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									   ….visit the winegrowing regions and taste Spanish wines
Vineyards with art and history. Can you think of a better way to discover Spanish wine than by actually visiting their places of
origin? Many of Spain's leading vineyards are open to visitors. Many are hundreds of years old, some boast an extraordinary
architectural richness, and others even include interesting collections of art relating to the wine culture. It is a real privilege to enter
this world accompanied by those who have a deep understanding of it. They will show you how to fully appreciate it. They will take
you around the facilities, the vineyards, the production process; they will reveal the secrets of wine tastings and you will, of course,
be able to sample the wines accompanied by typical local dishes. It is now really easy to book visits and tasting in any wine cellar of
Alava, Aranda de Duero, Burgos, Jerez de la Frontera, La Rioja, Murcia, Pontevedra, and Valladolid. You will find
really renowned wine cellars, such as Williams & Humbert, Pedro Domeq, Arzuaga and Emina. If you want to go deeper into it, we
offer you the possibility of taking wine routes like the ones for Jumilla, the alavian Rioja, Rias Baixas or Montilla-Jumilla
wines. There are wine tour offers for all kinds of audiences, and also for every budget. You don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy a
wine tasting or a visit to a warehouse.
All the packages featured in this pamphlet are just a sample of what we can offer to you: Our 3 days – 2nights Escapes
includes 2 (two) overnights stay in Hotel with breakfast, and a visit to a nearby winery or a gourmet lunch in a
non tourist restaurant, 3 days car rental


                     Wine regions of Spain
         3 Days - 2 Nights Escapes … from Barcelona to Bilbao


Barcelona is your starting point. Then after few days take your car and drive north and stop to visit villages, cities along your route
and enjoy the countryside and the renowned wineries we have chosen for you.
Our suggested itinerary? First stop at Vilarnaur s winery just outside Barcelona then head north to Pamplona. Stop there for a
pintxos tasting then again North toward the Riojas and Valesas wine regions to finish in Bilbao and San Sebastian. Take your time
to taste, enjoy and relax, build your itinerary fill it with your fantasies and let us take care of the rest.

Barcelona is bubbling all year round. Alternative art galleries, urban sport, festivals, fairs, exhibitions and more fill the calendar
with ideas that bring us closer to a culture always hanging on the latest trends, not just personal but also urban, artistic, mobility
and even food. You will have a lot to do and see while in the City . Here below a couple of suggestions while in Barcelona, before
heading to the wine regions , that we can book for you. ENOLOGY

Duration: 3 hrs. Meeting point: at 13.00/13.30 hrs at n.29 Moll de Gregal Street,in the Port Olympic area of Barcelona.
There, hand over your voucher to the person that is at the reception at the restaurant’s entrance.
Description: Be ready for this great menu : it will start with a cold dishes selection, followed by hot ones, called pica-pica . (Tapas or appetizers) This will be followed by the main course Sea
Food Paella with fish, ending with a dessert of your choice among catalan cream, lemon sherbet or an apple puff-pastry. All that accompanied by white and red wine from the Mediterranean.
Penedés mineral water and coffee or tea.

Duration: 2 hrs. Meeting point: 10.30 hrs at the Information Tourist Office of Barcelona, at the n.17 Plaza de Cataluña Street (basement).
It is necessary to be at the Information Office 10 min. before the beginning of this visit through the gastronomy of Barcelona.
Description: Enjoyment of an itinerary full of flavour in a guided visit through the streets of the old town and to know the gastronomic culture of Barcelona. During this tour you will discover the
history and some emblematic Barcelona gastronomy establishments where you will taste products of our cuisine.

Our package from $ 319 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis.
Duration: One hr. and a half approx..
Meeting point: At 11:00 a.m. at the entrance of the Vilarnau’s Wine Cellar.
Description: This Wine Cellar is of recent opening, though it goes back 1948 when it gave its first steps, it was progressively growing up to coming to the current construction, an enormous and
prestigious warehouse, in the year 2005. This one is surrounded with 15 hectares of vineyards. With new technical and new elements implemented, after a diverse processes of investigation
and improvement it tries to achieve the best quality in each bottle, without neglecting the improvement in the quality of its champagnes. The excursion will start accompanied of a guide who will
be explaining you meticulously the function of each of the visited places as well as the complex elaboration of their wines. The visit will finish in the tasting room with a trying of champagnes and
wines Vilarnau.
Days 3/4: Days off to enjoy the town.
includes: 3 overnights at Hotel Cataluna Albeniz ***in Barcelona with breakfast, 1 day car rental ,visit to
Vilanau’s cellar, champagne & wine tasting.
                                                                           “PINTXOS”          IN PAMPLONA.

Pamplona: Yes, this is the town of the "Running of Bulls", one of the most famous events in all Spain the capital city of the region of Navarre..

LOCATION : The city is famous worldwide for the San Fermín festival, from July 7 to 14, in which the running of the bulls or encierro is one of the main
attractions. This fiesta, known as Sanfermines to the local population, was first brought to widespread attention by Ernest Hemingway in his first novel,
The Sun Also Rises. Pamplona is located in the middle of Navarre, in a rounded valley , that links the mountainous North with the Ebro valley and is 92
kilometres from the town of San Sebastián, and 407 kilometres from the capital city of Madrid

To speak of the cuisine of Pamplona means to speak, in a wider sense, of the cuisine of all Navarre, which has an excellent reputation and is extremely
varied thanks to the characteristics of its landscapes. Specialities from the mountain-ranges are several preparations of game, usually in tasty sauces, as
well as salmon and trout. An original recipe is trout filled with cured ham. Also Pochas de Sangúesa, a very delicious kind of beans of high reputation,
are the base of many typical dishes. Combining ideally with the dishes mentioned above are the well-known wines of the region, D.O. Navarra.

