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									Juggling More Than One Internship

[Preview/Summary: Young job seekers are looking for more ways to standout as a job
candidate. A new trend is tackling more then one internship. Here's some tips to handle it. ]

A common issue that many college students have trouble dealing with is time management. The
typical college student must fit many different activities into their schedule including classes, club
meetings, intramural sports, meals, studying and last but (hopefully) not least, sleep. With all of
these commitments, it can sometimes seem impossible to maintain an internship. However, the
only thing that would be harder than having one internship would be having two or three at the
same time!

But there is now a strong argument for maintaining more than one internship. Reasons include:
gaining experience in multiple industries; better networking opportunities; being able to transfer
skills from one role to the other; needing to show a multi-faceted resume; and probably most
significantly, not keeping all your eggs in one basket. Also, if you’ve got the time and the
motivation, why not?

It can be difficult to pull off this level of multi-tasking, but it is not impossible. Simply securing
multiple internships shows that you’re a multi-tasker by definition!

To help you out with managing your time effectively, we have provided you with a few tips:

• Buy a planner: Whether it is on your computer, your phone, your iPad or just an old-fashioned
schedule book, a planner can be a busy person’s most important asset. Write down all of your
daily events, due dates, and notes to remember shortly after you become aware of them, so you
do not forget to write them down later! Alternatively, consider online tools for task management,
including Google Docs, HiTask, or Tadalist (all free).

• Rank your commitments: If you are thinking about taking on an extra internship, get out a
piece of paper and write down all of the things you are currently involved in. Once you compile a
list, rank each item from most-to-least important to you. Seriously consider dropping some of the
things that you wouldn’t mind living without.

• Don’t overload yourself: Being busy is one thing, but staying up until 5:00 AM in the morning
working on the next day’s problem set is another. Try to recognize when you are doing too much
and always plan ahead so you do not find yourself fighting to keep your eyes open.

• Have some “me” time: Everyday you should dedicate at least 15 minutes to taking a break
and just trying to relax. Watching your favorite TV show, playing games online, taking a short nap,
and listening to music are great ways to release any stress you may have after a busy day.

Just remember, it is better to be a successful intern and make a huge impact at one company,
than it is to find yourself haphazardly juggling multiple internships at a time. If you are dying to get
as much work experience as you can in college, make sure that you plan ahead and figure out
how all of your activities will fit into your schedule. If you can handle more than just one internship
at any given time and want to get the extra professional experience, then go for it!

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