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                           Actel Fusion® Embedded Development Kit

Mansfield, Texas, USA — November 02, 2009 - Mouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction
of the newest products, today announced it is stocking new product from Actel.
    The Actel Fusion Embedded Development Kit is a complete solution that lets designers quickly evaluate 
the Actel Fusion® mixed-signal FPGA family and prototype their design. The fully RoHS-compliant Actel
Fusion Embedded Development Kit contains a credit card-sized modular board featuring the powerful ARM® 
Cortex™-M1-enabled Fusion M1AFS1500 device in the FGG484 package as well as a miniature
programming stick. The Fusion Embedded Development Kit quickly demonstrates that a single-chip solution
for complex embedded systems can monitor analog signals, manage power, and monitor temperature. This
can all be done from the Fusion FPGA, which only needs a single 3.3V supply.
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About Actel

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About Actel
     Actel Corporation is the leading supplier of nonvolatile, low-power FPGAs, mixed-signal FPGAs, and
programmable logic solutions. Actel's mission is to manage power consumption at both the chip and system
levels, leveraging the industry's lowest power FPGAs and unique mixed-signal FPGAs, to offer system
designers a competitive edge.

Actel 's history of reliability, couple with its unique flash -based technology, sets it apart from traditional
FPGA manufacturers. Whether you're designing applications for consumer and portable medical markets,
tomorrow's environmentally friendly data centers, industrial controls, or the automotive, space and
military/aerospace markets, power matters.

For more information, visit

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