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									Public Relations

     Business 9318, Fall 2001
     Dr. Katherine Gallagher
 To   provide an overview of public relations
 To   explore corporate communications
 To   examine crisis communications
 To   understand marketing public relations
Advantages and Disadvantages
   avoidance of clutter
   lead generation
   ability to reach specific groups
   image building
Advantages and Disadvantages
   potential for not completing the communications
   potential for lack of communication with rest of IMC
   timing not completely controllable
   inaccuracies, omissions, etc.
Overview of Public Relations
 Public relations
   important in relationship marketing
   credibility builder
   can be focused on corporate brand or product brand
 Types of public relations
   corporate relations
   crisis management
   marketing public relations
   media relations
   employee relations
   financial or investor relations
PR Strategy and Planning
1. Determine and evaluate public attitudes
    provides input to the planning process
    serves as an early-warning system
    secures internal support
    increases effectiveness
PR Strategy and Planning
2. Establish a PR plan
    define PR problems
    determine relevant PR audiences
       internal audiences
       external audiences
    define messages (worthy of public interest)
    choose PR tools
       press release
       press conference
       community involvement
PR Strategy and Planning
3. Implement the plan
    avoid turf battles between PR and marketing
    coordinate with rest of IMC plan
4. Evaluate
    measures of actual PR activities undertaken
    measures of audience reception and understanding
    measures of perceptual and behavioral changes
Corporate Relations
 Corporate advertising
   corporate identity advertising
   advocacy advertising
   social issue advertising
   cause-related advertising
   event sponsorships
 Corporate mission and vision
 Corporate image and reputation
   image is created
   reputation is earned
Crisis Management
 Crises we can learn from:
   Tylenol (1982)
   Exxon Valdez (1989)
   Perrier (1990)
   Bridgestone/Firestone (2000)
   NYC 9/11 (2001)
Crisis Management
 Advice from the experts
   Be realistic. Crises happen. Plan for them.
   Only designated executives should talk to the media
   Explain what happened as you understand it
   Tell what the company is doing to minimize the
   Express sympathy and concern for injured parties
   and their families
   Do not admit liability without knowing all the facts
   (which can take weeks or months to gather)
Marketing Public Relations
 Involves an organization’s interactions with
 Proactive MPR
 Reactive MPR
Proactive MPR
 MPR adds value to IMC by:
   building excitement before media advertising breaks
   creating advertising news when there is no product
   introducing a product with little or no advertising
   providing value-added customer service
   building brand-to-customer bonds
   influencing opinion leaders
   defending products at risk and giving consumers a
   reason to buy
Reactive MPR
 Negative product publicity
   product defects and failures
   product tampering
      conspiracy rumors
      contamination rumors
Rumors and Rumor Control
 Persistent rumors (all false)
   Procter & Gamble
   Pop Rocks
   Kentucky Fried Chicken
   Tommy Hilfiger
Rumors and Rumor Control
 Dealing with rumors: Don’t overreact
   Alert procedure
     note location and wording of allegation and target
     at 10 incidents, send queries to front line people to specify
     regional boundaries and participating population
     check with competitors (company vs industry problem?)
     assessment of threat or potential threat to profit
         image as inept, impotent, passive victim?
         effect on company or brand image
         effect on sales
         effect on morale
Rumors and Rumor Control
 Dealing with rumors: Don’t overreact (continued)
   Decide whether to go public -- judgement call
   Media campaign (if necessary)
     expect internal resistance to going public
     decide on geographic, demographic targets
     select message(s) and media
         decide what points to refute (do not deny more than
         highlight that allegations are untrue and unjust
         imply that business is not suffering
         line up disinterested expert spokespeople to speak on the
         company’s behalf
Event Sponsorship
   consistency with brand image
   access to target audience
   low risk of sponsor misidentification
   low clutter
   fit with other sponsorships, marcoms
   economically viable
 ambush marketing
Cause-Related Marketing
 Donation to a cause in return for customers
 engaging in revenue-producing exchanges with
 the firm
   increase brand awareness
   enhance brand or corporate image
   reach new audiences
   incremental sales

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