Our package from $ 359 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Duration: 3 hrs
Meeting point: Between 12:00 and 13:00 or 20:00 and 21:00 in the Baserri Restaurant, placed in n.32 Nicolás Street.
Hand over your voucher and you will get on return 4 tickets valid to be used in four different bars, to taste the most typical and special “pintxos”
of Navarre.
Description: Every ticket includes two “pintxos” and a glass of wine, so do not consider later on to have lunch or dinner, because you will get more than
satisfied with the “pintxos”. In the tickets delivered at Baserri Restaurant you will get the information regarding the addresses of all the places where
to use your tickets. This way you will be tasting in every place different “pintxos” from the rich Navarre gastronomy, while you stroll up and down the
beautiful city center of Pamplona.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town, and end of our services.
includes: 2 overnights at hotel NH El Toro ***in Pamplona with breakfast, 3 day car rental and walking tour with
“pintxos” and wine tasting in 4 different bars.
                                                                                 VITORIA AND THE ALAVAS’ RIOJA, REMELLURI’S WINERIES.
LOCATION Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital city of the province of Álava and of the autonomous community of the Basque Country in northern Spain. It is the second
largest Basque city, after Bilbao. The medieval town is set in almond-shape around the hill, became a defensive stronghold coveted by the kingdoms of Navarra and
Castilla during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The city of Vitoria has received several international awards for its urban development. Special mention is given to
green ring, a network of parks and green spaces around the city, destined to be the lung of the future Vitoria, and to link the city with the countryside.
THE WINERYThe Nuestra Señora de Remelluri Farm formerly belonged to the Toloño Monastery. It currently covers 154 hectares, 105 of which make up the vineyard.
Remelluri is one of the most important wineries in La Rioja, not for its aristocratic roots (it was only founded in 1967), rather for its successful style of
blending modern technology (stainless steel vats) with the traditional extended period in oak. Remelluri has become, over the years, a Cult Wine, and
production is tiny.
THE WINE “ Remelluri wines are made with the best grapes from our estate: fruity wines with a distinctive personality, complex and intense aromas, and a hint of minerals and
other aromas which produce a soothing effect. With elegant blended tannins, enveloped in a pleasant sensation of freshness, they are powerful and persistent wines which
demonstrate outstanding balance and a sense of fullness in mouth.”

Our package from $ 269 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation in the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Duration: 1 hr. Meeting point: At 12.00 hrs at the Remelluri’s Wine Cellar, on the Rivas Del Terso road without num, at the town of Bastida.
Description: In this place carved in the rock one finds a former press of wine, constituting surely one of the most ancient Rioja’s wine vestige. The most ancient accounting book preserved in
Labastida's Town hall, is dated in 1596 and outlines already every year and until last Century the contribution of wine in pitchers from the Nuestra Señora de Remelluri This property, of approx.
20 hectares, comes intact until 1967, being acquired this year by the manufacturer Jaime Rodriguez Salis. Since then and along four decades, the nuestra señora de Remélluri farm is
recovering its former lands, possessing nowadays 154 hectares, 105 of which constitute a restored vineyard; origin of Remelluri's wines.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town, and end of our services. ( the winery is closed in August)
includes: 2 overnights at Hotel ACGeneral Alava****in Vitoria with breakfast, 3 day car rental and regular visit to
the Remelluri’s cellars with wine tasting
                                                                                                               SAN SEBASTIAN AND ITS “PINTXOS”.

LOCATION : San Sebastian boasts one of the best in-city beaches in Europe. It is quite unusual feeling that you can sunbathe and swim right
next to major historical buildings and churches. Surfers are in abundance here. The city is quite small and cozy, featuring many fish
restaurants, several beaches, tons of pintxos bars and a choice of designer clothes shops

“The Basque cuisine is famous within Spain and many believe it is the Basque Country where you can find the best food. Much of this fame
comes from San Sebastian and its bars and restaurants. Although tapas were invented in Andalucia they became perfected in San Sebastian
and a walk through the old town before lunch time with its many bars shows why. Each bar is bursting with pintxos (tapas) and they look
very delicate. Pintxos are generally enjoyed together with a glass of wine or a small beer, and the Spanish tradition suggests to have one
pintxo and a wine in one bar and move on to the next bar. Pintoxos can be used as a good substitute for a meal - you pay for each one you eat
so you can have as many as you want. If you want 'real' food then that is where San Sebastian can be very very good. You can find several
restaurants with the obvious Basque cuisine. In and around the harbour you can have the freshest seafood and if you don’t enjoy the simple
harbour taverns go and enjoy San Sebastian restaurants with Michelin stars if you have some money to spare.

Our package from $ 279 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Day 2: In this program every client will be given a route guide with all information about the routes and establishment included in the program that will allow you to plan your “pintxos’”
gastronomic activity during your stay. In the guide there is included information about the typical bars in which you will be able to enjoy your “pintxos”’ tasting and drinks. This way you can
chose the timing, the bar and the num. of “pintxos” in every establishment, choosing your favorite ones. In addition, the guide gathers information about the monuments and sights that you can
visit while you walk around having “pintxos”. It is included the tasting of 8 “pintxos” and 4 drinks to be consumed freely in any of the included establishments.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town, and end of our services.
includes: 2 overnights at Hotel NH Aranzazu****in San Sebastian with breakfast, 3 day car rental, and a
brochure guide with tickets for 8 pintxos & 4 drinks.
Discover all the charm of the Biscay capital. With its galleries, monuments and famous Guggenaim museum Bilbao is the perfect
destination for modern history and art lovers. Take a break during your Bilbao tour and relax in one of its parks, taste the delicious Basque
food and finish your day enjoying the vibrant nightlife. Warm continental climate makes of Bilbao s weather a perfect ally for outdoor sports
and the clean beaches down in the bay are always lively during the summer holidays. There are so many things to do… here some suggestions
to complete your visit!

