjellstrom, T.                                                simple, comprehensive yet interesting
                                              speeches—some of them visionary, some
This is an authorised reprint of a World      impassioned in their plea for Science, but   manner so as to sustain and drive the
Health Organization publication. The          all of them with a message that Science      interest and enthusiasm of the reader.
book gives an introduction to the basic       must be used for the good of the human          The two main parts of the book,
principles and methods of epidemiology.       race. The Presidents have been eminent       principles of genetics and applications
It begins with the causes of diseases         personalities in the world of Science and    of genetics, strive to provide current,
and how they can be prevented by              have left their mark on the course of        relevant information in a clear and

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concise form. The new edition contains       Genetics and Genetic                         Textbook of Medicine
updated text detailing new advances in       Engineering                                  Vasan, R.S. & Seshadri, S.
DNA replication and gene expression,
detailed illustrations and examples,         Yount, L.                                    This book offers a comprehensive
chapter summaries and a comprehensive        This book explores the great discoveries     coverage of medicine for undergraduate
glossary.                                    in genetics—the study of genes and           medical students in a simple but
                                             the inherited information they contain.      exhaustive manner. The subject has
Special Features: • Fully revised and                                                     been divided into systematic sub-
updated • New techniques explained           Beginning with geneticists at the start of
                                             the century, who worked out certain rules    sections and discussed with special
• Latest advances in molecular genetics,                                                  reference to our country. Tables,
DNA replication and gene expression          by which characteristics are inherited,
                                             and progressing to the development of        illustrations and emergencies are useful
included • Comprehensive glossary •                                                       adjuncts.
New examples and colour illustrations        genetic engineering, or the process of
• Concise summaries                          moving and altering genes, it shows          1998 • 1387 pp. • Paperback
                                             men and women patiently and creatively       978-81-250-1266-5 • Rs. 495.00
Contents: Section 1: Principles of           unravelling one of the central mysteries
genetics: An introduction to human           of life.
genetics | The cell | Cytogenetics: The
chromosomal basis of inheritance | The       1999 • 160 pp. • Paperback                            MICROBIOLOGY
genetic basis of inheritance | Modes of      978-81-7371-180-0 • Rs. 175.00
inheritance | Genetic basis of variation:                                                 Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s
Polymorphism and mutation | Population                                                    Textbook of Microbiology
genetics | Section 2: Applications of                     MEDICINE                        (Eighth Edition)
genetics: Immunogenetics and blood
groups | Development genetics | Medical                                                   Ananthanarayan, R. & Paniker, C.K.
genetics | Biochemical genetics | The
                                             MRCOG Part 2:                                Jayaram
genetic basis of cancer | Clinical           A Structured Approach
genetics | Laboratory genetics |             Reddy, Pranathi & Ram, Uma
Appendix | Glossary
                                             The MRCOG Part 2 exam is held in
2009 • 502 pp. • Paperback                   London and is a requirement for all
978-81-7371-647-8 • Rs. 475.00               obstetricians and gynecologists planning
                                             to work in the UK, however briefly.
Genetic Engineering:                         Candidates from the subcontinent are
Shaping the Material of Life                 often at a disadvantage because they
Thro, E.                                     are not familiar with the UK health care
                                             system and the pattern of the exam,
Scientists today are able to manipulate      which is very different from the exam in
the genetic information contained in the     India.                                       Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s Textbook
DNA molecule, creating new variations                                                     of Microbiology is the acknowledged
in the forms life takes. But this new        Special Features: • A CD with viva
                                                                                          classic textbook on the subject in
capability has posed new questions:          recording for practice, along with
                                                                                          India. This, the eighth edition of the
What changes are truly desirable for         feedback. No other book has this feature.
                                                                                          book, has a completely new full-colour
humankind? Should ‘new life forms’ be        • All parts of the exam covered: essays,
                                                                                          layout, which is further enhanced by
patented? What regulations are needed        MCQs, EMQs and OSCEs • Systematic,
                                                                                          a large number of colour illustrations
to prevent the release of harmful variants   stepwise and thorough coverage of topics
                                                                                          and photographs. In addition, a
into the environment? This book, part of     • Special tips for overseas candidates
                                                                                          comprehensive section on the clinical
the Universities Press Science Sourcebook    • Learning resources • Art paper and
                                                                                          aspects of microbiology aims to help
series, provides the background for          colour printing: high quality production
                                                                                          students get to grips with the clinical
understanding this new science and           2007 • 284 pp. • Paperback                   applications of this field. This book
deals with the controversial questions       978-81-250-3360-8 • Rs. 450.00               also comes with a handy booklet, which
surrounding it.                                                                           contains an exhaustive list of questions,
2000 • 128 pp. • Paperback                            Plan to write? Contact:             long, short and multiple choice, for
978-81-7371-340-8 • Rs. 175.00                     info@universitiespress.com             each chapter to help students be better
                                                                                          prepared for their examination.

