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					                     N.C.S.H. PROM
January 28th, 2011

                     On January 28th,
                     2011, the women &
                     c h i l d re n o f N C S H
                     Center enjoyed their
                     own “Prom”, after
                     receiving a donation of
                     over 200 formal
                     dresses from a
                     Hollywood production

                                                  Unexpected Donation Leads to an
                                                  Evening of Sober Fun for NCSH
                                                  Center Residents
                                                  The excitement of Prom night is         to do just that on January 28th,     menu planning, entertainment,
                                                  something that many women in            2011, by throwing their own          and flowers.
                                                  residential substance abuse             Prom, complete with a theme,              NCSH Center Site
                                                  treatment know little about.            decorations, photo booth, live       Administrator Tray Thomason,
                                                  Demographic data indicates that         music, food, and plenty of           whose band provided live music
                                                  most women in residential               glamour.                             for the event, noted that “it was
                                                  substance abuse treatment began              The idea for the dance came     heartwarming to see our residents
                                                  their addiction at an average age       from the unlikely donation of over   get so excited about the evening,
                                                  of 14. For many of these women,         200 formal prom dresses from a       and having a chance to
                                                  attending the traditional high          Hollywood production company         experience something they may
                                                  school dance was overshadowed           who was looking to donate dresses    have missed.”
                                                  by the troubles of an addiction         used in a movie scene. The                The evening began with each
                                                                                          residents spent over three weeks     resident visiting the photo booth
                                                  that saw up to 25% of them
                                                                                          sorting out the dresses and          after having her hair and make up
                                                  drop out before Prom night.             making sure that each resident       done in the newly renovated
                                                       It is not often in life that one   had the perfect dress for the        “Serenity Evolution Salon”, a full
                                                  is able to make up for lost time,       occasion. The residents also         service salon that the facility uses
                                                  but the women of North County           formed Prom Committees who           for guest and resident beauticians.
                                                  Serenity House Center were able         were responsible for decorations,    The women then enjoyed a buffet

                                                                                                  “I had the BEST time at our prom! I never
                                                                                                  thought I would be able to have that much
                                                                                                  fun sober”
                                                                                                  Christine M.

                                    “I have a pretty dress on, and I look like a princess!”
                                    Taylor, age 4

                                    (cont ) dinner, complimented with punch, cookies, and other       More information about North County Serenity House
                                    treats.                                                       and the women they serve can be found at www.ncsh.org.
                                         Dinner was followed by dancing and entertainment from a
                                    live band. The women of the house spent hours decorating the
                                    large group meeting room complete with streamers, balloons,
                                    and the requisite mirrored ball. An elegant color scheme of
                                    pale pink and black was chosen to accent the evening.
                                         Soon it was time to crown the Prom Queen and her Court,
                                    which included the Prom Princess and Prom Duchess.
                                    Nominees for Prom Court were chosen by the house at their
                                    weekly meeting and voting was completed during the pre-party
                                    festivities. After the announcements were made, the party
                                    resumed with more dancing and fun, which even had the staff
                                    on their feet, “shaking their groove thang..”
                                         All the women of NCSH Center worked hard to plan,
                                    prepare for, and enjoy this event. The staff and residents of
                                    NCSH Center hope to make events like this a regular
                                    occurrence, with or without an unusual donation of party

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