BILBAO, COOKING LESSSON ABOUT “PINTXOS” our package from $ 369 p/p
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
In this program a professional specialist will impart you a Course of 3 hrs of duration teaching you how to make the famous “pintxos”. The lessons will be carried out downtown
During the course every clients will be given t a brochure with information about the course subjects that includes an explanation about the “pintxos” history, the elaboration process, the most
habitual products, formats and active demonstration cooking diverse types of “pintxos” that later on will be tasted by the participants. You will make 8 different types of “pintxos”. Every “pintxo”
will be accompanied with a different Wine which will turn the “pintxos” sampling into a Wine tasting. The wines come from 8 different wine regions and they will allow enjoying an Initiation to the
tasting art.
Day 3: Day off to enjoy the town

BILBAO AND ITS “PINTXOS” our package from $ 275 p/p
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Day 2: ”PINTXOS” TASTING. In this program there will be handed over to every client a guide route which will gather all the information about the tours and places included that will allow you
to plan during your stay the gastronomic activity of “pintxos” tasting. In the guide there is included information about the selected places, offering a range of typical bars in which you will be able
to taste on your way the “pintxos” (Tapas) and drinks included in the program. So you can chose the schedule, the bars and the quantity of “pintxos” to be consumed in every bar. In addition the
guide gathers information about the Monuments or Sights that you will be able to visit along the offered routes which you will be able to choose freely to get to the typical Bars that are placed
both in the modern zone and in the Old Town. There is included the sampling of 8 “pintxos” and 4 drinks.
Day 3: Day off to enjoy the town.

Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Meeting point: 09.00 in the morning at the Hotel Abba Parque entry placed in n. 66 Rodríguez Arias Street.
Description: depart towards Vitoria. The route shows the mountainous landscapes coming to the Plateau with its oak and beeches forests. Arriving in Vitoria, we will initiate a panoramic tour for
the city crossing the whole urban modern drawing. Later, we will stop in the old town to visit it; we’ll have some free time to walk around the streets, its historical center or to have a coffee in one
of its many bars. From here we will go to Lapueba de Arganzon, Armiñon and Zambrana up to reach Labastida and finally La Guardia, famous village at La Rioja Alavesa for r its magnificent
Wine Cellars. We will have time to go over its streets of medieval design, its lordly houses and its two fortified churches.
Free time to have lunch in one of its typical restaurants. In the afternoon, we’ll visit a Wine cellar to taste its wines. Afterwards return to Bilbao.
 Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the city.

  All our Escape packages include:
      - 2 overnights at 3 * Hotel NH Deusto
      - Cooking lesson or pintxos tasting or a visit of Vitoria
          & 1 Rioja winery depending on the chosen “Escape”
  Upgrading to 4 * hotels and extra night available on request
LA RIOJA REGION is rich in natural attractions and offers the visitor a great deal as well
as the many opportunities to taste the famous local wines. This region offers great possibilities
 for rural tourism, and if you like hunting, fishing, climbing or hiking this is where you need to be.

Day 1: Arrival in Logrono and accommodation at the Hotel AC Las Rioja **** on a bed and breakfast basis
Meeting point: At 11:30 in the Puelles Wine Cellar placed in the Camino de los Molinos Street, in the locality of Abalos, in Logroño (La Rioja).
Description: The Puelles family has this property in Abalos from immemorial times. The facilities are thought to obtain the maximum quality in
 the whole process; fermenters of 20.000 litters for a better control and natural refrigeration with a mill moved by the river’s water in its flowing course. The pressing is done by a pneumatic
system of air pressure. The aging is carried out in 225l casks, half of French oak and half American in an underground space where the environmental conditions are suitable (temperature,
degree of dampness, etc.). While we show the Wine Cellar you will be able to taste 5 excellent wines from the Puelles’ family.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town
Day 1: arrival in Logrono and accommodation at hotel NH Express Logrono **** on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Meeting point: At 11:00 hrs at the Wine Cellar entrance located in the village of Haro, La Rioja
Description: During the visit, you will make a tour through the vineyards and along the Wine Cellar installations in company of one of our guides, that will response your questions and will show
the whole elaboration process of the wine ageing. Finishing with the taste of its rich broths. The Ramon Bilbao Wine Cellar possesses separated zones for the reception, elaboration,
fermentation... with its corresponding tables of selection and its French oak tanks. All this helps to achieve that the Ramon Bilbao Wine Cellar in Haro will be one of the five most visited Wine
Cellars with the Origin Denomination of Rioja.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the beautiful villages of La Rioja.
OLARRA WINE CELLAR from $ 349 p/p
Day 1: Arrival in Logrono and accommodation at the hotel AC Las Rioja **** on a bed and breakfast basis.
Day 2: GUIDED VISIT TO THE OLARRA WINE CELLAR. Duration: 1 hr. and a half approx..
Meeting point: At 11:00 in the Wine Cellar located in n.30 Mendavia Avenue, , La Rioja
Description: From its foundation in 1973, the Olarra Wine Cellar bets for an architectural innovative concept with an
ultramodern building with a Y shape. Its singular place for wine ageing crowned with 111 hexagonal domes has make to
be known by the nickname Cathedral of La Rioja. The visitor will have the chance of knowing a spectacular Wine Cellar,
where will be able to contemplate the whole elaboration process estimating every detail in an unforgettable visit. It will be
a pleasure to receive them, to accompany them and to guide them through our House. The vertical commented tasting
will include the sampling of the following wines accompanied of appetizer: White wine fermented in cask, rose wine,
maturing wine, reserve, special reserve, high expression and selected vintage.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town,

