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Tricubes 1Malaysia Email FAQs


									Media Statement by
Khairun Zainal Mokhtar,
Chief Executive, Tricubes Berhad

20 April 2011

Dear Editor,

Following the fifth Economic Transformation Programme progress update on 19 April 2011,
questions have been raised by the Malaysian public and media regarding the 1Malaysia Email
project spearheaded by Tricubes Berhad. As the Malaysian public and media may not have fully
comprehended the nature of the project, its funding and our ability to implement, I have taken
the liberty to address the queries in a more holistic manner. My responses are as follows:

1. What is the 1Malaysia Email project?
   The concept of a “Malaysian” email project was mooted by industry members during the
   NKEA Communications Content and Infrastructure (CCI) Lab organised by PEMANDU under
   the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) in June 2010. This “Malaysian Email” would
   be the digital channel of communication between the Government and the users.
   “Malaysian Email” means the service is operated and hosted by a Malaysian company.

   The aspiration is for each Malaysian aged 18 and above to have access to a secured
   communication channel to government e-services on Internet-enabled devices with a single
   sign-on user ID.

2. What is the domain email address?
   The registered and approved domain email address will be

3. What are the benefits of having a MyEmail account?
   Users will initially be able to use this account to receive government notices such as income
   tax assessment, driving license renewal and quit rent reminders as well as Employee
   Provident Fund statements and notices of summons. This is not an exhaustive list of
   services and more can potentially be offered to users in the future.

4. How do I know that my MyEmail account will be secure?
   The account has an authentication service which includes a MyKad-based
   authentication service layer. This ensures that the government notices reach the correct
5. How is this MyEmail project going to be funded?
   The MyEmail project is a Private Funding Initiative (PFI) and therefore, private-sector
   funded. The project sits within the ETP, which is government-facilitated and private-sector

6. How much is the government’s investment in this project?
   This government is neither funding nor underwriting this project. This is a 100 per cent
   privately-funded project.

7. How did the government select the company for this project?
   The foundation of the ETP is private sector-led investment. The concept of the MyEmail
   project was mooted in the ETP Lab in June 2010, making the idea non-exclusive and open.
   Any interested private party was free to submit its proposal to the government.

   Proposals submitted are assessed by Entry Point Project (EPP) teams, to ensure only
   sustainable and implementable business models, are supported. In this case, the team for
   the e-government EPP comprised MAMPU and GITN Sdn Bhd. Every proposal is assessed on
   similar criteria.

8. Why was only one company/email provider selected for this project?
   While there were a number of proposals submitted, we understand the selection was made
   based on a set of criteria that included best-in-practice technology, business model and the
   experience, and capabilities of the company. A major consideration during the evaluation
   was also the need to ensure security, confidentiality and authentication of the user. Based
   on these criteria, we understand that Tricubes met or surpassed these benchmarks.

9. Why was Tricubes Berhad selected for this project?
   Tricubes has been involved in the design, development, and marketing of information
   technology solutions to the government and financial sectors since 1997. With current
   clients in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Europe, Tricubes devices are now installed in over 170

   As a market leader in Enterprise Mobility and Identity Authentication solutions, Tricubes has
   a full suite of enterprise offerings as well as expertise in identity management. Our
   technology proposal for the MyEmail project combines Tricubes’ software technology,
   namely M2E (mobile to enterprise middleware) and Fusion (identity management
   middleware), with world-class cloud computing infrastructure from Microsoft.
   We understand Tricubes’ proposal met or surpassed the benchmarks set by the EPP team. It
   also did not require any funding or financial guarantees from the government.

10. How will Tricubes generate revenue from this project?
    With the decline of physical mail traffic, there is substantial growth in digital mails. Our base
    service will be the email services at no cost to users while our revenue sources will come
    from the value-added services (VAS), which will be introduced in phases.