                                                                                                             M EDICAL S CIENCES
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Special Features: • Chapter objectives         Collection and transport of specimens for     recent parasitic serology, culture media,
and summaries • Full-colour, student-          microbiological examination | Diagnostic      free living amebae, microsporidia
friendly layout • More bulletised text to      methods in clinical microbiology |            and tumour associated parasites
                                               Nosocomial infections | Recent advances       have been included. • New topics
improve ease of learning
                                               in diagnostic techniques in clinical
• Comprehensive section on clinical                                                          such as pseudoparasites, stool and
                                               microbiology | Emerging infectious diseases
aspects • New and improved colour                                                            blood examinations, serological tests,
illustrative figures and photographs            Accompained with Question Bank                treatment, signs and symptoms of
from laboratories and educational                                                            parasitic diseases, parasites of various
                                               2009 • 760 pp. • Paperback
institutions all over India • Free booklet                                                   organs and common parasites prevalent
                                               978-81-7371-674-4 • Rs. 595.00
with exam-oriented questions                                                                 in India, have also been added.
Contents: Historical introduction              Clinical Microbiology                         Contents: Protozoa | Rhizopoda |
| Morphology and physiology of bacteria                                                      Zoomastigophorea | Sporozoa | Ciliatea |
                                               Thomas, Philip A.                             Cestodes | Class trematoda | Class
| Sterilisation and disinfection | Culture
media | Culture methods | Identification       The study of microbiology is assuming         nematoda | Immunoparasitology |
of bacteria | Bacterial taxonomy | Bacterial   increasing importance in the field of          Parasitisms—occurrence, symptoms
genetics | Infection | Immunity |                                                            and treatment | Vectors and diseases |
                                               medical sciences. Clinical Microbiology
Antigens | Antibodies—immunoglobulins |                                                      Laboratory examinations
                                               was written with the view to make
Antigen–antibody reactions | The
                                               microbiology ‘come alive’. While              2007 • 392 pp. • Paperback
complement system | Structure and
functions of the immune system | Immune        incorporating the essential material          978-81-250-3159-8 • Rs. 375.00
response | Immunodeficiency diseases |         necessary for understanding the
Hypersensitivity | Autoimmunity |              diagnostic techniques used, it provides
Immunology of transplantation and              comprehensive coverage of the practical                     NEUROLOGY
malignancy | Immunohematology |                aspects of the subject. Clear illustrations
Staphylococcus | Streptococcus |               and colour plates enhance understanding       Acute Cerebrovascular Diseases:
Pneumococcus (diplococcus pneumoniae:          of the text.                                  An Approach
Str pneumoniae) | Neisseria |
Corynebacterium | Bacillus |                   2007 • 668 pp. • Paperback                    Dhanraj, M.
Clostridium | Nonsporing anaerobes |           978-81-250-3210-6 • Rs. 550.00                This handbook deals with the pattern of
Enterobacteriaceae I: Coliforms–proteus |
                                                                                             acute cerebrovascular disease or ‘stroke’ as
Enterobacteriaceae II: shigella |
Enterobacteriaceae III: Salmonella |           Textbook of Medical                           seen in India. It follows a cost-oriented
Vibrio | Pseudomonas | Yersinia,               Parasitology, A (Second Edition)              approach to newer investigations, critically
pasteurella, francisella | Haemophilus |                                                     evaluating their merits and demerits
                                               Panjarathinam, R.                             and draws on the author’s rich, personal
Bordetella | Brucella | Mycobacterium
I: Tuberculosis | Mycobacterium II:            This book is a detailed study of parasites    clinical experience of management of such
Non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) |           and their relations with their books and      cases for more than a decade. This book
Mycobacterium III: M leprae |                  includes a discussion of the diseases         will be of special value to residents in
Spirochetes | Mycoplasma |                     caused by parasites and their treatment.      hospitals, physicians, general practitioners,
Actinomycetes | Miscellaneous bacteria |
                                               New in this edition: • Six pages of           neurologists and also postgraduate
Rickettsiaceae | Chlamydiae |
General properties of viruses | Virus–host     colour photographs have been included.        students in neurology.
interactions: Viral infections |               The book is generously illustrated with       1994 • 140 pp. • Paperback
Bacteriophages | Poxviruses |                  new line drawings. • A detailed summary       978-81-250-0264-2 • Rs. 150.00
Herpesviruses | Adenoviruses |                 is given at the end of relevant chapters.
Picornaviruses | Orthomyxovirus |              • Questions and answers have also
Paramyxoviruses | Arboviruses |
                                               been provided on all major topics. • A
Rhabdoviruses | Hepatitis viruses |                                                           • You can also purchase our
Miscellaneous viruses | Oncogenic              glossary of technical terms has been
                                                                                                publications online.
viruses | Human immunodeficiency Virus:        included, to provide quick reference. •
AIDS | Normal microbial flora of the           Information has been updated in this           • Request for specimen copy can be
human body | Bacteriology of water, milk       edition. e.g., a spectrum of parasitic           placed by faculty members.
and air | Medical mycology | Laboratory        opportunists found in association with
control of | Immunoprophylaxis | Hospital      the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)          • Register online for regular
infection | Properties of microbial flora |    infection have been looked at, and               updates on our publications.
Sources and transmission of infection |        chapters discussing immunoparasitology,

