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									Serial Killers
  A Psychosocial Analysis
        by Adele Austin
       What Is A Serial Killer?
The definition of a Serial Killer, is in individual
  who commits three or more murders with a need
  to sadistically dominate the victim, who are often
  strangers. Serial Killers also have a ‘cooling-off’
  period in-between their crimes.

The term Serial Killer was coined by FBI agent
  Robert Ressler, in the 1970s. It was widely used
  during the mid-seventies due to the much
  publicized crimes of Ted Bundy and David
    Characteristics of Serial Killers
•   Abused or Bullied as a Child
•   Performed poorly in school
•   Anti-Social Personality or Behavior
•   Lack of Emotions
•   Emotionally Unstable
•   Possess a ‘Mask of Sanity’
•   Unstable Families
•   Sexual Sadist
•   Zoosadist
•   Pyromaniac
              Although Some Exceptions Apply
             Types of Serial Killers
• Organized/Nonsocial Offenders: The organized nonsocial murderer
   is self-centered and egocentric. Usually of high intelligence . They plan their
   crimes methodically, killing them in one place and disposing them in
   another. These offenders have difficulty respecting the rights of others and
   disregard social order. In addition, this type of perpetrator harbors
   resentment for people yet makes no attempt to avoid being put in social
   situations. Some killers of this type include Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy,
   and Coral Watts.

• Disorganized/Asocial Offenders: Are often of low intelligence and
   commit their crimes impulsively. They are less meticulous than the
   Organized offenders and murder on opportunity, rather than having a
   specific target. They also engage in ‘rituals’ such as cannibalism,
   necrophilia or mutilation after having killed their victim . Typically an
   introvert, the asocial offender is often socially inadequate. Serial Killers of
   this type include Jack the Ripper, and Ed Gein.
    Different Categories Of
Infamous Serial Killers
      Categories of Serial Killers

•   Masterminds
•   Spree Killers
•   Cult Leaders
•   Partners in Crime
•   Cold-Blooded Killers
•   Unsolved Cases

•     Henry H. Holmes                 • Theodore Kaczynski
A.K.A America’s First Serial Killer        A.K.A The Unabomber
     Crime Span : 1893 – 1895              Crime Span: 1978 – 1995
    Number of Victims : 27-230/250     Number of Victims: 3 fatalities/23 Injuries
          Holmes                                      Kaczynski
•   Bullied as a child                      •   Contracted meningitis as an infant
•   Was forced to a doctor’s office to          and had to be quarantined for
    view and touched human                      months.
    skeletons by schoolmates, but to        •   Was verbally abused and bullied
    their amazement, he was                     in school.
    fascinated by them.                     •   Proved to be very intellectual at an
•   Acquired a medical degree at the            early age, with an IQ of 167.
    University of Michigan in 1884.         •   Was extremely antisocial, and had
•   Forged documents of his patient             no friends while growing up.
    to receive their money allocations.     •   Psychology Student at Harvard
•   Viewed killing as a lucrative               University, he was traumatized by
    business.                                   an interrogation experiment.
•   Opened a Hotel in the suburb of         •   Lived in a cabin, completely
    Englewoood, where he later killed           isolated from any form of human
    all his victims in order to fabricate       interaction.
    skeletons models to sell to             •   He was later deemed
    medical schools.                            schizophrenic by a psychologist
•   Confessed to 27 murders, but                who was assigned to study him
    speculations believe there could            during his trial.
    be up to 250 victims.
                       Spree Killers

• Charles Starkweather         •        Seung-Hui Cho
    Crime Span : 1957 – 1958         Crime Span : April 2007
    Number of Victims : 11     Number of Victims : 32 Fatalities/25 Injuries
         Starkweather                                         Cho

•   His family suffered from the impacts of   •   As a child, he was extremely quiet
    the Great Depression.                         and shy.
•   Performed poorly in school, due to        •   Was bullied and teased
    undiagnosed myopia.
                                                  throughout Middle School and
•   He was the subject of bullying,               High School.
    because he had a small stature, a
    speech impediment and bowed legs.         •   His relatives thought that he was
•   Developed an obsession with James             mentally ill.
    Dean, and emulated his look.              •   After a few remarks made by Cho,
•   Dropped out of school at 16, and took         threatening to kill his classmates,
    a job as a garbage man.                       his parents sent him to a
•   Became involved with Caril Ann                psychiatrist.
    Fugate, who was 3 years younger than      •   He was fascinated by the
    he was.                                       Columbine attack of 1999, and
•   After announcing their engagement to          allegedly wrote about repeating
    her parents, he was thrown out of their       Columbine.
•   As a result of this rejection,
    Starkweather and girlfriend Fugate
    murdered her family and remained in
    the house days after having committed
    the murders.
•   They both enrolled on a spree, killing
    in total 11 victims.
                      Cult Leaders

•   Jim Jones                • Charles Manson
     Crime Span : 1978           Crime Span : 1968-1969
    Number of Victims: 913        Number of Victims : 8
            Jones                                     Manson
•   Founded a religious cult known as     •   Born from a 16 year old prostitute,
    The People’s Temple                       who was also an alcoholic.
•   Possessed a paranoiac                 •   He was later abandoned by his
    personality and severe insecurity.        mother, and lived on the streets.
•   Tried to impose his will on others,   •   While homeless, he committed
    as a young man.                           petty crimes and was incarcerated
                                              for 17 years.
•   Had an obsession with tyrannical
    figures such as Stalin and Hitler.    •   Was described by probation
                                              reports as suffering from a
•   Disavowed God for allowing
                                              ‘marked degree of rejection,
    poverty and injustice to exist,
                                              instability and psychic trauma’.
    threatened to commit suicide if his
    wife, Marceline, prayed.              •   From 1958, he was in and out of
                                              jail, generally for passing stolen
•   Despite a seeming compassion for
                                              checks and ‘pimping’.
    others, he possessed a
    pathological belief in his own        •   Formed ‘Helter Skelter’, a cult
    superiority.                              where he influenced teenagers
                                              into ingesting illegal substances
•   Suffered from an extreme fear of
                                              and condoning in sexual activity.
                                          •   Was never directly implicated in
                                              the murders he is accused of.
                   Partners in Crime
                           The Moors Murderers

