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Ben Woodbury

Reverend Hays


April 21, 2011

                                          Colorado Springs

        The city of Colorado Springs is located in central Colorado. It lies at the base of the

mountain called Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is also known as America’s mountain. Colorado Springs

is an overall safe and very family friendly city. In 2010 Colorado Springs was voted the best city

for families. Colorado Springs is not only beautiful but it is also filled with activities and

entertainment for all age groups.

        The mountain, Pikes Peak, was what really attracted the original settlers. Pikes Peak was

discovered by an explorer by the name of Zebulon Pike. When pike first saw the majestic

mountain he exclaimed, “The summit of the Grand Peak? Covered with snow now appeared at a

distance of 15 to 16 miles from us, and as high again as what we had ascended? I believe no

human being could have ascended to its pinical” (Zebulon Pike). The mountain attracted the

settlers and the land beneath it (Colorado Springs) was a real cultural cross road. Most of the

original settlers were gold miners hoping to strike it rich in the west. However a great majority of

these miners were unsuccessful. When the miners realized that there was not much gold to be

found in this area they changed their professions to farmers. The main crops of the Colorado

Springs region were wheat, corn, oats, barley, and potatoes. The settlers of this region took full

advantage of the area and raised livestock where crops could not be grown. Timber was also a

large crop of this region. Lumber mills started appearing everywhere and the vast amount of

trees started being harvested. Colorado Springs was founded on July 31, 1871.

        Now, Colorado Springs is a very large city with over 418,076 people living there in 2010,

which makes it the 47th largest city in the nation. The main jobs in the springs are homeland

security, defense, aerospace engineering, medical device engineering, and sports management.

        There are many sources of entertainment in Colorado Springs. The main sources of

entertainment are Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, United States Air Force Academy, United

States Olympic Headquarters and Training Center, Sky Sox minor league baseball, and the Pro

Rodeo Hall of Fame, and United States Air Force Academy football. Garden of the Gods is a

national landmark which contains very large and beautiful red sandstone formations. All of these

sources of entertainment are fun for people of all ages and they make a great selling point for this

beautiful city.

        I chose to do my research on the city of Colorado Springs because I have lived there for

five years and loved it. The area is so nice and peaceful. There are many job opportunities in the

springs so there would never be a real struggle to find work. The people there are very friendly

and helpful. Even though it is a large city, it is filled with many small communities that give it

the feel of having connections like you would if you were in a small town. Colorado Springs

would be the ideal place for anyone to live.

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