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          1.     Executive Summary                               9

          2.    General    Introduction                          10

                2.1 Introduction of the Industry                 11

                2.2 Life Insurance                               11

                2.3 General Insurance                            12

               2.4 Major Policy changes                          13

                2.5 Changing Face of Indian Insurance Industry   14

                2.6 Various types of Life Insurance Policies     15

     3.        Introduction of the Company                       16

                3.1 Company Profile                              16

                3.2 Vision & Mission                             17

                3.3 Achievement                                  18

                3.4 Management                                   19

                3.5 Product Profile                              20

                3.6 Market profile                               24

                3.7 Human resource management                    32

                3.8 objective of the study                       35

                3.9 Scope of the study                           35
4. Survey Methodology                         36

    4.1 Title                                 37

     4.2 Sampling Methodolgy                  38

    4.3 Sampling Size                         38

    4.4 Limitations                           39

5. Analysis                                   39

    5.1 Data Analysis & Data Interpretation   40

6. Findings & recommendations                 46

   6.1 Findings                               46

    6.2 Recommendations                       46

    6.3 Conclusion                            47

7. Bibliography                               47

8. Annexure                                   48

     8.1 questionnire

      8.2 weekly report

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The Internet has brought media to a global audience. The
interactive nature of Internet marketing, both, in terms of
providing instant response and eliciting responses, is a unique
quality of the medium. Internet marketing is sometimes
considered to have a broader scope because it not only refers to ,
such as, the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media, but also it
includes management of digital customer data and electronic
customer relationship management (ECRM) systems.
Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of
the Internet including design, development, advertising, and
Internet marketing also refers to the placement of media along
different stages of the customer engagement cycle through
search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization
(SEO), banner ads on specific websites, e-mail marketing, and
Web 2.0 strategies. In 2008 The New York Times, working with
comScore published an initial estimate to quantify the user data
collected by large Internet-based companies. Counting four
types of interactions with company websites in addition to the
hits from advertisements served from advertising networks, the
authors found the potential for collecting data upward of 2,500
times on average per user per month

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                 Span outsourcing PVT Ltd


Name of the company:- SPAN OUTSOURCING Pvt Ltd

Date of incorporation:-

Place of incorporation:- Bangalore ,Karnataka

Location of the compan:- HSR Layout , Bangalore

Area of factory:-

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Vision:- To provide sustainability and growth to clients
through innovative solutions and diligent services.

Mission:- To grow together with clients without
compromising on marketing ethics.
Accelerate marketing efforts with the services and see
businesses growing multi-fold.

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              SPAN OUTSOURCING
Span Outsourcing works with a philosophy to provide a
platform from which marketers can climb success. The idea
behind Span Outsourcing is to bring forth comprehensive,
long-term valued integrated marketing services. The firm
works in complete synergy with clients to bring them the most
out of their businesses.
The experienced team members have designed unique
marketing services to bring better results in a short time.
Each of the experts has in-depth understanding of the
challenges that online marketers are facing today. Their
many years of experience in working with small and big
enterprises has helped the organization to update their
services time and again for better results.
Span Outsourcing offers 360 degree online marketing
solutions under one roof. Whether it is planning marketing
campaigns, executing them or tracking the results, they have
the right solutions for all clients’ worries. With clients
ranging across various verticals around the globe, they have
the right experience and expertise to take the business to the
next levels.
The cutting-edge marketing tools will empower clients to
help          optimize          marketing          ROI.

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  • We work with Positive Energy ensuring stress free
    environment within the organization to deliver the best
    to our clients.
  • We have a passion for Professional Development.
  • We work hard to ensure Prompt Fulfillment of
    commitments made to clients.
  • All SPAN Employees Personal Integrity is verified and
    then only they are a part of SPAN.

                  Work time

 i. Night Shift             : 5 days per week
 i. Lunch / Dinner Break : 45 minutes
ii.   2 Tea Breaks         :15 Min Each
iii. Timings : 6:30PM to 4:30 AM

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Span Outsourcing as an organization is not product oriented
instead it is a service oriented organization. There are various
services that the organization avails. All these services are
comprehensive, long term valued integrated marketing
services. Our clients are assured that our services are designed
to bring growth and success without compromising on
marketing ethics and laws.
  I.   Media
       a) SMS Marketing
       b) Email Marketing
       c) Direct Mail Marketing
       d) Telemarketing
       e) Fax Marketing
  II. Branding
       a) (Search Engine Optimization) SEO
       b) (Pay Per Click) PPC
       c) (Social Media Marketing) SMM
       d) (Social Networking Marketing) SNM
       e) Micro Sites
  III. Software
       a) CRM
       b) Campaign hoc & ecampaigner
       c) Lead Central

