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INSIDE THIS ISSUE                        Volume 42 • Issue 3 • Holiday/Millennium, 1999

                                Special Millennium Issue
                              Predictions For The Next 1,000 Years
                                         By Shari Gamm                        and prepared meals to your door within min-        bies will be born outside of the body where
Japanese Festival                Rapid advances in technology will change     utes of your electronic order, which will be       the embryos will be inspected for disease and
     Food, dancing, and     everything from cars to vacations. Tired of       paid for by credit card. Most importantly,         then grown in artificial wombs. Protein sen-
                            the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, and Disney         while the physical act of supermarket shop-        sor chips will detect early chemical changes
     activities entertain   World? Want to get a real blast? Then take        ping will cease to exist, the pleasure of eating   to the body which, if undetected, would lead
     many at Japanese       your next vacation in outer space. Travel com-    will still remain.                                 to cancer and other diseases. Gene therapy
     Festival 1999.         panies will offer a first-class luxury vacation        Negotiated prices will replace fixed          will cure any disease that may slip throuugh
           Page Two         into space. But at $100,000 per person, only      prices. Buyers and sellers will negotiate ev-      this defense system and human organs will be
                            high-rollers and lottery winners will be able     erything based on the supply and demand of         grown to replace worn out parts. Body tune-
                            to afford this adventure.                         the moment. This is already happening on web       ups will be the rage! All of this will result in
                                 Business travel will be largely replaced     sites such as, and will be ex-       an average life span of several hundred years
                            by virtual reality conferencing. Simply put       tended to virtually every consumer purchase.       or more.
Syosset Mall?               on a headset and you are in a conference room
                            in Hong Kong while you sit at your kitchen
                                                                                   With respect to health issues, most ba-             The automobile will undergo dramatic
                                                                                                                                 changes. The gagues on the instrument panel
     Read about the         table. On the downside, just think                                                                   will be video images and can be customized
     latest plans for the   how much you will miss all of                                                                        to the owner’s preference. A thermal imaging
                            the wonderful airline food!                                                                              night vision system will allow drivers to
     former Cerro Wire
                                 Supermarkets may                                                                                        see further down the road and a saftey
     plant off the LIE.     not exist. In their                                                                                             system will automatically maintain
          Page Four         place will be mas-                                                                                                 a safe distance from the car in
                            sive distribution                                                                                                     front, even if the driver falls
                            centers which                                                                                                           asleep at the wheel. Instead
                            will deliver                                                                                                              of cars annoying people
                            produce                                                                                                                     telling them that the
Mmm... Chocolate                                                                                                                                                   “door is ajar”
                                                                                                                                                                    or “the lights
     Coverage of Sec-                                                                                                                                               are on,” voice
     ond Annual Interna-                                                                                                                                            technology
     tional Chocolate                                                                                                                                               will allow
     Show in NYC.                                                                                                                                                   drivers to tell
                                                                                                                                                                    the car what to
          Page Eight                                                                                                                                              do. Change
                                                                                                                                                                CDs, get e-mails,
                                                                                                                                                                 plot the route
                                                                                                                                                                   and control the
                                                                                                                                                                   climate are just
Music Reviews                                                                                                                                                      some of the
                                                                                                                                                                   functions that
     Rob and Dave                                                                                                                                                   future cars
     review Godsmack                                                                                                                                                will do. Most
     and Metallica
                                                                                                                                                              the antidote to lis-
                                                                                                                                                      tening to only radio stations
          Page Ten
                                                                                                                                                   in your area is coming in the
                                                                                                                                                form of DARS - Digita Audio
                                                                                                                                              Radio Service. At a cost $10 per
                                                                                                                                           month, people will be able to access
                                                                                                                                         over 100 CD-like digital stations in
Sports Awards                                                                                                                         about a year no matter where they drive!
                                                                                                                                 Distributed by satellite, it will be offered as a
     Karen Zelenka’s                                                                                                             third radio band along with AM and FM bands.
     complete list of                                                                                                                  Well, the future sure looks exciting, and
     Athletic Honors                                                                                                             judging from the rate of technology, it will be
                                                                                                                                 upon us in a nanosecond. See you there.
         Page Eleven

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  2                     The Pulse • The Heartbeat of SHS • Holiday/Millennium, 1999

                                                             n e w s
The Heartbeat of SHS                                             Sensei-tional Japanese Festival
        Volume 42 • Issue 3 • December 23, 1999
      Syosset High School • 70 South Woods Road                      By Michael Mashioff
    Syosset, New York 11791 •
                                                                  The Japanese Club began its year as
                                                             soon as school started in September. While
Editor In Chief             David Roseman                    the newcomers were learning the ropes, the
Managing Editor             David DiGregorio
                                                             officers were busy at work planning the
                                                             events for the upcoming year. The first pri-
Business Managers           Sunjay Kelkar                    ority was the Japanese Festival. Booths
                            Joshua Sauberman                 needed to be thought of, food needed to be
Feature Editor              Rachel Stanton
                                                             purchased, and layouts needed to be de-
                                                             signed. Moreover, every year something
News Editor                 Ari Stern                        new and exciting is needed in order to pro-
                                                             mote attention. Finally, after weeks of
Opinions Editor             Ken Spector
                                                             thought, the club came up with ancient cul-
Sports Editor               Allison Hoyt                     tural activities, such as meditation and for-
                            Karen Zelenka                    tune telling, in addition to modern attrac-
                                                             tions such as Dance Revolution and
Food Editor                 Brett Muney
Layout Editor               Michael Kass                          As people entered the student lobby,
                                                             Japanese lanterns and signs surrounded
Asst. Feature Editor        Shari Gamm                       them, truly giving them the feeling of being
Asst. News Editor           Soren Gandhi
                                                             in a Japanese community. Freshman Bryan
                                                             Mashioff said, “I love the lanterns, I want
Asst. Layout Editor         Evan Hoberman                    one for my room.” Too bad for him; they
                                                             were not for sale. However, one could pur-
Distribution Manager Peter Intindoli
                                                             chase Pokemon accessories, including pens,
Staff                                                        calculators, and stickers at the Pokemon
Daniel Abramowitz           Adam Malin                       booth. Japanimation is used to create the
David Anderson              Michael Mashioff                 characters that are so popular among many
Damien Augustin             Jeremy Meller
Dominick Caccippio          Kevin Miu
                                                             children and teens. Dance revolution is also
Thomas Cafiero              Nicole Notowitz                  popular among many teens. This Japanese
George Chan                 Andrew Schatz                    game show has been brought into the home
Jed Evans                   Saugut Sen                       by Sony Play Station. “Watching people
Lauren Falcone              Jeffrey Stern
Angela Fang                 Robert Volk
                                                             dance from the computer thing was inter-
Matthew Friedlander         Margaret Wang                    esting,” said junior Kara Schulman. From
Brendan Kahn                Carley Weinreb                   the beginner to the expert, energy was up at
                                                             the Dance Revolution booth. The other
Advisors                    Elizabeth Schmid
                                                             video games were also very popular, as stu-
                            Amanda Christy                   dents fought for the title in games such as
                                                                  Ancient Japan was also integrated into
     The Pulse is created using Macintosh
     and Power Macintosh G3 computers,
                                                             the festival. Meditation, led by senior Paul
     an Apple Color OneScanner 1200/30,                      Bozzello, provided a relaxing and renew-
     Adobe Page Maker 6.52™,                                 ing experience. Students were given a brief
     Microsoft® Office ’98, and Adobe                        explanation of the history of meditation and
     Photoshop™ 4.01. Unsigned edito-
     rials are the consensus opinion of the
                                                             then actually meditated to the sounds of the
     editorial board and do not necessar-                    ocean. Origami, the Japanese art of paper
     ily reflect the views of the advisor or                 folding was also popular among many stu-
     the administration. Letters to the                      dents. Throughout the day, art could be seen
     editor, which relay the opinion of the
     writer, not The Pulse, are welcomed;
                                                             on the hands and faces of students walking
     they are subject to being edited and                    around the school.
     must be signed, although signatures                          Japanese characters, known as Kanji,
     will be withheld upon request. Any                      were painted on all who wanted strength,
     questions concerning advertisments
     or subscriptions should be directed
                                                             wisdom, and love in their lives. People
     to the Business Department.                             could also be seen wearing sumo costumes
                                                             and kimonos, which were available to try
                                                             on to have photographs taken. No Japanese
  Telephone                    (516) 364-5702
                                                             festival could be complete without sushi.
                                                             California and cucumber rolls were sold
                                                             straight out of a Sushi boat, and said to be
                                                             “yummy” by all. Finally, for the third year,
                                                             Japanese trivia was conducted by Rohit Bar-
                                                             man a.k.a. Baruma. His voice was known
                                                             throughout the student lobby.
                                                                  This year’s Japanese Festival was one of
                                                             the best yet, with only better ones to come.
                                                             However, the future of the Japanese festival,
                                                             can only be predicted by Syosset High Schools
                                                             own, world renowned fortuneteller, Lisa Top: Mr. Durante tries out one of the more popular activities, a computerized dancing
                                                             Poggiali. And what is her prediction? Well, game; Middle: Senior Kevin Poulter is painted by Erin Connolly; Bottom: Sensei
                                                             come to next years festival and find out.     Watson and Dr. Schneider pose while the latter holds some calligaphy.
                                 Holiday/Millennium, 1999 • The Heartbeat of SHS • The Pulse                                                                                        3
 n e w s
 Recycle-A-Cycle Has Drug-Free Club Takes Off
                                                                                                             By Jeremy Meller                           The Drug Free Club began this
 A Handle On Success                                                                                The Drug Free Club is a relatively school year by holding officer elections.
                                                                                              new club at Syosset High School. It cur- Jeremy Meller was elected president,
           By Carly Weinreb                      gives them some happiness in a trou-         rently has about twenty active members, J o s h R i e g e r, v i c e p r e s i d e n t , D a n i
     Speeding into the spotlight is a            bling time. The children and their fami-     and is working to support the concept of Peress, treasurer, Karen Rabinowicz,
group known as Recycle-A-Cycle,                  lies (if they have any) are always very      being able to be drug free while enjoying Secretary, and Karen Marks, represen-
which gives bicycles to children whose           grateful for the bicycles Recycle-A-         the life of a typical Syosset teenager.              tative to student council.
parents cannot afford to buy them one.           Cycle gives their family, and sometimes            The club was established a year and                 The Drug Free Club has been sell-
Recycle-A-Cycle is part of the Syosset           write thank-you notes. Unfortunately,        a half ago, under the leadership of school ing candy, such as lollypops and candy
Teen Council, both of which are run and          the Recycle-A-Cycle members do not           social worker, Chuck Gleason. After sev- bars, in order to make money to utilize
directed by Tom Montalbano. Syosset              normally personally give the bicycles to     eral Syosset High School students at- for club activities. Members hope to
Teen Council is open to all high school          the children. The children do not want       tended the Operation Pride Conference at make enough money to support a drug
students, and does community service             to be brought into the spotlight because     Nassau Community College, interest built. free event or trip of some kind.
such as drives, hospital visits, and walk-       they are disadvantaged. On rare occa-        Operation Pride is a drug free club that is               On October 29, two of the members
a-thons.                                         sions though, the Recycle-A-Cycle            based in Freeport, has over 150 members, of the Drug Free Club, Jeremy Meller
     The idea of having a Recycle-A-             members get to personally deliver and        and has participated in and led activities and Danielle Baker attended a hearing
C y c l e p r o g r a m s h o w e d u p o n M r.            visit the child they made the     nationwide.                                          at the Nassau County Legislature. They
                                                            bike for, as they did recently          The conference was an extremely mo- joined twenty-six students from all over
                                                            for a six year old girl, who is   tivating experience, and upon returning to the county to express their concerns
                                                            a cancer patient at the Nassau    the High School, it was decided that a about county spending on anti-smoking
                                                            County Medical Center.            similar club could be developed here at campaigns. The county wanted to use
                                                                 Recycle-A-Cycle is cur-      the High School.                                     .1% of the money it received from the
                                                            rently very close to building           Upon its creation, the mission of the suit against Tobacco companies on anti-
                                                            their 500th bicycle, which will   club was to support those who were drug smoking campaigns. The students who
                                                            most likely happen in the         free, to educate fellow students about the attended the hearing advocated for 20%
                                                            spring, along with a party to     dangers of drugs
                                                            celebrate. However, a few ob-     and alcohol use,
                                                            stacles lie in the way of this    and most of all to
                                                            group’s success. They need        express the possi-
                                                            money donations and bicycles      bility of being drug
Some Recycle-A-Cycle members with a bike that was in good condition.                          free, and still living
prepared for a 6-year-old cancer patient at Nassau               An event that Syosset        the life of typical
County Medical Center.                                      Teen Council was recently in-     Syosset            High
                                                            volved in, was the town tree      School students by
                                                            lighting on Sunday, December      providing alterna-
Montalbano’s doorstep in the Spring of 5th. The SHS Jazz Ensemble and the                     tive activities to
1997. There he found two bicycles from Adelettes were also there. An upcom-                   drinking, smoking,
the garbage heaps. He took the parts ing event will be going to TOBAY beach                   and using other
off one, and used them to fix and en- after the holidays to take discarded                    drugs.
hance the other to make one great bike. Christmas trees to build up the sand                        Unfortunately,
The kids on his block saw him doing dunes. This will help prevent erosion,                    the club started
t h i s a n d w a n t e d t o h e l p , s o M r. which is eating away at the continent a      quite late in the
Montalbano formed a group in the fall few centimeters each year. This event                   year, and although
of 1997. This small group made six will take place in mid January.                            it was able to par- School social worker Chuck Gleason takes a moment to talk about
bikes and gave them away for Christ-                  If you are interested in doing com-     ticipate in the fresh- the Drug-Free club.
mas. It went so well that they made m u n i t y w o r k y e a r r o u n d , t h e n t h e     men orientation in
some more bikes. The group started to Syosset Teen Council is for you. If                     August, it had a difficult time maintain- of the funds to be spent on anti-smok-
grow, so Mr. Montalbano had a block you’d like to join this group, email                      ing its active members. This was not the ing campaigns. Although the legisla-
party to recruit volunteers and make a letter expressing                    end of the club, however, as advertising tors did not seem terribly receptive to
bikes for his group, which he named Re- your interest to join the club. Syosset               and campaigning brought about an en- their concerns, the Drug Free Club’s
cycle-A-Cycle. After a while, the Town Teen Council meets Tuesday nights.                     tirely new member population.                        presence at the hearing was a step in
of Oyster Bay gave Recycle-A-Cycle This group really makes an impact on                             This new population, which began attaining recognition beyond the bound-
space to work in the Syosset-Woodbury people’s lives, and anyone can become                   meeting in March of this year, has ac- aries of the high school.
park, which is where the group still a part of it.                                            complished quite a lot more than the                      At this time, the Drug Free Club is
works today.                                                                                  original group had. During May and planning for several potential activities
       Recycle-A-Cycle gives                                                                  June, members of the group visited both at the high school, and in the
the bikes that they make to                                                                   eighth grade physical education classes school district’s two middle schools.
m a n y o rg a n i z a t i o n s a n d                                                        at Southwoods Middle School to speak Members are hoping to develop several
causes, such as St. Edward’s                                                                  to incoming ninth graders about the programs that will help students real-
C h u r c h , S t . M a r y ’s B o y ’s                                                       high school, answer any questions they ize the dangers of substance abuse, the
Home, Kosovo refugees living                                                                  had, ameliorate their concerns, and dis- possibility of being drug free, and hav-
at St. Dick’s in New Jersey,                                                                  pel any misconceptions about the high ing a great life both academically and
Ghana, Africa and during the                                                                  school, especially in the areas of peer socially.
holidays, to a children’s shel-                                                               p r e s s u r e a n d s u b s t a n c e u s e . M r.      Although the club got off to a rather
ter in Deer Park. The group                                                                   Gleason says, of these types of activi- slow start, it is now working hard to be-
also donates bikes to indi-                                                                   ties, “I am encouraged by the diversity come a positive force in the community.
vidual families who can’t af-                                                                 of the members of the Drug Free Club - If anyone is interested in joining the
ford to buy their child a bi-                                                                 the fact that we have many different club, please speak to Mr. Gleason, a
cycle.        Recycle-A-Cycle                                                                 types of people involved in the club club officer, or come to one of the meet-
brings a rare smile to the faces Harris and Schanker re-build a bike from the                 should help us in our attempt to influ- ings which take place on Tuesdays, af-
of many of these children and ground up.                                                      ence eighth graders.”                                ter school, in Room C-8.
    4                The Pulse • The Heartbeat of SHS • Holiday/Millennium, 1999

