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     Follow the New Adventures of The Saddle Club™ on
     Public Television Stations this fall through CPTV and
                        APT Exchange.

TORONTO - Carole, Stevie and Lisa – the girls who formed the Saddle Club at
Pine Hollow Stables – and their favorite horses will be back with 26 new half-hour
adventures on public television stations across America this fall through CPTV
(Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.) and APT Exchange (American Public

The Saddle Club™, the world’s most popular series about girls and horses is
based on the best-selling books by Bonnie Bryant. In Series 2 – The Girls Are
Growing Up – the girls are facing some of the typical problems of adolescence,
but are still bound to each other by their love of horses and friendship.

The Saddle Club members will face real-life conflicts in this series – with siblings,
parents and friends. The girls overcome self-doubt and challenges because in
the end – they are always loyal to each other. As they face their biggest
challenge yet – saving Pine Hollow Stables – the girls’ motto remains:
“Together, we can do anything!”
Every action-filled episode of The Saddle Club™ on public television stations is
followed by an entertaining and educational feature: The Saddle Club Video
Journal. These short, fun segments include: music videos, behind-the-scenes
footage with the series actors and star horses, and special features produced in
association with equestrian and girls organizations in the US and Canada – with
real kids as on-camera reporters and riding stars.

For Series 2, the Saddle Club production team visited the Western Riding Club
Open House celebrating National Horse Week in Canada (Ontario, Canada), The
I Love New York Horse Show (Lake Placid, NY), a Saddlebred Farm in Kentucky
with the U.S. Equestrian Federation and the Metro-Detroit Chapter Girls Scouts’
Summer Camp to celebrate kids who ride and those who love horses.

The team also followed Saddle Club author Bonnie Bryant as she met with fans
of the books and TV series at Equine Affaire Expo in Ohio and Massachusetts,
and at the Kentucky Horse Park for BreyerFest 2007.

“We are thrilled The Saddle Club™ series has found a welcome home on public
television stations across America,” said Steve Levitan, president and CEO of
Protocol Entertainment, Inc. “The series continues to inspire kids who ride and
those who want to learn about horses. It’s also a huge favorite with kids because
it deals with friendship and real-life situations.”

The Saddle Club™ is a co-production of Crawford Productions Pty Ltd
(Australia) and Protocol Entertainment, Inc. (Canada). “The tremendous success
of the series in Australia is now being duplicated in the US because girls, boys
and families respond to the great storytelling, social values and positive role
models that The Saddle Club™ has always delivered in the books and television
series,” said Nick McMahon, CEO of Crawford Productions.


About The Saddle Club™

The Saddle Club™ is an Australia-Canada co-production based on the popular
book series by Bonnie Bryant. Produced by Crawford Productions Pty Ltd.
(Australia) and Protocol Entertainment Inc. (Canada). To date, 52 half-hour
exciting episodes of the TV series have been produced. The series first aired on
the ABC-TV Network in Australia and on YTV in Canada. It is now seen in 14
countries. Series 1. premiered on public television stations in the US in
September, 2006 through American Public Television (APT Exchange) in
association with Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc. (CPTV). Series 2 will
premiere across America on public television stations, September, 2007.

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About the Producers
Crawford Productions Pty Ltd. is Australia’s most established and respected
television production company. Now part of the WIN television group, the
Crawfords Australia name is synonymous with high quality, locally-produced
entertainment. Crawfords Australia pioneered television in Australia, with
programs ranging from police dramas, sitcoms, mini-series and children’s drama.
Based in Melbourne, the company has produced over 4,000 hours of television
programming, including the internationally acclaimed The Flying Doctors.

Protocol Entertainment, Inc. is one of Canada’s most celebrated producers of
popular and critically-acclaimed children’s entertainment television programming.
The company is recognized worldwide for producing high quality, audience and
award-winning series for kids and families based on best-selling book properties.
The producer of the smash hits Goosebumps, Animorphs, Dear America and The
Saddle Club television series, Protocol Entertainment, Inc. is based in Toronto.

About Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc. (CPTV)

Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc (CPTV) was the fist public television
station in the US to carry The Saddle Club series. CPTV is a locally and
nationally recognized producer and presenter of quality public television
programming. CPTV provides more children’s shows to public television than any
other public television station. These programs include: Barney & Friends, Bob
the Builder, Thomas & Friends, Angelina Ballerina, SeeMore’s Playhouse and
The Saddle Club. Together these series are watched by more than 10 million
children across the US each week. Now in its 44th year, CPTV remains
committed to bringing the best education and entertaining programming and
services to Connecticut and the nation.

About American Public Television (APT)

American Public Television (APT) has been a prime source of programming for
the nation’s public television stations for 44 years. APT Exchange distributes
more than 10,000 hours of programming, including Globe Trekker, Rick Steves’
Europe, Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, America’s Test Kitchen, The Big
Comfy Couch, The Saddle Club and classic movies. APT is known for identifying
innovative programs and developing creative distribution techniques for
producers. In its more than four decades of operation, it has established a
tradition of providing public television stations nationwide with program choices
that enable them to strengthen and customize their schedules.

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