Pallikalvi(Tamil Nadu ) 10th Class social science Syllabus by srinumoonland


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									                                                       STANDARD X - SOCIAL SCIENCE
                                         New Curriculum and Syllabus with effect from the Academic year 2004-2005

A.         Social Science includes parts of History, Sociology, Economics, Civics and Geography
B.         Broad Aim : To make the pupil socially aware, take in interest in social development and develop as a good citizen.
C.         Evaluation : I. History : 40 Marks, II. Civics : 20 Marks, III. Geography : 40 Marks - Total : 100 Marks.

                            I. History of Modern India (Society, Economy and Culture) - 68 Periods (Inclusive of Revision, Test etc.,)

  Unit/        Expected Learning Outcome                   Syllabus              1. Instructional Strategy           1. Teaching Aids/Media          Periods
 Lesson                                                                          2. Practical Exercise               2. Illustrations
   No.                                                                           3. Evaluation

     I.1       1. Pupil acquires knowledge        The      advent       of the   1. Explain the Europeans who        1.   Use map of world             8
                  about the Europeans who         Europeans-Establishment of        came to India.                   2.   Use map of Europe
                  came to India.                  British rule in India          2. Pupil to mark the European       3.   Use map of India
               2. Pupil understands about the                                       settlements on the map of        4.   Use the political map of
                  expansion of British power                                        India (the settlements of the         Europe showing the sea
                  in India.                                                         English, the Dutch, the French        routes
               3. Pupil will be able to explain                                     and the Portuguese)
                  how the British established                                    3. Map work : 10 marks
                  their rule in India.
     I.2       1. Pupil acquires knowledge        Expansion of British power     1. • Explain the expansion of       1. Use map of India.              10
                  about the growth of British     in India-Carnatic Wars-             British power in India with    2. Use pictures of the Nizam
                  power in India.                 Mysore        Wars-Maratha          use of map of India               of Hyderabad, Wellesley,
               2. Pupil     understands     the   Wars-Subsidiary     Alliance      • Explain    Carnatic    and        Bentinck and Dalhousie
                  Carnatic and Mysore wars.       system - Social Reforms of          Mysore wars
               3. Pupil will be able to analyse   Lord    William   Bentinck-       • Explain the Subsidiary
                  and discuss the demerits of     Doctrine of Lapse                   Alliance system
                  Doctrine of Lapse.                                             2. • Pupil to mark the places
               4. Pupil will be able to explain                                       where the Carnatic and
                  the    reforms      of   Lord                                       Mysore wars took place
                  Bentinck.                                                         • Pupil to discuss in detail
                                                                               Subsidiary Alliance and its
                                                                          3. Map work and written test - 10
I.3     1. Pupil acquires knowledge        The first war of Indian        1. Explain the first war of Indian    1. Use map of India.              6
           about the first war of Indian   Independence (Great Revolt        Independence                       2. Use the pictures of Indian
           Independence.                   of 1857) End of East India     2. • Pupil to write short stories        leaders who fought in the
        2. Pupil understands how the       Company's rule                       in relation to the great           first    Indian   war   of
           East India Company's rule                                            revolt.                            Independence
           came to an end.                                                   • Mark the places connected        3. Use the picture of Queen
        3. Pupil will be able explain                                           with the First war of Indian       Victoria
           the first war of Indian                                              Independence on the map
           independence                                                         of India.
                                                                          3. Written test : 10 marks

