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					                                                                           Grizzly Madness 2011
                                                                   Silent Auction Guide Revised 3/20/11

                Please review the item contents and values before you bid, as they may be different than what is listed in this Auction Guide.

 Category         Item #          Team             Title             Description                                                   Value              Donated by:
                                                   Golf for four
 Golf             BB1             Baseball                           Castlewood Country Club Golfing for 3 and lunch               $300    $150       Cabral Family
                                                   and lunch
                                                   3 Nights In
                                                                     A beautiful red baseball bat signed by Tony La Russa,
                                                                     Buzz Bissinger, and Billy Bob Thornton – a true
                                                                     collector‟s item. Buzz Bissinger‟s incredible book
 Autograph        BB2             Baseball         Heartbreak,                                                                     $200    $100       Coach Dan Ward
                                                                     centering on Tony LaRussa as a Major League Manger
                                                   & Joy Inside
                                                                     is currently being made into a movie whereby Billy Bob
                                                   The Mind Of
                                                                     Thornton is slated to play Tony LaRussa
                                                   A Manager
                                                                     Two baseball hats, three t-shirts and shorts and a long
                                                                                                                                                      Grizzly Baseball
                                                                     sleeve shirt to help get you ready for the game. But you
 SpiritWear       BB3             Baseball         Game Day                                                                        $250    $100       families and the
                                                                     can‟t forget the designer sunglasses to make sure you
                                                                     can see every play in the sun
                                                   Heart Of The
                                                                     Design your own baseball glove with the Rawlings
 Sports           BB4             Baseball         Hide Pro                                                                        $350    $175       Rawlings Rep
                                                   Shop Custom
                                                                                                                                                      Grizzly Baseball
                                                   Men and
 Beauty,                                                             Designer Miche handbag with inner and outer shell(s)                             families, and the
                  BB5             Baseball         Women                                                                           $300    $150
 Misc.                                                               for women tools and power tools for men tools                                    Fishers and the
                                                                     A basket full of wonderful hair products and other lotions                       Grizzly Baseball
                                                   Minimize “Hat     and creams along with a certificate for a hair highlight.                        Families and the
 Beauty           BB6             Baseball                                                                                         $350    $175
                                                   Days”             But just in case, a Cal High Hat is included for the „Hat                        Guardino‟s and
                                                                     Days‟!                                                                           the DiDio‟s

 Vacation–                                                           4 night stay in 2 bedroom condo in Palm Desert
 LIVE                                              Play and          between May and November; $100 gift certificate to use
                                                                                                                                                      Josie, Mike and
 AUCTION          BB7             Baseball         Stay Get          at the Palm Valley Country Club with amenities including      $1200   $515
                                                                                                                                                      Travis Roberts
                                                   Away              golf, swimming, tennis, etc., 2 bottles of fine wine, $25
                                                                     gift certificate to Golfsmith, and a basket full of goodies

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                  Page 1
 Category         Item #          Team             Title           Description                                                     Value              Donated by:

 Service,                                                                                                                                             Maureen
                                                   Interior        A One-Hour Interior Design Consultations along with 6
                  BB8             Baseball                                                                                         $225    $110       Sarmenta and
 Wine                                              Design          bottles of wine to enjoy your newly designed home.
                                                                                                                                                      Coach Dan Ward
                                                   Stella and      Enjoy a beautiful necklace, 2 bracelets and earrings
 Beauty           BB9             Baseball                                                                                         $200    $100       Denise Cole
                                                   Dot Jewelry     from Stella and Dot
                                                                   Blackhawk Country Club invites you to play golf and
                                                   Blackhawk       enjoy their spectacular course with country club service.                          Blackhawk
 Golf             BKM1                             Country Club    This package includes one round of golf for four people         $500    $225       Country Club and
                                                   Golf for Four   at the Falls Course with two golf carts. Valid Mon-Thurs                           Men‟s Basketball
                                                                   excluding holidays
                                                   Are you         This package includes a Driver‟s Education course
                                                   Ready to                                                                                           Tri Valley Driving
                                  Basketball                       (either on-line or classroom) and a 2-hour Behind-the-
 Service          BKM2                             Drive?                                                                          $196    $90        School and
                                  Men‟s                            Wheel Lesson with the friendly and patient instructors
                                                                                                                                                      Men‟s Basketball
                                                                   from Tri Valley Driving School.

