In this issue…. Sing to the Lord a new song_ sing to the Lord_ all by pengtt


									                                                                        Volume 3, Issue 6
In this issue….                                                            June 2006

Angel Threads                  pg.   5                                  "A New Song"
Birthdays                      pg.   11
Births                         pg.   11                                 This past week, I found my-
Book Club                      pg.   8                                  self reading Psalm 96 as a
Day Lily Garden                pg.   4                                  part of my devotions. It be-
                                          gins with this admonition... "O sing to the LORD a
ECW News                       pg.   3
                                          new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth!" The
EYC News                       pg.   7    words convey a succinct and powerful expression of
Faith Formation                pg.   6    God’s grand intention. His purpose is that all the world
From the Associate Rector      pg.   1    should sing His praise and worship Him alone. The
From the Church Office         pg.   2    song will be new, in that it will now be one sung by
General Convention Fast/Pray   pg.   2    ALL people, not just the children of Israel. The psalm
Graduates                      pg.   8    goes on in hopeful expectation that such a day is com-
Growing Kids God’s Way         pg.   9    ing. The psalmist proclaims in verse 3, " Declare his
                                          glory among the nations, his marvelous works
Handbell Concert               pg.   11
                                          among all the peoples!". This glad anticipation of
Happy Lunch Bunch              pg.   10   worship is further expressed in verse 7, "Ascribe to
Lost & Found                   pg.   10   the LORD, O families of the peoples, ascribe to the
MB Estates                     pg.   2    LORD glory and strength!" There can be no doubt
Marriages                      pg.   10   that this is the design and purpose of God.
Meet the Resurrection Family   pg.   10   It is equally clear that, both then and now, a tremen-
Park Passes                    pg.   8    dous portion of the human race has no involvement in
Prayer Ministry Training       pg.   4    doing any such thing. For a host of reasons, their inter-
                                          ests, loyalties and commitments lie elsewhere. It is for
Prayers                        pg.   10
                                          that very reason that Jesus came into the world, "to
RSCM Summer Course             pg.   9    seek and save the lost" (Lk. 10:10). In its turn, the
Resurrection Resale            pg.   9    Church has been given the Great Commission to "Go
Sympathies                     pg.   10   therefore and make disciples of all nations" (Mt.
Thank You                      pg.   10   28:19). Our task is to bring ALL people to the worship
Volunteers Needed              pg.   5    of our God. As we gather each week at Resurrection as
Welcome New Members            pg.   8    a community of worship, we see the beginning of this
Worship Ministries             pg.   8    vision’s accomplishment. Our pews are filled with "all
                                          sorts and conditions" of people from throughout much
                                          of our world. And we are blessed with a worship that
                                          is rich and varied.                              Cont. p. 5

                  Sing to the Lord a new song,
                 sing to the Lord, all the earth!
                                                                           Psalm 96:1
                                   It would be helpful if             MYRTLE BEACH ESTATES
                                   you let us know of
                                   important events that                ALZHEIMER’S UNIT
                                   are taking place in           Several of our parishioners have been meeting at Myr-
                                   your lives. Address           tle Beach Estates Alzheimer’s Unit to worship, sing,
                                   changes, email ad-            pray and socialize with the residents. We have been
                                   dresses, birth dates          told this is the residents look forward to the fellowship
                                   and cell                      and music. We will meet on the 4th Sunday of each
                                   phone numbers.                month (June 25) continuing throughout the summer.
                                   Births, weddings and          Thank you, James Reiner, for leading the group in
                                   awards are always             prayer. Carole Bradley and Dee Reiner provide uplift-
                                   interesting to the con-       ing music. Patricia Mulcahy and family regularly add
gregation. Contact Carol Ann Howard 215-4500 to                  to the quality of the singing. After the service several
share "happy stories" as well as illness and hospitaliza-        people meet at Bob Evans for fellowship and refresh-
tion information.                                                ments.