•      Ian Brady                     • Myra Hindley
    Crime Span : 1963 – 1965            Crime Span : 1963 – 1965
       Number of Victims : 5              Number of Victims : 5
              Brady                                      Hindley
•   Born of a single mother, was given     •   Had a relatively stable upbringing,
    up at four months.                         until the death of a close friend at
•   Was adopted at an early age.               the age of 15.
•   He was a lonely and difficult child.   •   At 17, she became engaged to a
•   Slow to integrate with his peers           local boy, but later called off their
    and was prone to several temper            engagement.
    tantrums.                              •   Met Ian Brady in 1957, upon his
•   At 16, he began a fascination of           release from prison.
    Nazi Germany and the writings of       •   As a first date, Ian Brady took
    Nietzsche.                                 Hindley to see The Nuremberg
•   He was incarcerated at the age of          Trials.
    17, following a series of minor        •   Brady encouraged her to read
    crimes.                                    books by Hitler and de Sade.
•   In 1957, after his release, he         •   The couple killed a total of 5
    distanced himself even more, and           children, burying them in a hillside
    met his accomplice Myra Hindley            known as Saddleworth Moor.
    in 1961.
                Cold-Blooded Killers

•        Ted Bundy                       •   Gary Ridgway
       Crime Span : 1974 – 1978              Crime Span : 1982 – 1998
    Number of Victims : 36-(over 100?)         Number of Victims : 48
               Bundy                                        Ridgway
•   Born to a single mother, at the              •   Raised in a deprived neighborhood, in
    Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed                    Seattle.
    Mothers.                                     •   He was a poor student, and was sent
•   His father’s identity was a mystery,             to Vietnam after high school.
    and lived with his grandparents.             •   Although fanatical of his religion, he
•   He grew up believing his mother was              was also obsessed with prostitutes.
    his older sister.                            •   He specifically targeted runaways and
•   In 1967 he fell in love, while at the            prostitutes.
    University of Washington, with               •   He later confessed to 60 murders, but
    Stephanie Brooks, who later had an               was found guilty of 48.
    immense impact on his life.
•   Brooks ended their relationship in
•   He became obsessed with Brooks,
    and is believed to have picked his
    victims due to their physical similarities
    to her.
•   Confessed to 36 murders, but some
    believe there could be over 100
                       Unsolved Cases

• The Black Dahlia                       •   The Zodiac Killer
       Crime Span : 1947                     Crime Span: 1963? - 1969
 Number of Victims: 1, Elizabeth Short       Number of Killings: 5 fatalities/2 Injuries
       Black Dahlia                              Zodiac Killer
•   She was one of the most              •   In the late 1960s, a serial killer
    publicized and puzzled-over              operated in Northern California for
    murder victims of the 20th century       10 months, sending a series of
•   Short, thought to be an aspiring         confessional letters to police and
    actress better known as the Black        the press until 1974.
    Dahlia, was a victim of a
                                         •   These letters were signed 'Zodiac'
    gruesome and unsolved murder at
                                             and also included symbols and
    age 22. Her body and face were
                                             four intriguing ciphers (codes),
                                             three of which have never been
       What Makes Them “Tick” ?
•   Serial killers have tested out a number of excuses for their behavior. Henry
    Lee Lucas blamed his upbringing; others like Jeffrey Dahmer say that they
    were born with a "part" of them missing. Ted Bundy claimed pornography
    made him do it. Herbert Mullin Santa Cruz killer of thirteen, blamed the
    voices in his head that told him it was time to "sing the die song." The
    ruthless Carl Panzram swore that prison turned him into a monster, while
    Bobby Joe Long said a motorcycle accident made him hypersexual and
    eventually a serial lust killer. The most psychopathic, like John Wayne
    Gacy, turned the blame around and boasted that the victims deserved to
•   Many of their psychological traumas can be traced back to childhood abuse,
    abnormal behavior or neural/mental disorders. The most underlying factor is
    believed to be insanity. Yet serial killers prove to be calculating and rational.
    As Dennis Nilsen once quoted” a mind can be evil without being
    abnormal”. Some killers are not only affected psychologically, but also
    socially, through bullying, rejection and poverty-stricken households. Most
    serial killers come from single-parent households, where the father is
    The Case of Jeffrey Dahmer

Unlike most serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer grew up in a relatively stable environment, with
    loving parents. Deviating from normal behavior, he became one of America’s most
    notorious and gruesome serial killers, involving in cannibalism, necrophilia,
    dismemberment and rape.

Dahmer brutally murdered 17 men and boys, from 1978 to 1991. At is trial he pleaded “not
    guilty by reason of insanity” on 17 counts of murder. He was found sane, by the court and
    guilty of 15 counts of murder, for which he served a 15 life sentence imprisonment, totaling
    to 957 years of prison. After his sentencing, Dahmer expresses remorse for his actions and
    even advocated his own death. He died incarcerated, in 1994, after a violent attack by a
    fellow inmate.
Jeffrey Dahmer, is exception to the typical Serial Killer profile, and proves that such gruesome
    acts are not limited to individuals of unstable backgrounds and violent past. A serial killer
    could be anyone, a doctor, a police officer, a schoolmate, even a best friend.

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