                                                   Take Me Out                                                                                        Oakland-
                                                                   Enjoy a day with the Oakland A‟s in a private luxury
 Tickets –                                         To The                                                                                             Alameda County
                                  Basketball                       suite. This package includes 24 luxury suite tickets and
 LIVE             BKM3                             Ballgame                                                                        $200    $100       Coliseum
                                  Men‟s                            4 parking passes for the Oakland A‟s vs. Kansas City
 AUCTION                                                                                                                                              Authority and
                                                                   Royals game on June 16th at 12:35pm.
                                                                                                                                                      Men‟s Basketball
                                                                   Go face to face with the San Jose Sharks! This
                                                   Face the        package includes two Club Level tickets for the San
                                                   Sharks at       Jose Sharks vs Anaheim Ducks game on Sat. April 2                                  Men‟s Basketball
                                  Basketball                                                   th
 Sports           BKM4                             Club Level      at 7:30 pm. These are 6 row tickets that look right at          $250    $125
                                                                   the net the Sharks shoot on for two of the three periods.
                                                                   Also included is a parking pass and a coupon for a
                                                                   Sharks Magazine.
                                                                   Are you tired of hearing "I'm Hungry!!" after practice and
                                                   Feed your       games? Arm yourself with this fist full of gift cards that is
                                                   Teenage         sure to please. Great hot spots include; Nations $20,
 Tickets          BKM5                             Athlete         Applebee's $25, Jamba Juice $25, Subway $30, On the             $200    $100       Men‟s Basketball
                                                                   Border $50, Rigatoni's $40, Chipotle $20, and Cold
                                                                   Stone $15. Give yourself a break and make your teen
                                                                   Starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, CC
                                                   CC Sabathia     Sabathia, personally signed this Major League ball.
 Autograph        BKM6                             Signed          Offered in a display case and ready to look great in your       $150    $75        Men‟s Basketball
                                                   Baseball        office, den or next to all your other favorite sports
Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                  Page 2
 Category         Item #          Team             Title          Description                                                    Value              Donated by:
                                                                  The package includes a one week free basketball camp
                                                                  with Triple Threat Academy. There are several different                           Triple Threat
                                                                  camps you can choose from for boys and girls ages 6-                              Academy and
                                  Basketball       Camp
 Service          BKM7                                            16. The camps are located all over the bay area with           $199    $95        Men's Basketball
                                  Men‟s            Summer
                                                                  several in San Ramon, Danville and Pleasanton. You
                                                                  can check out all the different summer camps that are
                                                                  available at
                                                                  Enjoy two tickets to see the World Series Champion SF
 Sports,                          Basketball                      Giants. Before you head out to the game, be sure to
                  BKM8                             SF Giants                                                                     $120    $60        Men‟s Basketball
 Tickets                          Men‟s                           stop by Champs and use your $50 in gift cards to
                                                                  purchase some Giants attire.
                                                                  This basket includes $50 in gift cards and a
                                                                  small warriors coffee pot & warriors toiletry bag. Also                           Talkin Baseball
 Tickets,                         Basketball       NBA & Cal
                  BKM9                                            included is a Cal High Grizzlies Dr. metal street sign that    $135    $65        and Men's
 Misc.                            Men‟s            High
                                                                  would be a great addition to any Cal High students                                Basketball
                                                                  Partini Board Game with $25 Godiva gift card, $30
 Wine,                                                            Crabtree & Evelyn gift card, 2007 Victor Hugo wine
                                  Basketball       "Partini                                                                                         Women‟s
 Tickets          BKW1                                            Cheese server, Wine bottle art, Vinyl Lettering wall           $200    $100
                                  Women‟s          Anyone?"                                                                                         Basketball
 Household                                                        décor, Creative Memories album, and Pomegranate
                                                                  reed diffuser
                                  Basketball       Magellan                                                                      $200    $100       Women‟s
 Misc.            BKW2-5                                          4 (four) Magellan explorist 210 Handheld GPS'
                                  Women‟s          GPS                                                                           each    each       Basketball
                                                                  Fall Parking passes are hard to come by and Seniors
 Misc –                                            Parking Spot   have first priority! If you want to avoid the hassle of your
 LIVE             CAB1            CAB1             Fall           student trying to find a parking place without getting a       $50     $25        Mark Corti
 AUCTION                                           Semester       ticket, grab the opportunity to get a parking pass now!
                                                                  For 2010/11 school year.
                                                                  Spring Parking passes are hard to come by and Seniors
 Misc –                                            Parking Spot   have first priority! If you want to avoid the hassle of your
 LIVE             CAB2            CAB2             Spring         student trying to find a parking place without getting a       $50     $25        Mark Corti
 AUCTION                                           Semester       ticket, grab the opportunity to get a parking pass now!
                                                                  For 2010/11 school year.
                                                   Courtside      You pick the game and arrange with Mr. Corti‟s
                                                   Seats For      secretary to get two courtside seats for a home men‟s or
 Sports           CAB3            CAB3                                                                                           $150    $75        Mark Corti
                                                   Basketball     women‟s basketball game! No fighting with sixth man
                                                   Game           club or sitting in the rafters!

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                  Page 3
 Category         Item #          Team             Title            Description                                                 Value                Donated by:
                                                                    You pick the game and arrange with Mr Corti‟s secretary
                                                   Passes At
 Sports           CAB4            CAB4                              to get two sideline passes for a home football game! Be     $150      $75        Mark Corti
                                                                    where the action is! Maybe you‟ll even get tackled!

                  CAB5 (1) –                       Graduation       Buy as many as you need! Reserved graduation seats
 Graduation                       CAB5-29          Seats – One      in the shade! Top row of the bleachers in front of the      $100      $50        Mark Corti
                  CAB5 (25)                        Seat             press box! No need to fight the crowd at 4:30!
                                                   Family Or        Capture this moment in time with a professional outdoor
                                                   Senior Photo     photography sitting with Gretchen Adams. Her images
                  CAB6 (1) –                                        are so stunning. Creating heirloom quality portraits.       $395
                                                   Session With
 Service                          CAB30-33                          Diablo Magazines Best of the East Bay 2007. Visit her       each      $200       Gretchen Adams
                  CAB6 (4)                         Photographer
                                                                    website                               sitting
                                                   Adams            Four sittings available. (Photos not included)
                                                   Cal High         Receive a gift certificate for $60 towards a Cal High
 SpiritWear       CAB7            CAB34            Varsity          Varsity Letter Jacket and $60 towards embroidery from       $160      $80        Cds threads
                                                   Jacket           Custom Designs and Sports
                                                   Cal High
                                                                    Varsity Letter Jacket from All Star Sport – please return
 SpiritWear       CAB8            CAB35            Varsity                                                                      $200      $100       All Star Sports
                                                                    this jacket to get the correct size
                                                                                                                                                     Martin Oliveira,
 Graduation       CAB9            CAB36            Class Ring       California High School class ring from Jostens              $160      $80
                                                                    Complimentary 3-Month Membership for a Family(*)
                                                                    Membership. The donation comes with a Logo‟d
                                                                    Workout Bag, Towel and Water Bottle, and waives the
                                                                    Enrollment Fee for the Individual or Family Membership,
                                                   Club Sport       should they elect to join our gym following their three     $900 -               Club Sport San
 Sports           CAB10           CAB37                                                                                                   $400
                                                   Membership       month trial membership. Should they elect to join, they     1600                 Ramon
                                                                    will simply be responsible for monthly dues, thereafter.
                                                                    (*) ClubSport’s Family membership is defined as 2
                                                                    Adults, and 2 kids. Membership dues will vary for
                                                                    families larger than four.
                                                                    Full day of fun for up to 6 people:
                                                   Day of           Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, Swimming,                                             Linda Hall,
                                                   Boating Fun          Kayaking,Paddle Boating, Floating, Relaxing in the                           Tina MacLennan,
 Experience       CAB11           CAB38            and Sun at           sun or shade, BBQ Lunch, Beverages & More               $350      $150       Julie Sword
                                                   King Island in   Date: To be arranged, Time: 10AM- 7 PM
                                                   the Delta        Meet at Marina 45 mins from San Ramon – Island is
                                                                        only boat accessible
Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                   Page 4
 Category         Item #          Team             Title          Description                                                  Value                 Donated by:
                                                                  One complimentary Microdermbrasion treatment and                                   Dr. Ting
 Beauty,                                           Facial         one intended pulse light that targets the browns and
                  CAB12           CAB39                                                                                        $525       $250       Dermatologist
 Service                                           Products       reds spot of the skin on the face. Usually require a
                                                                  series of treatment up to 3-5 sessions.                                            San Ramon
                                                   Ride With      The San Ramon Police Department will provide the                                   San Ramon
 Experience       CAB13           CAB40            The SR         winner with a tour of the PD, lunch with the Police Chief,   $100       $50        Police
                                                   Police         and a ride-along with a police officer.                                            Department
                                                                  Receive much needed assistance with preparing your                                 Liberty Tax
 Service          CAB14           CAB41            Preparation                                                                 $450       $200
                                                                  taxes this year from Liberty Tax Service.                                          Service
                                                                  Select from a great number of sports memorabilia items
                                                                  including either a SF Giants - world series framed
                                                                  pictures, a SF Giants - world series framed pictures,
                                                   Sports                                                                      $250 per              Commissioned
 Art              CAB15           CAB42-46                        San Jose Sharks - framed picture, SF 49ers - Joe                        $125
                                                   Memorabilia                                                                 item                  Items
                                                                  Montana & Bill Walsh, Superbowl 23, or SF Giants -
                                                                  field view at the world series