Day 1: arrival in Logrono and accommodation at hotel NH Express Logrono **** on a bed and breakfast basis.
Meeting point: At any time in the Wine Cellar entrance on the Estación Street num 3, according to this schedule of visits: Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00-11:00-12:00. On Sunday: 11:00
Description: The society Bodegas Bilbaínas was constituted in 1901. In a few years, the Bilbaina Wine Cellar was consolidated as a brand of reference for La Rioja wine, up to the point that the
maturing Ederra wine was chosen for the daily consumption of the king’s Alfonso XIII Palace. In 1997, the Codorníu Group acquires the Wine Cellar and initiates a deep renovation of the Wine
Cellar, both in the wine area and architectonically. The renovation of the enclosure that shelters the Bilbainas Wine Cellar began with the construction of a pavilion destined to the vintage
receipt, the pressing and the fermentation. Months later a basement was constructed for the ageing in casks. At the beginning of 2000, the architect Domingo Triay initiated the works of
restructuring the former Wine Cellar.
Day 3: Day at leisure to discover La Rioja’s beautiful villages.

Note: All these packages include 3 days car rental, 2 overnights at hotel in b/b basis, regular visit with tasting in the chosen winery.
              …driving South from Madrid



      … to Toledo
         …. Albacete
     …..Ciudad Real
…..Jerez de la Frontera
                       TOLEDO & THE WINERIEOTERO

LOCATION Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sitting on a large hill, "Old Toledo" is encircled on three sides by the Tagus
River and retains its medieval road plan.Vibrant in history, the old center of the city is a must see on your trip to Spain. Just on the
road to the South of Spain it can be worth a stop to visit the old town and indulge in a wine tasting at Otero Wineries.
THE WINERY : Since September of 2000 the production zone is cataloged as VINO DE CALIDAD or Quality Wine, with the name Vino de
Calidad “Valles de Benavente”.The wines undergo production, elaboration and fermentation in the northeast zone of the province of Zamora,
including the municipalities of the Tera, Esla, and Orbigo river valleys, branches of the River Duero, as well as various municipalities of
Tierra de Campos. There are a total of 60 municipalities that along with the surrounding areas, occupy 162,360 hectares (401,192 acres) of
land: Currently OTERO winery occupies a total of or 17,435 ft.. The business has been passed down through three generations creating high-
quality wine with the collaboration of over 300 grape cultivators who, year after year, not only supply grapes, but also make personal and
economic sacrifices, striving for a future in which quality will prevail

Our package from $ 345 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation to the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis.
Duration: Approx. one hr. and a half.
Meeting point: At the entrance to Bodegas Otero on the Camino del Bravo Street, Otero 4553, Toledo, at 11.00 a.m..
Description: These vintners began operations in 1906 under the direction of Juan Otero Colino as quite a small business in Benavente.
Through time, they have gradually expanded and widened their range of wines to satisfy their customers’ demands. Some of the Wine
Cellars are situated under ground, the total area occupied by the winery is 5,500 square m. and the grapes are supplied by about 300 local
farmers. The tour will be divided into two parts; the first and longer part will consist of a tour of the different departments accompanied by a
guide who will explain in full the wine-making processes. You will then be invited to taste some of our best wines.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the city.
includes: 2 overnights at Hotel Casona de la Reyna ***in Toledo with breakfast, 3 day car rental and scheduled
visit with tasting at Otero Winery
                                                                                            ALBACETE & THE ALJIBEs WINE CELLAR WITH WINE TASTING.

LOCATION :Located in southeastern Spain in a strategic position, 258 km southeast of Madrid, between the capital                       and the east coast of the
Mediterrean Sea Albacete has become the most important town in the Castille la Mancha region. The university has 10,000 students who support a lot of
clubs, bars and tapas restaurants. During summer nights, thousands of people visit Tascas de la Feria to eat regional dishes. In September, the Feria de
Albacete (town festival) transforms the city for ten days. Lots of visitors fill the city streets, and the population can reach a fivefold growth. Chinchilla de
Monte-Aragón, more commonly just Chinchilla, is a municipality in the province of Albacete in Castile-La Mancha.

THE WINERY : Los Aljibes, a splendid 2000-acre estate located close to Chinchilla ., where nature runs wild in the form of olive trees, Spanish oaks,
bushes, scrubland, Spanish thoroughbred horses, rabbits, partridges… Within the vast estate there are 450 acres of vineyards, which have surrounded the
winery for many years now and are cultivated at an altitude of 3200 feet.                                                          Los Aljibes’ wines
have maintained an excellent quality since the winery was founded in 2003 by Manuel Lorenzo. Actually, both Spanish and international wine reviewers
agree in pointing out Los Aljibes’ wines as an excellent value.
Selectus was considered in Spain the Best Red Wine of the Land of Spain. “Viña Aljibes Rosé” has been named Best Rosé of the Land of Spain twice, in
2008 and 2009 and “Viña Aljibes White” was in 2008 Best White Wine of the Land of Castilla.

Our package from $ 389 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off;   see the city on your own.
Day 2: VISIT OF THE WINE CELLAR WITH TASTING Duration: One hr. and a half approx..
Meeting point at 11:00 am at Aljibe Wine Cellar Warehouse located in the Aljibe’s countryside in the municipal area of Chinchilla de Montearagón (Albacete). From
Albacete take Road A-31 direction Alicante - Valencia, exit 93 towards Horna by road CM-3255, turn aside in Horna, in 5 kilometres you will find the’’ Aljibe Wine
Cellar ". Area with the denomination Wines of the Earth of Castile.
The excursion will consist of a wonderful walk along the warehouse accompanied at all time by a guide who will explain to you with detail the whole elaboration process
that our wines needs. You will also enjoy the visit to the view point where you will be able to overlook the vineyards and the visit to the Aljibe’s exhibitions room. The
visit will finish with the tasting of one of our more prestigious wines with a succulent cold appetizer. Our tip: don’t forget to visit Chinchilla
Day 3: Day off to enjoy the town, and end of our services.
includes: 2 overnights at Hotel Chess Europa ***in Albacete with breakfast, 3 day car rental and scheduled visit
             with tasting at Aljibe Winery
                                                                                               CIUDAD REAL, LA MANCHA’S HEART, WINE CELLAR DEL SAZ.

