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    About Us
                                           Welcome to Evolution Learning Technologies
                                               Our name may be new to you, however we have been providing schools in
                                           Western Canada with audio visual equipment, advice and services since 1969.
                                           We have been a SMART BoardTM dealer since 1995 and were one of the first AV
                                           dealers in Canada to recognize and embrace the power of interactive whiteboards
                                           in the classroom. Evolution Learning Technologies was created by combining 3
                                           long established and well known AV providers into one Western Canadian focused,
                                           education specific organization. Nagels AV Services in Saskatchewan, (est. 1969)
                                           Thunder Bay and Winnipeg AV Services in Manitoba, (est. 1983) and Alberta’s
                                           AV Productions (est. 1979) have combined their experience and expertise in
                                           the educational market to create Evolution Learning Technologies, dedicated
                                           to equipping our schools with the classroom of the 21st century. Evolution was
                                           created to provide Educators with the technology, resources, training and advice
                                           you need to make your curriculum a digitally interactive learning experience for
                                           students in your classroom.

        Our consultants are educators themselves, and understand your requirements as only educators can. They are here
    to act as a resource to help you bring your curriculum and technology together in the classroom. Call on us for advice,
    training, resources, hardware, software, installation services and technology updates. Please use this catalogue as a
    reference tool for all your classroom technology needs. We have included a price list insert, which we will periodically
    update and send to you in the mail. Simply replace the old price list with the new ones as you receive them. And don’t
    forget to visit our website at www.evolutionlearning.ca.

    An Authorized SMART Technologies Education Dealer in Saskatchewan, Manitoba,
    Northern Ontario, NWT, Nunavut, and now Alberta too!
       Evolution Learning Technologies is particularly pleased that SMART Technologies have chosen us to expand our
    representation of their entire line of exceptional products into Alberta as of July 19th, 2008. This means that Educators in
    Alberta now have a choice of who they purchase their SMART Technologies products and training from.

       Our business model of specializing in the educational market, and hiring experienced educators as our consultants, will
    ensure that you will receive a level of service never experienced before by the educational marketplace.

        Our offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Thunder Bay are well situated and ready to serve
    all your needs. Please call our Educational Consultants at 1-800-561-9820 or email us at inquiries@evolutionlearning.ca

       We look forward to becoming a partner with you in developing the leaders of tomorrow, one student at at time!

    Steve Read
    Chief Evolution Officer
    Evolution Learning Technologies

           learning technologies
                                                   Classroom of the Future
Classroom of the Past

                Engage students in active learning

          The                       of classroom technology
                   learning technologies

            Channel the attention of the whole class

    Table of Contents
    Evolution Learning Technologies Consultants ............................................... 5
    SMART Training .............................................................................................. 6
    SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard / Notebook Software ......................... 7
    SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard System / Learning Marketplace ........ 8
    SMART Document Camera / Senteo ............................................................. 9
    SMART Sympodium / AirLiner...................................................................... 10
    SMART Interactive Overlays / Software........................................................ 11
    NEC Multimedia Projectors / Plasma & LCD Displays ................................ 12
    InFocus Multimedia Projectors .................................................................... 13
    Panasonic Plasma & LCD Displays / DVD Recorders & Players /
       Camcorders / Digital Cameras .............................................................. 13
    Toshiba Multimedia Projectors / Document Camera /
       Flat Panel Television / Notebook Computers ......................................... 14
    BenQ Multimedia Projectors ........................................................................ 14
    Christie Multimedia Projectors ..................................................................... 14
    Magenta / Kramer / Honeywell AV Accessories .......................................... 15
    Calypso Multimedia Classroom System ...................................................... 16
    Schoolview Technologies School Management System ............................. 16
    Crestron Classroom Control System ........................................................... 17
    Extron Classroom AV Systems .................................................................... 17
    Peavey / Anchor Mobile Sound Systems ..................................................... 18
    TOA Systems................................................................................................ 18
    LifeSize HD Video Conferencing .................................................................. 19
    Polycom Video/Teleconferencing ................................................................. 19
    RidgeLogic Digital Signage ......................................................................... 20
    EarthWalk Mobile Lab Series ....................................................................... 20
    Audio Enhancement Audio Systems ........................................................... 21
    Phonic Ear Classroom Sound Technology .................................................. 22
    Luxor Carts ................................................................................................... 22
    Exact / Spectrum AV Furniture ..................................................................... 23
    Da-Lite / Draper Projection Screens ............................................................ 24
    Eiki / 3M Overhead Projectors ..................................................................... 25
    Elmo / Canon Visual Presenters................................................................... 25
    Eiko Projection Lamps ................................................................................. 26
    Evolution System Installation ....................................................................... 27

                                                                                                                         Products may not be exactly as shown.
              learning technologies
Evolution Learning Technologies Consultants
   True to our name, Evolution’s approach to serving schools is changing with the times - just as your approach to learning
with your students is evolving, too. Technology is playing an increasingly pivotal role in engaging, meaningful learning
experiences for all of us, regardless of where we live, work, and learn. Supporting your students and teachers in exploring
those distributed learning experiences is critical.

    At Evolution we believe in building solutions based on your needs. We offer free consultations to help assess your
learning technology needs, develop implementation schedules and deliver ongoing training, in and out of the classroom,
to support implementation.

   Your most important assets are your PEOPLE. We can work with your teachers on how to use the technology AND
explore its potential in the learning process. From connecting classrooms around the world through videoconferencing
and SMART Boards, to using Senteo classroom response systems as a formative assessment tool, the possibilities are

  We want to join you in transforming the traditional view of “sit-and-get” classrooms into dynamic, collaborative, and
engaging learning environments. Get in touch with us today and let’s see how we can Evolve, together!

                                     James Tapankov, BPE/BEd
                                     Evolution Learning Technologies Consultant

                                         James has over a decade of teaching experience, beginning as a CTS teacher, a
                                     distributed learning teacher at Distance Learning Centres and, over the past three years,
                                     as the Learning Technologies Coordinator for Pembina Hills Regional Division #7. He
                                     has worked with hundreds of teachers to help them infuse ICT into the curriculum and
                                     to explore best learning practices with technology.

