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                                                                                                                    June 2007

Mexican Weavers try to sustain family with craft
    by Mary Anne Michelet                     project for children who live too far in the   have immigrated to the U.S. and send
    Tlaccachistlahuaca is a village in the    mountains and must stay overnight in           money from those jobs back home. As
mountains of Southern Mexico. Just in         town to go to school. There are many
this small area, there are three tribes of    very remote areas in Mexico and fortu-
Mexican people whom we met, Misteco,          nately they do try to keep the culture
Amuzgo and Nuagua. They have distinct         alive. Part of this culture is the beautiful
languages and similar cultures, but they      hand weaving done by some of the
are not Spanish, although the national        women. It is done to supplement the
language is, of course, Spanish. Some of      family income if there is a bad crop or
the folks we met did not speak Spanish        illness in the family.
because they had not gone to school.              As in many impoverished rural areas,
Our church, Holy Family in Peoria,            the main source of income is farming.
sponsors a sister parish and a dormitory      However, now, some have relatives who

President’s Letter...
    Dear Friends,                             a presentation about Fair Trade to a
    A new customer asked if we carried        Bradley University graduate class in
buttons. I started to show her our basket     Finance called “Corporations and Social
of “opinion” buttons; we were both            Responsibility.”
disappointed when she explained that she          The students, mostly professionals
wanted to change the buttons on a dress.      from other countries, asked tough ques-
    Our recent product analysis by            tions and engaged in a lively discussion. I
Bradley MBA students (and Global              for one would be delighted if similar          you can imagine, this also tends to erode
Village volunteers) Ivona Taborska and        discussions take place at the Moss             the local culture as well as family ties.
Marketa Veberova revealed that we do a        Avenue Sale!                                       Weaving in this area is known for its
brisk business in buttons and bumper              On the lighter side, Global Village and    floral patterns and bright colors. We
stickers. Ivona once remarked that            other businesses in Peoria Heights are         witnessed some of this weaving while we
people in the U.S. are usually reluctant to   seeking musicians and other entertainers       were there. They don’t use the “back
discuss political issues in everyday          (musicians, mimes, chalk artists, etc.) to     strap” type of loom as in Guatemala.
conversation. She said that in Europe it’s    enliven the streets this summer as people      They attach their threads on a wooden
quite normal for people to discuss—and        walk to and from area restaurants. The         stick hooked up to a tree many feet away
disagree about—public events with             Free Fridays initiative will encourage         from where they begin the weaving.
friends and acquaintances.                    performances on the sidewalks from 5 to        They sit on a short stool and each project
    It made me wonder why we are so           8 p.m. on Fridays.                             takes many hours to complete.
reluctant to use our freedom of speech,           I have enjoyed such street night life in       We met Adelfi who told us she
why we can easily disagree about sports       other cities, as well as at our recent         learned to weave from her mother,
teams but save our political opinions for     Sidewalk Art drumming event with Cecil         Marian, when she was 14. Now she is 21
people who agree with us? Maybe our           Grubbs and Garry Moore, and hope you           and does very beautiful work.
bumper sticker and button sales are an        will also.                                         Unfortunately, since clothing is
attempt to begin those dialogues about            We hope to keep the shop open on           cheaply available (probably from sweat-
our deeper concerns.                          Friday evenings for the summer also, so        shops right in Mexico) it is very hard to
    I am always delighted when Global         stop by and say hello, and help us build       sell what they make because most people
Village is asked to provide a speaker for     community right here in the Heights!           in the area are very poor. And, with the
a class or church gathering. In April
Tonya Sneed and I were invited to make
                                              Peace and justice,
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Update on Jordan: progress, but serious violations continue
    Progress, but Serious Violations         forcibly deported from the Group Talent        inform Congressional Debate on U.S.
Continue Despite significant progress,       factory for asking for their legal residency   trade policy. See recent Salt Lake
serious violations continue in some of       permits, while two other workers have          Tribune article on Peru and Panama
Jordan’s garment factories which are         been imprisoned.                               Trade Deals:
exporting duty-free under the U.S.-              At the Cotton Craft Garments factory,      article.php?id=324 - The Decent Working
Jordan Free Trade Agreement.                 workers have not been paid for the last        Conditions & Fair Competition Act would
    At the Concord factory, young            three months, and their appeals to the         provide legal protections, backed up by
women are routinely beaten and kicked,       Jordanian Ministry of Labor have appar-        sanctions for the rights of workers in the
forced to work 13 to 14 hours a day, and     ently gone unnoticed.                          global economy—just as companies have
cheated of their overtime pay. Workers           The Jordanian and U.S. Governments         fought for and won protections for their
asking for their rights are threatened       must move quickly to end the violations        labels, trademarks in the global economy.
with deportation.                            and restore the rule of law in these               To date, nine Senators and 43 Mem-
    At the Fashion Curve factory, many       factories. - Learn more about each case:       bers of Congress have signed on as co-
guest workers’ passports remain confis-       sponsors. Have yours? Find out here:
cated. For the “crime” of helping lead a     - The issue of worker rights violations and
struggle to bring the factory into compli-   human trafficking in Jordan continues to
ance with Jordanian law, ten workers
have been imprisoned on false charges.       Fair Trade Quinoa available at Kroger
    On May 27, factory management                Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa is now on sale       former Peorians Midge and Bob
brought in gang members to beat and          at the Kroger at Evergreen Square in           Leventry for subsistence farmers in
threaten the workers.                        Peoria—and possibly in the health food         Ecuador. It has been approved as a Fair
    At Central Clothing, 50 percent of       sections of other Kroger stores in the         Trade product in Europe.
the guest workers’ passports remain          area.                                             Quinoa is a high-protein grain that
confiscated. Four workers have been              As local newspaper reporter Clare          resembles barley and makes a salad,
imprisoned on false charges for protest-     Howard told us in our May 2006 news-           soup or main dish a complete-protein
ing the agonizing death of a young co-       letter, this quinoa is being marketed by       meal.
worker who was denied proper medical
care. Three guest workers have been
                                             Fair Trade Day at Global Village
  Global Village
  Board Of Directors
  Working Members
  Nancy Long, President
  Doug Thompson, Vice-President
  Ruth Sharp, Treasurer
  Joanne Fought, Secretary
  Tonya Sneed, Purchasing
  Luan Railsback, Website
  Dorothy Murray, Volunteers
  Norma Bader, Volunteers
  Clare Tschirn, Inventory
  Sharon Williams, Newsletter
  Kate Koehler, Community Outreach
  Melanie Butts, Education
  Advisory Members
  Louis Hofer
  James K. Polk