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    d) Project Central
    e) Application Development (Apps team)
IV. Lead Gen
    a) Marketing Outsourcing

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There are various strategies that are undertaken by this
organization to ensure good clientele business at all times.
Some of the typical strategies developed by the organization
are as follows:

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A solid SEM campaign has emerged as the most effective
mode of complementing the natural Search Engine
Optimization process. This is because when the firm
combines SEM campaigns with a well-structured, serious
SEO program, it can greatly increase visibility on the search
engines. The most important element of SEM is Pay-Per-
Click (PPC) marketing; it is a faster way to drive fairly
targeted traffic to a web site and could be most effective in
testing or promoting new products, seasonal services or
other short-term needs. It provides short-term results, to fill
a certain vacuum between real ranking results and its
underlying campaign launch. But these benefits all come at a
certain price, that isn’t always under one’s control at any

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This is where Sophic Marketing and its SEM experts come
to the forefront, they combine the proprietary Pay-Per-Click
(PPC) campaign development methodology with exceptional
planning and executing paid search campaigns in order to
design and execute successful paid search marketing
campaigns for our clients. They work closely with a team to
develop a PPC strategy that will help achieve goals,
whatever they may be. From planning and development to
implementation and optimization the dedicated paid search
team is focused on helping make the most of SEM efforts.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search engine optimization and its prowess are
rapidly gaining awareness among businesses worldwide who
are realizing the marketing potential of this medium and the
vast global reach offered by search engines like Google,
Yahoo and MSN. Studies have revealed that about 90% of
all new visitors to a web site found it using the major search
engines, underscoring the fact that acquiring top-level
search engine results is of primary importance in the online
world. SEO directly addresses this need for a website to
attract new and targeted visitors, who in turn will convert
into buying customers.

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They define SEO as the technique of modifying your sites
code, content and architecture so that they are easier for
both search engines and people to read. With the right
changes, this ongoing process can dramatically increase the
sites ranking in the natural results of spider-based search
engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Sophic Marketing is proud to offer expertise in organic
search optimization as part of a full breadth of search
optimization capabilities. The work is a combination of
optimizing a website for the search terms you are targeting
and then building external inbound links to support these
search terms that gets a website to the top of Google. Our
SEO experts will work with your team to make your site
search engine friendly using time tested and advanced
techniques. The goal is to deliver more qualified users and
improve your ROI through natural search engine

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is a relatively newer term in the
Internet marketing world dominated by Search Engine
Placements, both organic and Pay-Per-Click. This concept
essentially revolves around leveraging the Internet’s media
tools like blogs, forums, social networks, communities, etc. to

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connect products or services with customers or audiences.
Imagine showcasing yourself subtly in a social gathering,
party or club to generate awareness/publicity about you,
how many of us have done it at one point or the other?

The internet takes it one step forward. It’s really not as
simple as it may seem. Effective social media marketing
requires networking skills first, because you are building
relationships, not overtly promoting. It’s a unique blend of
networking skills (relationships), marketing skills (giving
customers what they want), traditional PR skills (building
goodwill) and customer service (delivering resolutions to
issues). The best social media marketers understand all of
these disciplines and exhibit a genuine curiosity/interest in
social media, particularly on how it influences human
relationships and business practices.

At Sophic Marketing, they apply their expertise in online
consumer behaviour to help clients take advantage of
emerging social media and social networks. They devise
innovative strategies to leverage conversational marketing
through blogs, social networks, forums, viral videos, widgets,
and other online communities and help understand the
social media space and become a valuable member in the
communities which are relevant to your business.

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The proven campaign approach ensures that clients are
offered the opportunity to coordinate social media, search
engine optimization (SEO) and paid search marketing
through a single agency. Utilizing this integrated blend of
internet marketing strategies, they can help clients achieve
multiple listings on search engine results pages and gain
significant mind and market share.