Evolution Learning Technologies Certified Trainers

                                     Kim Hekl
                                     Evolution Learning Technologies Instructor

                                         Kim has over 10 years AV industry experience and 6 years in the role of a SMART
                                     educational trainer and was certified by SMART Technologies as a SMART Master’s
                                     Trainer for all SMART Products. Proudly one of the first people in Canada to receive this
                                     designation and has extensively trained 100’s of clients from all areas of education and
                                     business on the use and effectiveness of all the SMART products.

                                        With an Evolution Learning Technologies Trainer, we can customize and implement
                                     a comprehensive SMART training session that will ensure that all your educators will
                                     master the various SMART products.

    SMART’s Training Services

                                                              Innovative training solutions
                                                              Integrate your SMART product into your classroom or
                                                              boardroom quickly and easily with help from SMART’s training
                                                              services. Choose the training solution that is right for you. With
                                                              a comprehensive selection of downloadable training materials,
                                                              a full schedule of free, online training opportunities and several
                                                              fee-based face-to-face sessions, SMART’s training services
                                                              offers the training you want, when you want it.

    No-cost training solutions
    • Downloadable training materials
     Learn at your own pace with easy-to-use Quick Reference Guides and Hands-on Practice exercises.

    • Two-minute tutorials
     You can learn the basics of your SMART product, including how to launch an application and save notes. You can also
     access a quick overview on how to use different software programs on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

    • Live online training sessions
     Computer- and telephone-based training sessions, led by a SMART Certified Master’s Trainer. These 30-45 minute
     sessions introduce the basics of working with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, Notebook collaborative
                                                                         TM                                    TM

     learning software and other products.

                                   For more information, or to access training materials, visit

    Training events and sessions
    • SMART one hour basic training: free session
     - Via on site or webinar
     - Will give the tools you need to start using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard

     - Basic run-through of the Notebook Software
     - Using Microsoft applications Word, Excel and Powerpoint
     - PC or Mac base training available

    • SMART’s Training Certification
     SMART Master’s Training Certification goes beyond the basics with extensive hands-on training that enables you to
     deliver high-quality training on our SMART products. These sessions are designed for a maximum of six participants.

    • On-site training
     - Fee based, affordable but effective on-site training.
     - Customizable sessions, varying in size and duration.
     - Training on Notebook 10 Software, Level I and Level II and Senteo Interactive Response Systems.
     - Hands-on training and manuals provided
     - PC or Mac based available
                                 For more information about training events and sessions, email
                                     khekl@evolutionav.ca or call 1.800.561.9820 ext. 4005

         learning technologies                          Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
Front-projection Interactive Whiteboards
SMART BoardTM 600 series                                        New
interactive whiteboards                                        16:10
Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the              boards
power of a computer, the SMART Board interactive
whiteboard engages students and audiences around
the world.
Key features
• Touch with your finger to control applications and
  navigate websites
• Write in digital ink over any software program, website or
  video, and save your notes
• Save your lessons
• Build lessons from hundreds of curriculum-related
  images templates and Adobe® Flash® files
• Free software for spelling, math, whiteboarding, concept
  mapping, music and more

Optional accessories

Floor Stand              Speakers                   Wireless Connection        System ON Button            SMART Board for
Mobile, height           15-watt, stereo-           Connects your              Designed for installed
adjustable floor stand   amplified speakers         computer to the            SMART Board                 Learn about the hardware,
with heavy- duty,        with built-in 2-port USB   SMART Board                interactive whiteboard      interact with multimedia
locking casters and      hub. Can be mounted        interactive whiteboard     systems. Turns on           and incorporate other
stabilizing feet.        to the SMART Board         via USB using              and off the projector,      SMART products.
                         interactive whiteboard     Bluetooth technology.      computer and                Transform yourself into a
                         or the wall.                                          interactive whiteboard.     SMART expert.

                                                               collaborative learning software 10
                                                               Award-winning Notebook software is setting the worldwide
                                                               standard for creating, teaching and managing interactive lessons
                                                               within a single application. With its rich set of features and digital
                                                               resources, Notebook software helps educators deliver high-
                                                               impact lessons that bring learning to life and connects them to
                                                               a full ecosystem of content, tools and support.

                                                               For more info and a 30-day trial visit

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                                www.evolutionlearning.ca
    Front-projection Interactive Whiteboards
                                                               SMART Board         TM

                                                               interactive whiteboard system
                                                               The SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system
                                                               enables you to focus on teaching - not managing
                                                               technology. The 600i combines a wall-mounted Unifi TM

                                                               projector with a SMART Board 600 interactive whiteboard.


    Key features
    • Make lessons media rich with a convenient, all-in-one system
    • Reduce shadows with the wall-mounted Unifi projector
    • Select projector sources, adjust settings and access help screen with
      the on-screen interface
    • Sound can be added using USB speakers
    • Easily connect a computer, VCR, digital camera, DVD player or other
      peripherals through the connection panel
    • Write over any video source
    • Turn entire system on or off with the push of a button

    SMART Learning Marketplace
                    If a picture is worth a thousand words,
                    imagine what over a million digital resources could say.

                                                           The SMART Learning Marketplace gives you
                                                           • Access to over a million classroom-safe learning
                                                           • Copyright-cleared images, video clips, audio files, text
                                                             documents and manipulatives
                                                           • Professionally developed resources from trusted
                                                             content providers
                                                           • Historically accurate and locally relevant content
                                                           • Ability to search by subject, file type and grade level
                                                           • Regular updates of new content
                                                           • Seamless integration with Notebook software


          learning technologies                      Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
Senteo Interactive Response System

                                             With the Senteo interactive response system, you no longer have to wonder
                                             if students understand what you’ve taught them. They can tell you with the
                                             click of a button.
                                             Senteo provides a direct connection between you and your students, and
                                             gives you instant feedback on whether your students are following your
                                             instruction. This highly intuitive system includes a remote for each student
                                             in your class, a central receiver and powerful software that allows you to
                                             quiz, survey and assess.
                                             Key features
                                             • Convenient, reliable radio frequency • Extended battery life
                                               technology                           • Convenient USB connection
                                             • Large LCD Screen                     • Flexible receiver installation
                                             • Descriptive icons                         • Flexible package options
www.smarttech.com/senteo                     • Ergonomic design                            to fit your class size

SMART Document Camera
                                                                        The SMART Document Camera can help
                                                                        you add spontaneity and interactivity to your
                                                                        classroom, keeping students interested in
                                                                        learning. Use it during a lesson to show real-
                                                                        time images to your entire class on a SMART
                                                                        Board interactive whiteboard.