                                                                  4 one-hour passes to Sky High, Concord $40 value
                                                                  4 Regal Cinema tickets, $32 value
                                                   Kids Fun
 Tickets          CH1             Cheer                           Jamba Juice gift cards $50 value, Coupons for 3 Xlarge       $170       $85        Cheer Families
                                                                  pizzas at Extreme pizza, San Ramon ($48 value)
                                                                  Yummy Snacks!
                                                                  2 hours of party DJ service from Break Beat DJs ($400
                                                   House Party    value), Multi -media player ($130 value), 4 bottles of
                                                                  wine: Ruffino Chianti, Clos duBois Chardonnay, Destino
 AUCTION          CH2             Cheer                                                                                        $700       $350       Cheer Families
                                                                  Chardonnay & Destino „The Mask‟ red blend ($120
                                                                  value), Beverages and More gift card ($100),
                                                                  Miscellaneous supplies ($40)
                                                                  Mary Kay makeup compact and $25 gift card ($43
                                                                  value), uStudio Salon gift certificate ($80 value), Cookie
                                                   Team Mom's     Lee gift certificate ($25 value), Prada scented body
 Beauty,                                           Pamper         lotion ($52 value), Sarah Jessica Parker „Covet‟ perfume
                  CH3             Cheer            Basket                                                                      $275       $135       Cheer Families
 Tickets                                                          ($30 value), Zebra leather zip manicure case from
                                                                  Gardenseed Gift Shop in Danville ($20), Partylite tea
                                                                  lights ($10 value),Bottle of Elliston Vineyards Sparkling
                                                                  wine ($14 value), $20 gift cards to Jamba Juice

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                Page 5
 Category         Item #          Team             Title          Description                                                 Value              Donated by:
                                                                  Four A's tickets to April 1 Season Opener vs. Seattle
 Sports                                                           Mariners (valued at $72), A's Fan Pack: Hat,
                                                   A's Basket
 Spiritwear       CH4             Cheer                           Wrist/sweat bands, Jersey (men's XL Ellis #14), & A's       $150    $75        Cheer Families
 Tickets                                                          backpack, Pre-game Tailgate with the Podany's and 100
                                                                  of our friends, $50 gift card to Norm's Pub, Danville
                                                                  Two tickets to one of the following games: 10/22 Cal
                                                                  vs. Utah, or 11/5 vs. Washington State, or 11/12 vs.
 Sports,                                           Cal Bears      Oregon State ($80 value), Bears Fan Pack: Large
 Tickets,                                          Football       Men‟s tee-shirt, pom-poms, water bottle, logo socks
                  CH5             Cheer            Basket                                                                     $165    $80        Cheer Families
 Spiritwear,                                                      ($25 value), Bottle of BR Cohn 2007 Cabernet, Olive Hill
 Autograph                                                        Estate Vineyards, autographed by Doobie Brothers Tom
                                                                  Johnston, Pat Simmons, John McFee, and Guy Allison
                                                                  ($60+ value)
                                                   House          Athena Design will prep your walls and paint any interior
 Service          CH6             Cheer                                                                                       $700    $350       Cheer Families
                                                   Painting       room, up to 10‟ x 10‟ Includes paint
                                                                  A red wicker basket of beautiful sushi serving dishes
                                                                  and sake samples including: Sushi dinner dishes set for
                                                   Sushi and
                                                                  two, oblong Sushi platter (1), prepared Wasabi paste,
 Household        FB1             Football         Sake It To                                                                 $60     $50        Grizzly Football
                                                                  Soy Sauce, Kizakura Rice Sake (alcohol beverage),
                                                                  Kizakura Sake with Gold Flakes, Meiji Chococones,
                                                                  Fortune Cookie Factory colored cookies
                                                                  A BOUNTIFUL basket of beautiful pasta serve ware and
                                                                  products perfect for an Italian or Napa Valley themed
                                                                  meal including: Large Pasta and (4) bowls, printed dish
                                                                  towels (2), Smoked Almonds, Arnott‟s Cheeseboard
                                                                  assorted crackers, Sonoma Jacks Parmesan
                                                                  Peppercorn and Pepper Jack gourmet cheese wedges,
                                                   Just Add
 Household        FB2             Football                        Artichoke Pesto, Genovese Pesto, Torino Thin                $150    $80        Grizzly Football
                                                                  Breadsticks, Spaghetti pasta, Roasted Garlic Flavored
                                                                  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pinot Grigio Wine Salami, Pinot
                                                                  Noir Wine Salami, Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Salami,
                                                                  Chocolate Wine Pairing Collection, Perugina Baci Dark
                                                                  Chocolate with Hazelnut Filing, Perugina Milk Chocolate
                                                                  with Cappucino filling, and Color Drip Candles (2)
                                                                  A Girly-girl‟s dream! A Japonesque semi-professional
                                                                  black leather case filled with wonderful cosmetic
 Beauty           FB3             Football                        products including special brushes, lash curlers,           $525    $125       Alexis Johnson
                                                                  manicure sets and false eyelashes and more that every
                                                                  Girly-girl has to have!