n e w s
    Mall Property                                                                                     Backstage at Madison
 Sparks New Protests                                                                                     Square Garden
             By Adam Malin                    tal study funded by Taubman, a predic-                            By Brendan Kahn                      waiting list. Probably one of the highlights
     In 1997, the Taubman Company made        tion of approximately 3,000 cars per                        Tuesday, November 16, Mr. Muller’s         of this trip was going to the Manhattan Mall
plans to develop an old industrial prop-      hour would go down Robbins Lane dur-                   sports marketing class and Mr. Baratta’s        to eat lunch. There was an array of foods to
erty into an upscale mall. This property      ing peak shopping periods. The resi-                   four classes had the chance to visit Madi-      choose from, ranging from Japanese to the
is located by the railroad tracks at the end  dents of the areas nearby complained                   son Square Garden and go on the back stage      all famous Blimpies. Most of you probably
of Robbins Lane in Syosset and is also        about possible traffic problems if the                 tour of this world famous arena. We left        don’t know the Manhattan Mall for it’s fine
known as the Cerro Wire Property. It is       mall were to be built, and the fact that               school promptly after first period not to re-   dining, but for the People Court’s Opinion
under intense scrutiny by the town, and       Robbins Lane would have a lot of traf-                 turn to school until the late bus. The major-   Corner, that happens to be a great part of
the local Birchwood Civic Association,        fic and the shoppers would take short-                 ity of the students were freshmen and there     that fine show! After eating lunch all the kids
because the complex planned to be con-        cuts through nearby neighborhoods. All                 were only a couple of girls. This wonderful     ran back over to MSG to see the Chase
structed there. Currently the large black     these complaints were voiced at a pro-                 and mature group charged the big apple on       Championship. While we sat and watched
water tower viewable from the Long Is-        test in November.                                      an early train taking up a full car. Once ar-   these excellent female athletes play tennis,
land Expressway notes the aging Cerro              On Saturday morning November                      riving at the garden, we marched directly       I saw a kid with an extra large tennis ball.
Wire property. This mall has been pro-        20, members of the Birchwood Civic                     to Madison Square Garden Theatre. Here          Me being me, I had to get one. I had a little
posed to be a one-million-square-foot         Association and anyone else that                       our tour began. We were told all sorts of       extra cash so I bought an extremely large
complex with three anchor stores, yet to      wanted to join them protested the                      facts about the stadium and then headed up      tennis ball at the price of $35, probably not
be determined. The property also would        planned construction of the Mall at                    the elevators to the top of the arena to see    my best buy ever, but I was happy. After the
have 100 specialty stores and three-tiered    O y s t e r B a y. P o p u l a r s l o g a n s a n d   the luxurious suites. These suites only cost    exciting tennis match was over we went
deck parking to accommodate 4,800 cars        phrases on signs were “No Mall”, “No                   $975,000 for three years, and you have to       back on the train and soon arrived home.
on the 39-acre site.                          Mall Here”, and “No Mall No Way” at                    rent them for at least three years. We were     As we rode into the school circle I thought
                                                                       the rally in front of         told that in order to get one of these suites   to myself, “This has been the greatest day
                                                                       t h e C e r r o Wi r e        you have to put your name on a five-year        of school!”
                                                                       property                on
                                                                       Robbins Lane.
                                                                       The local residents
                                                                       thought that the
                                                                       mall would be ugly
                                                                       and would deface
                                                                       their community,
                                                                       but a popular re-
                                                                       sponse of the
                                                                       Taubman project
                                                                       was that the only
                                                                       thing ugly and de-
                                                                       facing about that
                                                                       property was the
                                                                       state that the prop-
                                                                       erty is in right
The Cerro Wire tower, site of a controvertial plan to build a          n o w.                The
shopping mall.                                                         Birchwood Civic
                                                                       association says
     This might all sound great to the av- that the Mall at Oyster Bay would di-
erage Syosset residents, but to those few minish the quality of life in Jericho and
people who live on Robbins Lane, this Syosset, especially for the residents liv-
planned commercial entity is horrible. ing near the mall. The area already has
The current Birchwood Civic Association the Broadway Mall, why another one so
President said, “that the most menacing close?
threat is the potential for dangerously high       When asking Syosset students about
traffic and congestion levels, with car vol- the mall, mixed responses were received.
ume exceeding the capacity of local Some students want a mall, but feel sorry
roads.” The location of the Cerro Wire for the people living there. Brooke Tancer
property and the future Mall at Oyster Bay said, “For me, since I don’t live there, I
is not the best place for a mall. This is guess it would be cool if they built a mall
why County Legislators Judy Jacobs and there, because it is close. I don’t know
Edward Mangano both stressed in 1997 what the people that live there would think
that the site should be used for reasons about it because of the traffic. The kids
other than commercial shops and property. that live there probably want a mall, but
Also Oyster Bay Town Supervisor said the adults don’t, and I don’t blame them.”
this year that the town must remain neu- Another student said, “I do not believe that
tral in the Cerro Wire battle. He did this they should build another shopping com-
after asking Taubman Company to revise plex because Syosset/Jericho will become
its plans for the mall to not rely on the more congested and it will begin to dete-
expansion and construction of roadways riorate the community and not help it.”
on the town’s property. All the govern- Some people do not even know what is
ment officials want to leave the fight for going on in Syosset, One student said, “I
the mall between the residents and the don’t know anything about it.”
Taubman Company. In an environmen-
                              Holiday/Millennium, 1999 • The Heartbeat of SHS • The Pulse                                                                                    5
                                                                                                                                             From the
                The Crucible                                                                                                                   Editor
                                                                                                                                                    By David Roseman
                                                                                                                                               I would like to take this opportunity
                                                                                                                                          to wish everyone in the Syosset High
                                                                                                                                          School and Syosset community a happy
                                                                                                                                          holiday and a happy new year on behalf
                                                                                                                                          of the entire Pulse staff. I hope that ev-
                                                                                                                                          eryone has a safe and enjoyable vacation,
                                                                                                                                          and look forward to seeing you in the next
                                                                                                                                               It was nice to see that so many people
                                                                                                                                          in the school were interested in the last
                                                                                                                                          issue of The Pulse. However, I would like
                                                                                                                                          to remind everyone that the articles in the
                                                                                                                                          newspaper that are not news articles are
                                                                                                                                          the opinion of the writer and not neces-
                                                                                                                                          sarily the opinion of the entire newspaper
                                                                                                                                          staff or the school administration. If you
                                                                                                                                          have an opinion that differs from that of
                                                                                                                                          the writer, you are always free to write a
                                                                                                                                          letter to the editor. Also, if you feel that
                                                                                                                                          an article is a misrepresentation of the true
                                                                                                                                          facts, you are also always welcome to
                                                                                                                                          voice your opinions in a letter to the news-
                                                                                                                                               After reading through the last issue
                                                                                                                                          one more time, I noticed that the begin-
                                                                                                                                          ning of the Gay and Straight Club article
                                                                                                                                          was not as tasteful as it could have been.
                                                                                                                                          I apologize to anyone who may have been
                                                                                                                                          offended by what was written.