LOCATION “La Mancha,” you think of windmills – and a certain self-styled knight – rather than wine. It’s time to connect this
region’s name not only to Miguel de Cervantes’ famous novel but also to La Mancha’s wines” You can take the La Mancha Wine
Route (“Ruta del vino de La Mancha”) to see the entire DO, or stop by a bodega or two to experience wine production and tasting
from start to finish. With approximately 300 wineries to choose from, you won’t have much trouble finding a tasting opportunity
but we have chosen for you the wine cellar del Saz. From Ciudad Real, there are a multitude of possibilities to get to know this
province, so well described in the work of Cervantes , “Don Quijote.” In the region of Campo de Calatrava is Almagro, well known for its
open air comedy amphitheatre (National Monument) and its International Festival of Classical Theatre.,Campo de Calatrava also has
volcanoes, castles, palaces and places of great historic-artistic

THE WINERY Bodegas del Saz offer wines made from a wide range of grape varieties, such as: Tempranillo, Macabeo, Airen, Syrah, Cabernet
Sauvigon, Merlot, Chardonnay. Its vineyards spread over 200 hectares and are located in the heart of La Mancha.

Our package from $ 299 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the chosen hotel on a bed and breakfast basis .Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Duration: 1 hr. and a half.
Meeting point: At 11:00 in the Wine Cellar del Saz, n. 57 Maestro Manzanares Street , in the village Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real.
Description: The Wine Cellar del Saz is a company with a familiar marked character that for more than 40 years lives from and for the wine. Vidal del Saz is cultivator and collector of its more
than 200 hectares of vineyards with a wide range of varieties like: Tempranillo,Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah,Chardonnay, etc. If we look for a word to identifies del Saz’s Wine Cellar, this
one is undoubtedly quality. It is the commitment acquired that includes all aspects involved in the process. .
We propose you a guided visit to this Wine Cellar with a commented tasting of a white wine and another red one.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the city, and end of our services

includes: 2 overnights at Hotusa Sta Cecilia **** or NH Real*** in Ciudad Real with breakfast, 3 day car rental
and scheduled visit with tasting at Vidal Del Saz Winery
                                                    GLAMOUR IN MARBELLA AND THE WINES OF MIJAS

LOCATION : Marbella is a city of Andalusia on the Mediterranean, situated in the province of Málaga, beneath La Concha. Marbella and the nearby
Puerto Banús are important beach resorts of the Costa del Sol. The town is famous for being a playground for the rich and famous. The Village of Mijas
(Mijas Pueblo) is undoubtedly one of the Jewels of the Costa del Sol. This historic village nestles comfortably in the foothills of the Sierra de Mijas
mountains some 450 meters above sea level, which offers the visitor spectacular views over Fuengirola and along the coast and Mediterranean sea. It is a
traditional mountain village and so typically Andalucian with its narrow cobbled streets and white washed buildings.

THE WINE: Malaga wines are known for their sweetness and deep taste, most of them being obtained from moscatel muscat mature grapes and Pedro
Ximenez grapes variety, also used for the production of raisins and sultanas. Wine making in the Malaga province of Andalucia is as old as the history
recalls Málaga wine tasting is synonymous to a multitude of sensations. The huge range of colors, aromas and flavous open the doors to curiosity as each Málaga wine
represents a new discovery. Colours that go from golden yellow to black; aromas that run from floral and fruity, in young wines, to the complex aromas of the añejos and
trasañejos; and flavors that vary from the fresh varietals to those typical of mature aged wines; and from sweet to dry wines, offer an ample choice of Málaga wines in which
there is one to suit all tastes and every occasion. They are ideal to be consumed with starters, blue cheese, foie, fruit and chocolate among other different dishes

Our package from $ 409 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at hotel H10 Andalusia Plaza 4**** on a bed and breakfast basis., in Marbella opposite to the yachting harbor port of Puerto Banús. In its surrounding there
are many high-level golf courses, and the hotel facilities offer all kinds of comforts to enjoy to the maximum your stay in the Costa del Sol. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Day 2: GUIDED VISIT TO THE WINE MUSEUM OF MIJAS. Duration: 1 hr. 45 min. approx.. Meeting point: n. 14 .San Sebastian Street. Míjas .
Description: The visitor will enjoy of the Málaga’s ethnologic experiences, varieties and systems of growing. In the Wine Cellar we will get knowledge about the elaboration process. After all
these explanation we’ll access the tasting room where we’ll taste some of the wines with delicious tapas.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the Costa del Sol.
   includes: 2 overnights at H10 Andaluza Plaza**** in MARBELLA with breakfast, 3 day car rental and scheduled visit with
                                              tasting at Wine Museum of Minjas
LOCATION : JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA , inland towards Seville, is the home and heartland
 of sherry (itself an English corruption of the town's Moorish name - Xerez ) and also, less known
 but equally important, of Spanish brandy. An elegant and prosperous town, it's a tempting place
to stop, arrayed as it is round the scores of wine bodegas with plenty of sights to visit in between.

