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1. Haggarty Electronics is about to Automate its production process. The company has a number of
concerns and would like you to answer the following questions

(a) What does it mean when our managers talk about Automating the production process?

(b) Give 3 examples of Automated Systems that you may find in your house.

(c) Give 3 examples of Automated Systems that you may find in industry

 (d) Mr Haggarty has told us all that there may be a number of social issues when we automate the
production process. Give 3 potential social issues that may arise.

(e) Haggarty Electronics feel that there will be a number of benefits of Automation. Give 4 benefits

2. The coca cola bottling plant has recently replaced fork lift truck drivers with AGVs

(a) What does AGV stand for?
(b) Give 2 different ways that the AGVs can be guided round the factory floor

(c) In the past AGVs have injured employees. Give 2 safety precautions that should be taken when using

(d) Hugh McTavish works for Coca-cola and has stressed the importance of having sensors and feedback.
What is feedback?

(e) The feedback signal going back to the system must pass through an interface connected to the
computer. Explain why an interface is needed

3. (a) Dave is an Architect and has recently bought a CAD package. What doe s CAD stand for

(b) Give 3 uses of CAD software

(c) Give 1 special input and output device that may be used with CAD software.

4. Mr Arthur has recently run a trip to the Glasgow Science centre where pupils had the chance to
experience a flight simulator

(a) What is a simulator?
(b) Give 2 reasons for using a simulator over doing the real thing

(c) Give 3 other examples of where simulators are used to model real life events

(d) What is Virtual Reality

(e) Give 2 pieces of hardware that a required for VR

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