        By Lauren Falcone
      On November 18, 1999 many
                                                   One of the best
                                              scenes in the play was the
Syosset families and students came to         courtroom scene. Every
see the Syosset High School production        little detail that was
of “The Crucible”, by Arthur Miller.          needed to understand the
The show was performed by ACT (As-            play was incorporated
                                              into that one scene. The
                                                                                                                                            from the Staff
sociation of Creative Thespians) mem-
bers who put in a great deal of time and      actors that were in that
devotion in order to assure that this play    scene include Andrew
would be a success.
      Many of the students involved in
                                              Rubino, Ethan Hova,
                                              Stephen Goodman and
                                                                                                                                             of The Pulse
the production of the play spent their        Dave Goldman among
evenings and many of their Saturdays          others. Other students
at school, often until 10:30 at night, pre-   who took part in the play
paring for the play. As one could imag-       are Jennifer Pino, Lauren
ine, that is a very long time for high        Falcone, Caryn Lewi,
school students to spend in school.           Aimee           DeShays,
Front man Justin Starr, who played the        Michelle Williams, Jamie
role of John Procter, worked tremen-          Rog       and      Alexis
dously hard for this show. Once he took       Hudesman.
on this role, Justin never came out of             When asked to de-
character. He actually took on the life       scribe what she thought
of Procter once he stepped into re-           of the play, Collyn Gold
hearsal.                                      said, “It was intruiging
      Another amazing job was done by         and very well performed.
Alex Sovronsky, who played Judge              The scenery was amaz-
Hawthorn. He put on an absolutely             ing.” Everyone who did
frightening performance.               Joe    not see the show, defi-
Boccarossa also did a wonderful job           nitely missed a great per-
portraying old Giles Cory. His costume,       formance. ACT’s next             Top: Justin Starr and Aimee DeShayes as John and
from the gray hair to frills, was quite       production will be        “A     Elizabeth Proctor; Middle: Caryn Lewi as Abigail;
different than his usual daily school at-     Midsummer         N i g h t ’s   Bottom: (left to right) Kate O’Connor, Caryn Lewi, Ethan
tire.                                         Dream”.                          Hova, and Andrew Rubino crowd around Pia Finnegan.
       6                  The Pulse • The Heartbeat of SHS • Holiday/Millennium, 1999


  Millennium Schmillennium                                                                                               Insanity Plea
             By Nicole Notowitz                           more accurate. To correct some of these mis-
                                                                                                                                                                     By Jed evans
      Is anybody else starting to get really an-          takes, Pope Gregory XIII announced ‘The
noyed by all of the hype surrounding the next             Great Correction’, in which everybody went                    Pretty soon we will be ushering in               New Years Resolutions for the Year 2000
millennium? When the ball drops at midnight,              to bed on October fourth of 1582, and woke               the New Year, the year 2000 in fact                   1. Never attempt to ice skate on a soccer
are all our computers going to crash? Will the            up on the fifteenth. This corrected many er-             (as you should already know unless                        field (or any field, for that matter).
world explode? Besides, what is so exciting               rors, but don’t you feel bad for the people who          you've been locked in a closet or hid-                2. Avoid Hostess apple pies.
about the next thousand years anyway?                     missed their birthdays during this time?                 ing in the trunk of someone's car for                 3. Think happy thoughts.
Chances are, the millennium does not even                      Also, our calendar system is based upon             quite some time). I'm looking forward                 4. Clap for Tinkerbell.
start on January first of the year 2000. There            the birth of Christ; however the world’s popu-           to a happy new year, and I realize that               5. Never put honey on your toothbrush in-
are numerous possible dates for the actual start          lation is only 33% Christian. Most popular               the only way that can happen, is if we                    stead of toothpaste.
of the new millennium. It may even have al-               religions have their own calendar system, and            all work together, and follow a couple                6. Never apply ketchup to an open wound.
ready begun.                                              are way past the year 2000. In Buddhism it is            basic rules. So I've devised a set of                 7. Avoid leprechauns in general.
      The most probable date for the start of             currently the year 2542, and in Judaism, it is           rules (I call them resolutions) which                 8. Never attempt to psychoanalyze a
the millennium would be January first of 2001.            already the year 5760. So, if we want to use             should, if you follow them, make this                     broom.
This date seems most logical, because our cal-            the year 2000 as an excuse to wear silly hats            new year one filled with joyfulness,                  9. Never consult a Ouija board for advice.
endar system began in the year one. There                 and eat cocktail franks, it’s fine with me. But          harmony, and cream cheese. Remem-                     10. And most importantly, buy more
was no year zero. Decades are measured on a               are we really celebrating the coming of the              ber, by following these simple guide-                     Pokemon cards (but please, don't try to
ten year scale; for example the 80’s, the de-             new millennium, or just the passing of one               lines, we will all have a happy new                       swipe them through credit card ma-
cade of bad hair, started in 1981, not 1980,              more year? Millennium, Schmillennium,                    year:                                                     chines, it wears out the edges).
and ended in 1990, not 1989. Throughout his-              Happy New Year!
tory days have been added and deleted from
months numerous times to make the years
                                                                 Will Smith & Dr. Dre Take On The Millennium
                                                                        By Soren Gandhi                          Hollywood style and the                                                  with two of his protégé
  Top Ten Games                                                The Millennium has arrived, and the
                                                          many faces of music are presenting and re-
                                                                                                                 other half shines on his old
                                                                                                                 roots, most of the songs
                                                                                                                                                                                          rappers-nimble and sly
                                                                                                                                                                                          Snoop Dogg and quick-
                                                          leasing new albums in accordance with the              contain samples of old hits.                                             witted Eminem—with
     of 1999                                              year 2000. Y2K has posed problems around
                                                          the world, but in the music industry, many
                                                                                                                 Will Smith obviously
                                                                                                                 needs help in this CD only
                                                                                                                                                                                          this album Dre has fash-
                                                                                                                                                                                          ioned a worthy successor
       By Matthew Friedlander                             artists are bringing new sounds, hip beats,            taking up 60 minutes in-                                                 to Chronic as musically
      Well, it was a tough choice this                    and uptempo hits. In the world of hip-hop              cluding the even cornier hit                                             intricate, lyrically sala-
 year to choose the top ten games of                      two artists have released albums dealing               “Wild Wild West.” The                                                    cious and full of rolling
 1999, but I did it. I spent long nar-                    with the Millennium. Actually, that is                 CD has its moments; DJ                                                   beats and sing-along cho-
 coleptic hours locked in my room                         Willenium according to Will Smith who re-              Jazzy Jeff teams up with                                                 ruses as its predecessor.
 choosing which game was superior                         leased his second solo album. Also new in              Will again and produces                                                  Again, however, the CD
 t o a n o t h e r, b u t h e r e ’s t h e l i s t I      stores is Dr. Dre 2001.                                old turntable beats and scratches. He sings             showcases sex, drugs, and murder. Nev-
 formed over a 12 hour period filled                           Will Smith, or Fresh Prince, the Philly           another Latin beat song “La Fiesta” which               ertheless, the CD is great, hot, quick and
 with coffee and sugar.                                   rapper who instantly turned action-movie               continues from is old hit “Miami.” Slick                just plain old rap. “Still D.R.E.” was the
                                                          superstar, released his second solo album              Rick, Biz Markie, his wife Jada Pinkett, Lil’           first single to hit radios and stores. The
  1. Soul Caliber (Sega)                                  Willenium with great enthusiasm after his              Kim and others are also featured on the CD.             beats and raps are just great, proving that
  2. Street Fighter vs. Capcom (PSX)                      1997 CD Big Willie Style, which came up                Willenium presents Will Smith and his en-               once again Dre will provide the nation
  3. Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)                             big at the sales making it multi-platinum.             livened side that will definitely make this             with some hardcore pure rap. His 1992
  4. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver                          Not a gangster, but a fun-filled writer and            CD a party to go album. If Will continues               CD, Chronic, was successful, making it
     (PSX, PC)                                            producer, Smith creates a fun-filled CD with           to infuse rap with such dull and corny hits             one of the must have rap CD’s of the cen-
  5. Tekken 3 (PSX)                                       nifty, humor-and-melody infused hip-hop                then rap will eventually die out.                       tury, but before the clocks hits 12 – 0 – 0,
  6. NFL Blitz 2000                                       hits. The ever so corny hit “Will 2K” (which                In the cases of people like Will Smith,            Dre 2001 is yet another must have. Other
  7. WWF Attitude (PSX and N64)                           features samples of “Rock the Casbah”)                 who will destroy rap, but enliven hip-hop,              artists have released albums dealing with
  8. Sega NFL 2000 (Sega)                                 flashes Will’s zealous and energized side,             there will always be hardcore rappers and               the Millennium (Backstreet Boys,
  9. Medal of Honor (PSX)                                 but he teams up with Tatyana Ali and Mc                gangsters that will prevent rap and its col-            Moffats). However at the turn of the cen-
  10. Omega Boost                                         Lyte in a striking and moving beat song                lapse. Dr. Dre released his CD as Chronic               tury, rap seems predominate in the music
                                                          “Who Am I.” Although half of the songs                 2000, but changed the name to Dr. Dre                   culture of today, along with the “ever-so-
                                                          display his flashier                                                 2001.      Reunited                                          charming boy bands.”
  Spaced Out 2000                                                                           Germany begins the use of rock-                                       Explorer-I, the first
         The History of                                                               ets in missiles, specifically in the noto-
       Manned Spaceflight                                                             rious V-2. These rockets did not meet
                                                                                       much success beyond launch, as they
                                                                                                                                                               American satellite, is
                                                                                         had no guidance                                                                         had       a
              By Michael Kass                                                                                                                                                                        Cosmonaut Yuri
                                                             Robert H. Goddard cre- system. One of                                                                               more con-
        This month’s Spaced Out is a little dif-                                                                                                                                               Gagaran becomes the
                                                       ates the first practical chemi- the German scien-                            Russia                                       ventional
  ferent. It’s a timeline of the history of manned                                                                                                                                             first person in space. He
  spaceflight.                                         cal rocket. Goddard is con- tists working on                           launches Sput-                     cylinder shape, and was       is launched in a capsule
        Just a follow-up of last month’s article,      sidered to be the founder of the Nazi missiles                         nik-I, the first                   about five feet long.
                                                                                         was Werner Von                                                                                        mounted on the Russian
  the Mars Polar Lander did land on time, but          modern rock-                                                           artificial satel-                  This satellite also carried
                                                                                         Braun. He later came to the lite to orbit the                                                                     Proton rocket
  NASA lost communication with it and has not          etry, and NASA                                                                                            the first camera into
                                                                                         United States to work with earth. Sputnik was about the                                                           and orbits the
  regained it since. Until the point of loss of        has named their                                                                                           space, and discovered
  contact, the probe was functioning perfectly,                                          NASA.                                                                                                             earth. Shortly
                                                       Maryland space                                                         size of a basketball and had       the Van Allen radiation
  and scientists are optimistic that it is a minor                                                                                                                                                         after, Alan B.
                                                       center after him.                                                      several antennas attached to it.                                             Shepard is
  malfunction that will be corrected.
                                                                                                                              The sole function of the satel-                                  launched in a Mercury
        Also, a note that The Pulse beat
  Newsday to the article about the polar mis-                                                                                 lite was to send a radio hom-                                    capsule and lands a short
  sions. Yes! We rule!
                                                     1931                                                                     ing signal.                                                      time later. It was several
                                                                                                                                                                                               missions before an