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                             Page 6
 Category         Item #          Team             Title           Description                                                  Value              Donated by:
                                                                   A 36" x 22" fabric art wall hanging of a grizzly bear with
                                                   Grizzly Over
 Art              FB4             Football                         Mount Diablo in the background. Designed and made by         $200    $40        Ann Haley
                                                   Mount Diablo
                                                                   Ann Haley. Inspired by the works of Cindy Rymer.
                                                                   Display your USA and Grizzly Pride with this winning
                                                                   combination! An 11” x 14” framed and matted 8” x 10”
                                                                   photo - 2010 Grizzlies NCS Championship Playoff, An
                                                                   11” x 14” framed and matted 8” x 10” photo of the 2010
                  FB5             Football         Grizzly Pride   Grizzly football team tribute to US Veterans carrying our    $120    $80        Grizzly Football
                                                                   Nation‟s flag onto the field, A 2010 Cal High Grizzlies
                                                                   Football program, Cal Grizzlies Football Shirt, Cal
                                                                   Grizzlies Football Sweatshirt, and All apparel sizes
                                                                   included are XXL
                                                   Design          1 hour professional home decorating consultation to                             Maureen
 Service          FB6             Football                                                                                      $125    $125
                                                   Consultant      winning bidder                                                                  Sarmenta
 Golf             GM1             Golf Men‟s       Golf Bag        New Cal High Golf Bag                                        $150    $75        Mike Pottinger
                                                                   Round of golf for 2 at Dublin Ranch Golf Course
                                                                   Three Sleeves of golf balls, Golf Glove, $60.00 Golf                            Samantha
                                                                   Smith money, Golf Tee Bag, Hand Sanitizer, $30.00                               Cookson, Tara
                                  Golf             Par for the
 Golf             GW1                                              Golf Mart gift card, Golf Lesson from head golf Pro, Jeff    $415    $200       Schenk and the
                                  Women‟s          Course
                                                                   De Benedeth at Las Positas Golf course, Izod sun visor                          Women‟s Golf
                                                                   Golf shirt, Bottle of Wine, 2 wine glasses, Chocolates                          Team
                                                                   Golf Tees, First Tee Warm up system
                                                   Everything                                                                                      Samantha
                                                                   Cleveland Women‟s Golf Bag, Lynx Women‟s Golf
                                                   for the                                                                                         Cookson, Tara
                                  Golf                             Glove, Golf Tees, Golf Tee bag, Three Sleeves of Nike
 Golf             GW2                              Women                                                                        $275    $135       Schenk and the
                                  Women‟s                          power distance golf balls, 30 Minute golf Lesson at Las
                                                   Golfer and                                                                                      Women‟s Golf
                                                                   Positas Golf Course
                                                   Lessons!                                                                                        Team
                                                   More for the    Cleveland Women‟s Golf Bag, Lynx Women‟s Golf
                                  Golf                                                                                                             Cookson, Tara
                                                   Women           Glove, Golf Tees, Golf Tee bag, Three Sleeves of Nike
 Golf             GW3                                                                                                           $325    $160       Schenk and the
                                  Women‟s          Golfer and      power distance golf balls, 30 Minute golf Lesson at Las
                                                                                                                                                   Women‟s Golf
                                                   Lessons         Positas Golf Course
                                                                   Cleveland Women‟s Golf Bag, Lynx Women‟s Golf
                                  Golf                                                                                                             Cookson, Tara
                                                   Golf supplies   Glove, Golf Tees, Golf Tee bag, Three Sleeves of Nike
 Golf             GW4                                                                                                           $295    $145       Schenk and the
                                  Women‟s          and lessons     power distance golf balls, 30 Minute golf Lesson at Las
                                                                                                                                                   Women‟s Golf
                                                                   Positas Golf Course

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                Page 7
 Category         Item #          Team             Title           Description                                                Value              Donated by:
                                                                   Wine, $25 BevMo gift certificate, Wine opener ($45)
 Wine,                                                             Wine aerator ($40), 4 coasters ($20), Wine Glasses
                                  Lacrosse         Wine Lovers
                  LXM1                                             ($20), Wine bottle stopper ($12), Chardonnay cheese        $220    $110       Men‟s Lacrosse
 Household                        Men's            Basket
                                                                   biscuits ($8), Glass wine plate ($12), Cheeseball and
                                                                   appetizer mix ($5)
 Vacation                                          Weekend         It‟s a two bedroom, two bath upstairs condo with a view
                                  Lacrosse         Condo at Sea    of the beach. It has a full kitchen, and a barbeque. The
 LIVE             LXM2                                                                                                        $820    $410       Men‟s Lacrosse
                                  Men's            Scapes          resort has three swimming pools with hot tubs, and the
 AUCTION                                           Resort          beach is a short hike away.
                                  Lacrosse         Back to         Case of Rock Star Energy Drink ($48), T-Mobile phone
 Misc             LXM3                                                                                                        $120    $60        Men‟s Lacrosse
                                  Men's            school basket   ($25), Samsung backpack ($35), Itunes Gift Card
                                                                   Facial from Jolie European Skin Care ($50)
                                                                   Manicure and Pedicure from Quality Nail Design ($30)
                                                                   Manicure and Pedicure from Rejoice Beauty Care ($30)
                                                                   Fuzzy Footies - Just a Little Something Gift Shop ($13)
                                                                   Candle - Just a Little Something Gift Shop ($14)
                                  Lacrosse         Spa/Beauty      Bare Minerals Naturally Luminous Daily Duo ($23)
 Beauty           LXM4                                                                                                        $300    $150       Men‟s Lacrosse
                                  Men's            Basket          Bare Minerals Face Fashion 5 piece collection ($34)
                                                                   Bare Escentuals Girlfriend Collection 7-pieces ($42)
                                                                   Bare Escentuals i.d. on the spot eye makeup remover
                                                                   ($5), Bare Escentuals Volumizing Mascara ($18)
                                                                   Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer ($21)
                                                                   Bare Escentuals Prime Time Eye Lid primer ($18)
                                                                   5-piece Ceramic Dipping Set including; 4-piece hand
                                                                   painted ceramic cookware with storage lids and wire
                                                                   serving baskets. Cookware goes from freezer, to
                                                                   microwave, to oven at 500 degrees, Cookbook ($18)
 Household,                       Lacrosse                         Dish towels ($15), Silver pasta serving spork ($20),
                  LXM5                             Tuscan                                                                     $250    $125       Men‟s Lacrosse
 Ticket                           Men‟s                            2 bottles flavored olive oil ($30), 2 bottles flavored
                                                                   balsamic vinegar ($20), 2 jars tapenade/dip ($12),
                                                                   Assorted Pasta ($10), Gift Certificate to Pasta
                                                                   Primavera ($50)