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             NURSING                         Special Features: • Oriented to                  Contents: Principles and techniques of
                                             the BSc Nursing course, as per the               effective study | The nature and scope of
                                             Indian Nursing Council (INC) syllabus            psychology | Methods of psychology | The
Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s                                                                  mind and body–mind relationship | The
Textbook of Microbiology for                 • Emphasises standard and desirable
                                                                                              sense organs, muscles and glands | The
                                             nursing practices • New figures and               nervous system | Drives and motives |
Nurses                                       illustrations • Simple language • Essay,         Emotions in health and disease | Intelligence
Ashbee, Ruth H. & Mathews, Mary S. (Eds.)    short note and short answer questions            and aptitude | Learning and memory |
                                             • Reader-friendly layout                         Observation—attention and sense
                                                                                              perception | Thinking, reasoning and
                                             Contents: I: Introduction to
                                                                                              imagination | Habits and skills | Attitudes,
                                             Microbiology | II: Immunology |
                                                                                              will and character | Personality: Nature,
                                             III: Systematic Bacteriology and
                                                                                              growth and assessment | Psychology and
                                             Systems-based Microbiology | IV: Virology |
                                                                                              the art of effective nursing | Frustration and
                                             V: Parasitology | VI: Mycology | VII: Clinical
                                                                                              mental conflict | Our mental or adjustment
                                             and Hospital Microbiology
                                                                                              mechanisms | Elements of counselling |
                                             2010 • 312 pp. • Paperback                       Mental illness: Symptoms, causes and
                                             978-81-7371-718-5 • Rs. 250.00                   treatment | Mental Health: Meaning and
                                                                                              nature | Mental hygiene and life span
                                                                                              development | Appendix I—Questionnaire
                                             Achar’s Textbook of Pediatrics                   on study habits | Appendix II—Some items
For over thirty years, Ananthanarayan                                                         from the bellevue intelligence test for
                                             (Fourth Edition)                                 adults | Appendix III—Personality
and Paniker’s Textbook of Microbiology has
guided students through the complex and      Bhat, Swarna Rekha (Ed.)                         inventory | Websites of interest
absorbing world of microbiology. In this     See Page 11                                      2008 • 372 pp. • Paperback
book, their knowledge and insight into                                                        978-81-7371-636-2 • Rs. 195.00
this subject have been distilled to help
nursing students care for and manage         Bhatia and Craig’s Elements of                   Career English for Nurses
patients affected by these microbes.         Psychology and Mental Hygiene
   This book is specifically aimed                                                             Rose, Selva
                                             for Nurses in India
at nursing students in India, and                                                             See Page 4
                                             (Second Edition)
the diseases covered, immunisation
schedules, procedures for disposal of        Bhatia, B.D. & Craig, M.
                                                                                              Health and Healing:
waste and other information, which may       The new edition of this classic book is          A Manual of Primary Health Care
vary between countries, is focussed on       thoroughly revised and updated to match
the Indian scenario. Two sections, in                                                         Ashtekar, Shyam
                                             the topics in the current syllabus. Newer
particular, highlight this orientation:      theories of behaviour and personality,           This book is meant for primary health
   The Parasitology section, which           and conflict classification are included.          care workers and all those interested
comprises Protozoa and Helminths,            A new chapter on counselling has been            in contributing to community health.
has been comprehensively illustrated,        added.                                           It is a thorough and exhaustive guide
with new, vibrant structure and life                                                          for all those who want to offer the best
cycle images which would help nurses         New in this edition: • Specially                 in preventive care. The language used
understand the pathogenesis of diseases      designed for a the three-year nursing            is simple and adequate explanations
caused by these organisms.                   course in India • Provides basic                 are given of procedures and modes of
   The final section of the book, Clinical    knowledge of elementary psychology               treatment or diagnosis. The special
and Hospital Microbiology, deals             and mental hygiene in simple language            features are its diagnostic tables and
with standard and desirable nursing          • Revised and updated • New topics:              charts that make the practice of medicine
practices, such as hand hygiene and          Branches and new methods of psychology,          holistic.
antiseptic procedures for the collection     Theories of motivation, Theories of
and transport of specimens from the          emotion, Theories of attitude change,            2001 • 636 pp. • Paperback
patient to the laboratory. These play an     Theories of personality, Conflict                 978-81-250-1624-3 • Rs. 375.00
important role in reducing/preventing        classification, Counselling, Life span
                                             development • Summary and questions at                    Plan to write? Contact:
the spread of infection, both in the                                                                info@universitiespress.com
hospital and in the community.               the end of each chapter.

                                                                                                           M EDICAL S CIENCES
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       OBSTETRICS AND                      Management of Labour, The                       Mudaliar and Menon’s Clinical
        GYNECOLOGY                         (Second Edition)                                Obstetrics (Tenth Edition)
                                           Sir Arulkumaran, Sabaratnam (Ed.)               Gopalan, Sarala & Jain, Vanita (Eds)
Interpreting Obstetric                     The management of labour is an                  The tenth edition of this classic
Ultrasound: A Case-based                   important part of obstetric practice            textbook has been thoroughly revised
Approach                                   for the obstetrician and midwife alike.         and updated. The text is student-
Bhide, Amar                                Although labour events are typically            friendly and the book is extensively
                                           not complicated, many women develop             illustrated. New chapters have been
                                           problems resulting in maternal, fetal           added and newer developments,
                                           or neonatal morbidity and mortality.            especially surgical and diagnostic, have
                                           Hypoxia, trauma and infection are               been included.
                                           inherent risks. This multi-author
                                                                                           Contents: Section I: Anatomy and
                                           volume draws on the work of specialists         physiology | Section II: Physiology of
                                           who are internationally recognised              pregnancy | Section III: Physiology of labour
                                           and have contributed extensively to             and puerperium | Section IV: Complications
                                           studies in intrapartum and post-partum          of pregnancy | Section V: Diseases
                                           management including key areas such as          complicating pregnancy |
                                           intrapartum fetal monitoring, prolonged         Section VI: Abnormal labour | Section VII:
                                           pregnancies, preterm births and neonatal        The newborn and neonatal problems |
Interpreting Obstetric Ultrasound:
                                           resuscitation.                                  Section VIII: Obstetric operations |
A Case-based Approach contains 23                                                          Section IX: Miscellaneous
case scenarios dealing with the use        Contents: Physiopharmacology of
of ultrasound in fetal medicine. The       labour | The management of first stage of       2005 • 428 pp. • Paperback
possible causes as well as approach to     labour | Pain relife in labour | Consent        978-81-250-2870-3 • Rs. 425.00
be followed for each of these scenarios    in labour | Intrapartum fetal monitoring |
are explained in detail. The cases are     Uterine contractions | The management
                                           of intrapartum fetal distress | Fluid           Obstetrics and Gynecology for
organised condition-wise rather than
system-wise, since more than one
                                           management in labour | The management           Postgraduates
                                           of second stage of labour and instrumental      (Third Edition)
system may be involved in a particular     vaginal delivery | Operative delivery,
condition.                                 shoulder dystocia and episiotomy | Breech       Sir Arulkumaran, Sabaratnam, Gopalan,
   Comprehensively illustrated with        delivery | Antepartum hemorrhage | The          Sarala & Kumar, Pratap (Eds)
numerous ultrasound scans obtained         third stage of labout | The management
by the author during his many years        of postpartum hemorrhage | Postpartum
of experience in this field, this book      collapse | The management and prevention
will greatly aid and guide practising      of obstetric perineal trauma | Prostaglandins
                                           in labour | Induction of labour | Prelabour
obstetricians, ultrasonographers,
                                           rupture of membranes | Preterm labour and
radiologists and specialists in
                                           delivery—management issues | Prolonged
maternal–fetal medicine, as well as help   pregnancy | Prolonged and obstructed
candidates prepare for the RCR-RCOG        labour | Cesarean deliveries—changing
Diploma examination/Fetal medicine         trends | Management of women with
Special Skills Module conducted by         previous cesarean section scar | Rupture
the Royal College of Obstetricians and     of the uterus | Management of severe
Gynaecologists.                            preeclampsia and eclampsia | Neonatal
                                           resuscitation and the management
Special Features: 23 real-life case        of immediate neonatal problems |
studies • Clinical approach • Focus on     Complications of the puerperium                 Obstetrics and Gynecology for
interpretation of findings
                                           2004 • 396 pp. • Paperback                      Postgraduates has been popular among
• Comprehensively illustrated
                                           978-81-7371-637-9 • Rs. 450.00                  postgraduate students, who refer to it
Distributed worldwide (except India) by
                                                                                           as the ‘three author’ book. Volume 1 is
Anshan Limited, UK
                                                                                           devoted to Obstetrics. It contains 40
2009 • 144 pp. • Paperback                               Order online:                     chapters, written by authors, experts
978-81-7371-645-4 • Rs. 395.00                      www.universitiespress.com
                                                                                           in their field, drawn from premier