                                                                        Key features
                                                                        • SMART Notebook software integration
                                                                        • Intuitive control panel
                                                                        • 5.2x optical and 8.0x digital zoom
                                                                        • Removable presentation stage
                                                                        • Rotating head and arm
                                                                        • Microscope mode
                                                                        • SD Memory Card slot

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                        www.evolutionlearning.ca
     Sympodium® Interactive Pen Display
                                                          The Sympodium interactive pen display is the
                                                          perfect teaching tool. It gives you the freedom to
                                                          interact with and engage your students while you
                                                          deliver a digitally-based lecture. To get started,
                                                          just connect the display to your computer and a
                                                          projector and you’re set.

                                                          Key features
                                                          • SMART Notebook software integration
                                                          • Interactive screen
                                                          • Battery-free tethered pen
                                                          • Pen-tool buttons
                                                          • Save function


     AirLiner Wireless Slate

                                                          Teach from the front of the room, the back of
                                                          the class or by a student’s side - without losing
                                                          the learning benefits of interacting with digital
                                                          lessons. With the AirLiner slate, you and your
                                                          students can interact wirelessly with your SMART
                                                          Board interactive whiteboard from up to 54 ft

                                                          Key features
                                                          • SMART Board interactive whiteboard
                                                          • 6” x 8” electromagnetic surface
                                                          • Battery-free tethered pen
                                                          • Bluetooth adapter
                                                          • Programmable buttons
     www.smarttech.com/sympodium                          • Saving ability

               learning technologies   Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
SMART Board for Plasma DisplayTM

The SMART Board for flat-panel display interactive overlay gives you touch control
of your display. Simply touch the overlay to control computer applications, give
presentations and navigate websites - your finger becomes the mouse.
Key features                                          Dimensions
• Touch system                                        Available for wide range of plasma
                                                      and liquid crystal display panels. For
• SMART Pen Tray                                      an up-to-date list, visit
• SMART Board Software                                www.smarttech.com/overlay/panels
• Display control strip

Actalyst Interactive Digital Signage

Transform your large LCD and Plasma panels into interactive information
stations. Use Actalyst interactive digital signage on campus to attract,
inform and serve students, faculty and visitors by providing reliable
access to the information they want.
Key features                       Dimensions
• Touch system                     Available for flat-panel displays in screen
                                   sizes ranging from 32” to 65” diagonals
• Protective surface               Compatible with large-screen plasma
• Portrait and landscape           and LCD panels from more than 14
  installation available           manufacturers, visit

SMART Software Solutions

With SynchronEyes software, not                Educators, too, learn from each other by        Make ideas and connections visual. With
only can you evaluate all students             sharing ideas. But administrative meetings      SMART Ideas software, students can
at the same time, you can also give            and professional development often              clarify abstract thinking by seeing their
personal immediate attention to anyone.        require time-consuming, expensive travel.       ideas take shape. Drag colourful shapes
Whether your technology is wired or            With Bridgit software, you can work with        and connectors to create your map, and
wireless, whether it includes a handful        educators nationwide without leaving the        then enhance it with curriculum-specific
of computers or thirty mobile devices,         school. You can bring anyone online at          interactive clip art. You can also attach
SynchronEyes software connects you             any time to collaborate or conduct small,       links to files and multimedia content for
to students in a flexible and efficient        focused training sessions.                      even greater impact.
                                               Try it free for 30 days at                      Try it free for 30 days at
Try it free for 30 days at                     www.smarttech.com/bridgit                       www.smarttech.com/smartideas

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                                   www.evolutionlearning.ca
     Multimedia Projectors

     VT Series                                      LT Series                                 NP Series
     Easy to use and at the right price,            With blazingly fast wireless              As the world’s first automatic
     the VT Series projectors provide all           networking and a multitude of data-       projector sporting a footprint
     the essential features that you need           sharing options, the LT Series keeps      smaller than a day planner, the
     to connect with your audience.                 you connected in all the right ways.      NP Series is bright, powerful and
     Whether in a conference room or                With industry-leading technologies        packaged with technological
     classroom, the VT Series allows you            and enhanced video processing it          innovations way ahead of its
     to set up in a flash. The easy menu            enables you to quickly engage and         time. These little powerhouses do
     and advanced features enable easy              collaborate with your audience. The       everything automatically including
     adjustments and image fine-tuning.             LT Series makes it all possible and       start-up, focus, keystone correction
                                                    easy.                                     and cool down.
     Key features
     • Ranging from 1,600 to 3,000                  Key features                              Key features
       Lumens                                       • Ranging from 2,500 to 3,000             • Ranging from 2,200 to 3,000
     • SVGA or XGA native resolution                  Lumens                                    Lumens
                                                    • XGA native resolution                   • XGA native resolution
     • Easy to use
                                                                                              • Automatic focus and square shot
     • Essential features at an affordable          • Integrated RJ45 connection                technology provide optimum
       price                                        • Wireless capable                          image quality
     • Quick start up lets you begin                • Optimized video performance             • Easy to transport, only 3.5 lbs.
       presenting in seconds                                                                  • Quick start and instant shut down

                                                              Plasma / LCD Displays
                                                              PlasmaSync Series
                                                              Whether your need is to communicate, educate or motivate, NEC
                                                              delivers with eye-catching, dynamic plasma displays. Available in
                                                              42”, 50” and 60” screen sizes with optional speakers and stand.
         NEC’s Star Student program helps
         institutions acquire display products to
         engage audiences, share information
         and move students to new levels of
         discovery without straining budgets.
         Not only does NEC enable your school
         with the most advanced display
         technologies, but we are giving money
         back to your school!
         By enrolling in Star Student,
         you’ll receive access to:
         • Preferred pricing                                                                        www.necvisualsystems.com
         • NEC Cashback Rewards
                                                            Key features
         • Additional projector warranty
         • Total TradeTM                                    • High definition display         • Complete RS-232 control
         • Lamp ProtectTM                                   • Superior video quality          • Enhanced split screen allows two
                                                            • Comprehensive input panel         sources to be displayed on
         www.necstarstudent.com                               including DVI with HDCP           the screen
                                                              inputs                          • VESA standard hole pattern

                 learning technologies                       Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
Multimedia Projectors

Projection for limited budgets. The IN2100 Series features           Brilliant in the classroom. The IN35WEP and IN37EP
BrilliantColorTM DLP® technology and is bright enough to             feature BrilliantColorTM DLP® technology, making every pixel
capture student’s attention in any lighting situation.               spectacular.