                                  Lacrosse         John Madden        John Madden signed Special Edition NFL Football in
 Autograph        LXW1                                                                                                        $300    $150       Lacrosse and
                                  Women's          Football           display case
                                                                                                                                                 Greg Parikh

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                           Page 8
 Category         Item #          Team             Title            Description                                                  Value              Donated by:
                                                                       5 special framed NFL QB Photos and game used
                                  Lacrosse         Special NFL         jersey swatches from football players (Ben
 Autograph        LXW2                                                                                                           $150    $75        Lacrosse and
                                  Women's          Memorabilia         Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez, Jay
                                                                                                                                                    Greg Parkih
                                                                       Cutler, and Joe Flacco
                                                                       Hand painted painting by Coach Corso of Tinkerbelle                          Women‟s
                                  Lacrosse         Movie
 Autograph        LXW3                                                 along with photo and movie memorabilia from Carl          $100    $50        Lacrosse and
                                  Women's          Memorabilia
                                                                       Maldon and Scarlet Johansson                                                 Greg Parkih
                                  Lacrosse         Truckee             Enjoy 3 nights in a cabin in Truckee for a fun                               Women‟s
 Vacation         LXW4                                                                                                           $525    $260
                                  Women's          Vacation            weekend!                                                                     Lacrosse
 Misc,                            Lacrosse         Music in a          Brand new Apple I-Pod Nano (Silver) Model A1320                              Women‟s
                  LXW5                                                                                                           $200    $100
 Household                        Women‟s          basket!             with video camera with a Longaberger Basket                                  Lacrosse
 Beauty,                          Lacrosse         Purse in a          Orange Longaberger basket with cocktail clutch                               Women‟s
                  LXW6                                                                                                           $100    $50
 Household                        Women‟s          basket!             purses                                                                       Lacrosse
                                                   Autographed      Autographed Nascar Champion Jimmie Johnson T-
                                  Lacrosse                                                                                                          Women‟s
 Autograph        LXW7                             Sports           Shirt, Jamie Baker signed San Jose Sharks Hat, signed        $100    $50
                                  Women‟s                                                                                                           Lacrosse
                                                   Memorabilia      NLL San Jose Stealth Lacrosse T-shirt by Rhys Duch
                                  Lacrosse                                                                                                          Women‟s
 Wine             LXW8                             Wine!            An assortment of 6 wines                                     $100    $50
                                  Women‟s                                                                                                           Lacrosse
                                                                    Either field speed/strength work, 6 one hour sessions on
                                                                    the field with sleds or 6 one hour powerlifting workouts
                                                   Weight Lifting   at Pat Pawloski‟s place. Trainee can be an adult or
 Service                                           Session or       student at least 10 years old. Extra option for student
                  SM1                              Speed /          only would be 6 hours of field speed strength work with      $300    $150       Pat Pawloski
                                                   Strength         a group of club soccer players. Training sessions need
                                                   Work             to run through a set routine so they would be 3 sessions
                                                                    per week for two weeks. Sessions are subject to Pat‟s
                                                                    Two baskets of Champagne, 2 music CD and 4 classic
                                                                    champagne Flutes including a bottle Italian sparkling,
                                                                    wine produced by renowned Italian wine maker Lamarch
                                                                                                                                                    The Men‟s
                                  Soccer           Champagne        a bottle California sparkling wine by California prominent
                  SM2                                                                                                            $55     $30        Soccer Team
 Wine                             Men's            and music             Napa wine maker Mumm, a bottle French sparkling
                                                                         wine produced by well-known French wine maker
                                                                         Veuve, and a bottle Italian sparkling wine by
                                                                         legendary Italian wine maker Mionetto

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                Page 9
 Category         Item #          Team             Title          Description                                                Value              Donated by:
                                                                  90 minute in Home Massage. Certificate
                                                   Relaxing       Enjoy the benefits of massage therapy! Melt away
 Service          SM3                              Home           stress and enjoy a soothing massage and feel great!        $100    $50        Driggs Family
                                                   Massage        Massage is a wonderful way to reduce your stress, calm
                                                                  your nerves and mind.
                                                                  Wine tasting for 12 guests at the spectacular Ruby Hills
                                                                  Mediterranean style Tasting Room.
                                                                  A Hospitality Attendant will guide your group through an
                                                                  enjoyable wine tasting experience. Guests may stroll
                                                                  through the tasting room and enjoy an array of unique
                                                                  gifts ranging from imported Italian ceramics and wine                         The Men‟s
 Wine,                            Soccer           Wine Tasting   accessories to great looking apparel.
                  SM4                                                                                                        $110    $55        Soccer Team
 Experience                       Men‟s            and Bocce
                                                                  Ruby Hills - 400 Vineyard Ave. Pleasanton CA                                  Families
                                                                  Tasting Room Hours:Daily from 11:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
                                                                  $50.00 gift certificate at Campo di Bocce of Livermore
                                                                  good for food, bocce, beverages or any retail item.
                                                                  Campo di Boccce – 175 East Vineyard Ave.
                                                                  Pleasanton, CA
                                                                  Single strand wood and glass bead necklace. Gold
                                  Soccer           Beautify       metal cording wrapped around clear, gold, glass and                           The Kutscher
 Beauty           SM5                                                                                                        $180    $90
                                  Men's            necklace       wood beads. Adjustable with lobster claw closure - 17                         Family
                                                                  1/2" long
                                                                  1 professional mobile fitness training session.
                                                                  NST fitness will bring a complete mobile gym, and park
                                  Soccer           Workout        in front of your home, and you will come inside and be
 Service          SM6                                                                                                        $200    $100       Dan Diodati
                                  Men's            Session        trained by the leader in mobile fitness industry Dan
                                                                  Diodati. Within that 1 hour there be will a fitness goal
                                                                  assessment, program design and training.
                                                                  Sports Photo Service by Chris Goodman the “Photo
                                                   Photo          1 hour of professional sports action photography at any
                                  Soccer           Service for    local sporting event focused on a particular subject of
 Service          SM7                                                                                                        $125    $60        Chris Goodman
                                  Men‟s            your Sports    your choosing. You will receive: a disk containing
                                                   Team           approximately 75 high quality photo images focused on
                                                                  the selected subject, 4 - 8x10 professionally developed
                                                                  prints of selected photographs
                                                                  2 Dental Care Packages
                                  Soccer                                                                                                        Michael O‟Neil,
 Service          SM8                              Clean Teeth    Free dental cleaning, comprehensive exam and               $100    $50
                                  Men‟s                           necessary dental x-rays by Michael O‟Neil, DDS, MAGD