                    2006 General Convention and The Call to Fast & Pray
As the clergy of our diocese gathered on this past Tuesday of Holy Week to renew our vows, we were reminded by
three of our colleagues of the importance of acknowledging that we are a church under judgment for the wayward-
ness of our decisions and actions, and of a failure of heart, mind and spirit to live in accordance with God's will.
The appropriate response, as scripture makes clear, is repentance. Repentance is a necessary backwards step of ad-
mitting our failure and then turning around (if nothing else, we have failed to keep the church from drifting from
its scriptural moorings). The way forward was also identified to be the ancient biblical practices of prayer and fast-
I attended the General Conventions in 2000 and 2003, serving as an Alternate Delegate from our diocese. I
watched the church run headlong into the crisis that it presently finds itself in. While the problem appears to be
about human sexuality -- that is what the headlines seem to say -- it is really about the deeper issues of scriptural
authority and the way that authority is exercised in the life of the church.
This General Convention, to be held in Columbus, Ohio (my old diocese), June 13-20, will have the opportunity to
turn the Episcopal Church back from its present course of splintering away from the rest of the Anglican Commun-
ion. The challenge of the Windsor Report and of other weighty documents from the primates of the Anglican Com-
munion, is to move from a stated "regret for the pain caused" to the larger church to an unequivocating statement
of repentance. The church will also need to embrace a permanent moratorium on ordinations of non-celibate homo-
sexuals as well as for same-sex blessings. So far, nothing in the church's posturing and pre-convention verbage in-
dicates that such compliance to the requirements of the primates is likely to occur.
In addition to these decisions around Windsor and sexuality, there will be an election of a new Presiding Bishop
and several "approvals" of recent bishops' elections.
There is a great deal at stake for the church this summer. As the Apostle Paul reminds us, "pray unceasingly."
For the full week prior to the start of General Convention we will try to do just that. Beginning and ending with our
weekend services on June 3/4 and 10/11, and specifically during each waking hour of the intervening days, we in-
vite you to fast and pray. You will be provided with a "guide to prayer" (one such guide is included with this
newsletter) and the opportunity to choose a preferred hour each day. Additionally, you will be invited to fast for
part or all of a day during that week. On Wednesday, at our regular 10 AM service and also at a special 6 PM ser-
vice we will give special attention to praying for the church.
While we are saying our prayers, our fellow deanery churches in Horry and Georgetown County will be offering
theirs. We have in fact committed as an entire Diocese to observe this week as a time of prayerful preparation for
General Convention, each parish making its own plans, but united in spirit as we pray for the Church.
And please know that while the church is in its present crisis, the Lord of the church holds our future in his hands.
Truly, he is waiting on us to finally learn to fully depend upon him -- that is the posture of prayer!
Yours, in Christ,
                                                             ECW News
                          The summer is almost upon us and we wish you all happy and fun vacations. The fol-
                          lowing brings to mind, “Guard what was committed to your trust” 1 Timothy 6:20
                           In the May Board meeting we honored all Mothers of the parish by making the fol-
                           lowing $50.00 donations to Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy (Charleston, SC) Peedee Coali-
                        tion (Florence SC) that gives so much to sexually abused children and spousal abuse,
Save R Kids. ( Guyana. South America) . They all lost at the Diocesan level for the ECW Diocesan project, and
to St. Helena’s Convent. The Diocesan project was to Haiti and a large amount that was given in the name of
the Diocese of South Carolina. We of course donated $200.00 for this important work. Next year the Diocesan
project is God’s Littlest Lambs, (Honduras, Central America). God’s Littlest Lambs is a Christian family care
center dedicated February 2005 to serve the neighborhood of Flor del Campo, one of the most impoverished
areas of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
One other item of concern was the Bereavement Receptions. It is apparent that some of you are very concerned
about the receptions and how they are conducted. The Bereavement Chairman, does only what the family asks
for, and the parish family needs to be aware that they do not have to be the watchdogs for what is done. The
ECW Board is very aware and keeps a lid on all of it. We have a basic funeral menu, however, if the family or
the clergy, (usually the Rector) ask for more we try to accommodate them. When you see items on the table
(just a bit more than the usual) that you think are poor use of the Churches money, remember the family or oth-
ers have donated the money. Bereavement is usually an educated guess, and to keep your donations to a mini-
mum we try to rotate the list of people that give. If you are unable to do it, just say no. One does not have to do
every funeral. Sometimes, like when we have three funerals in a week it seems a little much, just think how the
clergy feels. There are times in everyone's lives when we are overwhelmed by what is happening to us. We all
have those times and we all need to try to love one another just a little bit more. This kind of love is an “ACT
of the Will.” One other factor is involved here, if the family wants a reception whether they have been in this
parish for a day, or for many years the ECW does it. If one can make a donation for the reception it is gratefully
accepted, if they don’t or can’t, so be it. It is still done. We do not know what they did or did not do in their
other places of residence. We do know that many times those that are grieving need this outpouring of love.
Eating after a funeral is very important symbolism. It makes us realize that life goes on and in order to sustain it
we must have food. When we lose a loved one, sometimes family members just want to dry up and go into the
grave with them, that food in the Holy Communion feeds us spiritually, but the food in Resurrection Commons
feeds the body . It is an opportunity to show our human love to those who grieve. I really hope this answers
some of the questions you might have. Sadly we have so many funerals in this Church. It is heart wrenching for
all of those involved. One other comment about the funerals that are done here. Many times in the congregation
there are non Christians as well as lapsed Christians, I have been told personally, I think I will look into Christi-
anity a bit more, or I think I need to rethink about coming to Church. Funeral receptions serve a purpose. It is
an outward sign of an invisible grace. In my tenure as President I want thank the following Bereavement Chair-
man, June Manson, Ruth Stack, Linda Mann, Lucy Biello, Nada Couture, and Lucy again. Job well done, and
not an easy one at that. “Be good, O Lord, to those that are good, and to those who are upright in their hearts.”
Psalm 125:4
The book club will not meet in June, they will meet on July 24th at the home of Carole Bradley, the book se-
lected is “Gone” by Lisa Gardner. the group gets together at 7:00 PM. The July meeting is important as we will
be selecting the next three books. The club will not meet in August .
One other bit of news, the Corporate Office of Radio Shack has given us permission to sell our cookbooks in
front of the store, at the Walmart Center in Surfside. Details still have to be worked out with the store manager.
It gives us an opportunity to be seen in the community. Sign up sheets for the hour or two that you can help will
be in the Commons as soon as I talk to the store manager. When and if you shop there, and we all do, Thank
the store manager for allowing us this opportunity. We need to sell the cookbooks not store them, and all of the
money goes to the Music Ministry of this Church. Please, a shower gift, a little token gift, remember the cook-
                                                                                           (Continued on page 8)