IN2102EP                           IN2104EP                          IN35WEP                           IN37EP
• SVGA (800 x 600)                 • XGA (1024 x 768)                • WXGA (1280 x 800)               • XGA (1024 x 768)
  resolution                         resolution                        resolution                        resolution
• 2,500 ANSI Lumens                • 2,500 ANSI Lumens               • 2,500 ANSI Lumens               • 3,000 ANSI Lumens

                                                                     • XGA (1024 x 768)
  • Fast and easy one-stop solution to get cash for                  • 4,000 ANSI Lumens
    your pre-owned technology products                               • 4 optional lenses
  • Reduces cost of new InFocus technology
                                                                     The IN42+ provides crisp, clear pictures and bright, rich
  • Environmentally friendly by properly disposing of                colours that pack more punch into presentations - giving users
    pre-owned products                                               the ultimate power to persuade. Boasting 4,000 max ANSI
  • It’s easy! Just follow the simple steps at                       Lumens the IN42+ is bright enough to leave the lights on, or
    www.infocus.tradeups.com                                         the window shades open.


                                                                                                     Digital Cameras
                                                                                                 Lumix® digital still cameras
                                                                                                 match unsurpassed
                                                                                                 performance with elegant
                                                                                                 design. Offering the
                                                                                                 industry’s largest line-
                                                                                                 up of wide angle digital
                                                                                                 cameras, Panasonic
LCD / Plasma Displays                                                                            makes it easy for anyone
Displays that exhilarate the senses with brilliant clarity, true-   to take great photos anytime, anywhere.
to-life colour, enhanced sound and networking capability.
DVD Recorders/Players                                               When it comes to
                                                                    pictures and video,
Meet simpler operation and even higher picture                      Panasonic knows
quality with the latest DVD recorders/players                       how to ensure the
from Panasonic. They offer various ways to more                     highest quality with
entertainment with unique networking functions.                     a complete line-up
                                                                    of camcorders.
                                                                    Two formats, four types of media. There’s a Panasonic
                                                                    camcorder that’s just right for your style of shooting.

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                               www.evolutionlearning.ca
      Multimedia Projectors
      TDP Series                                 TLP Series                           Document Camera
                                                                                      • 3 megapixel foldable document camera
                                                                                      • Native XGA
                                                                                      • 2500 ANSI lumens,
                                                                                        great for medium
     • DLP Data Projector                       • LCD Data Projector                    to large classrooms
                                                                                        or conference
     • Ranging from 2,000 to 3,500              • Ranging from 2,200 to 2,500           rooms
       ANSI Lumens                                ANSI Lumens
     • Native XGA resolution                    • Native XGA resolution

     Flat Panel Television                                                  Notebook Computers


                                MP622                                        DX+405
                                Enjoy new achievement in                     The brightest single-chip
                                silent engineering.                          projector on the market now
                                • Native XGA resolution 1024 x 768           boasts the ultimate in video
                                • 2,700 ANSI Lumens                          performance. The DS+405
                                                                             delivers unrivalled image
     MP771                                                                   performance with superior
                                                                                                              • 4100 ANSI Lumens and
     Amazing short-throw ratio, perfect                                      colour, superior brightness
     for places where space is limited.                                      and advanced video               • 1000-7500:1 contrast ratio
     • Native XGA resolution 1024 x 768                                      processing.                      • SXGA+ resolution
     • 3,000 ANSI Lumens
                                 A powerhouse projector that can             LX120
                                 reliably provide a bright viewable          With the LX120 you get
                                 picture in virtually any environment.       extremely powerful high
                                 • Native XGA resolution 1024 x 768          performance with low
                                 • 3,000 ANSI Lumens                         operating cost. Perfect          • Ultra-high brightness
     SP870                                                                   for large auditoriums, an          12,000 Lumens
                                                                             amazing 1300:1 contrast
     This projector can deliver a brightly                                                                    • High on/of contrast ratio
     illuminated picture even in locations                                   ratio ensures that every           up to 1200:1
     with high levels of ambient light.                                      minute detail is sharp,
                                                                                                              • True XGA native resolution
                                                                             clear and realistic.
     • Native XGA resolution 1024 x 768                                                                       • Scaling for VGA up to
     • 5,000 ANSI Lumens                                                     www.christiedigital.com            UXGA

                   learning technologies                         Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
                                                                                                  AV Accessories

                                                                    Mounting Systems
                                                                    We supply and install mounting sytems for all brands of TV
                                                                    monitors, multi-media projectors, speakers, etc. Call us for a
                                                                    quotation on your specific requirements.
MultiViewTM UTx

This transmitter is designed to facilitate the sourcing of
professional-quality video, audio and control signal distribution
over Cat5 for distances to 2,000 feet at resolutions of
1920x1200. Designed for quick and easy installation the UTx
is completely compatible with Magenta’s full product line of        Projector Ceiling Mounts             Projector Security Mounts
receivers, switches and distribution amplifiers.
•   Jumper configurable
•   Single-port SPDIF transmitter configuration
•   S-video plus stereo audio configuration
•   Selectable DC, DC restore or AC video coupling
•   Built-in simplex serial capacity
•   Selectable 4th pair use for additional audio/visual channel
                                                                    Flat Panel               Flat Panel
                            www.magenta-research.com                                                            Wall Monitor Arms
                                                                    In-Wall Mounts           Ceiling Mounts

                VP-413 Digital Scaler
                Scales a video signal to a selectable computer      Power Presenter RF
                graphics video on a HD-15 connector.                The Power Presenter RF is a
                                                                    handy, compact presentation
• Multi-standard - PAL-B & NTSC                                     tool. It allows you to control
• Computer        graphics    output                                slides in any presentation
  resolutions - VGA, SVGA, XGA or                                   or slide show software and
  WXGA                                                              includes a built-in laser pointer.   www.powerremote.com
                                                                    •   Simple forward, reverse, and blank screen control
VP-200NK Distribution Amplifier
                                                                    •   Universal USB and PS2 for Mac or PC
High performance distribution amplifier for computer graphics
video signals with resolutions ranging from VGA through             •   Easy plug and play...no software to load
UXGA and higher.                                                    •   Secure transmission
•   High bandwidth 430MHz                                           •   Unsurpassed 150 ft. RF omni-directional range
•   HDTV compatible
•   ID bit control
•   Compatibility with a wide range                                 Multi-Media Projector VGA Cables
    of computers                                                    We have a large variety of lengths and cable genders available.
                                                                    Please check enclosed pricelist.
VP-211DS Switcher
High performance switcher for computer graphics video signals,
with resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA and higher,
and unbalanced stereo audio signals.
•   High bandwidth 300MHz
•   Looping input - Input 1
•   Selectable input signal termination
•   Automatic or contact closure
•   ID bit control             www.kramerelectronics.com