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medical institutions in India, Malaysia     Adolescence                                  Low Birth Weight Baby, The
and the United Kingdom. There have          Krishna, Usha R. & Salvi, Vanita (Eds)       Tambyraja, R.L. & Mongelli, Max (Eds)
been startling advances in the field of
obstetrics and gynecology since the         This volume is a step towards                This volume is a timely update of
1960s, when Ian Donald pioneered            familiarising the obstetrician and           progress in a field that has tended to be
the use of ultrasound in obstetrics         gynecologist with the challenges of          neglected in recent years. Although we
and gynecology, followed by in vitro        endocrine and menstrual disorders,           are yet to discover a method to precisely
fertilisation in the 1970s by Steptoe       precocious or delayed sexual                 predict the occurrence of preterm
and Edwards. Since the publication          development, genetic disorders and           labour, there have been spectacular
of the Second Edition, there have           other problems in adolescence. Suitable      improvements in the prospects for
been significant developments in             management strategies are also               survival of low birth weight infants. The
terms of new hormones and newer             suggested.                                   use of antepartum steroids and advances
types of operative procedures.                                                           in neonatal intensive care have brought
Protocols and guidelines have been          2000 • 198 pp. • Paperback
                                                                                         about these changes. This volume
evolved, resulting in safe practice.        978-81-250-1793-6 • Rs. 350.00
                                                                                         covers these and other improvements
This book enables the reader to keep                                                     as a result of which the reader of this
up with recent advances and current         Endometriosis                                volume will be left with the comfortable
practices. It synthesises recently                                                       feeling that he or she knows everything
                                            Motashaw, N.D. & Dave, S. (Eds)
available, acceptable and appropriate                                                    worth knowing about the subject. The
management in different settings. The       This title focusses on a key topic           contributors are veterans in the field
aim is to enable postgraduates and          in gynecology. Current management            who have a broad perspective of their
clinicians to provide the best care         strategies are also suggested. This          subject and are not tempted to embrace
in women’s health. Brought out with         volume draws on the work of specialists      the latest unconfirmed theory.
more pictures, the book has a new           and reviews recent literature on the
layout and an easily readable type          subject.                                     2003 • 208 pp. • Paperback
setting.                                                                                 978-81-250-2318-0 • Rs. 295.00
                                            1998 • 112 pp. • Hardback
Volume 1                                    978-81-250-1262-7 • Rs. 325.00
                                                                                         Menopause (Second Edition)
2009 • 604 pp. • Paperback                  1998 • 112 pp. • Paperback
978-81-7371-661-4 • Rs. 850.00                                                           Krishna, Usha R. & Shah, Duru (Eds)
                                            978-81-250-1261-0 • Rs. 325.00
                                                                                         This book views the subject in the
Volume 2
                                            Gynecological Urology                        context of endocrine changes, climacteric
2009 • 692 pp. • Paperback                                                               disturbances and problems related to
978-81-7371-691-1 • Rs. 950.00              Saraiya, Usha B. & Desai, Shyam V. (Eds)
                                                                                         premature menopause.
                                            This book is meant for gynecologists
                                                                                         2004 • 172 pp. • Paperback
                                            and postgraduate students. It deals with
   OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY                urinary system-related problems in women.
                                                                                         978-81-250-2634-1 • Rs. 325.00

         IN PERSPECTIVE                     These are the most common problems
                                            in women and are often ignored. This         Perinatal Asphyxia
                                            book brings together two specialties,        Sir Arulkumaran, Sabaratnam &
The series has grown out of the             gynecology and urology. The contributors     Jenkins, H.M.L. (Ed)
need of practicing consultants and          to this volume are drawn from across the
postgraduate students for reference         world. There is specific focus on the third   The presence of asphyxia in the antenatal
material which addresses recent             world context. This volume brings together   period has an effect on events during
knowledge on subjects of critical           opinions on management of the various        labour and immediately after that.
interest. The volumes draw on the           types of dysfunction.                        In this volume, current and potential
work of specialists. They aim to offer a                                                 methods of identifying and assessing
review of recent literature and clinical    2001 • 192 pp. • Paperback                   perinatal asphyxia are discussed along
procedures, an evaluation of the            978-81-250-2018-9 • Rs. 250.00               with Doppler velocimetry, fetal heart
technology and management, and an                                                        rate monitoring, pulse oximetry and
indication of the directions in which the    • Register online for regular               biochemical measurements. The problems
research is moving.                            updates on our publications.              in developing countries and risk

