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									                           Book Review Podcasts

                              1. Plug headset in to the back of the computer.
                                 There are two prongs for the headphone and
                                 microphone jacks.

                              2. Double-click on the Audacity icon, located on the
                                 computer desktop. This will open the Audacity

3. Begin recording your podcast. Remember to speak clearly, slowly, and with

     To record: press the red circle.
     To pause: press the blue || button.
     To stop: press the square yellow button.

4. Edit voice. See the following websites for detailed explanations and video on
   how to edit your file:

5. If you want to use music in your book review, select a song on Free Play Music
   ( and save in your H: drive. To add music, select
   “Project,” “Import audio.” Find music file in folder on your H: drive and open.
   Music will automatically input into the project file. Edit music track; see website
   tutorials in #4 above for detailed instructions.
6. When finished with your podcast, select the File tab and select, “Export as MP3.”

   If you have used music, you will receive a warning window that your track will be
   mixed. Click on “OK” and save. Name your file with your first/last name.

7. Put your audio book review in your teacher‟s “Hand-in” folder. Directions for
   accessing the “Hand-in” folder:

         Select “My Computer” on the desktop or from the “Start” menu.
         Double-click on “assignments$ on „file-svr-01‟ (M:)”
         Open “High School” folder.
         Select your teacher‟s name and open folder; folders alphabetized by last
         Open the “Hand-in” folder and drag and drop your book review (mp3 file)
          into the “Hand-in” folder. Please make sure your book review is clearly
          marked with your first and last name.

8. Look for your review to be posted on the Copley High School Library website:

   Select “Our School” menu, choose “Library,” and look on menu for book
   review location.

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