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                               www.evolutionlearning.ca
     ezRoom Multimedia Classroom System









     Integrated Classroom Control
     Configuring and building 21st century classrooms has never been easier with ezRoom. A complete and affordable solution,
     ezRoom contains everything needed to wire, control and use a multimedia classroom, including Calypso’s latest control, audio,
     interface, mounting and connectivity products. Ordered as a single part number, and provided as a partially pre-assembled
     and pre-configured kit, ezRoom saves time and money, while delivering the most flexible and intuitive K-12 classroom system
     available anywhere.

     CampusSV School Management Solution

                                                                                                 • Audio Paging - CampusSVTM provides audio paging via a wall-
                                                                                                   mounted microphone, a push-to-talk microphone or any telephone
                                                                                                   extension, routed to a single classroom, any group of classrooms or
                                                                                                   an entire building.
                                                                                                 • Bell Systems - Create a virtually unlimited set of bell events and
                                                                                                   multiple automated schedules and pre-assign early release days, test
                                                                                                   days months in advance.
                                                                                                 • Timekeeping - Link to any pre-defined network time server so that
                                                                                                   all school-wide digital clocks remain synchronized.
                                                                                                 • Video Broadcast - Administrator and teachers can use video
                                                                                                   broadcasting for sharing material between classrooms, for delivering
                                                                                                   pre-recorded or live content or even for broadcasting events such as
                                                                                                   a student performance.
                                                                                                 • Security - CampusSVTM interfaces directly with networked security
                                                                                                   cameras, providing camera control and multiple camera views on the
                                                                                                   main control panel.
     Twenty-first century schools use technology to drive                                        • Digital Signage - Digital signage provides visual information to
     efficiency safety and improved teaching and learning.                                         faculty, students and visitors by streaming video, graphics and text to
     CampusSVTM software is a complete, scalable solution                                          any or all video displays and projectors.
     that consolidates management and control of diverse                                         • Background Music - Manage delivery of multiple music sources
     school technologies at the district, building and classroom                                   throughout the school.
     level, on a single comprehensive platform. The network-                                     • Emergency Alert System - CampusSVTM continuously monitors
     based approach modernizes traditional bell, clock and PA                                      local systems and devices, triggering alarms when an “exception” is
     systems, while addressing the management and control                                          detected, notifying administrators via email, audible alarms and visual
     needs of classroom audio, video and presentation tools.                                       alerts on the central control panel and throughout the building.

            learning technologies                                                          Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
Classroom Control Systems
                                                                           Enjoy the benefits of technology in the classroom
                                                                           by using DVDs, document cameras, Internet,
                                                                           streaming media and PC applications such as
                                                                           PowerPoint and Excel to present your curriculum.
                                                                           Control the AV equipment, lights, drapes and
                                                                           screens from an intuitive easy-to-use touch
                                                                           panel. We make using technology simple so you
                                                                           can focus on teaching.
                                                                           Key features
                                                                           •   Media Manager
                                                                           •   RoomView® Server Edition
                                                                           •   AV Control
                                                                           •   Presentation Tools
                                                                           •   Remote Management
                                                                           •   Drapes, Shades and Screens
                                                                           •   Climate Control
                                                                           •   Classrooms
                                                                           •   Lecture Halls
                                                                           •   Auditoriums
                                                                           •   Theatres
                                                                           •   Observatories
                                                                           •   Science Labs
                                                                           •   Student Activity Centres
                                                   www.crestron.com        •   Campus-Wide Control

Classroom AV Systems
PoleVault® Systems
The Extron award-winning PoleVault Systems are easy-to-use, easy-to-install, economical AV systems that incorporate
twisted pair technology for signal transmission. They also include network connectivity for web-based system management
and control
There are three standard PoleVault System packages which streamline the design and procurement process. These two-,
three-, and four-input packages include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control,
source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. All that remains is to
add the video projector, projection screen, and sources.

Key features
• Complete, centralized AV switching system with
  audio amplification
• Securely mounts and conceals components
  above the projector
• Uses CAT 5 type cable for quick and easy
• Multiple upgrade options available
• Tamper-resistant, theft-deterrent design
• Simplifies setup; no programming required
• Network connectivity for web-based monitoring                                                           www.extron.com
• Auto projector shut-off

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                        www.evolutionlearning.ca
     Mobile Sound Systems
                                                                           • Durable case with wheels
                                                                             & retractable handle
                                                                           • External CD player
                                                                           • Single or dual wireless with 16 user
                                                                             selectable channels
                                                                           • True AC/DC - 110/220 power supply
                                                                           • Eight 4” speakers & two 8” woofers

                                    www.peavey.com                                     • Single or dual wireless with 16
                                                                                         user selectable channels
     A complete, portable sound system designed with
                                                                                       • True AC/DC - 110/220 power
     the compact size and carry-on convenience of a
     briefcase.                                                                          supply
                                                                                       • Speech projection switch
     • PA system includes two speakers, 100
                                                                                       • Two universal mic input jacks
       watt, 5 channel mixer/amplifier, PV(R)i 100
       microphone, XLR microphone cable and two
       15’ speaker wires
                                                                                       • Single or dual wireless with 16
     • 5-band EQ with feedback locating system
                                                                                         user selectable channels
     • Split track mix with independent and master                                     • “Project / Music” switch for voice
       volume controls and 3-band EQ                                                     clarity / higher music fidelity
     • Storage space for mic and cables                                                • AC powered/123 dB/130 W
     • Lid lifts to be used as a lecturn                                                           www.anchoraudio.com

     TOA Systems

      Speakers                                    Conference
                                                  Systems                                    Microphones
                                                 Also available from TOA:
                                                 • CCTV/Video Surveillance
                                                 • Modules
                                                 • Network Audio
                                                 • Digital Signal Processors
     Amplifiers & Mixers                         • Digital Message Repeaters
                                                 • Tuner, Timer & Impedance Meter            Megaphones

            learning technologies                      Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
 Distance Education / HD Videoconferencing
 Open the world to your classroom.
 Imagine the possibilities for teaching and research when students and faculty can experience remote places first hand and
 encounter faraway experts without leaving campus.
 Access the inaccessible.
 Distance learning increases your access to experts around the world. Explore a distant museum. Have the curator point out rare
 artifacts and offer close-up looks at priceless objects. Drop by an artist’s studio for a private tour. Visit places with where time
 and distance normally would have restricted access and view rare items discretely right from the campus.