                                                                                                            M EDICAL S CIENCES
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management which may help to prevent                  PEDIATRICS AND                        and mineral requirements and deficiency
recurrences are also discussed.                                                             disorders | Developmental pediatrics |
                                                        CHILD CARE                          Fluid, electrolytes and acid base disorders |
2000 • 284 pp. • Hardback                                                                   Pediatric emergencies | Genetic
978-81-250-1729-5 • Rs. 450.00                Achar’s Textbook                              disorders | Inborn errors of metabolism |
                                                                                            Neonatology | Infectious diseases |
2000 • 200 pp. • Paperback                    of Pediatrics
                                                                                            HIV infection | Disorders of immunity and
978-81-250-1728-8 • Rs. 395.00                (Fourth Edition)                              allergy | Immunisation | Rheumatological
                                              Bhat, Swarna Rekha (Ed.)                      disorders of childhood | The
                                                                                            gastrointestinal system | Hepatic
Practical Infertility Management                                                            disorders | The respiratory system | The
Shah, Duru & Allahbadia, Gautam (Eds)                                                       cardiovascular system | Hematology and
                                                                                            oncology | Renal disorders | The central
Infertility is defined as the inability to                                                   nervous system | The endocrine system |
become pregnant (in a woman) or cause a                                                     Neuromuscular disorders | Adolescent
pregnancy (in a man). The purpose of this                                                   medicine | Community pediatrics |
book is to provide a stepwise approach                                                      Diseases of the skin | Disorders of the
to the diagnosis and treatment of an                                                        eye | Disorders of the ear, nose and
infertile couple. It describes the detailed                                                 throat | Surgical problems specific to
workup, such as hormonal evaluation                                                         children | Environment and child health |
and transvaginal sonography, that is                                                        Ethical issues | Pediatric procedures |
                                                                                            Principles of drug therapy | Appendix
essential for accurate diagnosis. The         Since the publication of the first edition
various options available to the clinician,   in 1973, Achar’s Textbook of Pediatrics has   2009 • 704 pp. • Paperback
from ovulation induction to ovum              quickly established its reputation as one     978-81-7371-654-6 • Rs. 550.00
donation and cryopresevation, are also        of the classic textbooks on the subject. In
explained. The possible complications as
well as failures are also described. It is
                                              this, the fourth edition of the book, the     Pediatric Endocrine Disorders
                                              content has been updated and revised to       (Second Edition)
important to actively suggest adoption as     reflect current approaches and knowledge.
an alternative when treatment fails. The                                                    Desai, Meena P., Bhatia, Vijayalakshmi &
                                              New images, colour photographs, a CD
clinician should always offer this option                                                   Menon, P.S.N. (Eds)
                                              with additional content and up-to-date
to prospective parents.                       tables and graphs have also been added.       The book provides a comprehensive
2002 • 238 pp. • Paperback                    This textbook is aimed at providing           description of endocrine disorders
978-81-250-2206-0 • Rs. 325.00                medical undergraduates with a solid           in the pediatric age group. Recent
                                              grounding on the diseases, management         advancements in the study of the
                                              and care of infants and children while        molecular basis of disease have been
Pregnancy Induced Hypertension                also addressing the needs of and problems     covered. It aims to give a simple and
Seneviratne, Harshalal R. &                   faced by today’s adolescents.                 practical approach to diagnosis and
Wijeyaratne, Chandrika N. (Eds)               Special Features: • Updated                   management. The contributors are
                                              information on all topics • Algorithms        well-experienced professionals drawn
This monograph deals with a specific
                                              for diagnosis: Approach to a patient          from around the world. This book
condition commonly found among
                                              • Clinical features highlighted for           is meant for endocrinologists and
pregnant women. The volume draws on
                                              easy access • Colour photographs and          pediatricians.
the work of specialists and reviews recent
literature on the subject. The contributors   illustrative figures to enhance the
                                                                                            2008 • 702 pp. • Paperback
to this volume are drawn from India, Sri      learning experience • Free
                                                                                            978-81-7371-695-9 • Rs. 895.00
Lanka and Australia.                          CD-ROM with additional text and
                                              illustrations for further learning
1998 • 133 pp. • Hardback                     • Exam-oriented questions and case
978-81-250-1567-3 • Rs. 350.00                scenarios • Further reading to expand          • You can also purchase our
                                                                                               publications online.
1998 • 133 pp. • Paperback                    the students’ knowledge
                                                                                             • Request for specimen copy can be
978-81-250-1566-6 • Rs. 300.00                Contents: Introduction to pediatrics |           placed by faculty members.
 • Request for specimen copy can be           Clinical evaluation of a child | Growth:       • Register online for regular
   placed by faculty members.                 Normal and abnormal | Nutrition: Normal          updates on our publications.
                                              nutrition and malnutrition | Vitamins

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            PHARMACY                        Drugs                                              of solutions - II | The phase rule | Electrolyte
                                                                                               solutions | Thermodynamics - I | The
                                            Krupadanam, G.L.D., et al.                         second law of thermodynamics |
Conceptual Pharmacology                                                                        Electrochemistry | Ionic equilibria |
Jagadish Prasad, P.                         Drugs have played a central role in the            Chemical kinetics and biopharmaceutics |
                                            progress of human civilization. There              Interfacial phenomena | Collids and
                                            are many important stages before a                 macromolecular systems | Suspensions,
                                            compound is used as a drug to treat a              emulsions and coarse dispersions |
                                            disease. The first stage is drug discovery;         micromeritics | Rheology | Appendix
                                            the second stage is the manufacture; and
                                                                                               1991 • 384 pp. • Paperback
                                            the third stage is the formulation of the
                                                                                               978-0-86311-084-9 • Rs. 325.00
                                            drug in the form of tablets, capsules,
                                            injections and solutions. Some drugs like
                                            penicillin have been discovered quite              Experimental Pharmacology
                                            accidentally, while some plant-derived             Prabhakar, M.C.
                                            drugs have been known to man since
                                                                                               There are very few books on
                                            very early times; for example, quinine,
                                                                                               experimental pharmacology covering
Pharmacology is currently one of the        ephedrine, cocaine, and morphine. This
                                                                                               topics at the postgraduate level.
fast-growing branches of medical            book deals with the historical aspects
                                                                                               (Undergraduate students can refer
science. This book was written to           of the development and use of drugs,
                                                                                               to Experimental Pharmacology for
provide students basic information          vitamins, hormones; their classification,
                                                                                               Undergraduates by the same author.)
in pharmacology with emphasis on            synthesis and formulation; and the
                                                                                               This book has detailed experiments on
clinical aspects and pharmacological        general principles of drug actions. The
                                                                                               drug agents that could be available
approaches to drug-based treatment          pharmacokinetics, the interaction of
                                                                                               for cardiac conditions, epilepsy and
Information about the drug is given in      drugs in the targeted receptor, and mode
                                                                                               endocrine disorders. The book is also
detail and includes pharmacokinetics,       of drug synthesis is explained in detail.
                                                                                               unique because some of the experiments
pharmacodynamics, clinical indications,                                                        explained are rarely conducted these
                                            2001 • 168 pp. • Paperback
adverse drug reactions and drug                                                                days. All the illustrations have been
                                            978-81-7371-386-6 • Rs. 175.00
interactions.                                                                                  developed from the original recordings
Special Features: • Self-assessment                                                            of the author.
questions at the end of each chapter        Essentials of Physical Chemistry                   Special Features: • Adequate coverage
• Numerous illustrations: chemical          and Pharmacy                                       of theoretical principles • Classification
structures and medical drawings •           Arnikar, H.J., Kadam, S.S. & Gujar, K.N.           of experiments to allow comparison of
Unique topics like dermatological                                                              drug behaviour on different animals
pharmacology, drug use in pregnancy,        A number of chemical compounds are                 like cats, dogs, rats and guinea pigs
therapeutic drug monitoring and             now being used as drugs. This makes                • Detailed explanation for each
rational drug use                           it essential for a student of pharmacy             experiment
Contents: General pharmacology |
                                            to have sound knowledge of physico-
                                            chemical principles. This book brings              2007 • 248 pp. • Paperback
Autonomic nervous system |                                                                     978-81-7371-658-4 • Rs. 325.00
Cardiovascular system | Central nervous     together the relevant basic concepts of
system | Autacoids | Hemopoietic            physical chemistry and pharmaceutical
system | Diuretics | Chemotherapeutic       sciences. A general account of the                 Experimental Pharmacology for
agents | Gastrointestinal system |          gaseous and crystalline states of matter           Undergraduates
Hormones | Respiratory system disorders |   is followed by a detailed treatment of
Immune pharmacology | Drugs acting                                                             Prabhakar, M.C.
                                            the liquid state including solutions,
on the uterus | Drug therapy of
                                            ionic equilibria, collodial dispersions,           The book describes the practical
hyperlipidemias | Toxicology | Drug
use during pregnancy | Dermatological
                                            emulsions and gels which form the core of          exercises in most commonly used
pharmacology | Vitamins—medical and         pharmaceutical sciences. Relevant kinetic          experimental animals. Basic concepts
paramedical                                 thermodynamic theories with examples               such as receptors and laboratory
                                            are also included.                                 equipment, are explained prior
2010 • 700 pp. • Paperback                                                                     to guiding the student through
978-81-7371-679-9 • Rs. 550.00              Contents: The gaseous state | The solid
                                            state | Properties of Solutions - I | Properties   the intricacies of experimental

