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					        Great Tech Tools for Writing
                 Websites, iTune Apps, pricing, and an idea by TCI.

     Site/App             Platform        $           Idea how to use with students

                                                    Challenge students to write a brief (200 or less)
                                                    word obituary for a famous person being studied.
                           Web         Free         Have them include major accomplishments and
                                                    write it as if it just occurred.

                                                    Have students create a coffee-table book that uses
                                                    images and text regarding a geographic location.
                           Web         Free         Make sure to have a page devoted to each of the five
                                                    themes of Geography inside.

                                                    Create a class account where students can upload
                           Web         Free         documents to. Once there, you and your students
                                                    can embed and share (via social media).

                                                    Assign students to create an editorial cartoon for a
                                                    complex or a controversial topic. Grade them on
                           Web         Free         knowing their content, their audience, taking a
                                                    stand, and backing it up.

                                                    Have students pretend to represent a historical
                                                    person that just went through an event being
                           iPad         .99         studied. Students are to construct a words only
                                                    poem that would accurately describe their
     Instant Poetry HD                              emotional state. They will share and defend.

                                                    Have students interview a member of their
                                                    community on a topic/issue. As they take notes,
                           iPad         $4.99
                                                    they are also to record the audio and be prepared to
                                                    share with others.

                                                    End each class with a reflective question and have
                                                    the students answer it by creating a Tumblr blog
                            iP’s       Free         where each response must be very brief. They
                                                    compile it as a working study-guide for assessment.

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Description: TCI's Brian Thomas shares four free websites, and three iTune apps that you can put to use as you challenge students to write in your class. See interesting coffee-table books, editorial cartoon makers, micro-blogging, and more. Each offering includes a concrete idea on how to use it with your students too!