                                         Since we have created our Resurrection Day Lily Garden
                                         the following people have been honored or remembered
                                         with a contribution to the garden. If you would like to re-
                                         member someone special this might be one way for you to
                                         do it. At some point in time this garden will be beautiful.
                                         At this time it is a work in progress. A donation of $10 is
                                         suggested to keep this meaningful project going well into
                                         the future.
                            We honor these people in our
                            Resurrection Day Lily Garden
Dorothy and Jim Aglieco, Mary Amorosana, Ronald E. Anderson, Mara Arminio, Marvin Dwane Atlman, Frank
Babbit, Joyce Baird, Ruth Banks, Phyllis Barbieri, Gary Bass, Linde Bastian, Bob Batchelder, Russel Bird, Wil-
liam Borner, William Boyle, Herbert and Ada Bridges, Jill Broder, Margaret Brown, Brownell family, Florence
Bush, Caswell family, Esley Gail Chipps, Josephine Ciraco, Marlene Collins, Tammy Collins, Tommy Collins,
Cottell family, June Davenport, Dudzinsky families, Tammy Elliott, Catherine Ettenger, James Ewing, Mr. and
Mrs. James Ewing II, Rita Fibble, Kathie Flanagan, Norman and Dorothy Furness, Anna Gallelo, Sean Galton, Isla
Geeves, James, Isla, Marilyn, Russell Geeves, Frank and Mareen Gibson, Jules Gram, Hall family, Beatrice and
Joseph Hall, Alice F. “Patty” Harper, Lisa Marie and John Harrelson, Havemeyer family, Christine Henderson,
Nancy Hensler, Tom Hensler, Sophia Hoenig, Jack and Chris Hogan, James “Jack” Hogan, Jim and Tommie
Hughes, Marilyn Hyde, Gary Jarman, Grace Johnson, Dolores N. Jones, Girlie Kerr, Edward M.Kessler, Jack
Kingsley, Krudof family, Joseph Kubuk, Gregory Lambert, Al and Nancy Laporta, Miriam Large, Vittorio Larini,
Christin and family Lasaponaro, Lasker family, Dwight Long, Tad Dwight Long, Edward and Cora Luescher,
David Lutz, Joe Maffeo, Mr. and Mrs. M. Patrick Manning, Martinez family, Mathis family, Evangeline and Fran-
cis Mattos, Evelyn McMeekin, Lucille Meara, Charles Miller, Lewis Wesley Mills, Lorraine Murphy, Nancy Mur-
phy, Sally Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Ostrowski, Hap and Jane Palmer, Paul family, Mr. Peacock, The Rev. Dr. Frank
Pisani, Kerry Pullman, Tom Rackl, Nora Raum, Reigart families, Tony and Sue Reilly, Lt. Col. James A. Rich-
mond Betty Richmond, Hoyt and Zelma Ridenhour, Ann and James Rogers, Don and Norma Rosania, Bill and
Jean Rutherford, Jane Sadler, David Salamack, Agnes and Frank Schrader, Francis and Gladys Simon, Mary
Stanley, John Stefanides, Harry Thompson, Patricia Ann Thompson, Patricia Smith Thompson, Eileen Valentine,
Helen Wallace, Jack Wallace, Keith and Mary Weese, Beth White, S. Marguerite Wiblin, Maggie Wilkins, Roger
Willis, Ruth Willm, Mary Rutherford Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. T. B.Woodcock,

