BBC Surviving Disaster - Chernobyl Movie by jamesdauray

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									Name: ______________________ Class: _____________________ Date: _________________

                                       Chernobyl – Surviving Disaster

   1.   Give the date of the disaster: _________________________

   2. A test was to be conducted on the reactor. What was done as the first part of the test?

          a. What is the purpose of the control rods in a nuclear reactor?

   3. The test was halted soon afterwards. Why?

   4. How was the test halted?

   5. How much nuclear material does the reactor have?

   6. What are the physical characteristics of radioactive material?

   7. What was the actual damage to the reactor that the two men observed?

   8. What are the symptoms of radiation poisoning?

   9. What were the initial radiation readings?

   10. How did the supervisor of the plant react to learning of the radiation levels?

   11. What were the actual radiation levels?

   12. Why was Pripyat, the employees’ town, not initially evacuated?

   13. What could the people from the town see, as they looked outside?

   14. When the true radiation numbers were learned, why was the town still not evacuated?

   15. How much higher above normal was the radiation in the town?

   16. How long would the reactor have burned if left alone?

   17. How much radioactive material was released each day?

   18. Why couldn’t lead be dropped into the reactor to seal it?

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Name: ______________________ Class: _____________________ Date: _________________

   19. What did they decide to use to extinguish the fire?

Day 2

   20. When Pripyat is finally evacuated, will the people be able to return later?

   21. How much sand will be used?         How will it be dropped?

   22. What effect did the sand drops have on the pilots?

   23. What is a lethal dose of radiation in Roentengens?

   24. What are the control rods made of?

   25. Why did the button to stop the reaction not work at the beginning of the disaster?

Day 5

   26. How far had the radiation spread at this point?

   27. What would cause a thermal explosion?

   28. How far would the damage spread if the thermal explosion occurred?

   29. What did it mean to the leaders to “count lives”?

Day 7

   30. How many of the soldiers asked were willing to dive and drain the underground water?

   31. Were the two divers successful?


   32. How long after the disaster did the crew start to die?

   33. Who received most of the blame: the crew and workers of the nuclear plant, the design of the plant, or

        the government?

   34. Why did Valeri Legasov eventually commit suicide?

   35. What was the aftermath of his death? What was done to the original crew?

   36. What is the official death count?

   37. Whom do you believe is ultimately responsible for this accident?

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