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					                                                  AMERICAN LEGION, CANYON CITY POST # 180

                                    “NOW HEAR THIS”

NOVEMBER 2010                           Happy Thanksgiving
                                        Commanders Desk                  House Manager continues to live            POST OFFICERS
                                                                         up to his reputation as a tight     Commander              Chuck Bourbon
                                   Comrades:                             fisted manager of the money he      1st Vice               Ernie Cardona
                                   The holidays are almost upon us       has to work with and that “aint”    2nd Vice               Paul Collier
                                   and I want to tell you that we        always easy.                        Adjutant               Ed Barrios
                                                                                                             Finance Officer        Rudy Tapia
                                   have had an exceptional year.         Our bar staff is working hard to    Service Officer        Leonard Valdez
                                   Our Post is doing well and im-        keep this a good family oriented    Chaplain               Saul Ugarte
                                   proving all the time. I cant say      venue, and I think they should be   J.A.G.                 Ron Todd
                                   enough about our managing staff       commended for the great job         Sgt at Arms            John Scruggs
                                                                         they are doing.                     Asst. Sgt at Arms      Robert Reid
                                   and it is because of them that we
                                                                                                             Jr. Past Commander Don MacDonnell
                                   are in such a good position at        I hope you all had a great Hal-     Executive Board:
                                   this time.                            loween experience and got lot’s     David Arias, Julio Rodriguez, Patrick
                                   The Bingo Baron, Patrick              of goodies!                         Thomas, Leroy Arguello
                                   Thomas, is working his buns off                                                  Auxiliary Officers
                                                                         Your Commander
                                   by updating the Bingo operation                                           President              Pam Feldstein
                                   at every opportunity.                 Chuck Bourbon                       1st Vice               Debbie Arquello
                                                                                                             2nd Vice               Christine Collier
                                   Eddie Barrios, our great Adjutant                                         Secretary              Rita Hirsch
                                   is keeping the book in a tight and                                        Treasurer              Dottie Began
                                   organized manner.                                                         Chaplain               Open
                                                                                                             Sgt. At Arms           Bobbie Soriano
                                   Rudy Tapia, is keeping a tight fist                                       Past President         Margaret
                                   around every dollar so we will be                                         Latourelle
                                   able to fulfill our mission of                                            E-Board
                                   contributing to the community.                                            Bobbie Soriano, Sylvia Lukesh

                                   Clem Barrios, our esteemed                                                         S.A.L. Officers
                                                                                                             Commander         Frank Fiehler
                                                                                                             1st Vice          Kenny Anderson
                                                                                                             2nd Vice          Ben Fiehler
                                                                                                             Adjutant          Clem Barrios
Auxiliary News                                                                                               Chaplain          David Lugo
                                                                                                             Finance Officer   Terry Crowe
                                                                                                             Sgt at Arms        David Nunez
Greetings to Ladies Aux. of Post 180. May the Thanksgiving
Season bring everyone peace and happiness. Our next Meeting              3:30pm. Hope all goblins had
will be Nov. 4th at 6p.m. Margaret Latourelle is in Pomona               a good time. Looking for-
Valley Hospital since Tuesday the 12th of October. Let us all            ward to seeing you all at the
keep Margaret in our prayers for a speedy recovery. A very big           Nov meeting and God bless
thank you to Irma Perez for the fine cooking she did for the             you all.
Post, the Chinese Dinner with all the trimmings for a Sunday
dinner. Irma is always there to help the Post as well as our Aux-
                                                                         Pam Feldstein
iliary. It does take a village to make a Post function and happy.        President!
Our children's Halloween Haunt was Oct 31st from 1:00pm to
   I now have been your           Chingon Computer, we in the           There are those I have asked to
   House manager for three        office are so grateful to you. To     do something for the post, And
   months, my mom tought          all the persons / the same one’s      to the men that roll the barrel
   us /her children to be Con-    that do our Monthly Break-            for the bar, Words are not
   siderate, respectful and a     fast? , Carpenter you are work-       enough. From my heart to you,
   thank you goes a long way.     ing overtime take a day off.          THANK YOU, because of you
                                  Sunday Music people keep Up           our post will always shine, May
   There are Members I need
                                  the Good Work You’re Not              God Bless You.
   to give a Thank You to. For
                                  Done Yet, The Lady that jumps
   the Donation toward Glass                                            Please Remember When There
                                  in once a month for Cooking
   Mugs, and to the Bob for                                             Is A Rental All Members Must
                                  for Sunday music. To The Ca-
   the Cakes and Bread.                                                 Stay Out Of The Kitchen.
                                  terer when we needed your ta-
Frankie, the Consecution Guy
who brought his skip louder
                                  bles and chairs. the Bartenders       Clem Barrios
                                  do not give up, you’re doing a
and moved our shack, El Mas                                             House Manager
                                  good. job

 To Membership of                tion and discussions,            The monies in this
Canyon City Post 180:            we have come to the              fund will be transferred
Due to the hard times            decision to shut down            to the general fund.
of the area and the na-          the Burial Fund. We are          Discussion voted on
tion and although the            not able to contribute           and approved at the
post is doing ok, but            any money to the fund            general meeting on 10-
not enough to get                the way things are at            7-2010.
ahead in paying bills.           this point. We must do               Ed Barrios
After much considera-            away with this fund.