                                                   Prayer Ministry Training
                                    One of the subjects which Jesus models clearly and teaches insistently is the
                                    centrality of prayer. The Sermon on the Mount is full of Jesus’ teaching on
                                    prayer (Mt. 5-6). In some cases, it is clearly conversation with God about our
                                    own concerns, but often it is to be for one another. That compassion is to be
                                    the hallmark of all disciples of Jesus (Jn. 13:34-35). It is for this reason that
                                    the parish offers several ministries of prayer for its members and friends.
                                    With this end in view, we are launching a new class this June for those who
                                    wish to be learn more about the ministry of prayer. On Tuesday, June 6 at
                                    5:30, we will launch a 10 week study on Healing Prayer. The class will meet
                                    for about an hour each week, using resources from Christian Healing Minis-
                                    tries. Together we will examine the place of healing in Jesus’ ministry, the
                                    types of healing possible, the work of the Holy Spirit and other related topics.
 Whether you are a current prayer minister with a calling to deepen your ministry, have an interest in exploring
 such a ministry or just want to know more about prayer, I hope you will join us.
 If you have questions, feel free to contact Fr. Caswell, Fr. Lewis or Karen Kearney. We would be delighted to
 talk with you further.

                                 From the Associate Rector
                                                                                          (Continued from page 1)
With that said, it nonetheless lies heavily upon the heart of many of us as leaders that there is a huge slice of
our community we do not reach and does not join in our worship. There is a younger generation that hasn’t
heard the Father’s call. Or perhaps having heard it, they cannot find a place to give voice to their worship in a
language that is all their own and truly communicates their heart to Him.
To fulfill our purpose and meet that need, we will launch a new worship service on June 11 that will truly be
the "new song" of Psalm 96. We have decided to call this new service "180". Allow me to explain what this
does and does not mean.
We are all familiar with the expression, ‘do a 180'. It means simply to turn around and go in the opposite direc-
tion. Let us be clear, we are not changing who WE are as a parish. The service planned will still be clearly
Anglican, with prayers, lessons, teaching and communion in an order all of us would find familiar. Neither are
we changing what we do at our other services. You will continue, at all other times, to find the worship you
love and by which you communicate your love to the Father, in its familiar form and content.
What we do hope to change... are the lives of those who come to join us in worship. We are seeking to turn
people living in the world from paths that lead away from God into paths that will bring them near. To do that
will require a ‘new song’. The music and its accompaniment will be that which is familiar to a mostly younger
age group. It will be an even more ‘visual’ experience, making use of video projection, drama and similar tools
to reach a generation that is very visually oriented. Though it may look and sound different, it will be no less
reverent. Worship is encounter with God. We will provide that. Henry Blackaby has defined worship as "The
response of an adoring heart to the magnificence of God." That is what we pray to make possible for a whole
new part of our community by this addition to our weekly worship opportunities.
                                                Your Part
Quite appropriately, we take this leap of faith the Sunday after Pentecost. On that day, people from throughout
the then known world were presented with the gospel. We are going to continue that work and every member
of the parish can play a part to support this outreach.
For some it will mean making the commitment to support the service by your participation. If you sense that
calling, please join us. If not, continue in the worship that blesses you, but consider other vital roles.
The most important task ahead is prayer. No work of God’s Kingdom is fruitful without it. One of the shortest
paths to failure is to attempt something in God’s name but in our own strength. Divine assistance, particularly
in bringing others to God, is essential. You can pray for this service, no matter when you yourself attend.
You can also invite others. Even if this service is not for you, you probably know people who would be
blessed by it. Invite them. Resources are being developed to help make that easy. Personal invitation will be an
absolute key to our success.
Above all, be patient. Launching a new service requires many changes and some sacrifice for everyone. As we
walk together through the coming days, let us extend grace to one another as we work out all the details needed
for this outreach to be a success.
This is God’s purpose for us, to bring in to the worship of His Kingdom, as many of the world’s people as we
can. I look forward to seeing how he will use ALL of us in the weeks ahead to that end.