                                                                                                                            1957                                                               American orbited earth.
                                   Holiday/Millennium, 1999 • The Heartbeat of SHS • The Pulse                                                                                                            7
     Turning the Tables on                                                                                               All About Tri-M
       Unwanted E-Mail                                                                                                   By Angela Fang
                                                                                                                  As a newcomer to the entire Syosset
                                                                                                                                                                      Lisa Lew said, “It was a great experi-
                                                                                                                                                                ence and I enjoyed it a lot.”
              By Michael Kass                           stop such newsletters, both corporate and           community, it was extremely hard to jump                  “It was a good experience for our quar-
     Anybody who has an e-mail account otherwise in one step. This procedure                                into the world of after-school clubs— with          tet because it gave us a chance to work to-
knows how annoying forwarded messages are. doesn’t work on America Online (sorry), but                      all of those strange new faces, it was not for      gether,” said Janis Choy.
Usually, they’ve been through several rounds if you have Eudora, Outlook, Netscape,                         me. But with a little will power, I walked                Tracy Mak added, “Although we were
of forwarding, and still have all the e-mail Claris E-Mailer, or another e-mail client,                     my way down to the orchestra room to the            not able to practice much for this event, we
addresses the message has ever been sent to, read on. Somewhere in the program is a                         first meeting of TRI-M.                             still had a lot of fun.”
which means your downloading of the mes- feature called “Filters.” Usually, this will                             TRI-M stands for Modern Music Mas-                  To many people, music is a nonverbal
sage will be prolonged. As you read the mes- be under the edit or options menu. Go into                     ters, hence the three M’s, and it is the Na-        way to express their feelings. It has had a
sage, you notice that there are many many ar- filters. Since most mass mailings are di-                     tional Music Honor Society. There are al-           positive effect on the lives of student musi-
rows at the beginning of each line, and in some rected to some e-mail address along the lines               ways things to do in this large club. For           cians. Steve Macklin declared “To me mu-
                      cases, lines have been of, and not your e-mail                   example, quartets or quintets are needed to         sic is another way to express myself.”
                        wrapped and the text is address, you can set up a filter that says “If              play together for certain occasions, such as              Chris Kan expressed similiar feelings
                                  m i s a l i g n e d , To: Does Not Contain (the second half of            parent teacher conferences or for homeless          “Music has had a profound influence on me.
                                  making the your e-mail address, i.e.                     agencies. In late October, TRI-M had their          It has helped to make me a well-rounded
                                 message ex- Then Delete It.” Now, your e-mail client                       own special booth at the carnival where             person. It helps me express my emotions,
                                tremely difficult will automatically delete messages not ad-                music fundraisers were held.                        share my talents with others.”
to read without sitting for a moment to deci- dressed specifically to you.                                        Even though several bonus points are                TRI-M is a great club that meets every
pher it.                                                    Unfortunately, this still doesn’t solve         needed to be inducted and become a so-              Wednesday after school. People are always
     Then, of course, there’s the content. Of- the problem of those pesky profiles. Every                   called “real” member, I think most people           performing at the meetings, and sometimes
ten, you receive jokes that are about three time I get one, I have to read it because I                     are having just as much fun as me. These            they even serve food. Join and you can also
pages long and aren’t funny. Some people feel want to know about the person, then of                        are some people who performed at the Par-           enjoy this rewarding musical experience!
it necessary to send chain letters that promise course part of the bargain is that you have                 ent Teacher Conferences.
you good luck as long as you continue                          to fill it out and send it back to ev-
forwarding the messsage.                                           eryone you know. It’s not un-
I’ve received false virus
warnings, for example,
                                                                             common to spend twenty
                                                                             minutes on one of the             Broadway Reviews
“Don’t turn on your com-                                                     longer ones. But now                         By Jeffrey Stern                     Christ Superstar, The Music Man, and Finian’s
puter or it will format your                                                 there’s a new kind of             This upcoming season for Broadway The- Rainbow, will be opening after the New Year.
hard drive. There is no                                                    profile that’s much more      ater promises to be the best in years for new and          My first review is of Kiss Me Kate. I saw
cure.” Sometimes you re-                                                    fun and definitely more      revived musicals. Five new musicals will be fea- the final preview of this show and it was very
ceive corporate newsletters                                                 telling than the old kind.   tured this season, including Marie Christine, deserving of the fantastic reviews that it received.
and you have no clue how                                                        It’s called a reverse    based on the infamous Greek tragedy, Medea, Although the opening number was stagnant and
you got on their mailing list. And                                profile. It contains questions         starring Audra McDonald, along with Putting It vocally weak, once the two leads (Mitchell and
perhaps the most time-consuming of all                  about you. You send the blank form to ev-        Together, a Sondheim musical review starring Mazzie) appeared on stage for the first time, the
these kinds of messages are Profiles, also eryone you know, and they return it with
                                                                                                         Carol Burnett (Kathie Lee Gifford on Tuesday show was wonderful. It was truly entertaining,
known as surveys.                                       what they know about you. This way, you          evenings). Two other new musicals have ap- capped off with a phenomenal dance number,
     Getting rid of corporate newsletters is get to see who knows you the best. It’s a
                                                                                                         peared on the Broadway scene this year. Swing “Too Darn Hot” to open the second act. It is a
easy. Most of them have a paragraph which great new spin on an old idea, and they’re
                                                                                                         is a 2 1/2 hours of swing music and dancing, and must-see for all!
describes a procedure along the lines of re- generally less than a quarter as long as nor-
                                                                                                         Kat and the Kings, winner of the Olivier Award             Kat and the Kings offered a night of pure
plying with the word REMOVE as the e- mal profiles. There’s a sample reverse pro-
                                                                                                         for best new musical in London, is two hours of entertainment as well. The show had little plot,
mail’s body text. This does not work for all file at The Pulse’s website, http://
                                                                                                         enjoyable, upbeat, do-wop music. In February, but had tons of 50’s style songs that were fun and
of them. Usually the instructions are at the You can view it and
                                                                                                         Disney’s Aida , written by Elton John and directed light. This show promises to lighten everyone’s
beginning or end of the message. However, use it if you want.
                                                                                                         by Robert Falls will open to audiences of all ages. mood! You can even get tickets for this on the
only do this with companies whose names                     If you have questions or comments                  In the revival category, four shows stand out TKTS line up to four hours prior to show time
you recognize. Some of these e-mails are a about these methods, please send an e-
                                                                                                         - Kiss Me Kate, loosely based on William for half price!
way of verifying your e-mail address, that mail to Do you
                                                                                                         Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew features an              Stay tuned for more reviews in future issues,
is when you reply they are sure that they know of any other ways to get rid of mass
                                                                                                         incredible cast, lead by Ragtime stars,                                             including the review of
have a valid address and will send you fur- e-mails? Send those to us too! We’d love
                                                                                                         Brian Stokes Mitchell and Marin                                                          Marie Christine
ther unwanted mail.                                                                     to hear from     Mazzie. The other revivals, Jesus             Apollo 13 transmits the first live color and much more.
     There is an easy way to                   In a turn of                              you.                                                   broadcast from space. Immediately after, the
                                         events for the Ameri-                                                                                  oxygen tank suffers an explosion and cripples
                                          cans, Gemini Eight
                                            performs the first
        Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov ex- docking in space.                                       The Apollo program signals the American takeover
                                                                                     in the space race. An unfortunate fire during the Apollo 1
                                                                                                                                                     the ship for five days. Another com-
                                                                                                                                                                           mon misquote is
                                                                                                                                                                           when Jim
  its his capsule and becomes the first Astronaut Neil                                                                                                                                         NASA launches its
  human to walk in space. There were Armstrong is at the helm, and joins his         Test program delayed the space program through much                                   Lovell says
  difficulties getting him back into the spacecraft with an Agena satellite. Dur-                            of 1967. Over the course of eigh-                             “Houston, first space station,
  capsule, as his suit became inflated. ing the time they are docked, the right-                             teen months, NASA constructs                                  we have a Skylab. Americans join
  The CCCP was ready to abandon facing thruster on the Gemini capsule                                        the Saturn-V rocket, the largest                              problem.” the pre-
                       him in space becomes stuck open, and the spacecraft                                   to date, the 3-person Apollo Com-                             The actual existing
                       when Leonov re- enters a flat spin. Armstrong disen-                                  mand-Service Module (CSM), and transmission was “Houston, Soviet
                       moved his glove gages the Agena, and after several min-                               the revolutionary Lunar Module we’ve had a problem.” The Salyut
                                                                                                             (LM). Finally, on July 20, 1969, Neil crew returned home safely.            space
                       for a fraction of    utes of violent rolling manages to get                                                                                                       stations. Three manned
                       a second to de-                                                                       Armstrong becomes the first man to
                                            the capsule under control.                                       walk on the moon. His first words:                                          missions follow before
  flate the suit. Later that year, Ed
  White aboard Gemini 4 becomes
  the first American to walk in space.   1966
                                                                                                             “That’s one small step for a man, one
                                                                                     giant leap for mankind.” However, the word ‘a’ was cut out
                                                                                     in a communications interruption.
                                                                                                                                                         1971                            the government aban-
                                                                                                                                                                                         dons the project. Skylab
                                                                                                                                                                                         disintegrates in the atmo-
                                                                                                                                                                                         sphere a few years later.
1965                                                                                 1967-1969                                                                                         Continues on Next Page
    8                The Pulse • The Heartbeat of SHS • Holiday/Millennium, 1999