4. Social Media Strategy Development
Identify content, brand messages, communities and
influencers with the greatest potential for our clients' social
media engagement. Create a roadmap based on marketing
materials and goals to coordinate and execute social media
marketing campaigns as a key component of the overall
search engine marketing strategy
Community and Blogger
Outreach Create personal relationships with the influencers
and evangelists that have the greatest voice within their
online social networks
Social Media Distribution Optimize press releases, videos
and other online media to maximize distribution throughout
social media networks
Campaign Management Manage clients' social media
initiatives in coordination with your search engine
optimization and paid search marketing efforts
Monitoring and Reporting
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Combine technology and human insight to provide "buzz"
tracking and performance analysis for social media

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               Organizational structure

                            Chief Executive


Marketing                         Accounts                 Technical
            Sales Manager                     HR Manager
Manager                           Manager                  Manager

 Senior        Senior              Senior       Senior      Senior
Manager       Manager             Manager      Manager     Manager

     Team          Team                Team        Team          Team

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The organizational structure of Span Outsourcing is functional
in nature and highly centralized.In the functional structure, as
elaborated above the employees are working in departments
based on what they are doing i.e. we have engineering
department, maintenance department, finance department,
research department, marketing department, database
management department, technical department, and the
human resource department. Under each department there is a
senior manager who is responsible for his team comprising 70-
80 persons. This structure enhances the experience of each
function. For example, all the maintenance engineers are
working in the same department and thus they will exchange
knowledge and support each other. This structure saves money
because of the economies of scale.

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                        GENARAL MANAGER

 GM ensures the departments that fall under their portfolio are applying
  Corporate Policies and Procedures in a fair, consistent and equitable

 GM provide creative leadership for the administration, coordination
  and management of the specific departments within their portfolio in a
  manner consistent with the strategic direction of the Corporation,
  ensuring the highest level of service possible to our residents and

 General Manager is responsible for the leadership and is accountable to
  the Chief Administrative Officer for the oversight of several
  departments within each of their service areas.

 Maintain relationships with key customers, institutional customers and
  financial institution for supporting business development.


   Oversee activities directly related to making products or providing

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   Direct and coordinate activities of businesses or departments concerned
    with the production, pricing, sales, or distribution of products.

   Review financial statements, sales and activity reports, and other
    performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to
    determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement.

   Manage staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties.

   Direct and coordinate organization's financial and budget activities to
    fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency.

   Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives, and
    procedures, conferring with board members, organization officials, and
    staff members as necessary.

   Determine staffing requirements, and interview, hire and train new
    employees, or oversee those personnel processes.

   Plan and direct activities such as sales promotions, coordinating with
    other department heads as required.

   Determine goods and services to be sold, and set prices and credit terms,
    based on forecasts of customer demand.
   Locate, select, and procure merchandise for resale, representing
    management in purchase negotiations.

                                                                       Page | 23
                              Senior manager


Support sales of the affiliates with initiatives regarding marketing and
promoting to achieve the entire distribution goals.

 Develop marketing campaigns that can make quite an impact and attain
innovation of promotions and campaigns about promotion to establish his
company as the leader in the affiliate marketing industry.

Optimize and manage every aspect of a program in affiliate marketing. This
will include application for incentives, recruitment, daily program
management and recommending.

Handle all levels of communication with affiliates, answer phone conversation
and e-mails that will tackle in the area of answer different kinds of questions
about the product, and terms of negotiation.

Manage and develop partnership promotional and marketing programs that
are designed to build an overwhelming amount of sales and traffic.

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 He has to work smoothly with the people around him, especially the
marketing director, in order to implement and develop promotions and
campaigns for marketing that will help promote the entire company's dignity
and the affiliate's goals as well.

 Manage daily marketing on the execution and development of the project
that would include creative developments and all implementation courses;
ensure the compliance of strategies and standards of the product; oversee
outside agencies and vendors.

 Coordinate different kinds of projects with several departments internally
including on-air promotions, creative services, consumer, online, and
advertising sales marketing. While doing so, foster positive and happy
working relationships through constant communication in all departments.

 Executes basic marketing projects like writing briefs, developing timelines,
collect traffic tapes and artwork, and manages necessary approval.

 Contribute to the development of sales in materials. This will include
collateral materials, sales decks, etc.

Fill in, prioritize and fulfill daily tasks and request from the entire sales team.
Perform other duties that are required and as directed.

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                               TEAM MEMBERS


Leads generation for the projects.

Provide complete information about the client to the superior officers.

Transparent in their works.

Maximize the leads as much as possible.


 Marketing research and analysis

 Marketing strategy

 Implementation planning

 Project, process, and vendor management

 Organizational management and leadership

 Reporting, measurement, feedback and control systems

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 Hr department

Hr hierarchy

                HR HEAD

               HR MANAGER


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                                  Hr head


     Supporting management by developing Center policy and procedures
     for preventing and stopping harassment and discrimination;

     Educating staff, particularly through induction and retraining, with
     specialized training for line managers;

     Assisting management in establishing avenues of assistance at all duty
     stations for staff members who have experienced harassment or

     Providing support and guidance to people directly involved in
     harassment and discrimination issues; and

      Providing guidance to committees investigating harassment and
discrimination of complaints


     Understanding and relating to employees as individuals, thus
     identifying individual needs and career goals.