In Jesus’ Love,                                             The Angel Threads have completed nearly 25 lay-
Jim Lewis, Assoc. Rector                                    ettes each month (sometimes more) from September
                                                            through May. This is their way to welcome new-
                                                            borns to “God’s family”. Barb Mains distributes the
                            Summer receptionist             layettes to needy families as soon as they are re-
                            volunteers are needed to        ceived. If you should happen to find new or nearly
                            help cover times when           new newborn baby items at sales please think of the
                            our regular volunteers          Angel Threads ministry. Items such as disposable
                            are away. If you can            diapers, onesies, outfits of all kinds will be needed as
                            help for even a few             the ministry gears up again in the fall. All ages can
                            hours on a regular              help at the monthly meetings in The Commons put-
                            schedule, please call           ting items together for individual babies. Call Berna-
                            Carol Ann Howard at             dine Murray if you are interested.
       % J W T E J  Q H  V J G  4 G U W T T G E V K Q P

Children’s Ministry
Parish Family Night
                                            # 4 % 6 + %  ' & ) ' 9
Adult Faith Formation
                                               % 1 7 4 # ) ' 4
Crown Financial


KID ZONE                           9'9'.%1/'#..6*4''6*417)*'.'8'0

   7KHVHDUHJUHDW                         *744;#0&5+)072


   $5.)(67                                 2*10'

 ZZZDUNIHVWRUJ                7KLV´(QGRIWKH6FKRRO      Summer Adult Faith Formation
                                                                        9:30 am
                                KHOG6XQGD\-XQHDW              11:00 am
 9DQ+R\)DUPV                 SPDWWKHKRPHRI6KHUL          Beginning JUNE 11, we will offer
                                                               back 2 back opportunities on Sundays
   -XQH                   GUHQDQGWKHLUSDUHQWV
                                                               for adults to engage in an exploration
                                                                 of God’s Holy Word. Simply come
                                                                with your Bibles, gather with others,
                                                                 and delve into the richness of what
  6W$QGUHZV                                                 the week’s lectionary (Old Testament,

  0W3OHDVDQW                   IRRGZLOOEHSURYLGHG       Psalm, New Testament and Gospel

                                                               readings) will have to offer….use it as
                                                                  a time to prepare your heart and
                                      6KHUL          mind for the day’s sermon message or
                                                                        reflect on its meaning

                                                                                                                          The youth will be hosting a yard sale
                                                                                                                          fundraiser at Resurrection to benefit
                                                                                                                            Youth missions and adventures
                                               June 14th
                                          EYC Teens meet at                                                                            Starting at 6 am
                                         Myrtle Beach State                                                                      7KH&KXUFKRIWKH 
                                               Park from                                                                           5HVXUUHFWLRQ
                                                 3-6 pm                                                                       6WXGHQWV-RLQXV
                                            for beach fun.                                                                 
           6HQLRU0LVVLRQ             Parents join us at 6                                                              WRRUJDQL]HDQGSULFHLWHPV
    'RQ·WPLVVVLJQXSGHDGOLQH      pm for Parish Family                                                              
              -XQHWK                                                                                                           VHOOVWXII
                                       Night with something
           &KDU·VRIILFH                                                                                                  $GXOWV«ZHQHHGKHOS

                                        to grill and share.
         The first 10 people to call Sean Richardson @ 843.446.3520 and welcome him home will receive a great reward!

                                                                                                                         Call or email Charlotte if you have
                                                                                                                                any questions or can
                           June 26th– 30th                                                                                         volunteer time
                       Sign up deadline June 14th
  Students sign up by filling out a registration and                                                                       Sell your possessions and give to the poor.
  medical form and bringing a $90 deposit to the                                                                           Provide purses for yourselves that will not
                                                                                                                          wear out, a treasure in heaven that will not be
                  church office.                                                                                          exhausted, where no thief comes near and no
                                                                                                                                          moth destroys.
                                                                                                                                           Luke 12:33
                                      Congratulations to all those Baptized, Confirmed, Received or
                                      Reaffirming their faith at the time of Bishop Salmon’s visit on May 14.