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                           Page 10
 Category         Item #          Team             Title           Description                                               Value                 Donated by:
                                                                   Adidas Tee shirt made from 100% organically grown
 Spirit Wear                      Soccer           Soccer Spirit   cotton fabric, Adidas “Wembley” London Final 2011                               The Men‟s
                  SM9                              Wear and        Champion League official soccer ball, $25.00 Jamba        $100       $50        Soccer Team
 Tickets                          Men‟s            More            Juice Card, $25.00 gift card at the Golfer‟s Warehouse                          Families
                                                                   (Dublin California)
                                                                   Popcorn and treats to eat and watch movies at home.
                                                       Family      Netflix package donated by Netflix
                                                   Entertainmen    Certificate good for One Year subscription to Netflix                           Safeway Corp.
 Tickets,                         Soccer            t and Movie
                  SW1                                              2 Netflix T-shirts (L & XL) with 2 Travel coffee mugs     $270       $135       And Women‟s
 Misc                             Women's             Package      Silver iPod Shuffle & iTunes gift card $10                                      Soccer Program
                                                                   Safeway gift card $50 – Donated by Coldstone ice
                                                                   cream gift card $15
                                                                   Enjoy dining out at a great selection of restaurants.
                                                    Dine Around    Enjoy a movie and ice cream. Giuseppe‟s gift card $50
                                                       Town        Casa Orozco gift card $30, Baja Fresh gift card $25
 Dining,                          Soccer                                                                                                           Women‟s Soccer
                  SW2                                 Package      Chili‟s, Macaroni Grill, or On the Border gift card $25   $180       $90
 Tickets                          Women's                                                                                                          Program
                                                                   Coldstone ice cream gift card $15, Regal movie theatre
                                                                   gift card $15, AMC movie theatre gift card $10 along
                                                                   with a place setting to eat and a Figurine.
                                                       Photo       3 Photo Sitting Fees
                  SW3 (1)-        Soccer              Session                                                                $100 per   $50 per
 Service                                                           from Memories In A Box Photography                                              Sonia Bradley
                  (3)             Women's                                                                                    session    session
                                                                   Enjoy a deluxe manicure and pedicure with warming
                                                      Mother‟s     stones, salt scrub and more while eating chocolate.
                                                      Package      A digital photo key chain and Cookie Lee jewels for
                                  Soccer                                                                                                           Women‟s Soccer
 Beauty           SW4                                              mom and daughter. Rejoice Manicure and Pedicure gift      $130       $65
                                  Women's                                                                                                          Program
                                                                   certificate $35 Stuffed Teddy with Cookie Lee jewelry
                                                                   Digital photo keychain, Exquisite Chocolate, and a
                                                                   jewelry stand.
                                                                                                                                                   Women‟s Soccer
                                                                   An officially autographed Raiders football signed
                                                       Sports                                                                                      Program &
                                                                   by John Madden the Hall of Fame Coach
 Autograph,                       Soccer              Package                                                                                      Football donated
                  SW5                                              and Football Announcer including football frame and       $300       $150
 Tickets                          Women's                                                                                                          by Brad and
                                                                   shop at gift certificate $25, and an Adidas bag
                                                                   and Sports Illustrated Hardback Book – Priceless!

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                              Page 11
 Category         Item #          Team             Title            Description                                                Value              Donated by:
                                                                    Gift certificate good for registration, volunteer Fee                          Presented by
                                                    San Ramon       Waiver, and uniform package for 2011-2012 season                              Rolan Ramirez,
                                                      Soccer        1 Player Registration $170                                                    President SRSC
                                  Soccer                                                                                       $315-
 Sports           SW6                                Package        1 Volunteer Fee Waiver $100                                        $160        For Women‟s
                                  Women‟s                                                                                      $400
                                                                    1 Uniform Package –Competitve $130 or Recreational                            soccer Program
                                                                    And a soccer ball as well!
                                                                    Description: Chemical Peel by Vickie Eiges (Licensed
 Beauty           SO1             Song             Peel Gift                                                                   $125    $60        Vickie Eiges
                                                   Beautiful Hair
                                                   Basket           Gift Certificates, shampoos, conditioners, gels, sprays,
 Beauty           SO2             Song                                                                                         $245    $120       Tina Gin

                                                   Skinceuticals    Medical Grade Facial Products
 Beauty           SO3             Song                                                                                         $250    $125       Vickie Eiges
                                                                    A Deluxe Manicure and a Deluxe Pedicure from 'dbar' in
                                                   Spa               * Express Facial and Express Massage from 'Jelly
 Beauty           SWM1            Swimming                                                                                     $165    $80        Swim Team
                                                   Treatment        Fish' in Blackhawk.
                                                                    * Spa lotion kit
                                                                    * Handled back and body scrubber
 Golf             SWM2            Swimming         Golf             Round of golf for four at Diablo Country Club              $450    $225       Swim Team
                                                                    Soft Ice Cooler with BMW logo: Teddy Bear with BMW
 Misc.            SWM3            Swimming         BMW              logo on its t-shirt, Hot/Cold thermos with BMW logo,       $150    $75        Swim Team
                                                                    Baseball Hat with BMW logo, T-shirt with BMW logo
                                                                    The best kept secret is our Cal High Tennis Team with
                                                   Tutoring by      the highest GPA of any SRVSD athletic team in our                             The 4.0 GPA
 Service          TM1                              the Tennis       district! Our team is offering 10 hours tutoring in        $180    $90        Men‟s Tennis
                                                   Players          academics or tennis lessons along with a Gemstone                             Team
                                                                    Globe and Grizzly Teddy Bear.
                                                                    Gift certificate ($75) for lunch or dinner at Giuseppe‟s
                                  Tennis                            Restaurant in San Ramon along with an Italian Ceramic                         Giuseppe‟s &
 Dining           TM2                              Italian Dinner                                                              $170    $85
                                  Men's                             Bowl and a home pasta dinner by Trader Joes. Also                             Trader Joes
                                                                    included, a Grizzly Teddy Bear.
                                                                      Custom Banner for your team, family or
                                  Tennis           Custom             business or die-cut team signs up to $250                                   Heritage Paper
 Misc             TM3                                                                                                          $280    $140
                                  Men‟s            Banner             along with a Grizzly Teddy Bear                                             Livermore