             By Brett Muney                      late manufacturing company located in Ox-        late, this company was the place to hit.           will tell you who you are,” asserts Murray
      Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the 2 ford, Pennsylvania. Truffles are one of
                                            nd                                                          Nirvana Belgian Chocolates offered           Langham, author of Chocolate Therapy. His
Annual Chocolate Show was held in New Neuchatel Chocolates’ specialties. From their               chocolates with a variety of fillings such as      new book is an entertaining guide to “discover
York. The Metropolitan Pavilion set the scene Champagne to their Raspberry Truffles, their        cream, nuts, fruits, and caramel as well as        our inner center” through an unusual medium:
in downtown Manhattan. Imagine this picture confections are luscious. Some of Neuchatel’s         marzipan and other fine chocolate products.        chocolate. To make the process easier the au-
in your mind: Over                                                        most renowned           An interesting gift idea that this company of-     thor has categorized chocolate in several cri-
50 different exhibi-                                                      products include:       fered was a champagne bottle made out of milk      teria: shape, type, filling, and post-chocolate
tors from around the                                                      truffles, butter-       chocolate that was filled with a variety of        behavior.
world, displaying                                                         creams, nut-clusters,   wrapped chocolates. The chocolate was very               Other features of the show included choco-
their finest chocolate                                                    hand-dipped fruits      good, having just the right consistency of fla-    late sculptures of buildings such as the empire
and chocolate prod-                                                       and gourmet snacks.     vor and texture.                                   state building and other attractions throughout the
ucts, encouraging                                                         Neuchatel’s gourmet           By far my favorite exhibitor at the show     world. An interesting chocolate sculpture was a
you to taste. In addi-                                                    snacks include:         was a company I have never heard of, Jerbeau       sculpture done in white chocolate of the Air
tion to tasting choco-                                                    chocolate covered       Chocolate. I tasted this wrapped piece of          France Concorde. It was tempting to take a bite.
late, other features of                                                   pretzels, animal        chocolate known as a “Juffle” and flavor ex-       Some of the dresses on display were fascinating
the show included                                                         crackers, caramel       ploded within my mouth. It must have been          as well. At one point, models were walking around
chocolate fashions,                                                       popcorn, and even       the greatest piece of chocolate that I had ever    wearing dresses made of chocolate.
chocolate architec-                                                       potato chips! I found   eaten. The chocolate was velvety smooth and              All in all, the 2nd annual Chocolate Show
                        You’re not seeing things, this is a chocolate     the chocolate cov-      infused with an intense chocolate flavor. They     held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in downtown
ture, seminars, cook-
                        diner! A hand-crafted example of fine             ered potato chips to    offered other fine flavors such as peanut but-     Manhattan was exceptional. I have never attended
ing demonstrations,
                        chocolate architecture.                           be both the best and    ter, mandarin, and cappuccino. The flavor was      anything like it in my entire life. I was most im-
book signings, and
the history of chocolate. There are far too many                          most interesting        mixed in with the chocolate as opposed to the      pressed with wide variety of chocolate and choco-
exhibitors to mention but some of my favor-      product offered by this company. The chips       chocolate being filled with a flavor. Their slo-   late products from around the world. The show
ites included: Neuchatel Chocolates, Nirvana had just enough salt with smooth, velvety            gan for these “Juffles” is terrific: “Try not to   through my eyes was a great success and a plea-
Belgian Chocolates, and Jerbeau Chocolate. chocolate on the outside.                              smile.”                                            sure to attend. I look forward to next year’s show,
      Neuchatel Chocolates is a Swiss choco-          If you want a large selection of Choco-           “Tell me what chocolate you like… and I      and hope you will attend.

               An American Hero at Syosset High School
        By David Roseman and                   relieved of his four-day watch, when at five       a success, despite propaganda. They left the harbor, but never fired a shot, because
            Sunjay Kelkar                      minutes to 8:00, he saw and heard dive-            tank farms, which were “sitting like ducks “we caught and got every one of them.” “We
     To commemorate the bombing of Pearl bombers coming down. At first he did not                 in a row,” un-                                                        didn’t think it
Harbor on December 7, 1941, “a day that think anything of it, as pilots routinely                 touched when                                                          was successful.
will live in infamy,” Syosset High School trained early in the morning like that, and             they easily could                                                     It awakened the
was privileged to have World War II vet- when he saw the first hangar explode, he                 have         been                                                     sleeping giant,
eran, and survivor of the Pearl Harbor at- thought, “Someone will catch hell for that,            bombed, and they                                                      and we did ev-
tack, Donald DuBrul, speak to several so- because it wasn’t supposed to happen.”                  were “only inter-                                                     erything!”
cial studies classes. Mr. DuBrul, Social After everyone realized that it was the Japa-            ested in putting                                                           The Arizona
Studies Chairman Dr. Parson’s father-in-law, nese, “all hell broke loose,” and after a 1 to       ships out of com-                                                     now serves as a
discussed his experiences and thoughts on 2-hour raid, “the harbor was left in                    mission.” Using                                                       monument in
World War II, particularly the events sur- shambles.”                                             all sorts of                                                          Pearl Harbor,
rounding the attack on Pearl Harbor, in the         When asked if he believes Roosevelt           bombs, the Japa-                                                      with its flag still
Little Theater on December 7.                  allowed the bombing of Pearl Harbor as an          nese temporarily                                                      flying above, and
     Mr. DuBrul joined the Navy in 1938, excuse for entering the war, Mr. DuBrul an-              knocked out the                                                       any survivor
and was a 2nd class signalman aboard the swered that he doesn’t “subscribe to the plot            American fleet,                                                       from the Arizona
USS Argonne, part of the Pacific fleet, but theory,” and that it “is not the way we do            but the only ship Donald DuBrul and Dr. Parsons discussing the attack who wishes, can
when he joined it, the ship was stationed in business in our country. We were suspicious          destroyed was the on Pearl Harbor with social studies students.       have their ashes
Cuba en route to the World’s Fair. The ship of what they [the Japanese] were doing, but           Arizona, which                                                        buried in the ship
never wound up going to the 1939 World’s we didn’t know what they were doing.” If                 had a crew of                                                         with their fellow
Fair, as President Roosevelt reviewed it anywhere, those in the military thought a                2500 to 3000, 1100 of whom “were en- mates. “It is a very touching thing to see.”
while it was still at a US naval base in Cuba, Japanese attack would occur in the Philip-         tombed in the bulk of the ship.” Other ships
and a few days later, it was sent                                   pines.                        such as the Oklahoma and Nevada
back to the Pacific, and Hawaii.          NASA launches STS-1, the
                                                                           He     doesn’t         were “salvaged and put back into        Featured Bio of the
     On Sunday, December 7, first Space Shuttle. The mission “think they [the Japa-               commission.” The Japanese
Mr. DuBrul was waiting to be was one of five test flights of the nese] thought it was             towed ‘midget subs’ 50 miles into       Month: Deke Slayton
                                                                                                                                             Donald Kent “Deke” Slayton
                                     Columbia Orbiter. Ken Mattingly,
                                                                              The Space Shuttle Challenger                             (1924-1993) - One of the original Mer-
      The Apollo-Soyuz Test          would-be pilot of Apollo 13, com-
                                                                         explodes during launch. All seven                             cury Seven astronauts, and scheduled
 Project. An American Apollo                          mands STS-4.
                                                                         astronauts on board are killed.                                 to pilot Mercury 2, Deke Slayton was
                    capsule,                          Over the next                                              The Lockheed-Martin X- grounded because of a heart mur-
                                                                         The Chal-
                    docks with a                      few years, four                                      Series space-
                                                                         lenger ex-                                                       mur. Slayton stayed with NASA to
                    Soviet Soyuz                      more operational                                     craft are slot-
                                                                         plosion set                                                      become Director of Flight Opera-
                    craft and the                     orbiters were                                        ted to begin
                                                                         the space                                                        tions, and slotted himself for the
                    two crews                         made: Atlantis,                                      service. See
                                                                         program                                                          Apollo-Soyuz test project in 1975.
                    (among them                       Challenger, Dis-                                     the October/
                                                                         back several                                                     Slayton stayed with NASA through 1980, and was ac-
 are Deke Slayton and first man                       covery, and En-                                      November
                                                                         months, as                                                     tive in the development of the Space Shuttle. In 1980,
 to walk in space, Russian Alexi                      deavour.                                             issue for more information.
                                                                         many de-                                                       Slayton died of complications from a brain tumor.
 Leonov) work together for two                                           sign fixes were designed and
                                     1981                                implemented on the remaining four
                                                                         orbiters.                            2003                          For more information on any of these events,
                                                                                                                                              and for updates on the manned spaceflight
 1975                                                                    1986                                                                 program, go to
                                      Holiday/Millennium, 1999 • The Heartbeat of SHS • The Pulse                                                                                                               9
     What’s Wrong With Society?                                                                                                   Jack Of All Clubs,
              By George Chan
            The problem with society is that we
have lost feelings for each other, and the only
                                                         media and other sources that have dulled our
                                                         senses. Not necessarily a bad thing.”
                                                               Junior Melissa Intendoli states, ”our parents
                                                                                                                                   Master of None
time we do care is if a tragedy occurs. What             can only take us so far before making our mor-                   By David DiGregorio                         can be better then a list of clubs you’re merely a
happened to this society? Some people say that           als, after a certain point kids will have to rely on         No longer do we live in the days in which       member of.
we are just to busy to care, well what I say is that     themselves”                                            clubs are joined for fun, now they are joined                So what does all of this mean? How can an
we just weren’t taught well enough, our parents                A junior states ”Although society doesn’t        because they look great on a college app!             end be put to this? Well, I asked around and tried
work and so they come home late, if they were            care for one another, this has always been a prob-     Often students go through four years here             to speak with students whom I know are very
with us through the times when we needed them            lem for many years, but we are not the first to be     thinking about nothing but college acceptan-          active in the clubs of which they are members.
maybe life would be different. Or maybe it’s just        plagued by this problem.”                              ces and what can they do to have the edge.            The overall opinion was best conveyed by our
because the feelings of hate or spite have cor-                Sophomore Francesca O’Brien says ”Per-           It’s become the driving force behind most stu-        very own Michael Kass when he said: “I think
rupted the society to a point where kids in their        sonally, I think that although parents are consid-     dents to do well in class and be an active, well-     it’s insulting. People should only sign up for clubs
youth are corrupted and their morals are de-             ered to do a great deal of influencing as we age,      rounded student. What happened to joining             if they intend to participate. Holding an office in
stroyed, but out of the hundreds of people in so-        they can only lead us so far before we start to        the newspaper because you want to write? Or           a club is a very important responsibility and should
ciety there are at least 5-10 people that do care        realize that we’re old enough to create our own        joining the Human Awareness Club because              not be taken lightly by anyone regardless of the
for others. Can society be changed back to where         morals. I suppose if you believe strongly enough       you want to help people, not because your             purpose. It is especially low to do it solely for the
people do care?                                          that society can be changed for the better, there      college app. is due soon and you have no com-         reason of having it look good on your college
       When this issue was presented to students         could be improvements, but it’ll never go back to      munity service.                                       application.”
of Syosset High School, Senior Robyn Brooks              a time where everyone cared for each other. If               Most clubs have a minimum attendance                   Personally, I myself think that before put-
stated, “I think people do care but no one shows         there ever was one to begin with.”                     to receive credit for membership, however             ting anything on a college activity record the ad-
the part of society that is really good… It’s all              Sophomore Katharine O’Connor says ” No.          some clubs don’t keep track, don’t have meet-         visor of the club should have to approve it. The
focused on the bad. “                                    Today’s society is very competitive and every-         ings, or just plain                                                                    way things are
       Senior Andrew Rubino stated, “I agree to a        one is taught that to survive, you need to look out    don’t care. The                                                                        now you can write
point, that there are many people like that, but         for yourself. Unfortunately, in order to do that, it   result it a student                                                                    down you’re presi-
not everyone”                                            is most often necessary to disregard the needs of      who is in so many                                                                      dent of every club
       Senior David DiGregorio said, “I think that       others....”                                            clubs and activi-                                                                      in the school and
unfortunately people tend to look at society as                Freshman Kiran Kelkar stated, “I think that      ties, that even if                                                                     nobody had to ap-
something that is there only for them. It’s simply       this article discusses a very good point. What all     they wanted to                                                                         prove it! There
the tragedy of the commons; people look at life          the people do is help themselves and the people        participate in                                                                         should also be
with an attitude that says, “If I don’t do this, some-   that do care are then alienated in society.”           them all, it would                                                                     stricter rules in
body else will” and because of this outlook (de-               Freshman Andrew Dove said, “I agree, be-         be impossible in                                                                       place for electing
spite how true it is) everyone participates in the       cause people must care more for other people,          the amount of                                                                          officers for clubs. I
greed-fest that has become the 90’s. As far as           other than when something goes wrong. I think          time they have.                                                                        spoke with some
changing this, I don’t see a plausible way out; too      that society can be changed if only people around            Then there is                                                                    of the club officers
many people think like this, it has become the           the world work for it.”                                the elusive temp-                                                                      to find out how
“norm” so to speak. Only through slow and care-                The teacher Mr. Luke stated, “yes, there is      tation of a position                                                                   they elect officers
ful teachings can the damage be reversed and if          lots of truth to what you say but—I think most         because now even                                                                       and here is what I
that is even possible, we have yet to see.”              people are “good” and give “things” a ”fair shake”     membership isn’t                                                                       learned. Some
       Junior Viney Chopen says, “I don’t think          that’s why our system(US) works certainly needs        enough. People want to be the vice president          clubs officers are elected solely by the advisors.
it’s the people in society that’s lost their feelings,   improvement. Contrary to cliché, genuinely nice        of a club they don’t care about and never par-        Now this may seem like a good idea since the
Mankind has been like that all along. It’s just the      guys most often finish first or near it.”              ticipate in. I myself have been, and am cur-          advisors are the adults and are the most capable
                                                                                                                rently, in several clubs and extra activities and     of making such decisions. However I found this
                                                                                                                I’ve watched many people who couldn’t care            not always to be the case. Sometimes the advi-
                                                                                                                less about the club or it’s purpose come in and
   The Good Side of Drivers’                                                                                    abuse the club as much as they possibly can
                                                                                                                and end up putting it on National Honor Soci-
                                                                                                                                                                      sors are not involved as much as some of the stu-
                                                                                                                                                                      dents, after all, their roll is advisory. So this
                                                                                                                                                                      method may not work because although it may
                                                                                                                ety applications and college applications.Now
      Ed... And The Bad                                                                                         don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that ev-
                                                                                                                eryone who joins clubs does it just for college
                                                                                                                                                                      seem to the advisor that one person is doing a lot
                                                                                                                                                                      of work they may just be putting on a show for
                                                                                                                                                                      the advisor and in actuality doing nothing. The
                 By Staff Writer                                What to like: Anyone can be granted pos-        apps. For some, that is just a nice perk of do-       other method I saw and in my opinion works the
      A teenager climbs into a car, turns the igni-      session, albeit limited, to a car for an extended      ing something they love. However there are            best was in use by only a few clubs. When it
tion and hastily presses on the accelerator: driv-       period of time.                                        still problems within the club communities            comes time for elections everyone who wants to
ers beware. Have no fear though, because God                    What not to like: The car, in all probabili-    here at Syosset High School.                          run fills out an application (this is standard) and
chose to create the infamous course called               ties, is older than you are.                                 After speaking with Ms. O’Brien in the guid-    then the officers of the club use a weighted vot-
Driver’s Education. Without a question, Driver’s                What to like: Drivers travel along new routes   ance department (who happens to be head of the        ing system to determine the new officers. For
Education is a beneficial course. After all, it al-      every week, encountering different situations and      honor society) as well as the admissions office at    those of you not fortunate enough to be taking
lows future full-time drivers to learn from actual       predicaments.                                          NYU, I learned some interesting facts. Let’s say      Mr. Kalish’s discrete math class a weighted vot-
road situations, and is important in maximizing                 What not to like: This all holds true of the    for example you submit a college application that     ing system in one in which different voters have
the probability of safety and experience. How-           course only if the overused engine doesn’t fall        says you’re a member of Human Awareness,              different weights so the president of the club gets
ever, that is, sadly, the sugarcoated version. While     through the car first.                                 Newspaper, Electronics, DECA, Tri-M, Ken              the most votes, then the vice president and so on
Driver’s Education is not only useful but neces-                What to like: The sooner you take the course,   Magazine, BASIC, WKWZ, Mural Club, PAL                and so forth. This way is very efficient because it
sary for people who want to drive, like virtually        the sooner you can obtain your license.                and you also play two sports and have a job.          lets the students keep control of the club and al-
all other things, it has a down side. Here is a look            What not to like: That is if you remember       College admissions officers are not stupid people     most ensures a qualified group of officers will be
at what I am talking about.                              the instructor’s words of wisdom and not every-        by any means. They’ll realize that if you’re spread   elected.
      What to like about Driver’s Ed: The instruc-       thing else he/she had to say.                          so thin, you can’t possibly have commitment, and             To sum things up I’d just like to say that
tor in the car has access to an emergency brake in              I know my comments on Driver’s Ed seem          commitment is what colleges are really looking        although we are fortunate enough to have so many
case the welfare, safety and lives of the people in      pessimistic, and perhaps I’m stretching the truth      for. I was told that just one club that you show      clubs here at the high school, don’t abuse them.
the car are endangered.                                  just a bit, but do not despair. To some extent all     true commitment to is better looking on an app.       Join the ones you’re really interested in and par-
      What not to like: Don’t worry though, the          this information, especially the information about     then having membership in ten clubs that you          ticipate in them. You’ll feel better about your-
brake is never left unguarded because it is under        Driver’s Ed’s good side, holds true.                   probably don’t participate in. So in some cases,      self, people will think better of you, and college
constant pressure from the instructor’s foot.                                                                   having “Newspaper Editor in Chief” on an app.         admission officers will love your commitment.
  10                   The Pulse • The Heartbeat of SHS • Holiday/Millennium, 1999