 LifeSize Room
 LifeSize Room combines an immersive, high definition video
 experience with a rich set of features to deliver a powerful,
 flexible and easy-to-use communication solution.

 Key features
 • High Definition Telepresence Quality
 • HD Monitors
 • HD Cameras Pan-Tilt-Zoom
 • High Definition Audio
 • External Audio, Video & Data Input/Output
 • Point-to-point HD Videoconferencing
 • Embedded Continuous Presence Videoconferencing
 • Embedded Voice Activated Switching HD Multipoint                 www.livesize.com

 Video / Teleconferencing

                                                                   Extreme power, performance and flexibility. Easily integrate
                                                                   a Polycom HD 9000 product into a university auditorium
                                                                   with multiple cameras, projectors and displays - all models
                                      www.polycom.com              deliver the highest quality voice, video and content sharing.

                                                                   Soundstation Series
                                                                   Regardless of the size
                                                                   of the room, calls are
                                                                   productive and efficient
Enhanced solutions that offer expanded functionality               because participants on all
and quality, seamlessly integrating audio, video, and              points of the call can hear
instructional multimedia tools. These solutions promote            clear, crisp voice quality
successful collaboration and learning for all students by          - even during simultaneous
providing a completely interactive classroom experience.           conversations.

 Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                               www.evolutionlearning.ca
     Digital Signage

                                                            SceneStudioTM is a stand alone messaging system that allows users to create
                                                            and schedule rich multimedia content and then play it back on an attached video
                                                            display. Built from the ground up for single location use, SceneStudio provides
                                                            unparalleled ease-of-use at a price so low it can be used for a wide range of
                                                            communication needs.

                                                            The messaging platform consists of the SceneStudio application and a multimedia
                                                            PC that attaches to an output display. Content can be created on this PC or from
                                                            any other PC on the network.

                                                            SceneStudio allows the display area of a video screen to be split into user defined
                                                            regions, with each region capable of a unique multimedia format, like TV, text,
      www.ridgelogic.com                                    flash, images and others. Regions can even overlay one another providing for
                                                            the ultimate in design creativity.

     Mobile Lab Series

     Flex Cart Series                              Smart Cart Series                              Mini+Max Series
     These light-weight carts offer a universal    The ultimate wireless mobile computer          Wireless mobile computer labs includes
     charging solution that works with most        lab solution for up to 32 users. All you       24 and 36 laptop configurations that allow
     brands of laptops.                            need is one standard outlet and one            for maximum storage from a minimal
     • Charge all laptops, power wireless          standard Ethernet connection.                  footprint.
       access points and additional                • Solid weld, 14-18 gauge steel                • Charge all laptops, power wireless
       peripherals from ONE standard wall            chassis                                        access points and additional
       outlet                                      • Locking security doors                         peripherals from ONE standard wall
     • Store, secure and charge up to 16           • Anodized aluminum sliding panel
       laptops                                                                                    • Solid steel, welded construction

                                         SideKick PowerPack                          eCharger Caddy
                                         Never run out of power. The SideKick        Provides the means to simultaneously
                                         PowerPack is the ultimate solution          charge and condition up to 16
                                         for your entire mobile lab.                 SideKick battery packs.
                                         • Provides all day battery power            • Mobile charging station with
                                           for most major laptop brands                retractable handle
                                         • Fully recharges overnight                 • Internal power management and
                                                                                       cooling system
                                         • 2-3 times the capacity and
                                           lifespan of standard Lithium-Ion          • Charges overnight from a single
                                           laptop batteries                            AC outlet

             learning technologies                            Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
Solo Solution

                                     For the first time a complete multimedia infrared wireless sound system has been
                                     developed that can meet the demanding needs of today’s media rich presentations.
                                     This portable, rugged, light weight, compact system is designed to maintain maximum
                                     intelligibility in any indoor venue without the need for costly mounting or installation.
                                     Key features
                                     • Integrated dual channel IR wireless receiver
                                     • Flexible IR sensor placement
                                     • Remote control of wireless microphones and multimedia sources
                                     • Wide horizontal dispersion for even coverage
                                     • Front panel controls for easy access
                                     • 2 stereo multimedia inputs
                                     • Adjustable output for recording and assistive listening devices

Audio Systems

Achiever                                   Ultimate II                                Innovator
The Achiever Classroom Audio               The Ultimate II Classroom Audio            The Innovator Classroom Audio
System provides the basic                  System adds just the right mix             System adds to the Ultimate II
amplification system for the standard      of additional features to provide          features by providing 4 simultaneous
size learning space, dramatically          enhanced performance, function             infrared microphones. This enables
increasing the students’ ability to        and convenience.                           microphones to be used for
hear the teacher.                          Application: Medium to large size          both team teaching and student
Application: Small to average size         spaces                                     participation at the same time.
spaces.                                                                               Application: Large spaces and
www.audioenhancement.com                                                              multimedia room

Teardrop & Handheld Microphones                                                              Ceiling Speaker

The revolutionary remote control          A key element of any Audio Enhancement          The Advanced Ceiling Speaker
feature allows teachers to control the    classroom audio system, the Handheld            features a ported enclosure
volume of the student microphone,         Microphone facilitates student to teacher       dramatically improving the bass
their own microphone or the auxiliary     and student to student communication            response of the speaker, while the
input level.                              and encourages classroom participation.         four-inch cone speaker provides
                                                                                          superior high frequency response.

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                           www.evolutionlearning.ca
     Large Area FM Systems

                                                                           ONWAVE is used in any large place where background
                                                                           noise, echo, or distance can be barriers to clear speech

                                                                           The house sound system (or a mircrophone) plugs into
                                                                           the advanced base station transmitter, which digitally
                                                                           processes the audio signal and also generates the FM
                                                                           signal in the digital realm using Direct Digital Synthesis
                                                                           (DDS) technology. ONWAVE has a range up to 300m
                                                                           (1,000ft.) radius. The system is available in 40 narrow band
                                                                           and 10 wide band frequencies in 74 MHz or 19 narrow
                                                                           band frequencies in 216 MHz.