II.4    1. Pupil acquires knowledge        Social and Religious reform    1. Explain the condition of India     1. Pictures of social reformers   8
           about social reformers          movements in the 19th             before the social reform
        2. Pupil acquires knowledge        century-causes-the Brahmo         movement.
           about the principles of         samaj - the Arya samaj         2. • Pupil to collect and list the
           various      social    reform   Theosophical        society-         pictures      of      social
           movements.                      Ramakrishna        mission-          reformers.
        3. Understands               the   Muslim     movements-Parsi        • Visit Kanyakumari and see
           organisations started during    and Sikh reform movements            Vivekananda rock-statue
           the reform movement,            effects                              and       get      practical
        4. Able to explain the services                                         knowledge      about      his
           rendered by Raja Ram                                                 preachings.
           Mohan Roy                                                         • Visit        a        nearby
        5. Pupil recalls the services of                                        Ramakrishna mutt.
           Rama Krishna, Vivekanda,                                       3. Essay test : 10 marks
           Mrs.Annie Besant and Sir
           Syed Ahmed Khan
III.5   1. Pupil acquires knowledge        Emergence of the Indian        1. Explain the objectives and         1. Use map of India               8
           about the emergence and         National Movement-Growth-         goals of the Indian National       2. Use pictures of moderate
           growth of the Indian            period of the moderates-          Congress.                             and extremist leaders
           National movement,               extremists                 2. • Pupil to list the names of
        2. Pupil will be able to analyse                                     moderate and extremist
           the causes for the split of                                       leaders.
           moderates and extremists.                                      • Pupil to mark the places
        3. Pupil will be able to assess                                      where the conferences of
           the       contribution      of                                    the       Indian  National
           moderates and extremists                                          Congress were held.
                                                                       3. Unit test : 10 marks
III.6   1. Pupil acquires knowledge         India's   struggle   for   1. Explain Gandhian Era-explain      1. Use map of India               8
           about        Non-cooperation     Freedom-Gandhian Era          the Indian National army          2. Pictures of Gandhiji and
           movement, Salt Satyagraha                                   2. • Pupil to Dramatise Dandi           other leaders of Gandhian
           and Quit India movements.                                         March                             Era.
        2. Pupil     understands     the                                  • Map work-pupil to mark the
           outcome of the Round                                              places where national
           Table Conferences                                                 movements were vigorous.
        3. Pupil will be able to discuss                               3. Written test : 10 marks
           about the vital part played
           by Gandhi in freedom
        4. Pupil will be able to explain
           the services of Mahatma
           Gandhi to India's freedom

IV.7    1. Pupil acquires knowledge         India since Independence   1. • Explain the progress of         1. Use map of India               8
           about the social and             (1947-2000)-social              India since 1947.               2. Use statistical figures to
           educational progress in          progress-educational          • Describe the measures              indicate growth of literacy.
           India since 1947.                progress                        taken by the Government         3. Use pictures showing the
        2. Pupil acquires knowledge                                         for the upliftment of              social and educational
           about the abolition of                                           women.                             progress.
           untouchability                                              2. • Pupil to collect pictures,      4. Government publications
        3. Pupil     understands     the                                    about       abolition      of
           effects of social and                                            untouchability, upliftment of
           educational progress in                                          women,       Abolition     of
           India.                                                           bonded labour and literacy
        4. Pupil will be able to explain                                    movement.
          the   social, educational                                           • Pupil to write an essay
          progress in India since                                               about   the    educational
          independence.                                                         development since 1947.
                                                                           3. Question and answers : 10
IV.8   1. Pupil acquires knowledge        Planned            economic      1. Explain five year plans and       1. Use the map of India             6
          about       the     economic    development during the plan         how they contributed to India's   2. Govt publications
          development during the          periods-Scientific        and       growth, Liberalisation and        3. Pictures     showing   the
          plan periods.                   technological developments          Globalisation.                       industrial development
       2. Pupil     understands     the   -Liberalisation-Globalisation-   2. Pupil to collect pictures about
          scientific and technological    impact.                             industrial development.
          developments.                                                    3. Essay writing : 10 marks
       3. Pupil will be able to discuss
          about five year plans,
          liberalisation            and