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                              Page 12
 Category         Item #          Team             Title          Description                                                  Value              Donated by:
                                                                  Private wine tasting for eight with Wine Maker of Wood
                                                                                                                                                  Wood Family
                                  Tennis           Private Wine   Family Vineyards in Livermore including a wine glasses
 Wine             TM4                                                                                                          $250    $125       Vineyards,
                                  Men's            Tasting        for 2, wine gift and accessory box & bottle of wine, olive
                                                                  oil, and a Grizzly Teddy Bear.
                                                   Moving to      Gift certificate for moving boxes and supplies delivered                        Pioneer Packing
 Household        TM5                              College        to your door – great for moving your graduate to college.    $180    $90
                                  Men's                                                                                                           Livermore
                                                   Basket         Also included is a Grizzly Teddy Bear.
 Tickets,                                          Gift Card
 Dining,          TW1                              Extravaganza   Gift cards including Target and Cheesecake Factory!          $100    $50        Women‟s Tennis
 Misc                                              Basket 1
                                                   Gift Card
 Tickets          TW2                              Extravaganza   Gift cards including Starbucks and Target!                   $100    $50        Women‟s Tennis
                                                   Basket 2

 Tickets                                           Gift Card
                  TW3                              Extravaganza   Gift cards including Sears and Target!                       $100    $50        Women‟s Tennis
 Household                        Women's
                                                   Basket 3
 Tickets,                         Track &          Sports         A‟s Voucher, Cal High Track Sweats, Cal Berkeley                                Track & Field
                  TRF1                                                                                                         $80     $40
 SpirtWear                        Field            Basket         Blanket, 6 beer mugs, Snack/Trail Mix, Case of Beer                             Team
                                                   Moms           Pillow, eye cover, socks (pamper set), Mint Bliss – Foot
                                                                                                                                                  Rose Gonzales
                                  Track &          Ultimate       and Leg Energizer, Pedicure Set – Rosemary Scent
 Beauty           TRF2                                                                                                         $50     $25        and Mary Kay
                                  Field            Pampering      Soak, Scrub and Lotion for the feet, Gift Certificate for
                                                   Basket         Skin Care and Glamour Makeover
                                  Track &                         Poker Chips, 4 Deck of Cards, Bottle of Scotch, Shot                            Track & Field
 Misc.            TRF3                             Poker Night                                                                 $100    $50
                                  Field                           glasses, Sunglasses, Cigars                                                     Team
                                                                  Complete Travel Bar-B-Q with utensils and accessories.
 Misc.                                                            William Sonoma premium stainless steel Bar-B-Q
                                  Volleyball       Father's Day
                  VBM1                                            utensils set complete with box. Dewar's Scotch mini's.       $110    $55        Men‟s Volleyball
 Household                        Men's            comes early!
                                                                  Smokey Joe Travel Bar-B-Q. Premium spices, sauces
                                                                  and hand towels.
                                  Volleyball                      Premium Champagne with glasses and premium
 Wine             VBM2                             and                                                                         $65     $30        Men‟s Volleyball
                                  Men's                           chocolate to make the perfect treat for a great night out!

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                             Page 13
 Category         Item #          Team             Title           Description                                                  Value              Donated by:
                                                                   Enjoy a certificate for an "Introductory Session at
                                                                   GAMESPEED". Gamespeed is a athletic performance
                                                                   training center that provides in depth individual training
                                  Volleyball                       for all types of sports training. The main focus is
 Services         VBM3                             Get Faster!                                                                  $65     $30        Men‟s Volleyball
                                  Men's                            SPEED training taught be a Professional Speed
                                                                   Specialist. Also, enjoy health bars and water bottles to
                                                                   supplement the session. Great gift for any CAL High
                                                                   2 Nights Stay At Hotel Healdsburg Sonoma including a
 Vacation –                                                        Tour and Gourmet Lunch at MacMurray Ranch, and
                                                   Wine Country
                                  Volleyball                       Tour and Gourmet Lunch at Frei Ranch along with a
 LIVE             VBW1                             Weekend for                                                                  $2000   $500       Marta Szafranska
                                  Women's                          basket full of goodies including 2 MacMurray wine
 AUCTION                                           2
                                                                   glasses, 2 Bottles MacMurray Wine, 2 Hats Men's XL
                                                                   Polo Shirt and XL fleece jacket, Women's SML T-shirt

                                                                   2 Club level tickets (section 128 row 15) and Parking
 Tickets,                         Volleyball       Let‟s Go See    pass valued at $380.00. Softee hoop and net set,
                  VBW2                                                                                                          $530    $265       Kelly Simmons
 Sports                           Women's          the Warriors!   journal, coffee mug, sweatshirt, men's fleece jacket,
                                                                   blanket, travel bag and tote valued at $150

 Autograph,                       Volleyball                       Sharks Team Signed Jersey, Dog Dish, Water Bottle,                              Women‟s
                  VBW3                             Sharks!                                                                      $500    $100
 Spirtwear                        Women's                          Women's Hat, Women's T-shirt SM, Hand Towel                                     Volleyball
                                                                   Signed Program (Roddick, Sampras, Verdasko)
 Autograph,                       Volleyball       SAP Tennis      Signed Tennis Ball (Juan Martin del Potro)                                      Women‟s
                  VBW4                                                                                                          $500    $100
 Misc.                            Women's          Open            Warm Ups, 1 SM Jacket, shirt, pants, 1 MED Shirt, 2                             Volleyball
                                                                   pants, 2 LRG Shirts, 1 pants
                                                                   Senior Portrait Certificate from Pro Image Studios
                                                                   valued at $500
                                                                   College Consulting from Stacey Kadesh valued at $750
 Service,                         Water Polo       Senior          Enchanted Florist certificate for a corsage and
 Tickets,         WPM1                                                                                                          $1400   $700       Men‟s Water Polo
                                  Men‟s            Survival        boutonniere
                                                                   Mexxi's certificate for $20, In-N-Out gift card for $25
                                                                   Scrapbook with extra pages (black and orange, of
                                                                   course), Fleece Cal Grizzly scarf, Travel Mug
                                                                   Cooler filled with:
 Household,                       Water Polo       A Day at the    Beach Chairs, Beach Towels, Beach Umbrella
                  WPM2                                                                                                          $250    $125       Men‟s Water Polo
 Misc.                            Men‟s            Beach           iPod Shuffle, Beach Book
                                                                   And other Beach necessities.....

