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									                                                                                                                                                              MARK ANDREWS

                                                                                                                                      WINTER 2010/2011

                                                                       DRESS FOR SUCCESS OTTAWA
                                                                       SUITS ITS FIRST CLIENTS!
Photos by LKDesign

                                                                       After almost a year of planning, and thanks to the determination of our co-
                                                                       founders and the support of nearly 100 volunteers, Dress for Success Ottawa has
                                                                       suited its first clients! What an amazing feeling it was to open the doors of our
                                                                       newly renovated boutique in Wellington Village to our clientele. With the help of
                                                                       our talented wardrobe stylists and boutique managers, we were able to send each
                                                                       of the ladies home with two outfits as well as a ton of accessories. The smiles on
                                                                       their faces and the bounce in their step said it all as they left the boutique. There’s
                                                                       no doubt the volunteers who took part in the suiting of our first clients would
                                                                       agree that it was an extremely rewarding and quite emotional experience. Our
                                                                       hard work and commitment to this amazing cause has paid off!
                                                                       “The client was so incredibly happy and I will always remember the
                                                                       change in her appearance as she did the model’s walk, wearing a black
                                                                       dress with a red jacket.” – Margaret Caines, volunteer boutique manager.

                     DALHOUSIE STREET
                     SHOPPING NIGHTS
                     Ottawa’s newest and freshest shopping
                     district is mixing holiday cheer with goodwill:
                     the area’s hippest shops are hosting a fun,
                     discount-filled shopping night on Thursday
                     December 16th from 6pm until 9pm. The
                     shops are spreading the goodwill by collecting
                                                                          Thinking of what to buy your fussy mother-in-law this holiday season?
                     funds for Dress for Success Ottawa to ensure
                                                                          Or that sister who has everything? Well, what about making a donation
                     everyone feels the holiday cheer. As with
                                                                          on their behalf to Dress for Success Ottawa.
                     any spectacular event, shops will be offering
                     specials, discounts, food, drinks, raffles and        For the first time we are offering a “Holiday Giving Program,” which will
                     other treats to celebrate the holiday season!        allow supporters to donate to Dress for Success Ottawa online. You can
                     Come out and support your local economy              make a donation on behalf of anyone; a friend, colleague or family member,
                     and Dress for Success Ottawa.                        or as we mentioned, as a holiday gift.

                     LOCATION                                             The money will help us, as a not-for-profit organization, to maintain the
                     North Dalhousie Street (from St-Patrick to           services we provide to our clients, such as our suiting and employment
                     St-Andrew) Drop off your donation to Dress for       retention programs.
                     Success Ottawa at any participating boutique.        To make a donation please go to our website
                     PARTICIPATING BOUTIQUES                    
                     A Guy A Girl 2 Dogs and a Cat, Bridgehead
                     Coffee, Canteen, Daya Organic Spa, Green
                     Light District Design, Luxe Bridal Boutique,         CONTACT US                                           FIND US ON
                     Nest Toy Boutique, Milk, Victoire, Workshop
                     Studio & Boutique, Young Janes             
WINTER 2010/2011

VOLUNTEERS AND THE                                                 CLOTHING DONATION DAYS
BOUTIQUE DESIGN DUO                                                A big thank you to everyone who brought clothing donations
                                                                   to our boutique on Saturday November 27th. The boutique was
As a not-for-profit organization, Dress for Success
                                                                   fully stocked with fabulous clothes and accessories when we
Ottawa relies on volunteers, and is fortunate to
                                                                   opened our doors to suit our first clients! Thank you for all your
have some very dedicated individuals who have
                                                                   generous donations.
donated their time, energy and skills to make
DfS a success. We would like to thank all of the                   If you missed our donation day, don’t fear. We will be opening our
volunteers, and extend a special thank you to                      doors once a month for donation drop offs starting in late January.
Dennise Yarema and Veronique Tremblay for their                    For information on what types of clothing we need, please visit the
design work on the recently renovated boutique.                    donations page on our website (
                                                                   for details.

                                                                   HBC COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM
                                               Photo by LKDesign

                                                                   Have you been collecting HBC Points for years and never redeem
                                                                   them? Well now is your chance to use them to make a difference.
                                                                   The HBC Rewards Community Program allows you to actively take
                                                                   part in your community by donating some or all of your points
                                                                   earned when shopping at the HBC Family of stores – the Bay, Zellers,
                                                                   Home Outfitters and HBC Rewards Partners. You can donate up to
Dennise Yarema is a partner at Valois-Yarema
                                                                   100% of your points to Dress for Success Ottawa; we can then use
Design, and can often be found at the Village Café
                                                                   those points to purchase items that support the women we serve.
in Wellington Village, which she runs with her fiancé
Carlo. With her keen eye for design, and a sense of                Go to: to donate your points to Dress
comfort and style, Dennise understood the unique                   for Success Ottawa today! Search for us by using our Community
needs of the women seeking new employment                          Organization ID (1011947). Once 50 people sign up, Dress for
opportunities, and gladly accepted the challenge                   Success will receive an additional 100,000 points so tell your friends!
of creating a space that was visually pleasing
on a limited budget. Working with Veronique