IV.9   1. Pupil acquires knowledge        India's foreign policy-NAM-      1. Explain India's relationship      1. Use map of world                 6
          about the features of           SAARC etc.                          with neighbouring countries.      2. Use pictures of leaders who
          Panchasheel.                                                     2. • Pupil to prepare an album          framed the Panchaseel and
       2. Pupil understands NAM and                                              of all leaders who shaped         world leaders who visited
          SAARC.                                                                 India's foreign policy.           India.
       3. Pupil will discuss about                                            • Pupil to mark on the outline
          India's relationship with                                              map of world the members
          Pakistan                                                               of SAARC.
                                                                           3. Written Test : 10 marks
                                               CIVICS - 34 PERIODS (Inclusive of Revision, Test etc.,)
I.1    1. Pupil acquires knowledge        What         is       Federal    1. Quote examples of federal         1. Use table to list out Central,   5
          about federal character of      Government? The Central,            Governments in the world and         State and current subjects
          Indian Government.              State Governments - Union           explain
       2. Understands            the      Territories-Their                2. Pupil to list the Indian states
          relationship      between       relationship-Division      of       and Union territories
          Central      and     State      powers                           3. Oral test : 10 marks
          Governments and Union
       3. Able to explain the nature of
          Indian federal structure.
I.2    1. Pupil    understands      the   The Central Government -       1. Prepare a flowchart showing       1. Use diagrams                    8
          powers and functions of the     Executive-Legislature             the wings of the Central          2. Use       pictures      of
          Union            Executive,     Judiciary   (President-Vice-      Government and explain.              Rashtrapathi       Bhavan,
          Legislature and Judiciary,      President-PM-Ministers-        2. Pupil to list out the names of       Parliament Building and
       2. Able to recall and explain      Parliament-powers-                the Heads of Union Executive,        Supreme Court building.
          the powers and functions of     functions-supreme     court-      Legislature and Judiciary.        3. TV telecast of Parliament
          the     Union    Executive,     powers functions               3. Written test : 10 marks              news-newspapers
          Legislature and Judiciary

I.3    1. Pupil acquires knowledge        The State Government -         1. Prepare a flowchart showing       1. Use diagram                     6
          about        the      State     Executive - Legislature-          the      State      Government    2. Use pictures of Rajbhavan,
          Administration.                 Judiciary    (Governor-CM-        Administrative setup and             Secretariat,          (Fort
       2. Understands the powers          Ministers-Speaker-MLAs-           explain.                             St.George) High Court
          and functions of the            High Court-powers and          2. Pupil to list out the names of       Buildings etc.
          Governor, Chief Minister,       functions)                        TN Governor, CM, Ministers        3. T.V.Programmes related to
          Ministers, Speaker, MLAs,                                         and the Governors and CMs            the topic
          Legislature, Chief Judge,                                         of neighbouring states.
          High Court Judges etc.                                         3. Unit test : 10 marks
II.4   1. Pupil understands that the      Election Commission of         1. Use diagram to explain the        1. Use the pictures of emblem      5
          Election Commission of          India-State        Election       topic.                               of Election Commission of
          India is an independent         Commissions-Composition-       2. Pupil to list out the names of       India, name of building, etc.
          constitutional body             powers and functions              Election Commissioners.           2. T.V. programmes related to
       2. Understands the powers                                         3. Written test : 10 marks              the topic - Newspaper
          and functions of the                                                                                   reports.
          Election of Commission of
          India and State Election
       3. Able to describe their role
II.5   1. Pupil understands how the       Elections to the Parliament-   1. Cite the example of local M.P.,   1. Use pictures of Parliament,     5
          Members of Parliament,          State Legislatures and Local      M.L.A., M.C. or Panchayat            State Legislature, Municipal
          State Assemblies and Local      Bodies                            representative and explain.          Corporation,     Panchayat
          bodies are elected.                                            2. Pupil    to    list  out   the        Union-TV       programmes
       2. Recognises the role of                                            responsibilities of MPs, MLAs,        related to the topic-news
          people's representatives                                          M.C. and Panchayat leaders.           paper reports.
       3. Able to describe their                                         3. Written Test : 10 marks
II.6   1. Pupil understands about        Citizenship-Voting right-age-   1. Explain who are the Citizens       1. Use newspaper reports and       5
          citizenship     and   voting   need for voting-voter -            of India and Non-Resident             other articles related to the
          rights.                        Identity card-Voting system-       Indians.                              topic
       2. Pupil acquires knowledge       political Party symbols -       2. Pupil to list out qualifications
          about voter identity card      Duties of voters                   for Citizenship and Voting
          and voting system.                                                right
       3. Pupil will be able to                                          3. Unit test : 10 Marks
          describe the symbols of
          political parties and duties
          of voters.

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