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                                 Page 14
 Category         Item #          Team             Title           Description                                                 Value              Donated by:
                                                                   Beautiful Picnic Basket filled with:
                                                                   Picnic Blanket, Tablecloth, Wine, Wine glasses
                                  Water Polo       Let‟s Go On     World Market certificate for $25, Plates and Utensils,
 Tickets,         WPM1                                                                                                         $350    $175       Men‟s Water Polo
                                  Men's            a Picnic        Picnic recipe book, a Picnic table in a bag, and a Honey
                                                                   Baked Ham gift certificate along with other picnic
                                                                   Enjoy a little bit of Italy! Pretend you are dining in
                                                                   beautiful Venice. This basket has everything you need
                                                                   for a multicourse Italian dinner for 2.
                                  Water Polo                        2 beautiful ceramic baking dishes, Pasta fagioli soup
 Household        WPW1                             Cooking                                                                     $150    $75        Julie Perfect
                                  Women's                          mix, Romano salami, Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar,
                                                                   Pasta sauce and tomato paste, Sundried tomatoes,
                                                                   Olives, Italian Herbs, Spaghetti, Gnoochi, Risotto,
                                                                   Grated cheese, Spongata, And a bottle of Italian Wine!
                                                                   An official NFL autographed Oakland RAIDERS team
                                                                   jersey of Stanford Routt, #26, Cornerback.
                                                                      Framed in a 24" x 30" shadowbox.
                                                                   - One 68" x 55" super-soft fleece RAIDERS Snuggie
 Autograph,                                                        blanket with sleeves that folds into a pillow.
 Art                              Water Polo       Commitment      - A three- DVD set of network broadcast of three classic
                  WPW2                                                                                                         $325    $160       Jane Mosier
                                  Women‟s          to Excellence   RAIDERS games of unforgettable moments in
                                                                       RAIDERS history featured in: Superbowl XI,
                                                                   Superbowl XV and Superbowl XVIII.
                                                                   - An NFL RAIDERS pint glass collection of four - 16oz
                                                                   - A two pack of NFL RAIDERS official licensed bag tags.
                                                                   From “Mediterranean Gourmet” including 1-9.6 oz. jar of
                                                                   Imported, Gourmet, Citrus Green Olives with a Lemon
                                                                   Wedge, 1-8.4 oz. jar of Imported, Gourmet, Goat
                                                                   Cheese Stuffed Cherry Peppers, From “Alaska
                                                                   Smokehouse”1-3.5 oz. Lobster Spread
                                                                   From “Mille Lacs”, 1 tin of Havarti with Pesto Spreadable
                                                                   Cheese, 1 tin of Sundried Tomato with Basil Spreadable
 Misc.                                                             Cheese and from “Kopper‟s Chocolates”1 bag of
                  WR1             Wrestling        n Gourmet                                                                   $125    $60        Wrestling Team
 Household                                                         Ultimate Malted Milk Balls
                                                                   From “B&R Farms” a1-8 oz. bag of Golden Slice Dried
                                                                   Apricots, From “Sacramento Cookie Company” 1 pkg.
                                                                   of two 7” Luxury Lemon Vanilla California Wine Wafer
                                                                   From “Feridies”1-3 oz. bag of Gourmet Jumbo Salted
                                                                   Cashews, 1 bottle of Fine California White Wine
                                                                   and 1 Cheese Spreader,1 Almond and Ginger Biscuits
                                                                   1 Sesame and Almond Biscuits
Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                              Page 15
 Category         Item #          Team             Title          Description                                                  Value              Donated by:
                                                                  1 Metro Lunch Tote (fully insulated, collapsible, zippered
                                                                  exterior pocket for silverware & napkin storage, harness
                                                                  for bottled drink, drawstring top for maximum capacity)
                                                                  1 printed cloth napkin, 1 fork,1 knife, 1 spoon (all
                                                   Gourmet        stainless steel with enameled handles, Filled with -
 Misc,                                             Picnic for     1 gourmet chocolate drizzled caramel corn, 1 bag of
                  WR2             Wrestling        One                                                                         $85     $40        Wrestling Team
 Household                                                        premium cashews, 1 container sesame almond biscuits
                                                                  (savory) for cheese, 1 Summer Sausage, 1 Raspberry
                                                                  Honey Mustard Dip, 1 Sun Dried Tomato with Basil
                                                                  Cheese Tin, 1 gourmet Milk Chocolate Cappuccino Bar
                                                                  1 bag Triple Cherry Nut Mix, 1 box Lemon Straws
                                                                  1 bag of dried fancy mixed Fruit
                                                                  1 bottle - Cedar Mountain Tortuga Royale (Port Wine
                                                                  infused with Scharffenberger Chocolate And Personally
                                                   Tortuga Gift   Signed By The Winemaker himself
 Wine,                                             Box            1 Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake, 1 designer tube
                  WR3             Wrestling                                                                                    $125    $60        Wrestling Team
 Misc                                                             Cognac Cordials in dark chocolate, 1 designer tube Irish
                                                                  Cream Cordials in dark chocolate, 1 box dark chocolate
                                                                  Cherries for wine, 1 box milk chocolate Honey Pecans
                                                                  All displayed in a beautiful Wooden Crate
                                                                  Spruce up your yard, clean up your garage,and get the
                                                                  back area ready for the Summer BBQ or Grad Party.
                                                   Spring Clean   Package entitles you to 4 – 6 hard working wrestlers                            Men‟s Wresting
 Service          WR4             Wrestling                       supervised by Coach Dave Smith for 4 hours on a              $300    $150
                                                   Up in a Day!                                                                                   Team
                                                                  mutually agreed upon Saturday morning. Valid until
                                                                  6/4/11, excluding 4/2-10-spring break, 4/30-junior prom,
                                                                  5/14-senior ball.

Grizzly Madness 2011 – Descriptions and Value Subject to Change                                                                                            Page 16