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					Make my Own Logo
For smaller businesses in particular the cost of making your own logo can be perceived as
prohibitively expensive and for this reason many smaller companies look to design their own
company logos. Whilst this is perfectly acceptable there are a number of considerations one should
consider before branding your company image yourself.

What should I consider when I make my own logo?
Designing an image or ‘branding’ for your business is a very important step and needs careful
consideration. This not least because of the origins of the word ‘branding’ in many cases once you
commit to a ‘brand’ for your company there is no turning back and therefore key attributes need to
be considered fully. The best course of action at the initial stages is to write a list of key attributes
your company represents. Consider the following;

        1. What does your product or service represent –
           how is this represented graphically?
        2. What colour does your service represent? Does it
           depict a lively and vibrant colour or a more sedate
        3. Is your product or service offering static? Will there
           be room to add further adaption’s to the logo
        4. What one attribute best describes your firms
           products or services?

These are just a small sample of ideas to consider before we
step into the design stage in order to begin to make you own
logo. One very important consideration to bear in mind when
creating your business brand is the presence of an aspect of
the logo which is memorable. Take a look at some of the
world’s leading brands and how each of them has a distinctive
and familiar phrase or graphic which represent every aspect of
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the company and not necessarily one facet of the product
range. The ‘Nike’ symbol of a ‘tick’ is a good example of this –
the movement of the tick exudes pace which is of course associated with sports and not just a single
sports item – an entire range.

How do I make my Own Logo?
The first piece of equipment you will require is a graphics program. There are a large number of
these available in the marketplace each will vary dependent upon the features although one of the
most used is the adobe platform including Photoshop. There are in addition a number of other
platforms such as the Xara software which is a great cost effective program which you can use for a
number of applications.

Using the list of items previously created begin to sketch out your first designs. This will take some
time to perfect but having the initial ideas about your company before you begin will help the

Make my Own Logo
process greatly. If you find yourself having problems with the design process there are a small
number of quality custom logo design firms which can help. These firms specialise in the smaller to
medium sized businesses and are very costs effective. Remember the ‘branding’ analogy? Time and
a small amount of money spent now will be effective in the longer term rather than try and make
your own logo.

Make my Own Logo

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Description: If your looking to make your own logo then there are a few important considerations to take into account. Here we look at what makes great logo designs and how you can apply these to your own branding imagery.