                                I Survived the Godsmack Concert
                 By Rob Volk                                 Waiting for the final band Godsmack, I no- man for Godsmack begin to emerge. The rest of stage crew and threw his guitar on the ground.
     In case you don’t know who the heck               tice the miscellaneous smoke billowing from the the band came out and opened up with the pow- I thought it was pretty funny. Sully went crowd
Godsmack is, I’ll give you a little background.        crowd. From behind the black curtain curtailing erful hit “Whatever.” The crowd loved this and surfing at one point, and the funny part was
Godsmack is a Boston-based band who sim-                                                                                                                  everyone was trying to rip off his snapa-ways!
ply made a record using a friend’s money in                                                                                                               He got a little irate at that.
’96. A DJ got a hold of the CD, started play-                                                                                                                  Godsmack played a ten-minute version
ing it, and like that, they started selling thou-                                                                                                         of “Keep Away” which was really sweet. Sully
sands of copies a week! So now they are tour-                                                                                                             picked up his guitar so, when it was time, Tony
ing and playing in New York for me to cri-                                                                                                                Rombolo could wail away on his solo. On
tique.                                                                                                                                                    their last song (before the encore of course)
     The opening high-adrenaline perfor-                                                                                                                  the crew brought out a Mexican drum set for
mance by Reveille was amazing. Real                                                                                                                       Sully and Tommy Stewart to duel for a while.
hardcore guitar ripped through their mesa-                                                                                                                The drummer stopped and jumped in to the
boogie amplifiers and then proceeded through                                                                                                              crowd. In a short while the curtain dropped
our ears. Reveille’s sound was great, but the                                                                                                             and they were gone, until the audience forced
audience came to hear Godsmack and as a re-                                                                                                               them to come on because of the void of
sult didn’t respond to them. After the few                                                                                                                “VooDoo” that had to be filled.
mosh pits fizzled out, it was time for the next                                                                                                                This was Godsmack’s last stop on their
show.                                                                                                                                                     tour and Sully was happy to see it was one of
     Next up was the Jim Rose Circus, synonym           Godsmack band members (left to right) Robbie on bass, Sully on vocals, Tommy on                   their best performances with the best audience
for “Freak Show.” Rubber-Band man slid him-             drums, and Tony on guitar.                                                                        (thank you very much). My ears are still ring-
self out of a straitjacket and through a tennis                                                                                                           ing from this performance, but the experience
racket! The Jim smashed some glass in a bag,           our view of the stage, I noticed some fog seeping to show their love began hitting and pushing, was worth it. After the show I met with one
then put his face in it and had a girl stand on him!   out. I could tell this was going to be a great show forming an ever-so kind mosh pit.              of the freaks from the Jim Rose Circus and
The green-haired freak took skinny metal rods          already. The black wall was lifted and red lights       With the next song came larger, deadlier this just made the night!
and stuck them through his cheeks and out his          swirl around, reflecting the light off of two stone mosh pits and green and blue light to curb our      If you would like to see this review with
mouth. He then drank his own stomach bile! I           gargoyles. Two scorching pentagrams on either vision. One guy in front of me OD’d on some- more pictures and some others online at
won’t talk any more about this, just in case you’re    end of the stage supported their Wicken religions, thing and had to be carried out. The bassist
eating lunch while reading this!                       then out from the smoke I saw Sully Erna, lead had some kind of argument with one of the