First of all, I would to wel-     Corroles. If you know of              Post and we need your
come our newest members           any other potential Veter-            help. Please continue sup-
to our Great Organiza-            ans who might be interest-            porting our organization as
tion. We value and appreci-       ed in joining our Post,               we have to keep it grow-
ate you for joining our           please feel free to have              ing. This is our
Post. Welcome: George             them contact me on my                 Post. Thank You!
Caulford, Anthony Villegas,       Cell Phone# (626) 506-                Ernie Cardona,
Luis Ramirez and Anthony          0823 We have a Great
                                                                        1st Vice Commander

Page 2                                                                           “NOW HEAR THIS”

              DUES! ( as of 10-5-2010)

A pleasant reminder, Nov. 11 is         Jay Earl             Michael Moran
the cutoff date for the early bird's.   Thomas Ellena        Charles Morgan
We are having a free dinner for         Jaime Espinosa       Dave Munoz
early bird's on Nov 13th. 5 to 8 PM     Gordon Fawcett       Russell Nakaiski
With karaoke music.                     Al Fernandez         Raymond Noriega
Ray Acosta                              Manuel Fernandez     Cal Ormiston
Kenneth Anderson                        James Flores         Craig Ott
Albert Armenta                          Eugene Garcia        Richard Penman
Peter Aviles                            Kenneth Gester       Henry Perez
Emmett Bader                            Chris Gil            Theodore Porlas
Arthur Bardine                          Phillip Green        Charles Posvar
Jerry Beckett                           Donald Gridley       Michael Pritchard
Kieth Bennion                           Gary Griffin         Juan Ramirez
Robert Bolander                         Frank Hamilton       Richard Ramos
Frank Boutelli                          Paul Harrington      Robert Reid
Clyde Boyd                              James Hartwell       Alex Rice
Thomas Brand                            Benjamin Heck        Michael Rily
Robert Bravo                            Charles Hernandez    Gilbert Rivera
Federico Burgos                         Roberto Hernandez    Gregory Risk
Daniel Burress                          Roland Hoagland      Carlos G. Rodriquez
James Campbell                          Jesse Hughes         Johannes Rozek
Ralph Cardenas                          Phillip Hull         Aurelio Rubio
Sofia Cardenas                          Christopher Hylla    Paul Ruehle
Roland Caruajal                         William Johnson      Daniel Saam
Robert Carver                           Howard Jordan        Antonio Santos
Earl Cheney                             Milton Kalikman      Kym Simpson
David Childers                          Patrick Kerwin       Charles Skaggs
Phillip Cisneros                        John Kiessing        Jeff Smith
Huben Clemente                          Jack Long            Charles Strange Jr.
Peter Contreras                         Uriel Macias         Jack Swanson
William Cooley                          Jesse Martinez       Daniel Tan
Genardo Cruz                            Julian Martinez      Cecilia Trujillo
Lucio Cruz                              Donald Maxwell       Steve Ugarte
Richard Deakins                         Howard Mcaloney      Frank Ureno
Leander Dehetso                         Larry Merriweather   Arturo Uro
Arthur Dessenberger                     Luis Miranda         Richard Vissars
Engbert DeYoung                         Fred Mizell          Victor Wright
Roger Dick                              Joseph Montes

ISSUE NUMBER 66                                                   Page 3

Sun                 Mon   Tue   Wed                    Thu                      Fri                     Sat

                    1     2     3                      4                        5                       6
                                                       Post Exec. Meet-
                                                       ing @ 5:15 PM
ELECTION                                               Auxiliary Meeting
                                                       @ 6:00 PM, Post
DAY                                                    General Meeting
                                                       @ 7:00 PM

7                   8     9     10                     11                       12                      13
Post Breakfast
                                Marine Corps           S.A.L.                                           Early Bird Dinner
8:00 to 11:30am
                                Birthday and                                                            for all who have
Music by the                                           Meeting at
                                Veterans day                                                            paid their dues by
Cruiser’s, 4 to 8
                                celebration from       7:00 PM                                          Nov. 11th. Serv-
                                5:00 to 8:00 PM                                                         ing will start at 5
                                 Pot luck; bring       Veterans                                         PM. There will be
                                a dish!                Day                                              Karaoke music.

