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					2011 Modern Pentathlon Referee
 Training and Certification Clinic
   In Cooperation with the, USA Pentathlon World Cup

               February 19-22, 2011
                Rancho Mirage, CA

      Invitation and registration information

       Presented by the UIPM and West Coast Pentathlon
Dear Friends,

USA Pentathlon, through West Coast Pentathlon, is pleased to invite referees from your
delegation to the 2011 Modern Pentathlon Referee Training and Certification Clinic in
Rancho Mirage, California, USA. This is a unique opportunity to train and certify as a
referee in Modern Pentathlon, with a special emphasis on the combined run/shoot

The chairman and head trainer for this event will be announced later.

We hope you can join us. Please note the registration deadline of February 5, 2011. Slots
are limited so early registration is advised.


Saturday , February 19, 2011
      10 a.m. to noon    Referee registration, Palm Room, Agua Caliente
      Noon to 6 p.m.     Referee clinic, Palm Room

Sunday , February 20, 2011
     10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Referee clinic, Palm Room
     6 p.m.             Reception

Monday, February 21, 2011
     8 a.m. to 6 p.m.   Referee clinic, Palm Room

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
     8 a.m. to 8 p.m.   Referee clinic, Palm Room

Following the clinic, participants must pass a test for certification. As part of the
training, all referees must also stay and assist in the U.S. World Cup February
24-27. See schedule below.


       February 24 (Thursday) Women’s semifinals

       Group A
       7-7:30        Fence warm up
       7:30-10       Fence
       11-11:20      Swim warm up
       11:30-noon    Swim
       2:10-2:30     Run/shoot warm up
       2:30-3        Run/shoot

Group B
8-8:20         Swim warm up
8:30-9         Swim
10-10:30       Fence warm up
10:30- 1       Fencing
3-3:20         Run/shoot warm up
3:30-4         Run/shoot

February 25 (Friday) Men’s semifinals

Group A
7:30-7:50      Swim warm up
8-8:30         Swim
9:30-10        Fence warm up
10-12:30       Fence
3 to 3:20      Combined warm up
3:30           Combined

Group B
6:30-7         Fence warm up
7-9:30         Fence
10:30-10:50    Swim warm up
11-11:30       Swim
1:40-2         Combined warm up
2:10           Combined

Group C
9-9:20 Swim    warm up
9:30-10         Swim
12:30-1         Fence warm up
1-3:30          Fence
4-4:20          Run/shoot warm up
4:30            run/shoot

February 26, 27 (Saturday and Sunday) Women’s, Men’s Finals

6:30-7                Fence warm up
7-9:30                Fence
10:25-10:45           Swim warm up
10:55–11:30           Swim
12:30-1:30            Lunch/riding course open
1:30 to 1:45          Draw horse
1:50                  Warm up begins
2:10                  First rider in arena
4:10-4:30             Combined warm up
4:30 to 5             Combined


Each referee hosted by West Coast Pentathlon LOC must pay the following fees.


    Fees, including lodging for clinic                      $800

       This fee includes:   Registration                      $150
                            Lodging 4 nights                  $600
                            Certification testing fee          $50

    Fees for participants arranging their own
     accommodations:                                          $275

       This fee includes:   Registration                       $225
                            Certification testing fee           $50

All fees are due and payable by February 5, 2011.
Participants may pay by check, bank draft, or bank transfer in US dollars only. If paying
by bank transfer from outside the United States, wire funds to:

        Bank of America
        1600 Grant Ave, Novato,Ca. 94945
        ABA Number (Routing):#026009593
        Account Number: #06758 72754
        SWIFT code: BOFAUS6S
        For final credit to:
        West Coast Pentathlon, Inc.

Note: You are welcome to keep your accommodations at the quoted rate throughout the
competition, if desired. If you wish to have your meals included and dine with the
delegations, the meal fee is an additional $50 per night. Rooms may be shared, with
referees splitting the room charge.


We will be headquartered at the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage.
    Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa
    32-250 Bob Hope Drive
    Rancho Mirage, CA 92070

Local transportation to and from Palm Springs International Airport is complementary.
Referees can also fly in to Ontario International Airport (ONT), which is an hour away, or
the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is about a three-hour drive. However,
participants would need to arrange their own private transportation from these airports.

A free shuttle service will be provided for transportation from the airport and between
venues during the event. This service will be limited to athletes, referees, and coaches


The competition will be carried out according to UIPM rules at the following venues:

      Run/Shoot and ride: Equestrian Centers International (ECI), Rancho Mirage.
       CO2 and compressed air will be available at the shooting range. The running will
       be on a flat mixed surface of compressed sand and asphalt.

      Swim: Palm Springs Swim Center, Palm Springs. Swimming will be in 6 to 8
       lanes in a 50-meter outdoor pool.

      Fencing: Xavier College Preparatory High School, Palm Desert


Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

Cell phone: _____________ E-mail address: __________________

Age: __ Birth date: ______ Gender: __ Passport #_ _____________

Federation: ________ UIPM license #_______ FIE license #_______

Former athlete? ________________ Specialty: ______________________

Do you have certification in one or more disciplines? If yes, please specify:

Run_______ Shoot _______ Fence _______ Swim________ Ride________


Arrival time/date: __________________ Flight # _____________

Departure time/date:________________ Flight # _____________

Please indicate which package you are requesting:

    Clinic fee (including 4 nights lodging, Feb. 19-22)     $800
    Clinic fee only (no lodging)                            $275
    Additional lodging during competition
      (5 nights, double occupancy, $75 per night)            $750
      (5 nights lodging, meals included)                   $1,000

Total fees included: ___________


Please confirm visa requirements for entry into the United States prior to traveling to the
event. The organizers cannot accept responsibility for arranging visas but can provide a
personal letter to your delegation inviting you to the competition. Please request this
letter as soon as possible so you may be accommodated.


All participants must insure themselves in case of accidental injury or illness. Organizers
will assume no responsibility financial or other, for loss, injury, or illness of any
delegation member. All participants must sign waivers.


Early confirmation of your intention to attend would be appreciated to the address/e-mail

     Connie Ballard (secretary)
     3863 Lilac Canyon Lane
     Altadena, CA 91001

Complete entry, including payment, must arrive no later than February 5, 2011.

Please monitor the competition website at for additional details or

We look forward to seeing you in Rancho Mirage.

Kind regards,
Pat Duffy


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