                                      Baptized - Ernest Bone, Chris Bone, Steven Hoffman and Joseph Perl
                                      Confirmed - Shawn Allen, Victoria Bone, Chris Brunson, Andrew Cox,
                                      Judith DeRose, Melissa Garbade, Kimberly Perl and Ivan Wells
                                      Received – Madeline Duson, Laura Hoffman, Susan Raymond-Olivera
                                      Reaffirmed – Nancy Murphy, Charlotte Smith and Lanelle Bush

                   “There is one body and one Spirit; There is one hope in God’s call to us;
                  One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism; One God and Father of all.” BCP p. 299

                                                ECW News
                                                                                     (Continued from page 3)
Finally, the new Board was installed at the Charleston Café on Saturday. I leave the ECW into the capable hands of
your new President, Sue Brunson, and another new face Mareen Gibson as her Vice President. We are so fortunate
and the Lord smiled one day in April on “The Church of the Resurrection” Many times in my Presidency and from
the very beginning I have used this quote from Ephesians 4:32, "Be kind and considerate to one another, forgiving
each other, just as Christ forgave you”
Remember the Gift shop, check it for gifts. Jean has new merchandise arriving and we have cards. The next board
meeting will be on Thursday June 8th at the Church, Sue Brunson presiding. The bakeless Bake sale will be on
Sunday June 25th. Give as generously as you can so that the important work of ECW continues.
I want to thank all of the women of this Church for the wonderful three years of my Presidency. Most of you have
been the most supportive group I have ever dealt with. The ECW is evolving to meet the needs of many younger
women, and if you attended the Diocesan meetings, it is heartwarming to see the women following in the footsteps
of those who previously walked before them, but bringing new energy and vitality into the modern working
women's world. Bishop Skilton in his remarks, commented that when "they wanted to get something really done it
was given to ECW. They are the doers and they are formidable, and they always have been."
My love to you all. God Bless all of you.

             Congratulations                                               We Need You!
                                                            With the launch of a new worship service, we are in
            to our Graduates!                               need of more people to minister at all our services.
                Kenneth VanSciver                           Particularly needed are Ushers, Lay Readers, Aco-
      who graduates from Socastee High School               lytes and Altar Guild. If you have a calling and will-
                                                            ingness to serve, contact Carol Ann Howard at the
                  Bonnie Wallace                            parish office.
  who graduates from Carolina Forest High School

                   Lark Walters
                                                            Resurrection Book Club is a group of ladies who
     who graduates from St. James High School
                                                            meet once each month to discuss a book they have
                                                            selected. Call Carole Bradley if you would like to
                                                            participate or have ideas for a book selection.
                      We are very proud of you and
                    wish you all of God’s Goodness in
                               your future.
                                                                              Park Pass
                     “Remember your creator in the
                         days of your youth.”               If you are planning on attending the Beach Nights on
                            Ecclesiastes 12:1               Wednesday at Myrtle Beach State Park, you can pur-
                                                            chase an annual pass at any public library for $32.50.
                                                            This is good for any state park in SC.
  Let the Children Come Along                                        5(6855(&7,215(6$/(
                                                                        The youth will be hosting a yard sale
       the Virtuous Way...                                              fundraiser at Resurrection to benefit
   Growing Kids God’s Way                                                 Youth missions and adventures

Are you interested in raising not just happy kids but
                                                                                    Starting at 6 am
holy children? Would you like to know what God’s
principles are for raising these kinds of kids? Does
parenting with confidence sound like a trip to the                     +LJKZD\%\SDVV
"promised land"? If so, this class is for you. Growing
Kids God’s Way, an 18 week parenting course, will be
held beginning the week of July 24th. An informa-

tional meeting will be held, Sunday morning, June
4th at 9:30 in Resurrection’s Adult Faith Formation                            678))WKDW\RXKDYH

classroom. Whether you are a parent, grand-parent or
just someone who cares about kids, we would love to
have you join us. The meeting will present the purpose                 Furniture,Clothing,Bicycles & Books
and format of the course, discuss possible meeting                         Including any thing of value
times and give folks a chance to register to participate.           ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE-
Hope to see you there!                                           WE WILL PROVIDE TAX FORMS UPON REQUEST
For more information, you may call the church office
                                                                 Items to be donated can be dropped off during regular
at 215-4500 or contact Jim and Libby Lewis (at 215-
                                                                                office hours of the church
2017) if you have any questions. You may also check
                                                                              (9 am-5 pm Tuesday-Friday)
out the web site for Growing Families International at
                                                                We will be offering a pick-up of large items if you are un- for further background on the course.
                                                                                      able to deliver:
                                                                      Saturday, May 27th & Saturday June 3rd
                                                                Appointments for pick-up can be made by calling Carol
                                                                               Ann in the church office at