14                  15    16    17                     18                       19                      20
Karaoke by Lynn
4 Pm to 8 PM

21Menudo &          22    23    24                     25         26                                    27
Pezole breakfast                                       Thanksgiv-
4 to 8 PM                                              ing Day.
Music Entertain-
ment. The Los
Pistoleros 4 to 8

28                  29    30
Karaoke by Lynn                 Canyon City Post # 180 conducts General meeting’s at 7:00 PM every first Thursday of the month!
Russell from 4 to                The Ladies Auxiliary Unit conducts their General Meeting at 6:00 PM every 1st Thursday of the
8 PM                                                                        month
                                   The Son’s of the Legion Squadron conducts their meeting at 7:00 PM every 2nd Thursday.

                                      FIND US ON THE WEB AT <POST180.ORG>

You might be an
Airborne Soldier
The first thing you do in the                 THE FOLLOWING
morning is put in a dip               OFFICERS FAILED TO FILE A REPORT
Your favorite beer is someone                   THIS MONTH
Your cologne smells suspiciously
                                      2nd Vice          Paul Collier
like bug juice
You think a spit shine means to       Service Officer   Leonard Valdez
spit on your boots and wipe them      Sgt. At Arms      John Scruggs
on the back of your pant legs         J.A.G.            Ron Todd
Your kids wear a high and tight       Bingo Mgr.        Patrick Thomas
and stand at parade rest              Finance Officer   Rudy Tapia
You tell the arresting officer that
you have just been alerted and
you were speeding to work
When you have dinner guests in
                                                KUDOS!!!                           ATTENTION!
between paydays, you try to            To Irma Perez for providing our Sun-
pass off a ham slice as canned         day afternoon feast on Oct. 10th. The
                                       Chile relleno and taco dinner was ter-       New weekend
You use your spotter scope to
pull surveillance at the pool or       rific ! A lot of effort was put in by Ir-
                                         ma, Elaine and Olga to make this a
                                                                                   bar hours effec-
the Pope AFB air show
You would rather smoke a pri-           success. The next time you see these         tive Sat. Oct.
vate then a Marlboro                     ladies, please thank them for all the
Your hide site is cleaner than
                                       hard work they do at post 180. Thank               16th:
your room
You set up concertina wire
around your house to keep trick
                                                you, girls ! You are very
                                                                                   Saturdays: 11am-
or treaters away
You spend your free time think-
                                                 Leonard and Dottie.                     10pm
ing of ways you would destroy
things if you were a terrorist
                                                                                    Breakfast Sun-
You never enter a bar without
an E&R plan
You consider a "Recon" walking
around the bar looking for chicks
                                                                                      ( 1st & 3rd)
You order a beer from the wait-
ress by hollering "Nurse give me
                                                                                    8am-8pm. All
an IV"
You consider a six pack a well
                                                                                    others Sundays
balanced breakfast
You say "Hooah" whether you
                                                                                   11-8pm. Chang-
understand or not
You creatively acquire things
                                                                                     es due to low
you need
Every sport you play has the
word combat as part of its name


Application Form for an Appreciation Letter
From the Republic of Korea President to Korean War Veterans

Section I - Veteran's Personal Information

 Last Name                         First Name                         Middle Name
                                                  Date of Birth
 Gender        □ Male     □ Female
              Street                   City                           State

 Zip Code(9 digits)     Country                    Email Address

 Phone Number           Home:                                         Cellular:

Section Ⅱ - Veteran's Korean War Service Information

 Military Service Number                          Branch of Service

 Period of Service in the Korean War(mm/yyyy)      from                       through
 Member of the US Korean War Veterans Asso-
                                                   □ Yes    □ No

Section III - Veteran's Certification
I verify that I am a Korean War Veteran. (It is not necessary to belong to a Korean War Veterans Associa-
tion to receive the President’s Letter. A family member can sign for an incapacitated Veteran). I authorize
the Government of Korea and/ or US Korean War Veterans Association to use this information to provide
me with the Letter of Appreciation from the President of the Republic of Korea. The information will not
be used for any other purpose.

Veteran's (or family member) signature & date

Name                                  Signature                                   Date
Mail to:
US Branch ROK 60TH AKW Commemoration Committee
2450 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C 20008, USA

                                RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
AMERICAN LEGION, CANYON                                    STAMP
819North Loren Ave
Azusa, CA 91702

Phone: 626-334-9938
Fax: 626-334-2834
Web Page:


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