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Approach to Teaching Geography. The syllabus has 12 units. There are 9 units on India and 3 units are allocated for practicals, which are a
part of the examination. The approach to studying India is through regional concept. In all lessons on India, the concept of region will be the
guiding principle and hence natural and cultural regions are discussed. Natural regions are used in 3 units (II to IV), whereas cultural regions
are the frameworks for 6 units (I and V to IX). Practicals are compulsory and students are required to submit their records of work for
valuation at the final examination. Teachers need special cartographic skills for teaching the practicals. New ideas on fieldwork and natural
resources assessment are introduced in the respective chapters. Units X to XI are a blend of classroom teaching and lab and fieldwork.

Unit   Expected Learning Outcomes                    Content                  Transactional Strategy and Activity     Teaching Aids     #
I      i)      Ability to conceive India as a        Indian Subcontinent      Classroom activity: Explaining the      Blackboard        4
               land subcontinental                   Location, boundaries     location of India in the world, using   Globe
               characteristics                       Administrative           globe and world map                     Wall map of
       ii)     Learning locational                   divisions: States and    Teachers speak to students about        the world
               characteristics and the notion of     Union Territories        India and the need to position it, in   Wall map -
               states and union territories in the   Positioning India in     a variety of modern contexts vis-à-     political
               federal set up                        the world                vis world events and international      Charts on India
       iii)    Learning about the diversity in       Unity in diversity       relations
               culture and beliefs and secular       Cultural pluralism and   Outdoor / Home activity: Students
               fabric of the society                 Secularism               are guided in collecting and
                                                                              preparing a report on the multiple
                                                                              facets of India, especially in socio-
                                                                              economic and cultural realms
II     i)      Ability to divide India into          Relief and Drainage      Classroom activity: Explaining the      Blackboard      5
               logical divisions based on relief     Peninsular and extra-    rationale behind division of the        Wall maps -
       ii)     Ability to identify and               peninsular rivers        country into physiographic              physical
               understand the importance of          Islands                  divisions                               Charts on India
               drainage, especially rivers           Plains                   Teachers speak to students about        Charts on

      iii)   Learning about the islands of                                 the greatness / sacredness of rivers     rivers
             India and their importance                                    of India and how life is intrinsically   Flip charts
      iv)    Ability to differentiate                                      twined with them                         India outline
             characteristics of relief divisions,                          Discussion on sharing of river           maps
             especially hills/mountains and                                waters and international, national
             plains                                                        and interstate water disputes
      v)     Ability to know and differentiate                             Homework: Students do a profile of
             peninsula, plateau, plains, islands                           each physiographic division and
                                                                           rivers in groups
                                                                           Map work - locating rivers, plains,
                                                                           places of importance
III   i)     Ability to know and understand         Climate of India       Classroom activity: Recap on             Blackboard      5
             the climatic characteristics of        Summer, Winter         weather and climate                      Wall map
             India                                  Monsoon winds and      Explanation for the climate of India,    Charts on
      ii)    Learning how agriculture is a          rains                  considering India's position and the     monsoon
             gamble on monsoon                      Failure of monsoons    Himalayas in the north and the           Flipcharts
      iii)   Learning monsoon winds and             Rainwater harvesting   warm India ocean in the south            Newspaper
             rainfall patterns in different                                Students discuss in groups monsoon       reports on
             seasons                                                       winds and how important they are         monsoon
      iv)    Learning why rainwater                                        for the country as a whole               Satellite
             harvesting has become important                               Group discussion on the reasons for      pictures
                                                                           monsoon failures and the need to         Websites for
                                                                           harvest rainwater                        materials on
                                                                           Homework: Assignments on the             monsoon
                                                                           climate of India, may be as group        Outline maps
                                                                           Scrapbook on monsoons
                                                                           Collecting newspaper reports on
                                                                           monsoon and rains
                                                                           Students draw maps using rainfall
                                                                           data for stations in Tamil Nadu