                                                                           The 74 MHz and 216 MHz units offer compatibility in
                                                                           school gymnasiums with children’s personal wireless FM

     AV Furniture

     Computer Workstation                               Presentation Centre                       Laptop Work Station
     Compact steel mobile computer workstation          Compact steel mobile computer work-       Versatile laptop or standard computer
     with pull-out keyboard and mouse shelf.            station and presentation centre with      workstation for stand-up applications.
     • 18” x 24” adjustable in 2” increments            pull-out keyboard and mouse shelf.        •   Adjustable keyboard shelf
     • 3-outlet 15’ UL and CSA electric assembly        • Drop leaf to each side                  •   Surge electric
     • 4” casters, 2 with locking brake                 • Locking steel cabinet                   •   4” casters, 2 with bake
                                                        • Height adjustable from 24” to 42”       •   Available with locking steel cabinet

                                    Mobile Plasma or LCD                                                Overhead Table
                                    Table Top Stand                                                     Stand-up, adjustable height, steel
                                    • Mounts to top shelf of 40” high, three                            overhead projector table.
                                      shelf cart using steel plates                                     • Platform adjusts from 27-1/2”
                                    • Cables can be run through cable pass                                to 37-1/2”
                                      through hole in shelf                                             • 3-outlet, 15’ electric assembly
                                    • Hold 32” to 50” plasma or LCD                                     • UL and CSA listed
                                      displays                                                          • Available in black or gray
                                    • Adjustable mounting arms can be
                                      positioned anywhere along vertical
                                      posts                                                                        www.luxorfurn.com

            learning technologies                             Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
AV Furniture
MM-2500 Instructors Station                                         MC-300 Plasma Cart
• Laptop connection panel                                           • Constructed from furniture grade
  on work surface with audio,                                         laminates and edge banding
  video and network cable                                           • Impact resistant t-molding on
  and dual power outlet                                               top and bottom
• Large locking pull out                                            • Fixed shelf for a codec, VCR,
  drawer for document                                                 DVD, or speaker
                                                                    • Rear door with lock for easy
• Split lower compartment                                             access to equipment
  with 12 RU rack rails and
  adjustable shelf                                                  • Heavy-duty casters

• 8 outlet surge protected                                          • Cable management system
  power bar                                                         • Tinted Plexiglas front door

MM-250 Mobile AV Cabinet                                            MM-103 Mobile AV Cabinet
• Laptop connection panel on work                                   • Adjustable tilting projector shelf
  surface with audio, video and                                     • Laptop connection panel with
  network cable and dual power                                        cables for audio, VGA and Cat5
  outlet                                                              network and dual power outlet
• 3 adjustable removable shelves                                    • 2 adjustable/removable shelves
• 2 locking front doors                                             • 2 locking front doors
• 2 internal compartments                                           • 2 internal compartments
• 8 outlet surge protected power bar                                • 8 outlet surge protected power bar

Mobile Adjustable Podium
• Pull-out projector tray and camera/
  utility tray
• Retractable power cord
                                                                                              Flat Screen Cart
• Cable grommet in worksurface
                                                                                              • 2-point locking system
• Height adjustable
                                                                                              • Perforated steel sides and back for
• Locking casters                                                                               ventilation
• Internal wire management                                                                    • Slotted steel speaker shelf
• 6-outlet power strip                                                                        • Rack rail
                                                                                              • Locking swivel casters

Media Manager Lectern V2                                            Media Director Lectern
                                                                                                           • Pull-out adjustable
                                        • Rack rails have 11 rack
                                                                                                             keyboard tray
                                          units each
                                                                                                           • Flip-up document
                                        • Pull-out locking
                                                                                                             camera shelf
                                          document camera
                                          drawer and keyboard or                                           • Ventilated end panels
                                          laptop storage drawer                                            • 2-point locking system
                                        • Pre-drilled monitor arm                                            on front and back
                                          mounting holes                                                   • Heavy duty casters
                                        • Ventilated end panels
                                          for convection cooling

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                                 www.evolutionlearning.ca
       Projection Screens
       Whether you need a front projection screen or are considering the benefits of rear projection, you have come to the right place. Choose
       one of Da-Lites popular electric, manual or rear projection screens for permanent applications or from our wide range of portable screens
       if your needs require moving the screen to different locations. Regardless of application, we are confident that Da-Lite offers a solution
       that is perfect for your installation.

                                        Fast-Fold® Screen                                                  Model C
                                        System                                                             • Heavy duty manual wall or
                                                                                                             ceiling screen
                                        • Quick and easy set up and
                                          tear down                                                        • Ideal for large size rooms
                                        • 1” square folding aluminum                                       • Permanently lubricated steel ball
                                          frames                                                             bearings and nylon bushings
                                        • Case for transport and                                           • Pull cord included
                                                                             Deluxe Insta-Theatre®
                                                                             • A unique feature is a pneumatic
                                                                               scissors mechanism for raising
       Picture King®                                                           and lowering the screen surface
       • High quality professional tripod                                    • Lightweight and self-standing
       • Heavy duty aluminum extruded
         legs with toe release mechanism
                                                                                         Please see
       • Adjustable screen height
       • Built in fabric lock to prevent                                                 pricelist for
         shifting during transport and use                                              a selection of
       www.dalite.com                                                                   models & sizes

      With one of the most comprehensive product lines in the world, Draper has a projection screen for every need!
      No one else manually inspects each screen for quality and accuracy before it leaves the factory. Drapers
      reputation for quality products and innovative ideas is known throughout the industry.