     Developing positive interactions between workers, to ensure collated
     and constructive enterprise productivity and development of a uniform
     organizational culture.

     Identify areas that suffer lack of knowledge and insufficient training,
     and accordingly provide remedial measures in the form of workshops
     and seminars.

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Generate a rostrum for all employees to express their goals and provide
the necessary resources to accomplish professional and personal
agendas, essentially in that order.

Innovate new operating practices to minimize risk and generate an
overall sense of belonging and accountability.

Recruiting the required workforce and making provisions for expressed
and promised payroll and benefits.

Implementing resource strategies to subsequently create and sustain
competitive advantage.

Empowerment of the organization, to successfully meet strategic goals
by managing staff effectively.

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                       Hr polices
The Career Pathing Policy
Our policy for career planning/development is a well thought
out, planned process. Aim is to develop and prepare people for
higher responsibilities. It assists them by identifying various
roles they could undertake and skills they may need to develop
in order to do full justice to their new role within the

The High Commitment Work Systems Policy
As per our High Commitment Work Systems Policy,
empowered and independent teams work with responsibility and
accountability in an environment of openness. It increases
employee involvement and develops a mature work culture. This
in turn has a good bearing on the company helping it achieve
goals and targets successfully in a competitive environment.

Performance Appraisal Policy
We appraise employee performance on an annual basis, giving
people credit for their achievements and setting targets for the
forthcoming year. We have developed a balanced policy that is
both objective and holistic in its approach. Our HRD personnel
facilitate the appraisal process and also train senior personnel in

                                                             Page | 30
assessing individual performance. They resolve the areas of
conflict and follow up on the outcomes of the appraisal.

Our Performance Appraisal System has several salient
An Opportunity for Self-review and Assessment
A clear and equal focus on both, the End Results and the Process
Identifying Training and Development needs
Distribution of incentives in an objective, value based manner

  1. Attendance Allowances (Leave Polices)
  2. Be at your job location and begin to work at the designated
     Office Time.
  3. Indicate in advance if you are going to be on leave or out of
     station on duty during any particular day/s.
  4. Unauthorized / Unexplained absence will call for
     disciplinary action & LOP

        If, for some reason, you need to take unplanned leave,
contact your Reporting Manager before the start of the workday
and inform that you are unable to attend office.

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It is our policy to provide a Fair Compensation that compares
favorably with the Industry. Salaries will be calculated from 1st
to End of the month.

Salaries for employees are paid on a monthly basis. If a weekly
or public holiday falls on regular payday, salaries are paid on the
previous working day.
Payment is made by into the individuals' bank account.
Employees are encouraged to open bank accounts either in
HDFC or ICICI Bank. Salaries through bank will be dispatched
for credit into the account of the individual.
Please check with HR or Accounts, if you need any assistance to
open a bank account so that your salary credit is ensured at the
earliest and no inconvenience is caused to you.

Legislation requires the following deductions, where applicable,
to be made from your salary.
1. Income tax
2. Provident Fund

                                                             Page | 32
3. Professional Tax
4. If you’re using Transportation that would be deduced extra
depending on KMS

    HR VOLUNTARY Activities

   Birthday Celebrations
   New Born Gift Hamper
   Champions Day Celebrations
   Valentine’s Day Celebrations
   Annual Day Celebrations
   Cultural Activities
   Sports Activities

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Employee benefits Programs at

  Maternity Leave
  Outside Training Programs
  Team Outing
  Team Dinner
  Champions Awards
  Bravo Champion
  Monthly Recognitions

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                  SWOT ANALYSIS

 • Skilled manpower
   Diversified skill base across service lines
   delivery capabilities & client satisfaction
 • Multi domestic market philosophy
   Commitment to go the extra mile
 • Research and Development
   Technological partnership with other software companies
 • Low cost advantage
   Ability to continually reduce the cost of services

 • Small player in global market
   No exposure to standard work
 • Limited domain

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  • Clients not trusting the capabilities of Indian Software

  • Huge global market
     The Company has entered into the global market so now it’
the biggest opportunity available to the company.

  • Huge Potential in Domestic Market
  • Y2K Crisis

  • Competition by Indian companies in domestic market
  • Presence of big companies in global market

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