IV   i)     Ability to differentiate between     Soils and Natural         Classroom activity: Explanation for     Blackboard         5
            various soils of India both in       Vegetation                soils and their formation and variety   Wall map
            terms of conventional types and      Soil types and their      of natural vegetation using charts      Charts on soils
            classification                       distribution              Discussion on practices that affect     and vegetation
     ii)    Ability to identify and              Soil conservation         soils and forests and the notion of     Flipcharts
            understand different vegetation      Types of natural          conservation and protection             Pictures
            in the country and the richness or   vegetation / forests      Discussion on rationale behind          Newspaper
            otherwise of them                    Vegetation of regions     conservation practices in use and       reports on soils
     iii)   Learning about the degradation       such as hills/mountains   suggested                               and vegetation
            of soils and forests and reasons     and deserts               Discussion on improving soil and        Websites for
            for the same                         Forest conservation       forest cover                            materials on
     iv)    Learning about the conservation      Joint forest              Homework: Students write a              soils and
            and protection measures in use       management                profile / report on soils and           vegetation
            and needed                                                     vegetation of their locality and        Outline maps
     v)     Learning to appreciate the                                     discuss it later in the class
            usefulness of vegetative cover                                 Collecting information on
            and improving it                                               traditional soil classification and
                                                                           vegetation related practices (herbal)
                                                                           Mapping exercises for soils and
V    i)     Ability to understand the            Crops of India            Classroom activity: Explanation for     Blackboard         5
            environmental, social and            Peninsular crops          crops, by regions of India,             Wall map
            economic conditions for different    Extra-peninsular crops    especially peninsular and extra-        Charts on
            crops of India                       Agricultural diversity    peninsular regions                      crops
     ii)    Learning to differentiate food,      Social and food           Discussion on the need for diversity    Flipcharts
            non-food, commercial and other       security                  in agriculture                          Newspaper
            crops                                                          Students discuss in groups on social    reports on
     iii)   Learning to appreciate the                                     and food security                       crops and
            diversity in agriculture                                       Homework: Scrapbook on crops            practices
     iv)    Learning the need for and actions                              and practices in India                  Websites for
            taken towards social and food                                  Reports on local crops                  materials on

             security                                                    Collecting information on              food and social
                                                                         traditional crops and agricultural     security
                                                                         practices                              Outline maps
VI    i)     Ability to differentiate basic and   Industries             Classroom activity: Explanation on     Blackboard        5
             non-basic, light and heavy           Basic and Non-basic    industries, industrial development     Wall map
             industries                           Light and Heavy        Students discuss industrial location   Charts on
      ii)    Learning about the diverse           Industrial development in groups in respect of local          industries
             industries, namely, mineral based                           industries                             Flipcharts
             and agro-based industries                                   Groups of students collect first-      Newspaper
      iii)   Learning about the locational                               hand information on different local    reports on
             characteristics of industries                               industries                             various
      iv)    Learning about the levels of                                Homework: Students are asked to        industries
             industrial development                                      write on traditional, village, and     Websites for
                                                                         cottage industries                     materials on
                                                                                                                Outline maps
VII   i)     Learning about the vital             Infrastructures and     Classroom activity: Initiating        Blackboard        4
             infrastructures and services of      Services                discussions on infrastructures and    Wall map
             India                                Housing, Education,     services                              Charts on
      ii)    Learning the types, nature, extent   Health, Transport       Debating on the problems of           infrastructures
             and reach of services such as                                housing, education, health and        Flipcharts
             housing, education, health and                               transport                             Newspaper
             transport                                                    Discussing solutions for              reports on
      iii)   Learning about the importance of                             infrastructural and services related  services and
             health education in regard to                                problems: houselessness, school       conditions
             health conditions in the local                               dropout, lack of access to health and Websites for
             areas                                                        medical care, and pollution from      materials
      iv)    Learning about the importance of                             transport                             Outline maps
             road versus rail transport, and                              Homework: Reports / profiles on
             water transport                                              local housing, educational, health
                                                                          and transport conditions