                                                                                                              M EDICAL S CIENCES
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pharmacology. Advanced experiments are         student of pharmacy. It aims to provide        delivery systems and industrial
described in Experimental Pharmacology.        the student with the skills, concepts          pharmacy, cosmetic technology and
                                               and methods required for the practice          herbal drugs—in one book. With
2007 • 96 pp. • Paperback
                                               of clinical pharmacy. This is a newly-         separate sections on these branches,
978-81-7371-659-1 • Rs. 125.00
                                               emerging field in India. Chapters on            this book provides detailed information
                                               various aspects of clinical pharmacy           about current techniques, as well as the
Herbal Drug Technology                         include adverse drug reactions,                concepts and principles on which they
Agrawal, S.S. & Paridhavi Swamy, M.            therapeutic drug monitoring, rational          are based.
During the past decade, there have             drug use, patient counselling and                 Targeted at final year B Pharm and
been significant advances in herbal             pharmacy practice in special risk              first year M Pharm students, this book
drug technology. In keeping with these         groups.                                        includes many step-by-step procedures,
advances, a plethora of research material on   Contents: Section I: Introduction |
                                                                                              illustrations, and examples relating to
the subject has been published, but there      Clinical pharmacy in India | Clinical          drug delivery systems, optimisation
is no authoritative textbook to guide the      pharmacy: An international                     and validation of pharmaceuticals,
beginner in this vast field. This book has      perspective | Section II: Essential            herbal drugs and products, cosmetics
been designed specially to fulfil this need.    concepts and skills for clinical pharmacy      and cosmeceuticals. In addition, key
                                               practice | Key competencies for clinical       points and self-assessment questions
Special Features: • Designed according         pharmacy practice | Communications             have been included at the end of every
to the curriculum of undergraduate and         skills | Patient counselling | Medication      chapter.
postgraduate courses in pharmacy of            adherence | Rational drug use and the
various universities in India and abroad.      essential drug concept | Adverse drug
                                                                                              Special Features: • Systematic and
• Incorporates all recent scientific            reactions | Drug interactions |
                                               Interpreting laboratory data:
                                                                                              thorough coverage of syllabus
innovations and advances in a simple,                                                         topics • Step-by-step procedures •
                                               Biochemistry and hematology |
lucid style. • A comparative study                                                            Illustrations that enhance understanding
                                               Interpreting laboratory data: Infectious
has been made between dosage forms             diseases | Pediatric pharmacy                  of text • Six full-colour plates •
in ayurveda and modern medicine. •             practice | Geriatric pharmacy practice |       Numerous examples to improve
Includes a detailed analysis of more than      Drug therapy review | Ward round               comprehension • Key points and self-
60 phytopharmaceuticals.                       participation | Literature evaluation | Drug   assessment questions
                                               information | Clinical phramacokinetics |
Contents: Introduction to medicinal
                                               Therapeutic drug monitoring | Continuing       Contents: Section I: Drug delivery and
plants | Indian systems of medicine | herbal
                                               education for clinical pharmacists | Section   industrial pharmacy: Introduction to
therapeutics: From ancient times to the 21st
                                               III: Concepts and skills for advanced          novel drug delivery systems | Controlled
century | Essentials of crude drugs |
                                               clinicial pharmacy practice | Research         drug delivery systems | Transdermal drug
medicianl botany | In vitro culture of
                                               in clinical pharmacy | Drug utilisation        delivery systems | Ocular drug delivery
medicinal plants: Tissue culture |
                                               review/evaluation | Pharmacoeconomics |        systems | Nasal drug delivery systems |
Systematic Examination of Powdered
                                               Pharmacoepidemiology | Medication              Buccal drug delivery systems | Implant
Drugs | Application of chromatography and
                                               errors | Developing therapeutic                drug delivery systems | Targeted drug
spectroscopy in plant drug analysis |
                                               guidelines | Postgraduate education            delivery systems | Liposomes |
Extraction, isolation and analysis of
                                               and training in clinical pharmacy |            Niosomes | Microspheres | Nanoparticles
phytopharmaceuticals | Screening methods
                                               Appendix                                       | Methods of enhancing bioavailability
used for herbal drugs | Standardisation
of herbal drugs | Herbal formulations: A                                                      of drugs | Pilot plant and scale-
comparative study of ayurvedic and modern      2004 • 516 pp. • Paperback                     up | Optimisation techniques in
dosage forms                                   978-81-7371-646-1 • Rs. 475.00                 pharmaceutical formulation and
                                                                                              processing | Process validation |
2007 • 734 pp. • Paperback                                                                    Pollution control and effluent treatment
978-81-7371-579-2 • Rs. 675.00                 Textbook of Industrial Pharmacy:               in pharmaceutical industries | Section II:
                                               Drug Delivery Systems, and Cosmetic            Cosmetic technology: Raw materials used
Textbook of Clinical Pharmacy                                                                 in cosmetics | Cosmeceuticals |
                                               and Herbal Drug Technology                     Formulation of cosmetics | Herbal
Practice, A                                    Hiremath, Shobha Rani R. (Ed.)                 cosmetics | Quality control of cosmetics |
Parthasarathi, G., Nyfort-Hansen, Karin &                                                     Safety and efficacy of cosmetics | Stability
                                               Textbook of Industrial Pharmacy is a           testing | Regulatory aspects of
Nahata, Milap C. (Eds)
                                               pioneering effort that aims to bring           cosmetics | Section III: Herbal drug
This book addresses the needs of               together the three main specialties            technology: Introduction to herbal drug
the undergraduate and postgraduate             of pharmaceutical technology—drug              discovery: A perspective | Introduction to