                                                      • Snap-on projection screen with 1” tubular
                                                        aluminum frame
                                                      • Provides contemporary, theatre-like appearance
                                                      • Flexible viewing surface is stretched perfectly flat
                                                      • Frame sections are colour coded
                                                      • Suitable for mounting to a wall or ceiling, or
                                                        “flying” for theatrical use


     Consul                                           • Highest quality spring-roller projection screen for
                                                        wall or ceiling mounting
     • Lightweight tripod projection screen
                                                      • For small to medium size groups
     • Ideal for schools
                                                      • Housed in pentagonal scratch-resistant steel
     • Black case with matching endcaps                 case
     • Case adjusts easily to any level on            • Endcaps form universal hanging brackets for
       tripod upright                                   attachment to wall, ceiling or map rail hooks

              learning technologies                              Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
Overhead Projectors
When it comes to AV equipment                                          The 1700 Plus Series now includes the
EIKI is very likely the best known                                     hardened, break-resistant stage glass. Its
brand name in the world. Our line                                      durability will result in less maintenance,
of overhead projectors is almost                                       interruptions and repair expenses.
synonymous with classroom
presentations.                                                         1720
                                                                       •   2,500 ANSI Lumens
392 OHP
                                                                       •   Closed singlet lens
• 2,000 ANSI Lumens                                                    •   ENX single lamp
• EYB lamp                                                             •   10” stage size
• Durable heavy duty metal tub
• Folding post
                                                                       •   2,500 ANSI Lumens
• Open head
                                                                       •   Closed doublet lens
• Built in lamp changer                                                •   ENX single lamp
                                                                       •   10” stage size
                                              www.eiki.com             1780
• 2,000 ANSI Lumens
                                                                       •   2,500 ANSI Lumens
• EYB lamp
                                                                       •   Closed doublet lens
• Built in lamp changer
                                                                       •   Lamp changer
• Sealed head                                                          •   ENX single lamp
• All metal body and frame                                             •   10” stage size                              www.3M.ca

Visual Presenters

P100N                                      TT-02s                                          RE-455X
• 30 frames per second image capture       • Simple control panel for easy operation       • High resolution XGA output: 1024 x
• SXGA native resolution                   • Capture vivid, live images with smooth          768 pixels
• HDTV 1280x720 dot output                   20 fps frame rate                             • High magnification 12x power zoom
• Quick setup                              • 41.6x zoom with auto-focus                      lens
• Integrated LCD monitor                   • Built in SD card slot                         • 850K pixel progressive CCD for top
• Exclusive lens minimizes distortion      • 180˚ rotating arm                               quality images
• USB connection to PC supports            • “Stroke of the pen” easy annotation on        • Fully automatic image display
  instant drawing to highlight and           removable stage                               • Efficient twin-tube lighting system
  annotate image                           • Versatile input/output options                • Easy switching between Visualiser
• Build in SD card slot                    • Microscope viewing mode                         and PC images
• Split display - live and stored images   • Auto-adjusts to room brightness                                         www.canon.ca

Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing                              www.evolutionlearning.ca
     Projection Lamps
     EIKO was built in the AV - Photo marketplace. Search for the best in photofloods, enlarger, flash tubes, projector lens and
     more. EIKO can source virtually any factory LCD lamp, 3M, Eiki, Epson, Infocus, NEC, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony and
                                                                                     EIKO lamps are Certified Green after
                                                                                     meeting our high energy efficiency or low
                                                                                     energy consumption guidelines. Certified
                                                                                     Green products are TCLP RoHS, Title 24
                                                                                     and/or ENERGY STAR® rated.


     Other Suppliers

            learning technologies                        Please see enclosed pricelist for up-to-date specifications & pricing
System Installation
AV Systems Integration
The Evolution Learning Technologies Systems Integration team creates,
designs, installs and maintains multi-media presentation systems for any
application. Our team of professionals are ICIA Gold Certified and bring the
highest level of training, experience and professionalism in our industry to your
system solution.

Design and Engineering
Our designers will consult with you, on the requirements you have for your
space, and then begin a design process that includes you every step of the way.
We will also involve your architect, structural engineers, electrical contractors
and end users as required, to make sure that the final design of your new AV system meets all building code, safety,
aesthetic and end user requirements.

                                               Project Management
                                               Our project managers keep in close contact with our clients and their
                                               contractors to monitor the progress of your project, and keep you up to
                                               date with the different stages of the installation. Typically, after design and
                                               engineering of your system has been completed and signed off, we will
                                               begin to order the equipment for your system, and perform much of the
                                               programming, rack mounting, cabling and testing at our facilities.

Once on site, our CTS-I certified installers expertly integrate the equipment into your space, focusing on seamless integration
with the aesthetics of your room, as well as ensuring intuitive operation for your end users.

Training and Maintenance
Once your system has been expertly installed, our training and maintenance programs are designed to ensure that your
end users get the most functionality possible out of your system, and are trouble free for many years to come. Our
maintenance and service programs keep your system operating at peak performance and ensures that if you do require
replacement equipment or repairs that there are no costly surprises.

Contact Us                      Toll Free Phone 800.561.9820                        Email    info@evolutionlearning.ca
                                Toll Free Fax         888.775.4693                  Web      www.evolutionlearning.ca

Thunder Bay           594 A Memorial Avenue                       Saskatoon               2366 Avenue C North
                      Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 3Z2                                        Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7L 5X5
                      Phone:      807.627.5604                                            Phone:      306.244.2999
                      Fax:        807.344.7122                                            Fax:        306.244.2007

Winnipeg              Unit 320 - 550 Century Street               Calgary                 6910 Farrell Road, SE
                      Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0Y1                                          Calgary, Alberta T2H 0T1
                      Phone:        204.775.6662                                          Phone:        403.259.3793
                      Fax:          204.775.4693                                          Fax:          403.259.2374

Regina                1818 McAra Street
                                                                  Edmonton                11410-119 Street
                      Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 6C4
                                                                                          Edmonton, Alberta T5G 2X6
                      Phone:      306.525.6133
                                                                                          Phone:      780.451.4688
                      Fax:        306.352.3138
                                                                                          Fax:        780.454.8868

           learning technologies

Customer Testimonials
Personable staff with professional skills are two elements I have consistently encountered through projects supported by Evolution
Presentation Technologies. Our students and staff have benefited from sound advice, training, and a variety of technologies provided
by their team. They are always open to new requirements we present in classrooms/schools and adapt their expertise accordingly.
Kudos to all of you at Evolution Presentation Technologies!

Richard Ingimundson
(former) Coordinator of Information & Communication Technology
Lord Selkirk School Division

Evolution Presentation Technologies have been invaluable in their assistance in helping us choose the right audio/visual
technology solutions to fit our needs. Over the many years I have been dealing with them I have always found their staff
knowledgable, professional and personable. From the start of a project to it’s conclusion and beyond they are always
ready to assist. My school board has benefited from our association and I would recommend Evolution Presentation
Technologies for all your A/V technology needs.

Stephen J Danielson
Manager of Information Services
Rainy River District School Board

        learning technologies
Unit 320 - 550 Century Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0Y1