                                                                   THIRD PARTY EVENTS
Tremblay, an interior designer with Elite Draperies
and Home Decorating, the two women set out
to create a space where volunteers and clients
could feel welcome and special. “To see so many                    Are you considering hosting an event to help benefit Dress for
volunteers work together with smiles on their faces                Success Ottawa? Whether it is a clothing drive, fundraiser or 3rd
was uplifting and inspiring,” said Dennise, of the                 party event, please let us know what you have in mind. Contact us at
experience.                                               for more information regarding our
                                                                   event guidelines.
Taught the value of volunteerism by her mother,
Veronique Tremblay jumped at the chance to
help re-design the dingy basement suite into
a welcoming and inviting space for both Dress
for Success clients and volunteers. The energy
                                                                   THANK YOU TO
that Veronique brings in to a room is contagious.
Her warm demeanour and take-charge attitude
                                                                   OUR SPONSORS
were immensely appreciated during the 6-week                       The Loft Academy Salon • Stella & Dot • Shaw Communications •
transformation. As project manager for the re-                     Jones NY • Momcafe • Randall’s Paint • Discount Car and Truck
design, Veronique worked tirelessly with Yarema
                                                                   Rentals • C&M Textiles • Scott Bradley – Hintonburg Hootenanny •
and our team of loyal and dedicated volunteers to
                                                                   Bridgehead Coffee (Bank and Grove) • Mini-Storage Ottawa
organize, paint, and coordinate in-kind donations.
Her volunteerism and dedication (and amazing                       Thank you to the staff at Park’N Fly who helped to facilitate
style and ability) was vital to the launch of Dress                the clothing donation drop off at Mini-Storage Ottawa.
for Success Ottawa.
We would like to thank all of the volunteers
who lent a hand during this transformation
process and for their continued support in
the New Year.
                                        WINTER 2010/2011

                                        REFERRAL AGENCIES                                          VOLUNTEERS
                                        We have been working closely with many not-for-profit       UPDATE
                                        agencies in the National Capital Region who will be
                                                                                                   We intend to begin serving
                                        referring clients to Dress for Success Ottawa. We’d like
                                                                                                   clients on a regular schedule in
                                        to thank Northern Lights Canada, Ottawa Community
                                                                                                   mid-January so please stay tuned
                                        Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO), The Anti
                                                                                                   for information regarding that
                                        Poverty Project (TAPP) FEM Program, and Harmony
                                                                                                   schedule and your shifts in
                                        House for their involvement with Dress of Success
                                                                                                   the boutique!
                                        Ottawa to date. We look forward to working with them
                                        and many more agencies in the new year.                    If you are not currently volunteering
                                                                                                   with Dress for Success Ottawa but
                                                                                                   would like to become involved,
                                                                                                   please check out our volunteer        Dress for Success Ottawa
                                                                             PAST EVENTS           page on our website. We look           National Capital Region
                                                                                                   forward to your ongoing                would like to wish you
                                                                                                   support as we assist women
                                            PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S                                   to see their potential and          Happy Holidays
                                            NETWORKING EVENT –                                     to gain the freedom and

                                            SOLD OUT SUCCESS!
                                                                                                   self-respect that comes from       and all the best in
                                                                                                   being “self-sufficient.”
                                            The first-ever Professional Women’s Networking          A huge thank you to everyone
                                            Event, held on September 22 at TELUS House,            who has helped Dress for
                                            was a sold out success with more than $7,700           Success Ottawa get to where it is
                                            raised for Dress for Success Ottawa. The               today! From the painters, designers,
                                            guest speaker was Tracey Clark, the Founder            sorters, boutique organizers and coordinators
                                            and Managing Director for Bridgehead, a local          of volunteer resources, to the committee members, wardrobe
                                            fair trade coffee house with twelve locations          consultants, boutique managers and database administrators.
                                            in Ottawa. In her speech, Clark conveyed
                                            the importance of community support and                We couldn’t have done it without you!!
                                            of women helping other women. Her vision                                                              PAST EVENTS
                                            for Bridgehead, is a commitment to social
                                            responsibility, the community and the
                                            environment. Her inspirational words further
                                            reinforced the importance of the volunteers who
                                                                                                   BOOKS & BIJOUX
                                            have come together to create opportunities for         September was a busy month for Dress for Success Ottawa. A
                                            disadvantaged women in Ottawa. With the help           second fundraiser and accessory drive was held on September
                                            of local sponsors and guests, Dress for Success        30th at Chapters, in the Pinecrest Shopping Centre. More than
                                            Ottawa’s first fundraiser has set the tone for          100 guests braved the driving rain for an evening of shopping,
                                            the upcoming year. The money raised through            and they generously brought with them hundreds of gently-used
                                            this event has helped to fund the opening of our       purses, shoes and jewelry items to donate to our boutique. Ten
                                            boutique and will keep it running for months into      percent of all purchases at Chapters that evening were donated
                                            the New Year.                                          to Dress for Success Ottawa; over $400 was raised. Guest
                                                                                                   speaker, Christine Walker, Employer Liaison, from Northern
                                                                                                   Lights Canada, spoke about the need for an organization like
                                                                                                   Dress for Success Ottawa and the
                                                                                                   types of services it will provide
                                                                                                                                                                        Photography by RZ Photo

                                                                                                   to disadvantaged women of the
Photography by Bryan Jones from Jones

                                                                                                   National Capital Region. Generous
                                                                                                   sponsors for the evening included
                                                                                                   Starbucks, 5 Cupcakes, Chapters/
                                                                                                   Indigo and Spahara and RZ Photo.

                                                                                                   CONTACT US                                      FIND US ON

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