JEREZ, WINE CELLAR WILLIAMS & HUMBERT package from $ 309 p/p
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at NH Avenida Jerez *** on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Duration: Approx. 2 hrs Meeting point: at 10.00 hrs In the Wine Cellar, located at kilometre 641 of the road Nacional IV (Jeréz).
Description: The history of the Wine Cellars Williams and Humbert goes back to1870, when its founder, Alexander Williams, a young Englishman of clear enterprising spirit, decides to leave his
natal England and to establish in Jeréz to be employed at a wine producing company, where he would know the processes of the Sherry elaboration, a product highly esteemed in England.
During your visit we’ll show you what it is probably the biggest Wine Cellar of Europe, we will reveal its secrets, and we’ll make a tour through the history, elaboration and conservation of its
wines. Your tour consists of the following activities: visit to the biggest Wine cellar of Europe (180.000 m2). National prize of Architecture, visit to the most complete Museum of Sherry with
original wine-producing pieces from XVIth Century. And the special room with wines of more than 20 and 30 years lounges for tasting Don Guido and Great Duke of Alba.
The horses, as exponents of the Andalusia culture, also have its space in Williams and Humbert. Beside visiting the stables and knowing the interior of the horse’s world, you’ll enjoy an
equestrian show that the Wine Cellar organizes in its exhibitions track.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town, and end of our services.

Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at NH Avenida Jerez *** on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Duration: One hr. and a half approx.. Meeting point: At 11:00 a.m. in the main entrance of Tio Pepe Wine Cellar.
Description: The history of this Wine Cellar goes back to hundreds of years ago (1837). The Wine Cellar not only elaborates and works the wine but also drinks like the “chinchón” (anis), the
famous sherry, oil etc. During the visit you’ll be accompanied by a guide. The tour start with a pleasant route by train visiting the Villa’s Victorina Gardens, the Wine Cellar in which is it the
famous Lepanto Brandy, the most international brandy, we will also visit the former alquitaras (still) used for the wine distillation, and to finish we will visit the cooperage. Later on we’ll continue
the visit walking, enjoying the most ancient section of the Wine Cellar, first the Concha Wine Cellar designed by Eiffiel. It will put on an audio visual projection about the elaboration of the Sherry
wine. After the projection we’ll visit the Apostles’s Wine Cellar in whose interior we’ll find leather wine bottles of more than 300 years, we’ll continue the visit at the founder laboratory, that was
kept as it was after his death in 1887, afterwards we’ll go to the Royal Wine Cellar, special reserve that is kept to be delivered to the royal family. Finally we will see the famous mice drinkers of
wines. To finish this tour there will take place the tasting of the better brands.
Day 3: Day off to enjoy the town,

Both packages include: 2 overnights at NH Avenida Jerez*** in Jerez with breakfast, 3 day car rental and scheduled visit
with tasting at Wine Cellar Williams&Humbert or Tio Pepe Cellar. Other hotels available on request.
                                                                                          Driving North from Madrid to ……………
Feb01-Mar27 Mar28-Apr04 Apr05-Jun30 Jul01-Aug31 Sep01-Sep30 Oct01-Oct31

 Jul01-Aug31 Sep01-Sep30 Oct01-Oct31


                                                  Rias Baixas              Zamora

                                                ………… Burgos, Valladolid, Zamora , Rias Baixas

                                                                                       BURGOS &WINE CELLAR BODEGA REAL OF VENTOSILLA

LOCATION :Burgos is a city of northern Spain, at the edge of the central plateau , in the autonomous community of Castile and León. It is a monumental
town, charming for that so typical medieval northern castilian ambience, rich in ancient churches and convents. . The gothic cathedral is all dominant, but
there are many more important monuments such as the Cartuja de Miraflores or the Monastery of Las Huelgas. Generally the town is quiet and clean,
and after your sightseeing-tour or a walk through one of the parks you may want to try out Burgos' exquisite cuisine.
 THE WINERY: The vineyard has 520 hectares. 90% of the crop is Tinta fina (Tempranillo), 7% is Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% is Merlot. The vineyards
are placed in a natural environment, with autochthonous forest of oaks and junipers, and surrounded by species of fauna of great value, where they have
wanted to preserve varieties of Tinta fina from the Douro Bank by means of the clone extraction of vine-stocks of more than 90 years on the verge of
extinction. Two exceptional brandes: Prado Rey with 95% Tempranillo combined with other grapes and Recorba with 100% of Tempranillo grapes

Our package from $ 339 per person
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the hotel Husa Artanzon *** in Burgos on a bed and breakfast basis. Free time to visit the city
Duration: 2 hrs and a half.
Meeting point: 12:00 hrs in the Wine Cellar Real Sitio de Ventosilla:
Direccion : take the exit n.159 (Palencia, Villalba de Duero) and keep going in the Palencia direction. First you will cross the village of Villalba and in approx. 5
Km, you will see to the right a signal announcing the Wine Cellar and its entry 500 m. ahead. If you come from Aranda de Duero take the road with direction to
Palencia, you will pass next to the factory “Leche Pascual”, keep going crossing the Villalba Village and on the right hand you will see a signal announcing the
Wine cellar and its entry 500 m. ahead to the right . A small road will lead you to the Wine Cellar. The parking is next to the main entrance.
Description: The visit will be made on a Jeep 4x4 driving through the vineyards and tasting two of its better wines. The vineyard has 520 hectares. The building
has special rooms for tasting, laboratories and a glazed zone from where it is possible to contemplate the rest of the casks.
Day 3: Day off to enjoy the town, and end of our services. Our tip You shouldn't miss visiting the surroundings of the town, where you will find many villages
of extraordinary historical-artistical value
includes: 2 overnights at Hotel Husa Artanzon *** in Burgos with breakfast, 3 day car rental and scheduled visit
in a Jeep 4x4 to Bodegas Real de Ventosilla Winery.
LOCATION :Valladolid is a historic city in north-central Spain, upon the Pisuerga River and within three wine-making regions: Ribera
del Duero, Rueda and Cigales . It is the capital of the province of Valladolid and of Castile and Leon. The capital of Castile-León preserves
in its old quarter, a heritage of aristocratic houses and religious buildings. The heart of the old city is the 16th-century Plaza Mayor, presided
over by a statue of Count Ansúrez. The city preserves houses where great historical characters once lived, like the Casa de Cervantes, where
the author of Don Quijote lived with his family and Christopher Columbus House-Museum, where the navigator spend the last years of his
life. Nowadays the palace exhibits various pieces and documents related to the discovery of America.