                                       Metallica Rules All                                                                                                        CD Review
             By Dave Anderson                          bill included the order of songs that would be    the two half-hour sets.
      Here’s a broad definition of the world. There
are three types of people in it. One type hates
Metallica and everything that has to do with them.
                                                       performed as well as some information about
                                                       Metallica, Michael Kaman, and St. Luke’s Or-
                                                                                                               All aesthetics aside, the music was incred-
                                                                                                         ible. The orchestra added a great deal of texture
                                                                                                         and depth to the music. Metallica was in top form
                                                                                                                                                                 of the Month
Another type only likes the Metallica from the               There was much speculation as to how the    for the whole night and although the volume                   By Jonathan Maisel
early 80’s. Then there is the third type: the type     crowd would react to this sort of concert. Some   wasn’t as loud as it should’ve been at the begin-            Korn: Issues –Not many people
that loves Metallica and ac-                                                                                                ning (the crowd was singing          are aware that Korn has been around
cepts anything that they do                                                                                                 louder than the band at some         since 1993. They had been playing
musically, appearance-wise,                                                                                                 points), everything was near         around the LA music scene until
etc… I happen to fall into                                                                                                  perfect by the end of the night.     they released their 1994 self-titled
the third category and I am                                                                                                 The show started with the song       debut. It is good to know that they
proud of it. Over the course                                                                                                “The Ecstasy of Gold.” Real          are still around after all this time
of the last five years, I have                                                                                              fans will recognize this as the      and still producing high quality ma-
seen Metallica five times,                                                                                                  song that is played before           terial. Their album Issues is their
and every single show has                                                                                                   Metallica comes on stage at all      fourth one to date and was released
been amazing. The most re-                                                                                                  of their shows for the last ten or   to rave reviews. The music came to-
cent time was November 23                                                                                                   so years. This time it was spe-      gether quite fast for the band this
at Madison Square Garden.                                                                                                   cial because it was actually         time around and within two weeks
The only difference this                                                                                                    played live by the orchestra.        of entering the studio they had made
time was that Metallica                                                                                                     Nothing else describes the songs     eight new songs. To show their
played with the Orchestra of                                                                                                except for the word amazing.                               closeness with
St. Luke’s under the direc-                                                                                                 The setlist was the same as the                            their fans they
tion of Michael Kaman.                                                                                                      new S&M album, so if you want                              have released
      Metallica played with                                                                                                 a list of the songs, buy the al-                           three different
Michael Kaman and the San                                                                                                   bum.                                                       artwork covers.
Francisco Symphony twice                                                                                                           So in closing, Metallica is                         The     covers
last year and recorded their                                                                                                one of the greatest bands ever. I                          were made by
new album, S&M (no, it Metallica rocks at Madison Square Garden.                                                            do not take this phrase lightly.                           fans and sub-
stands for Symphony and                                                                                                     They are one of the few bands                              mitted through
Metallica). After that, they played a similar show people thought that the crowd would not enjoy         that are actually experimenting with their music.       a contest. Their sound has devel-
in Berlin, then this concert at the Garden. Those the addition of violins and other symphonic in-        For anyone that doesn’t like this combination of        oped much more since their last al-
were the only shows that Metallica will be play- struments. Other people wondered what every-            Metallica and orchestras, don’t worry. The three        bum and the songs are very melodic
ing with an orchestra. This type of concert was one would wear (suits or ripped T-shirts?) to the        shows that they played with orchestras were the         and still very heavy. The song “Fall-
very different from any of Metallica’s previous show. Everything went incredibly well. The show          first and last. A new album of new material sans        ing Away From Me” is their first
concerts. Obviously, the main difference was the was for the most part a sit down affair, and the        symphony is going to be started around April,           single. Some other outstanding
presence of a 70-piece orchestra on the stage. An- dress attire was ripped jeans and Metallica shirts.   but at the rate that it takes for Metallica to record   tracks are “Beg for me”, “Make me
other difference was that a “playbill” was handed The absence of a mosh pit was not a major prob-        an album, we might have to wait for another two         bad”, “Wake up” and “Dirty”.
out to concert-goers before the show. This play- lem and neither was the intermission in between         or three years to hear it.
                                     Holiday/Millennium, 1999 • The Heartbeat of SHS • The Pulse                                                                                                              11
      Behind the Scenes:     Congrats Sports Award Winners!
                                                                                                                 Boys Varsity Cross Country                             Boys Junior Varsity Soccer

  Syosset Kickline 1999-2000                                                                                     Coach: Bart Sessa
                                                                                                                 All County: Garrick Huie, Dan Abramowitz, Billy
                                                                                                                 Vasilyadis, James Duade, and Earl Han;
                                                                                                                                                                        Coach: Steve Silverman
                                                                                                                                                                        Most Valuable Player: Russel Skolnik and Aaron
                                                                                                                                                                        Nass; Coaches Award: Brad Lamendola; Most Im-
             By Margaret Wang                           entertain and amaze our guests and supporters!           All Division: Sauget Sen and David Morcos; Most        proved Player: Seren Ozcan
      Have you ever wondered who is hard at                   Our kickline not only supports our high            Valuable Player: Billy Vasilyadis;                     Girls Varsity Soccer:
work, behind the scenes while the skilled ath-          school, but we are also considerate and caring           Coaches Award: Dan Abramowitz and James Duade;         Coaches: Diane Alleva and Diane McLoughlin
letes of Syosset High School take a breather? Ever      towards our community. Our holiday show for              Most Improved Player: Earl Han; Outstanding Se-        All County: Andrea Fasano, Kristy Maugeri, and
                                                                                                                 nior: Garrick Huie; Most Valuable Player: Henry        Susan McAleavey; All Class: Sam Alexander, Abby
wondered who are the most loyal and supportive          the residents of United Presbyterian, held on De-
                                                                                                                 Kung; Coaches Award: Chris Kan; Most Imporoved         Levine, and Karen Zelenka; All League: Lisa Fasano,
fans of Syosset Braves athletics? Our high              cember 23, 1999 shows we love all those around           Player: Josh Ruderman                                  Marsha Gee, and Melissa Kline; Senior Scholar Ath-
school’s very own kickline of course! We have           us! Speaking of love, the nineteen kickliners on         Boys Freshman Cross Country                            lete: Karen Zelenka; Coaches Award: Erin Connolly
the great opportunity and fortune of having Lisa        our team have devoted their time to participate in       Most Valuable Player: Gino Richter                     and Sarah Milo; Most Improved Player: Melissa
Congro and Alyse Pollack as our coaches, and            fund-raisers at fairs and activities so that we can      Most Improved Player: Irwin Kim                        Weinstein
seniors Danna Manheim, Nicole Penucci, Lauren           provide ourselves with leisure activities as a re-       Girls Varsity Cross Country                            Girls Junior Varsity Soccer
Seraita, and Lauren Stein as captains of our 1999-      ward for our hard work. Trips into the City to           Coach: Doug Schumacher                                 Coach: Terri White
2000 kickline team. We have been at the height          watch Broadway performances, holiday gifts, and          All Conference: Beth Alizzi; All Division: Katherine   Coaches Award: Rachel Cohen and Erica Curasi;
of our performances this year! Together with our        end of the season parties are all held as relief to      Yau; Most Valuable Player: Beth Alizzi; Coaches        Most Improved Player: Dana Liberman
                                                                                                                 Award: Maria Lam; Most Improved Player:                Girls Varsity Swimming
talented and reputable cheerleading squad, the          our intense in season rehearsals. Thanks to our
                                                                                                                 Katherine Yau                                          Coaches: Barry Grodin and Christina Boernsen
Syosset kickline serves as the backbone to our          two wonderful coaches and our four responsible           Girls Junior Varsity Cross Country                     Most Valuable Swimmer: Cathy Serpico; Coaches
sports teams, and rules the half-time at annual         and dependable captains, we have been able to            Most Improved Player: Rachel Wolther                   Award: Jaclyn Friedlander; Most Improved Swim-
varsity football and basketball games. In order         work together to improve ourselves and trans-            Varsity Football                                       mer: Shreena Bindra; Outstanding Senior: Dina
to provide support for our Syosset Braves in ev-        form our kickline team in to the best that we could      Coaches: Paul Rorke, Brian Fitzgerald, Spencer         Ismail
ery way, our kickline team has devoted a tremen-        be! We have no where to go but to the top! Con-          Meehan, and Mike Murtha                                Girls Varsity Tennis
dous amount of time and effort to our after school      gratulations and much thanks to every single             All County: Daniel Mannix; All Conference: Nino        Coach: Larry Levane
practices held through out the week. Doing so           kickliner on the team, coaches, and the captains         Othman and Josh Friedman; Most Improved Player:        All County: Rachita Agarwal and Heather Zelkin; All
allows us to show off our school pride and spirit       of 1999-2000 kickline team.                              Daniel Mannix; Most Improved Player: Joe               Conference: Alexis Brill, Allison Kurtzman, and
                                                                                                                 Wendelken                                              Nicole Liebman; All Division: Lauren Friedman,
during our performances. Homecoming ‘99 was                   This article is dedicated to the four fabulous
                                                                                                                 Junior Varsity Football                                Shivani Kamdar, Brooke Tancer, and Jaymie Zurlo;
an excellent example of the overwhelming school         captains: Danna Manheim, Nicole Penucci,                 Coaches: Jamie St. John and Kevin Simmons              Most Valuable Player: Aleis Brill; Coaches Award:
spirit that our kickline carries for our high school.   Lauren Seraita, and Lauren Stein. Congratula-            Most Valuable Player: Matt Assmus; Coaches             Jaymie Zurlo and Brooke Halpern; Most Improved
We make sure when we get out there to perform           tions on your four years together on Syosset             Award: Rich Lenz and Joey Goldberg; Most Im-           Player: Allison Kurtzman; Outstanding Senior:
that we stick to our most emphasized goal, to           Kickline!!                                               proved Player: Mike Koziatek                           Rachita Agarwal and Heather Zelkin
                                                                                                                 Freshman Football                                      Girls Junior Varsity Tennis

         The Greatest Off-Season                                                                                 Coaches: Richard Powell and Tom Rooney
                                                                                                                 Most Valuable Player: Chris Jacobi; Coaches
                                                                                                                 Award: Matt Sussman and Brandon Unger; Most
                                                                                                                                                                        Coach: Dean Strohmayer
                                                                                                                                                                        Most Valuable Player: Samantha Weintraub;
                                                                                                                                                                        Coaches Award: Lisa Bernstein; Most Improved
                                                                                                                 Improved Player: Stu Shisgall and Coskun Aydin         Player: Talia Rubin and Chantal Beneskenazi