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isolation, Identification and estimation of   clarity • Viva and OSPE questions           Cardiovascular system | Nervous system |
lead compounds from natural                   • Updated bibliography                      Special senses | Section II: Amphibian and
products | Quality control and                                                            mammalian experiments | Experiments on
standardisation of herbal drugs: An           Contents: Section I: Hematology |           Frog’s nerve and muscle | Experiments on
overview | Phytopharmacological               Section II: Human Experiments |             Frog’s heart and blood vessels | Experiments
screening of natural products | Patents       Respiratory System | Gastrointestinal       on frog’s nervous system
and intellectual property on natural          System | Cardiovascular System | Nerve
products                                      and Muscle | Nervous System | Special       2006 • 296 pp. • Paperback
                                              Senses | Reproductive System |              978-81-250-3050-8 • Rs. 325.00
2008 • 464 pp. • Paperback                    Section III: Amphibian Experiments |
978-81-7371-639-3 • Rs. 375.00                Experiments on Frog’s Nerve and Muscle |
                                              Experiments on Frog’s Heart and Blood                     SURGERY
                                              Vessels | Experiments on Frog’s Nervous
            PHYSIOLOGY                        System | Section IV: Mammalian              Benign Breast Diseases
                                                                                          Krishnaswamy, Uma (Ed.)
Textbook of Practical                         2010 • 452 pp. • Paperback
                                              978-81-7371-671-3 • Rs. 375.00              Benign breast disorders and diseases are
                                                                                          commonly encountered in Indian clinical
(Third Edition)
                                              Textbook of Practical Physiology            practice. Though reliable statistics are not
Pal, G.K. & Pal, Pravati                                                                  available, the incidence of such disorders,
                                              for Dental Students
                                                                                          in India, is thought to exceed that of
                                              Pal, G.K. & Pal, Pravati                    carcinoma breast by a factor of ten or
                                              Dental science is vast in its approach      more.
                                              and many branches of medicine come             Cultural inhibitions often prevent the
                                              together in this specialty. A dental        Indian woman from seeking medical
                                              student should have adequate practical      attention for a breast-related problem.
                                              and theoretical knowledge of the various    Further, non-cancerous conditions are
                                              aspects of physiology of many systems       deemed unworthy of attention. Often,
                                              including cardiovascular and respiratory    patients are subjected to needless
                                              physiology, hematology, endocrinology       surgical biopsies and unnecessary
                                              and neurophysiology.                        lifelong surveillance, with psychological
                                                 This book covers all aspects of          consequences. And it seems a matter of
For almost ten years, the Textbook            practicals in the subject. The experiment   luck that the patient receives appropriate
of Practical Physiology has helped            and its principle are presented in a very   management at all.
students acquire the knowledge                precise though comprehensive form.             This is tragic, as the risk of breast
and skills required to perform the            The book contains not only details of       cancer is generally lower among Indian
investigations that form an intrinsic         practicals, but also adequate theoretical   women as a whole, as compared to
part of this subject. In the third            aspects of the practical: therefore, this   women in the more developed countries.
edition, all the chapters have been           is a complete textbook of practical         Yet the common problems of the breast
thoroughly revised and the concepts           physiology. We have made special efforts    have received scant attention so far, in
updated. A new chapter on the spectral        to emphasise the application of practical   developing countries.
analysis of heart rate variability has        knowledge in clinical medicine. The            Benign Breast Diseases was written
been added. This is the first textbook         book contains all essential underlying      to focus attention on these common
in medicine to introduce this topic           principles of practical physiology as       problems, to enable the medical
as a text for medical students. Apart         per the latest recommendations of           practitioner to distinguish the benign
from this, the feedback received from         the Dental Council of India (DCI) and       from the malignant condition.
students and teachers has been given          Medical Council of India (MCI). The         Special Features: • A CD containing
due importance and is reflected in this        instruction of DCI to lay emphasis on       clinical and pathology images has been
edition.                                      applied aspects of physiology practicals    included • The book is well illustrated
Special Features: • New chapter on            has been adequately taken care of in        with line drawings • The book contains
spectral analysis of heart rate variability   this book.                                  colour plates spread over 20 pages
• Updated chapters • Simple language          Contents: Section I: Human experiments |
                                                                                          • A useful guide to breast self-
• Numerous illustrations to enhance           Hematology | Respiratory system |           examination has been included as