THE WINES : Ribera del Duero is one of several recognised wine-producing regions to be found along the course of the Duero river.The
region is characterised by a largely flat, rocky terrain and is centred on the town of Aranda de Duero, although the most famous vineyards
surround Peñafiel and Roa de Duero Ribera del Duero is home to the world-famous and highly-prized Vega Sicilia and Tinto Pesquera
wines and is dedicated almost entirely to the production of red wine from the Tempranillo grape.

Rueda is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) for wines located in the Community of Castile and Leon. It is known primarily for its
quality white wines based on the verdejo grape.. The grape originated in North Africa, and was spread to Rueda in about the 11th Century,
possibly by Mozarabs . Verdejo was generally used to make a strongly oxidized, Sherry-like wine. In the 1970s the winemaking company
Marqués de Riscal began to develop a fresher style of white wine based on Verdejo with the help of French oenologist Émile Peynaud . In
1980 white wines from the Rueda region were recognized by a Denominación de Origen (DO). Wines labeled Rueda must contain 50%
Verdejo; the remainder is typically Sauvignon blanc or Macabeo. Wines designated "Rueda Verdejo" must contain 85% Verdejo, and are
often 100% Verdejo. The Verdejo grapes are generally harvested at night. This means that the grapes enter the cellar at the lower night-time
temperature of between 10-15 C instead of the daytime temperature which in September can reach as high as 28 or 30 C. Lower temperatures
means less oxidation, or browning of the juice. Verdejo wines are aromatic, often soft and full-bodied.

Cigales is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) for wines located to the north of Valladolid along both banks of the River Pisuerga Like
other DOs in the region, Cigales supplied Valladolid and other cities with wine during the Middle Ages. While Toro supplied red wine and
Rueda white wine, Cigales specialised in clarets and rosés. These wines were made until recently in underground cellars, which were often
shared by small wine-makers (bodegueros) and which were excavated to depths of over 10 m.

Our packages from 329$ per person
                                                                                                                            VALLADOLID, VISIT TO EMINA WINERY.
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the hotel in Valladolid Rest of the day off to see the city on your own.
Duration: 1 hr. and 15 min..
Meeting point: Bodega Emina (winery) at 10 a.m., on the San Bernardo Road at San Bernardo village, in Valbuena de Duero, Valladolid. Hand in your voucher to start the tour.
Description: The main characteristic of the Matarromera Group is their commitment to excellence with distinction and elegance, which is transmitted to Elmina’s Enology Tourist Center. The
complex which houses this Center is over 10,000 square m. in size. The tour includes a visit through the interior and exterior of the premises at the center ending with a tasting of its best wines.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town.

Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the hotel in Valladolid Rest of the day off to see the city on your own.
Duration: 1 hr. and 15 min.. Meeting point: Initial gathering: Warehouse Matarromera at 10.00 hrs, Highway Renedo- Pesquera, Km. 30, Valbuena de Duero, Valladolid.
Description: Matarromera is born with complete international success and the attainment of the greater prizes and recognitions maintained throughout its entire trajectory. The route will consist
of a visit to the facilities of the center, in the interior as well as outside, finalizing it with a tasting of its better wines.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town,
Day 1: Arrival in Villadolid and accommodation Day 2: VISIT THE ZiFAR’S WINERIES WITH TASTING
Duration: 2 hrs Meeting point: at 11:00 in the Zifar’s Wine Cellar, placed. the Afueras de Don Juan Manuel Street in Peñafiel, Valladolid.
Description: Zifar’s Wineries is in Peñafiel’s locality, in one of the emblematic buildings of the villa. The room of elaboration has aptitude to elaborate 150.000 kg of grape and is endowed with
the most modern facilities, to obtaining wine of maximum quality. For Zifar’s Wineries the quality of the final product begins with a rigorous selection of the vineyard in the different municipalities,
soils and altitudes that configure the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin. A narrow relation and commitment between our enologist, the farmers and the selected vineyards provides to us
the quality parameters wished for every vintage. During your visit, you will taste three of our wonderful wines.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town.

                                                                                                               Include 2 overnights at H
                                                                                                    otel NH Balago*** or NH Valladolid**** on bed &
                                                                                                    breakfast basis, regular visit with tasting at the
                                                                                                          chosen winery and 3 days car rental
                                                                  ZAMORA AND LIBERALIA WAREHOUSE