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                                           Volunteer Corner
    Again we say thank you to all those    that they did in conjunction with their      16th. Contact Nancy (688-3419) if you
wonderful volunteers who have so           university studies. One of our biggest       can help. And contact us if you can help
faithfully kept the shop staffed these     strengths is our volunteers!                 at the selling table during the day - it’s a
past months. And a special thanks goes         But we welcome back another              good chance to get to know other
to those who willingly took on extra       student - Sara - who gave us so many         volunteers. We also would welcome
shifts to fill any gaps. (You know who     hours last summer. We also are happy to      help at the Earth Matters Music Festival
you are!)                                  have 3 new shop volunteers - Marcie,         at the Riverfront on June 22. Free
    We reluctantly say goodbye to          Amy, and Anna as well as Kay, who            admission to our workers and a chance
Marketa and Ivona, our two wonderful       came to us through RSVP, to help Tonya       to hear some great music! Two great
Bradley volunteers. We hope you have a     with Data Processing.                        chances for those who can’t volunteer
chance to look at their well researched,       Another special plea to anyone who       at the shop but would like to help at
informative, and helpful project on the    has a van or truck to help us transport      special events!
strengths & weaknesses of our shop         tables to the Moss Ave. Sale on June             Norma 691-0481

    Calendar of
 Friday, June 8
 Free Fridays in the Heights,
 5-8 p.m.
 Continues through August. Street
 musicians and other performers
 make strolling in the Heights more
 Saturday, June 16
 Moss Ave. Sale, 8 a.m.- 3 p.m.
 Fri, June 22 and
 Sat. June 23                                           Weavers                         dresses in our shop at Global Village.
 Universal Rhythm Assemby                                                               The project provides support and com-
 concert, 3-11 p.m.                                 Continued from page 1               munity to women who have a difficult life
                                           Westernization of their native cultures      and would like to practice their talent of
 Thursday, July 12                         (some of the girls and women wear tight      weaving. With the help of companions
 7 p.m. Kitchen shower, St. John’s         shirts and short skirts and pants); the      who could speak Spanish, I negotiated
 Lutheran Church, Bartonville. Fair        weaving is no longer valued as it was in     with the Sisters who represented the
 Trade coffee talk & kickoff.              the past. There is a larger city about an    weavers to buy the dresses and some
 Friday, July 13                           hour away and sometimes they can sell        purses. I told them we may not be able
                                           to tourists, but even tourists do not want   to sell the dresses even in the U.S. for
 Global Village shop’s 5th anniver-        to pay what they are worth. As in many       that much money, but we would give it a
 sary                                      impoverished areas, they are in need of a    try. I was so happy to be able to give
 Saturday, August 4                        market for their wares.                      them a connection to a market, even a
 Sidewalk Sales in Peoria Heights              While visiting our sister parish in      small one.
                                           Tlaccachistlahuaca, our group was                   This was my first trip to Mexico.
                                           hosted by some very lively and generous      I found it such a wondrous country and
                                           Franciscan Sisters. Two of them were         the people so generous; it was very
                                           natives of the area. The Sisters host a      humbling to be there, knowing I had so
                                           Bible study at which 18-20 local women       much back home and they have so little.
                                           come and practice the art of weaving         I hope you appreciate the beautiful
Check out our web-site at:                 while sharing Scripture together. This is    clothing from Mexico and now feel a bit                the group that made the lovely sleeveless    of connection to the people who made it.
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