   They include:
   - Bill and notice presentment. This is expected to give the government savings on postal
      and printing costs of up to 50 per cent.
   - Job boards and online registration to government agencies that currently use e-forms.
   - Advertising revenue
   - Online marketplace

11. Why did Tricubes drop into GN3 status?
    Tricubes had invested heavily in Research & Development, which has a long gestation
    period, and is well on the way to generate returns to recoup its investment.

12. How can a company with a GN3 rating by Bursa be selected?
    A GN3 company is allowed by Bursa Malaysia to continue carrying out its business activities.
    In order to remain listed, the GN3 company has to regularise its financial standing. Tricubes
    has achieved its first milestone in its regularisation plan set by Bursa Malaysia, with the
    appointment of its sponsor, M&A Securities Sdn Bhd in January 2011. The sponsor is
    expected to submit the company’s regularisation plan to Bursa Malaysia and obtain its
    approval no later than 29 October 2011.
    The company selected for this project had to show its ability to generate funding for this
    project, which Tricubes met. The evaluation team had met with Bursa Malaysia to clarify
    Tricubes’ GN3 status prior to making its final selection.

13. How will the government measure the success of the MyEmail project?
    The MyEmail project has two clear KPIs and targets, as discussed and agreed upon at the
    NKEA Labs in 2010. These are:
    - 2015: 100% of Malaysians aged 18 and above to subscribe to this email.
    - 2020: 50% of the subscribers use value added services (VAS) to promote Gross National
       Income (GNI).
14. Why did the government say that this was a voluntary process when Tricubes has a KPI of
    100% of Malaysians aged 18 and above by 2015?
    Malaysians aged 18 and above can subscribe to the email voluntarily. However, any project,
    public or private, must have KPIs and targets for performance monitoring and

   Hence, Tricubes adopted the KPIs and targets proposed by the NKEA Communications
   Content and Infrastructure Lab under the ETP. It does not mean that Malaysians will be
   assigned to the service.

15. Why would anyone then need a specific secure email to communicate with the
    Users with the MyEmail account will be receiving sensitive personal information contained
    in their income tax returns, Employee Provident Fund statements, notices of summons and
    driving license renewals as well as quit rent payments.

   The MyEmail account, which includes a MyKad-based authentication service layer, ensures
   that the government notices reach the correct recipients and reduces incidence of
   compromised personal information.

16. What is the government's role in this project?
    The government acts as a facilitator for certain information and processes such as data
    validation from agencies such as the National Registration Department. To ensure the
    success of the EPP, the government will also constantly monitor the progress of the project.

17. How is Tricubes going to fund this project?
    Tricubes’ total investment over the next 10 years will be approximately RM50 million. Our
    initial investment is estimated to be at RM5.3 million. This includes infrastructure costs for
    hardware and software, maintenance and raising awareness of the project. We have
    secured initial financing through a combination of internally generated funds and
    borrowings. We expect to reinvest revenue received from the project to ensure

18. Can the government monitor my MyEmail account?
    No. MyEmail will provide you with the option to enhance the security of your entire session
    with data encryption. Tricubes and Microsoft are working closely to make sure the integrity
    and confidentiality of the users are ensured.

About Tricubes Berhad
TRICUBES BERHAD, founded in 1997 and listed on the ACE market in Dec 2004, is a Malaysian-
based IT company, involved in design, development, and marketing of information technology
solutions to the government and financial sectors. With current clients in Malaysia, Hong Kong
and Europe, Tricubes devices are now installed in over 170 organizations. As the market leader
in Enterprise Mobility and Identity Authentication solutions, Tricubes has a full suite of
enterprise offerings which includes the integration of systems across platforms as well as
expertise in identity management, and was involved in the nationwide deployment of
Malaysia’s MyKad system. For more information about Tricubes, please visit the company’s
Web site at

For further media queries and information, please contact:

On Behalf of Tricubes:
Burson-Marsteller (Malaysia)
Joycelyn Lee
Tel: +603.2096.2200
Mobile: +6016.3322.679

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