LOCATION :one of Spain's best kept secrets still awaiting discovery by the masses. Zamora town and province
 are filled with history and charm The city lies on a rocky hill in the northwest, near the frontier with Portugal
and crossed by the Duero river, which is some 50 km/30mi downstream as it reaches the Portuguese frontier.
With its 24 Romanesque churches of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries it has been called a "museum of
Romanesque art". Zamora is the city with the most Romanesque churches in all of Europe.
The excellent raw materials used in cuisine from this province really stand out. The pulses, the famous chickpeas from
Fuentesauco or 'garbanzos', the exquisite cheese made from sheep's milk, honey from Sanabria, asparagus from Guareña,
peppers from Benavente, steak from Aliste, mushrooms, game, cold meats, cakes and sweets... Apart from the tasty roasts
,also worth tasting are the rice dishes from Zamora and the Toro wines (very dark, almost black, nowadays made using
 modern techniques - with a rapidly growing reputation for their taste and quality). Traditional dishes include bacalao a la
 tranca (a cod dish), el pulpo a la sanabresa (an octopus dish), dos y pingada (two fried eggs with fried ham, usually ser
ved at Easter) and '"presas de ternera" (a veal dish). For dessert there is the rebojo Zamorano, a very tasty though hard
 type of bun, and "las natillas almendradas" (Spanish style custard with almonds).
THE WINERY: Liberalia is a family owned vineyard located in the prestigious area of the Denominación de Origen Toro, in the province of
Zamora, Spain. Liberalia started its production of singular and high quality wines in the year 2000. Previously and since 1996, Juan Antonio
Fernández, the owner, faithful to his career as agricultural engineer, acquired and organized the vineyards, whose ages range between 30 and
100 years old. The vineyard is located in fields where the traditional crop has been the vine. The variety is Tinta de Toro, which is an
adaptation to the terroir of the variety Tempranillo or Tinto Fino. The family is also the owner of native and ancestral white grapes
vineyards, which include the following varieties: Moscatel de Grano Menudo, Malvasía, and Albillo.

                                                              ZAMORA AND LIBERALIA WAREHOUSE
Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at the NH Palacio del Duero Collection hotel 4****, on a bed and breakfast t basis, on n.1 De la Horta Square , Zamora. in the historic part of the city, next to
the Duero River and the romanic Church of Saint Mary of the Horta. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Duration: 1 hr..Meeting point: at 10 a.m. in Liberalia’s Wineries located in Camino del Palo Street. In the municipality of Toro (Zamora). Hand over your voucher and you will initiate your visit.
Description: Liberalia is a familiar Wine Cellar placed in the historical and prestigious area with the origin denomination of Toro, Zamora’s province. The tour will start with a visit to the vineyard
that surrounds the Wine cellar, area of elaboration, underground area for maturing (park of casks), tasting room, all this with the consistent explanation. At the room of tasting you could try
two of its best wines accompanied by appetizers, regional products and homemade sweets.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town,

Our package include 2 overnights at hotel NH Palacio Collection **** on bed & breakfast basis, regular
visit with tasting at the Liberalia winery and 3 days car rental from $299 per person
                           Rías Baixas

LOCATION: The Rías Baixas "Lower Rias" are a part of Costa del Marisco (in English “Seafood Coast) facing the Atlantic Ocean in the
southern part of the Galicia region of Spain. They consist of the southern part of the Province of Coruña and the entire Province of
Pontevedra. To the South the Rias Baixas border the Portuguese coast, and to the North ends at Cape Finisterre. Cíes Islands, the Atlantic
Islands of Galicia National Park, were included in the 10 top best beaches in the world by Conde’ Nast Traveler. Rías Baixas are the
birthplace of Albariño wines.

THE WINES: With a flavor intensity sure to please even the most ardent red wine lover, these wines are at home with a wide range of dishes,
from their classic pairing with seafood to Asian fare or salsa and chips. Enjoy them on their own as an apéritif, with tapas or with full-course
meals of veal, chicken, ham, medium-bodied cheeses, or an array of vegetable dishes
Albariño Albariño (al-ba-ree-nyo) is by far the finest grape variety in Rías Baixas. It accounts for 90% of all plantings. There is no dispute in terms of the quality and
unique flavor profile Albariño offers in its wines. It has been likened to a Riesling for its minerality and bracing acidity; to a Viognier, because of its fleshiness and
peach/apricot character; and to a Pinot Gris for its floral bouquet. A small, green, thick-skinned variety the grape is ideal in resisting fungal disease in the particularly damp
climate of Rías Baixas. Albariño is a low yielding variety, and expensive to cultivate. It is also one of the few Spanish white grape varieties produced as a varietal wine on its
own and designated on labels
Treixadura Galician name for the native Portuguese grape variety Trajadura grown in Rías Baixas. Treixadura is an intensely scented delicate variety, vinified and
treated in much the same way as Albariño. However, it needs to be picked early to retain acidity. Especially grown in the Condado do Tea sub-zone, Treixadura
is most often blended with Albariño and sometimes with Loureiro.
Loureiro A high-quality Galician white grape variety with high acidity grown in Rías Baixas as well as in Vinho Verde in Portugal. An aromatic laurel- scented variety, it is
often blended with Treixadura and sometimes Albariño but can also be found as an aromatic varietal wine on its own. Blended or as a varietal, the finished wine always
has a rich, soft, peachy fruit character. There is also a red Loureiro, but it is very rare.

Day 1: Arrival and accommodation at Hotel Castelao ***in Villagarcia de Pontevedra .on a bed and breakfast basis. Rest of the day off; see the city on your own.
Duration: 1 hr.. Meeting point: at Bodega Granbazán (Wine Cellars) at 10.00 a.m., located at n. 46 Tremoedo, Vilanova de Arousa, Pontevedra. Hand over your voucher to start the tour.
Description: The Bodega Granbazán is the result of a wine producing project by Galicia’s small holders, which dates back a quarter of a Century.
This is why it has been a pioneer in many areas, making wines from Rías Baixas which rank with other world renowned white wines. The visit will start in the Wine Cellar, with a guided tour
through it ending up with a tasting of its best wines and traditional aperitifs.
Day 3: Day at leisure to enjoy the town, and end of our services.
the menu which will be served includes a variety of sausages, home made croquettes,
Spanish omelette and Galician pie. All this will be accompanied by Granbazán’s wines and more from Bazán

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