                                                                       Sell your possessions and give to the poor.
                                                                    Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear
                                                                      out, a treasure in heaven that will not be ex-
                                                                    hausted, where no thief comes near and no moth
                                                                                       Luke 12:33

                                     RSCM Summer Course
Two of our choristers, Bonnie Wallace and Drew Trautman, have been selected to participate in the
Royal School of Church Music Summer Course for Young Adults to be held in New York City this year.
They are two of only 36 singers selected from all over the United States to participate. From June 19 -
25th, they will sing under the direction of David Dunnett, Organist and Choirmaster of Norwich Cathe-
dral, England and sing services at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 5th Avenue, and Trinity Episcopal
Church, Wall Street. These courses are fast paced and give choristers the opportunity to train with some
of the outstanding church musicians of our day. The music selected is usually quite difficult and they are
expected to sing it well in 5 days. The result is musical growth and the ability to concentrate for long pe-
riods of time. Friends are made and the opportunity to have adventures in the City will help make the
week memorable and fun. It is by the gifts of parishioners within our parish that make these courses
available to our choristers. What a wonderful gift to these students. Thank you!

                                                            9     Karen Kearney, Organist & Choirmaster
               The Happy Lunch Bunch (Sr.                                         Please keep these members
               Lunch) will not meet during May,                                   of our parish family in your
               June, July or August. Watch the                                    prayers: Toby Evans, Pat
               August newsletter for new and ex-                                  Furness, Louise Kennedy,
               citing ideas for this group. Please                                Richard Martin, John Peunic,
               email or call Carol Ann if you have                                Dick Rion, Steve Thackray,
               ideas for local trips, outings, and                                Jack and Sybil Tarner, Jackie
               speakers so we can set up a sched-                                 Watson, William Woltjen;
               ule for the Fall.
                                                                                  And for these friends:
                                                                                  Becky, Betty, Bob, Christine,
                                                                                  Dean, Don, Donna, Erika,
                                                                                  Frank, Linda, Patti, Ralph,
              /LVD$QQ0DULH6LPRQ                                              Regina, Ronald, Vivian,
                                                                                  Jakeob, Joan, Allison and
                                                           Pray for those who are serving in our armed forces
                                                           especially Mike Adams, and their families here at
                                                          home. Gavin Amy, Matt Conn, Ricky Cox, Douglas
                                                           Cummings, David DeCosier, Brent Gatewood, Lis-

                                                           ton Edge, Chad Fields, Aaron Gerald, Ryan Ken-
 LQ\RXUQ                                                 nedy, Kenny Smolinski. Pray for their families who
                                                           are here at home. Pray that through their work the
                                                           peace of our Lord Christ may be found by all.

 Meet the Resurrection Family                                    :HH[WHQGRXUKHDUWIHOWV\PSDWK\


Meet the Resurrection Family is an attempt to get                           %RE&ODUNH

acquainted with fellow parishioners and perhaps find
a mutual interest. Several people have been asked to
provide information about themselves to launch this                                

column. It would be very helpful if you would be            :HSUD\WKDW\RXPD\DOOILQGFRPIRUWWKURXJK
willing to be included at a future date to provide
some details about family, where you came from,
why you chose this area, and any pets, hobbies, tal-
ents or details you would be willing to share.
Whether you have been here for many years or just
arrived we would like to get to know you. Just write
a few paragraphs and put it in any collection plate to
the attention of Carol Ann Howard. We will print as
many as space permits each month.