                                                                                               M EDICAL S CIENCES
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an annexure • Algorithms for the      General Surgery for BDS Students           just such a base. The illustrations are
management of breast disorders and                                               simple and can be easily reproduced. The
diseases have been included.          To attain competence in dental surgery,    index has been designed as a tool for
                                      a sound grounding in the basics of         revision.
                                      surgery and knowledge of surgical
2008 • 295 pp. • Paperback                                                       2000 • 208 pp. • Paperback
                                      conditions affecting the head and neck
978-81-250-3308-0 • Rs. 550.00                                                   978-81-250-1730-5 • Rs. 150.00
                                      region are essential. This book provides

                                                          INDEX                 visit us: www.universitiespress.com

50 Fascinating Case Studies 3                               Guharaj, P.V. 5
Achar’s Textbook of Pediatrics 8, 11                        Gujar, K.N. 12
Acute Cerebrovascular Diseases 7                            Gynecological Urology 10
Adolescence 10                                              Health and Healing 8
Advances in Medicinal Plants 1                              Herbal Drug Technology 13
Agrawal, S.S. 13                                            Herbal Home Remedies 1
Allahbadia, Gautam 11                                       Hiremath, Shobha Rani R. 13
Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s Textbook of Microbiology 6     Human Neuroanatomy 1
Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s Textbook of                    Indian Medicinal Plants 1
   Microbiology for Nurses 8                                Interpreting Obstetric Ultrasound 9
Ananthanarayan, R. 6                                        Jagadish Prasad, P. 12
Ancient Indian Medicine 1                                   Jain, Vanita 9
Arnikar, H.J. 12                                            Jayaraj, B.D. 4
Ashbee, Ruth H. 8                                           Jenkins, H.M.L. 10
Ashtekar, Shyam 8                                           Kadam, S.S. 12
Basic Epidemiology 5                                        Kjellstrom, T. 5
Beaglehole, R. 5                                            Kothari, M.L. 1, 5
Benign Breast Diseases 14                                   Krishna, Usha R. 10
Bhat, Swarna Rekha 8, 11                                    Krishnaswamy, Uma 14
Bhatia and Craig’s Elements of Psychology and               Krupadanam, G.L.D. 12
   Mental Hygiene for Nurses in India 8                     Kumar, Pratap 9
Bhatia, B.D. 8                                              Kutumbiah, P. 1
Bhatia, Vijayalakshmi 11                                    Legacy of Caraka, The 2
Bhide, Amar 9                                               Legacy of Susruta, The 2
Blood-borne HIV 1                                           Legacy of Vagbhata 2
Bonita, R. 5                                                Low Birth Weight Baby, The 10
Career English for Nurses 4, 8                              Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy in Medicine 3
Clinical Methods in Cardiology 4                            Mahesh, P.A. 3
Clinical Microbiology 7                                     Management of Labour, The 9
Conceptual Pharmacology 12                                  Mathews, Mary S. 8
Controversial Drug Plants 1                                 Mehta, L.A. 1, 5
Correa, Mariette 1                                          Menon, P.S.N. 11
Craig, M. 8                                                 Menopause 10
Dave, S. 10                                                 Misra, K.P. 3, 4
Desai, Meena P. 11                                          Mongelli, Max 10
Desai, Shyam V. 10                                          Motashaw, N.D. 10
Dhanraj, M. 7                                               MRCOG Part 2 6
Drugs 12                                                    Mudaliar and Menon’s Clinical Obstetrics 9
Endometriosis 10                                            Nahata, Milap C. 13
Essentials of Human Genetics 1, 5                           Nair, Vasudevan 1
Essentials of Physical Chemistry and Pharmacy 12            Nambiar, V.P.K. 1
Experimental Pharmacology 12                                Nyfort-Hansen, Karin 13
Experimental Pharmacology for Undergraduates 12             Obstetrics and Gynecology for Postgraduates 9
Eye Care Handbook, The 5                                    Pal, G.K. 14
Forensic Medicine 5                                         Pal, Pravati 14
General Surgery for BDS Students 15                         Paniker, C.K. Jayaram 6
Genetic Engineering 6                                       Panjarathinam, R. 7
Genetics and Genetic Engineering 6                          Paridhavi Swamy, M. 13
Gisselquist, David 1                                        Parthasarathi, G. 13
Gopalan, Sarala 9                                           Pediatric Endocrine Disorders 11
Gore, Deodatta Hari 1                                       Perinatal Asphyxia 10
Guha, S.K. 3                                                Prabhakar, M.C. 12

                                                                                                            I NDEX
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Practical Biochemistry for Medical Students 3     Seshadri, S. 6
Practical Infertility Management 11               Shah, Duru 10, 11
Prajna, N. Venkatesh 5                            Shaping of Indian Science, The 5
Prasannan, K.G. 3                                 Short Introduction to Biomedical Engineering, A 3
Pregnancy Induced Hypertension 11                 Sir Arulkumaran, Sabaratnam 9, 10
Primer of ECG, A 4                                Soma Raju, B. 4
Principles and Interpretation of Chest X-Rays 4   Tambyraja, R.L. 10
Principles of Medical Electronics and             Textbook of Clinical Pharmacy Practice, A 13
   Biomedical Instrumentation 3                   Textbook of Industrial Pharmacy 13
Raghunathan, P. 3                                 Textbook of Medical Biochemistry 3
Raja Rao, C. 3                                    Textbook of Medical Parasitology, A 7
Rajagopal, G. 3                                   Textbook of Medicine 6
Rajan, R. 3                                       Textbook of Practical Physiology 14
Ram, Uma 6                                        Textbook of Practical Physiology for Dental Students 14
Ramakrishnan, S. 3                                Thomas, Philip A. 7
Ramankutty, C. 1                                  Thro, E. 6
Reddy, K. Janardhan 1                             Valiathan, M.S. 2
Reddy, Pranathi 6                                 Vasan, R.S. 6
Rose, Selva 4, 8                                  Vidyasagar, B. 3
Roychoudhury, S.S. 1, 5                           Vijaya Kumar, K. 1
Salvi, Vanita 10                                  Warrier, P.K. 1
Saraiya, Usha B. 10                               Wijeyaratne, Chandrika N. 11
Sarbadhikari, S.N. 3                              Yount, L. 6
Seneviratne, Harshalal R. 11


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