VIII   i)     Ability to know, understand, and     Human Resources          Classroom activity: Expanation on   Blackboard      4
              appreciate human resources of        Population: Number,      human resources and the need to     Wall map
              India                                Growth, Density, Age     develop and manage them             Charts on
       ii)    Learning about over / under-         and Sex Composition,     Lecture on quality versus quantity  population, age
              population, places of high and       Occupational Structure   Discussion in groups on: Doubling   pyramids
              low densities                        HRD initiatives          time, Population trap, Density as   Flipcharts
       iii)   Learning about growth                                         salutary                            Newspaper
              characteristics, occupational and                             Class discusses problems faced by   reports on
              other characteristics                                         population planning and family      population
       iv)    Learning about the initiatives for                            welfare, its successes and failures planning and
              HRD activities in India                                       Homework: Students write            family welfare
                                                                            assignments on a variety of topics  Websites for
                                                                            and current concerns of population  materials on
                                                                            growth                              HRD and M
                                                                                                                Outline maps
IX     i)     Ability to appreciate planning       Developing India         Classroom activity: Class discusses Blackboard      5
              perspectives and the                 Five Year Plans          on the planning of development in   Wall map
              achievements of India                Developmental            India and the history of planning   Charts on
       ii)    Learning about the Five Year         consequences             Teacher speaks to students on why   Planning Goals
              Plans and Annual Plans and also      Perspectives on plans    and how of Five Year Plans and      and Objectives
              how they are made                    and achievements         annual and rolling plans            Flipcharts
       iii)   Learning about planning goals                                 Class discuss in groups             Newspaper
              and objectives, budegting and                                 achievements during the planning    reports on
              other aspects                                                 era, one plan by another            planning
       iv)    Learning about the consequences                               Homework: Scrapbook on planning Websites for
              of planning and not planning                                  Students write assignments on the   materials on
       v)     Learning about the making of                                  problems and achievements of India plans
              state and central plans                                       during each of the Five Year Plans  Outline maps
                                                                            and during certain select period
X      i)     Ability to appreciate cartography    Maps and Diagrams        Classroom activity: It is enough to Blackboard      5
              and learn skills relating to         Distribution maps        teach cartographic skills, in the   Precision

            mapping and drawing diagrams,         Simple line, bar and   most rudimentary way. Teachers          instruments
            including charts                      pie diagrams           explain the importance and              Charts for
     ii)    Learning manual skills in regard      Statistics             procedures of drawing in regard to      mapping and
            to distribution maps namely                                  distribution maps and diagrams and      diagramming
            isopleth and choropleth maps,                                show how on the blackboard.             Record
            representing demographic data                                Teachers go round the class helping     notebook
     iii)   Learning manual skills in regard                             the students draw as well as they       Water colours
            to statistical diagrams and other                            should.                                 or paints
            types of diagrams such as line,                              Homework: Students take home
            bar, and pie diagrams                                        mapping and diagramming
     iv)    Ability to generating and using                              exercises and have them made into
            graded patterns for maps and                                 fair copies to submit as records
     v)     Learning basics of statistical
            applications in geography
XI   i)     Ability to design and conduct         Fieldwork              Classroom activity: Teachers            Blackboard      5
            fieldwork for a specific purpose      Steps to conducting    explain the basics of fieldwork         Flip charts
     ii)    Learning the art of preparing         fieldwork              using blackboard and flip charts        Simple
            interview schedules and               Practicing fieldwork   Students, with guidance from            equipment for
            questionnaires                                               teachers, design and develop a          fieldwork
     iii)   Ability to select sample for the                             schedule of questions or a
            study and fulfilling its objectives                          questionnaire to be used in the field
     iv)    Ability to select individual,                                survey
            household and group samples                                  Outdoor activity: Students do a
            using sampling procedures                                    reconnaissance of the area to be
     v)     Learning to choose area sampling                             studied
     vi)    Conducting pilot surveys and                                 Conducting pilot and final survey,
            final surveys, including                                     mainly interviews, with carefully
            interviews with key informants                               chosen samples (people or
                                                                         households or groups)
                                                                         Homework: Reporting on the field

XII     i)       Ability to organise and conduct              Rapid Assessment                Classroom activity: Teachers                     Blackboard       4
                 rapid and participatory                      Participatory Rapid             explain the recent advancements in               Flip charts on a
                 assessments                                  Assessment                      field survey and resources                       battery of
        ii)      Learning skills in using various                                             assessments                                      methods
                 methods of rapid and                                                         Teachers speak on the rapid and                  Slides
                 participatory assessments                                                    participatory assessments,
                                                                                              especially what needs to be done
                                                                                              prior to, during and after their
Note:   Each unit will form the basis of a lesson and the length of the text will be determined by the hours available for teaching the unit. Twelve of the 68 periods
        available will be used for revision of the subject before the quarterly, half yearly and annual examinations (4 periods each).
        Practicals are introduced in the syllabus with an intent of introducing cartography, statistics, and fieldwork. All through the year, ten exercises at the rate one to a
        month of the course may be worked on in the classroom. Exercises do not necessitate a separate lab and any classroom can be doubled as lab, provided tables for
        drawing are available in the classroom. Exercises must be taught in the classroom and must worked on both at classroom and home.

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