                                                            Feel free to check the Lost and Found Basket at
                                                           the doors to the Narthex. Many pairs of glasses,
                                                           umbrellas, etc. turn
                                                           up following wor-
                                                           ship services. If
                                                           you have lost it,
                                                           take it. If you found
                                                           it, leave it for its

                                                             1-Colin Hauptman
                                                             2-Dolores Butler
                                                             3-Caroline Bell, Steve
                                                             4-Betty Rarick
                                                             5-Sam Goodwin
It is difficult to convey how much we appreciate your
                                                             7-Jim Ewing, Ellen
prayers, cards and support during the past year. Please
know we appreciate your love and concern.
                                                             8-Sally Rion, Sandy
                                   -The Mathis Family
                                                             Eccles, Bob Eccles
                                                             9-Mark Cummings
We wish to thank our parish family for their prayers,
                                                             12-Bonita Goodwin
cards, memorials and out-pouring of love during the
                                                             15-Ann Richardson
recent illness and loss of our dear daughter, Cindy.
                                                             16-Cecilia Adams, Mandy Fragala
The memorial service was simply beautiful, followed
                                                             19-Sara Houpt, Mel Libby
by a lovely reception with delicious food. Our Church
                                                             20-Libby Lundvall, Susan Ciraco, Stacey Proctor
women and bereavement committee did a wonderful
                                                             21-Lynn Long, Hildy Gwilliams, Marty Hardwick
job. It is your sincere Christian love that is helping us
                                                             23-Jean Smith, Jimmy Toomey, Shawn Allen
through this Great loss. Our love to each of you.
                                                             24-Beverly Craig
         -Jean Bill, Allen Rutherford and Ashley Lambe
                                                             25-John Brown, Joan Barnaba, Bettye Gibson, Carol
                                                             Cape, Catherine Hodge
Thank You – Stephanie Simmons, who helped prepare
                                                             27-Mary Anne Tihasek
the gift prayer books, Mimi and John Hileman who
                                                             29-Rebecca Rudd
helped with Confirmation service and Sunday bulletins
                                                             30-Allen Rutherford, Chip Smith
and to all the regular volunteers who are a real bless-
ing. Also, to all the ECW members who presented so
                                                             May the Lord richly bless you in the coming year!
beautifully and The Commons which looked espe-
cially festive and beautiful. Lucy and Carmine Biello
and Carole Bradley created an elegant and beautiful
atmosphere. Special thanks to ALL who prepared spe-
cial dishes and treats for this occasion, it could not                                     &RQJUDWXODWLRQVWR

have been successful without your contributions.                                            'RQQDDQG5RQ
                                       -Clergy and Staff

Thank you to all who attended or helped in any way                                         ZKRDUHWKHSURXG

with the Golden Oldies Spring Show. Your continued                                          JUDQGSDUHQWVRI
support is greatly appreciated.
                                  -The Golden Oldies                                       .HOO\/HH6FKHHOHU


Thank you to our Resurrection family for the outpour-
                                                                      .HLWK6FKHHOHU	-HDQHWWH/HH
ing of love and concern for our family over the past
few weeks, with Isabella breaking her arm and Jimmy                     LQ6DQ)UDQFLVFR&DOLIRUQLD

having a heart attack we were feeling a bit lost. It is                         RQ$SULO

amazing how a prayer can ‘fix’ things, we felt every
prayer offered up for us; we may not have known who
they were from but we knew they were there. Thank            .HOO\ZDVERUQZHHNVHDUO\EXWVKHLVGRLQJZRQ

you all.                                                                GHUIXO7KDQNVEHWR*RG
                                 -The Bulleman Family

                       Join us on Friday, June 2nd at 7:00 PM
                 for the Trinity United Methodist Handbell Concert.

7KH(SLVFRSDO&KXUFKRIWKH5HVXUUHFWLRQ                                  Non-Profit Organization
                                                                            US POSTAGE Paid
8901 Highway 17 Bypass                                                       Myrtle Beach, SC
P.O. Box 14548                                                                  Permit #220
Surfside Beach, SC 29587

Phone:        843.215.4500
Fax:          843.215.1306
Web site:

                                       Resurrection Life                 Becky Bulleman, Editor

                                       Deadline for submissions:         20th of the month

                                       If you have submissions for the newsletter, please email
                                       the information to:

                                       There are also submission forms available at the church
                                       office. Please leave with Carol Ann Howard.
  Resurrection Life is published for
        family and friends of          Information needed for submissions should include:
   The Episcopal Church of the         event description, dates, times, who to contact, etc.
          Resurrection in              Please submit the necessary info and the editor will write/
  Surfside Beach, South Carolina.      arrange the article or announcement.


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