           Won’t Be That Great                                                                                   Boys Varsity Soccer
                                                                                                                 Coaches: Larry Rose and Mike Borra
                                                                                                                 All County: Peter Barkoff; All County Honorable
                                                                                                                                                                        Girls Varsity Volleyball
                                                                                                                                                                        Coach: Alice Shander
                                                                                                                                                                        All County: Allison Hoyt; All Conference: Jean
              ByAndrew Schatz                                 Atlanta isn’t going to get him; they want his
      Many people think that this yearís off-sea-       teammate, Rodriguez. With the Reds dropping              Mention: Ian Herrick                                   Chiang and Lindsay Klimkowski
                                                                                                                 All Conference: Justin Miller, Jason Popik, Chong      Scholar Athlete: Kristina Chau; Most Valuable
son for baseball will be the greatest of all time. I    out of the race, that leaves two main teams left,
                                                                                                                 Han, Doug Moliterno and Erick Gutflais; Most Valu-     Player: Allison Hoyt; Most Improved Player: Maria
beg to differ. All the speculation of who is going      the Mets and the Indians. The Mets have started          able Player: Peter Barkoff; Coaches Award: Chong       Bacalocostantis; Coaches Award: Jennifer Belk;
where and will they stay is simply just hype. With      talking very seriously with the Mariners and can         Han; Most Improved Player: Eric Gutflais; Out-         Outstanding Senior: Kristina Chau; Carrie Durkin
many players having the option of exploring free        offer many players without giving up Edgardo             standing Senior: Douglas Moliterno                     Award: Eileen Lee
agency next year, what good will it be to trade for     Alfonzo. The Indians can offer any great players         Boys Junior Varsity Soccer                             Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball
them? And even if this will be the greatest off-        and are on Griffey’s wish list. Despite these ru-        Coach: Hubert Laisney                                  Coach: Elizabeth Christiansen
season ever, it could also be called the stupidest      mors, don’t expect anything for where Griffey is         Most Valuable Player: Michael Matos; Coaches           Most Valuable Player: Kara Tesoriero; Coaches
off-season ever. My guess is that so many of            going. He could go anywhere. All that I can say          Award: Ryan Turner; Most Improved Player: Ross         Award: Cheryl Abramowitz; Most Improved Player:
these teams will lose their marquee players, who        is that Griffey most likely won’t be on the Mari-        Kandel                                                 Krista Tesoriero
they have given up so much for, to free-agency.         ners when the season starts.
      Okay, so maybe it will be the busiest off-
season ever, but the question on every baseball
                                                              Arod, on the other hand will most likely stick
                                                        with the Mariners, at least until the start of next
                                                                                                                               Winter Track Preview
                                                                                                                  By Tom Cafiero and Dan Abramowitz                           This year’s distance winter track team in-
fans’ mind is where are Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex        season. The likeliness of a team trading for him
                                                                                                                       Now that the Runnin’ Braves have finished        cludes Seniors Garrick Huie and Dan
Rodriguez going to end up when the regular sea-         isn’t that great. He wants the team to be a con-
                                                                                                                 a successful Cross-Country season, they are ready      Abramowitz, Juniors Billy Vasilyadis and James
son starts on April 2. Here’s what’s happening          tender; that rules out all of the small-market teams.
                                                                                                                 to tear up the track in the winter season. Last        Duade along with Sophomore Earl Han.
on the Griffey front: nothing. Unless the Mari-         He doesn’t want the team that is trading for him
                                                                                                                 year a relay team qualified for the nationals, and           While the Braves have an unbelievable long-
ners are willing to lower their asking price, he’s      to give up key prospects and he’s made it loud
                                                                                                                 missed becoming All-American by a few tenths           distance running program they also have fast
not going anywhere. No one is willing to give up        and clear that he wants to explore his options at
                                                                                                                 of a second.                                           sprinters and a strong field program. Leading
their whole team or future for one player, who          the end of next year. So why would any team
                                                                                                                       Many of the track meets this season will be      the way for the sprinters and middle distance run-
isn’t even guaranteed to be on the team in a year       trade for him? The only teams in which a trade
                                                                                                                 held at The Armory in Manhattan, a world class         ners are Seniors Mike Chen, David Morcos, and
from now. Does it make sense? Of course not.            for Arod might end up with him sticking with
                                                                                                                 indoor track, where the winter track nationals will    Rob Volk, Juniors Suagat Sen, Wesley Cheng,
As for Arod, like he said he’ll explore his options     that team would be the Mets or Braves. The
                                                                                                                 be held in February.                                   Tom Cafiero, Albert Lin, and Chris Kan,
next year. That means that any team that is will-       Braves have the money and the resources to trade
                                                                                                                       The Braves are pumped up and ready to go         Sophmores Josh Wong, Henry Kung, and Tien-
ing to give up everyone for Arod is foolish.            for him. As of now they seem like the most likely
                                                                                                                 in the winter season. Senior Mike Chen stated          Lun Chuang. The field program is also looking
      Where could Griffey possibly go if he were        team to get him. Meanwhile, the Mets still have
                                                                                                                 “Now that Cross-Country is over, we go to track.       to have a great year. The Braves have two shot
traded? Cincinnati seemed like it might be the          a chance, being the fact that he wants to play in
                                                                                                                 When you are a senior there is no holding back.        putters that are looking to qualify and place in the
right fit. But, they just recently dropped out of       the same town as his best friend, Derek Jeter.
                                                                                                                 You leave it all on the track.” Junior Albert Lin      top three at the county meet. Joe Curren and Rob-
the Griffey sweepstakes. All this talk that Griffey           But, the only problem is that the Mets don’t
                                                                                                                 said, “Track is different from Cross-Country. You      ert Karpenski are experienced, determined, and
wants to be near his family will have virtually no      want to give up so much for him. The most likely
                                                                                                                 usually don’t have a pace, instead you just run as     ready to go. Also the Braves have an outstanding
affect on the trade. There is no team that is that      thing for all teams to do is to wait it out until next
                                                                                                                 fast as you can the whole way.” The Braves will        High Jumper, Wesley Cheng. Wesley is looking
close to his family that would really suit his needs.   off-season and let the bidding begin.
                                                                                                                 be running as fast as they can as they shift from      to become All-County and set Syosset records in
That’s right.
                                                                                                                 the Cross-Country course to the track.                 that event.
  12                The Pulse • The Heartbeat of SHS • Holiday/Millennium, 1999

 Braves Three-Peat as County Champs Bowling Looks Volleyball Serves
                                                    Up A Winner
By Saugat Sen & Dan Abramowitz Braves were ranked as the number six

                                      To Strike
     When Mr. Sessa took over as the           team in the entire North East and as the
coach our Cross-Country team, many             number one in New York State. At the
years ago, we were struggling to qualify       state meet the Braves went in with some                                                                        By Allison Hoyt
for the County Championships. Now, the         big goals. The Braves finished a presti-              By Dominick Caccippio                           The 1999 Girls Varsity Volleyball Team has
Braves are the defending County Cham-          gious but disappointing fourth place in the          The 1999 Boys Varsity Bowling team         done something that they haven’t been able to do
pions for the third year in a row.             New York State Championships. Junior           is looking forward to a very successful sea-     in the past three years, they ended up with a win-
     From being the scrubs of the Nassau       Billy Vasilyadis placed third over all in      son. The Varsity and Junior Varsity teams        ning record! The Lady Braves concluded their
County the Braves are now well known           the State Meet and was ranked 40th in the      got off to a great start this year by winning    season with an overall record of 13 and 6. They
throughout New York State as a strong and      United States.                                 all of their games against Oyster Bay. The       worked hard all season and were determined to
threatening team. The enormous success              Post season honors included two All-      high games were Ross Ratner with a 228,          make it into the playoffs. The girls extra practice
                                                                                              Rob Caliolo with a 214, and Dominick             time and their very competitive Syosset tourna-
                                                                                              Caccippio with a 203. The boys bowling           ment games paid off. The girls reached their goal
                                                                                              team is coached by Mr. Orr. The team has         of making it into the post season. They fought
                                                                                              a very strong lineup this year with many         hard but ended up losing to the number two team
                                                                                              returning and experienced players. The           in their conference, Long Beach, in the first round
                                                                                              team is led by Senior All-County bowler          of the playoffs. The team was very happy with
                                                                                              Ross Ratner, and Seniors Rob Caliolo,            their accomplishments and are looking forward
                                                                                              Daniel Parerra, Ernest Kerkenides, and           to next season. Three girls on the team received
                                                                                              Dominick Caccippio. Juniors Steve                postseason honors. Sophomore setter Jean
                                                                                              Macklin, Scott Orkin, Joel Friedlander, and      Chiang received All-Conference, Senior outside
                                                                                              Ken David. Sophomores Joe Parinello, and         hitter Lindsay Klimkowski received All-Confer-
                                                                                              Michael Reens. The boys practice at              ence and Senior Allison Hoyt received All-
                                                                                              Syosset Bowl and their matches are on            County. The team would like to congratulate its
                                                                                              Mondays and Wednesdays at Sheridan               seven departing Seniors and wish them good luck
                                                                                              Bowl. The team’s goal this season is to          in college! Kristina Chau, Diana Gasparini,
                                                                                              win the county’s and move onto the states!       Megan Huenke, Allison Hoyt, Kim Jacobs, Lind-
                                                                                                                                               say Klimkowski, and Eileen Lee will be missed!

                                                                                                 Syosset Hockey is Flying High
                                                                                                        By Andrew Schatz                       fall short on providing the team with offen-
Team members (left to right) David Morcos, Earl Han, Garrick Huie, Dan Abramowitz, Billy          The Syosset Braves Varsity ice hockey        sive firepower needed to outscore the
Vasilyadis, James Daude, and Saugat Sen celebrate their victories.                           team is off to another great start. They are            opponents.
                                                                                             already among the top of the league and the             Junior Varsity started off the season on
                                                                                             season is only halfway through. They have         a good note winning three of its first five
of the team is not unearned. It is the re-     State runners (Senior Garrick Huie and        had little difficulties in defeating opponents,   games, but has faltered as of late. The team
sult of months and months of hard train-       Junior Billy Vasilyadis) five All-County      but lost one game to the other top team in        struggled in its last couple of games against
ing. The Braves started to train after the     runners (Seniors Dan Abramowitz and           the league, Long Beach, by a small margin.        some of the leagues elite teams, but hope-
spring track nationals last June. With eight   Garrick Huie, Juniors James Duade and              Despite the fact that many members of        fully was just in a short slump. With the
runners running over 500 miles this sum-       Billy Vasilyadis, and Sophomore Earl          last years Nassau County champion team            schedule getting a little easier in late De-
mer, (one running over 800 miles,) and         Han) and two All-Division runners (Jun-       has moved on to college, the team still had       cember and January, hopefully the team can
many more running over 300 miles it was        ior Saugat Sen and Senior David Morcos).      kept its great play and tenacity. By losing       get back on track.
no surprise when the Braves season started          The Junior Varsity team also had a       so many good players, one would think that              JV is coached by Head Coach, Jason
with a win at the Suffolk Coaches invita-      great season. Because of the amazing          Varsity wouldn’t be able to maintain their        DePierro, and Assistant Coach, Bob
tional beating some of the best teams on       depth of the team it would be impossible      outstanding level of play, but they have          McCauley. Both are what we call playerís
Long Island.                                   to list all their achievements. Members of    proven skeptics wrong. The team’s coach-          coaches, but never let the important factors,
     After their first league meet,            this team included Seniors Rob Volk, Tom      ing is another reason, in which they are play-    like practice and hard working slip away
Bethpage State Park was shut down for          Mui, Viraj Gadkar, Cyril Malika, Yuta         ing so well. Coaches Jocelyn Tremblay and         from their coaching strategies. The team is
the rest of the season due to the virus-car-   Koda and Mike Chen, Juniors Tom               Bob Levine have kept the players on their         led by Co-Captains Andrew Schatz, Andrew
rying mosquito scare. The next invita-         Cafiero, Wesley Cheng, Albert Lin, and        toes and have greatly aided in the develop-       Korn, and also starting goalie, Paul Bullock.
tional was at Delaware and once again the      Chris Kan and Sophomores Henry Kung,          ment of each player, along with the team as       JV has yet to put up the offensive numbers
Braves came out on top, defeating teams        Josh Wong, Tien Lun, Josh Ruderman,           a whole. The team is led by Captain Casey         in which it would like to, but with the reor-
from Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania          Rob Baronawoski, Aidi Su, Kunal Johar,        Tremblay, the teams leading scorer, and           ganizing of some positions, hopefully they
and Maryland. During the regular season        and David Tobais.                             Assistant Captains Eric Sukoff and Justin         can put some more points on the board. The
the Syosset Cross-Country team kept win-            The Braves would like to thank all the   Rabinowitz. The outstanding play of start-        defense has regained some of its strength
ning one invitational after another. The       grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and     ing goalie Josh Green has aided the excel-        with this new shake-up. Hopefully this is
Braves post season was successful as well.     friends for their support throughout the      lent defense. Meanwhile the forwards never        just what the team needs.
They won their 2nd consecutive Division        season.
championship and their 3rd straight over-
all county championship, a first in Syosset
                                                    Congratulations to Coach Sessa for
                                               becoming the Nassau County Coach of the
                                                                                                 The Pulse
                                                                                                 Syosset High chool
sports. Billy Vasilyadis, a junior, was able   year for the second year in a row. He is          70 Southwoods Road
to defeat the toughest runners Nassau          the only Class A coach to ever receive this       Syosset, NY 11791
County had to offer and was able to cap-       award.                                  
ture the overall county title with an amaz-         For more information about the
ing time (15:23 over 3.1 miles)—winning        Braves cross-country season or just to stay
by over ten seconds.                           up to date with the Braves visit their web
     During the course of the season the       site:

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