Letter of Intent for HUD Grant by NewJersey


TO:            Middlesex County CEAS Members/Interested Applicants

FROM:          John Sully, CEAS Chair

DATE:          February 27, 2006


This is to advise you that the Middlesex County Comprehensive Emergency Assistance
System Committee (CEAS) is once again accepting letters of intent from Homeless
Service Provider Agencies seeking to apply for funding through the 2006 HUD
Continuum of Care/SUPERNOFA.

All letters of intent will be evaluated on the basis of past, present and future needs in terms
of supportive housing for the homeless. It would be beneficial for your Agency to look at
the HUD Website located at:
in addition to the Federal Register notice of the 2006 HUD SUPERNOFA General Section
located at:
f/06-531.pdf to view the guidelines prior to submitting your letter of intent.

Letters of intent are required to include the following:
     A brief description of the program for which you are requesting funding
     The monetary amount you are requesting
     A draft budget for the program
     Documentation of any other HUD funding your agency has received
     Whether project is a renewal or a new program. (Renewals must send
        copies of your most recent APR’s with your Letter of Intent.)
     Name, telephone number and e-mail address of the person designated as the
        direct contact with regard to this funding request.

Please take note that all letters of intent are due prior to Tuesday, March 14, 2006.
The CEAS Committee will meet on April 6, 2006. Please send a representative
from your agency to attend this meeting in order to provide CEAS with an oral
presentation pertaining to your program. Please ask your agency’s representatives to
stay after the meeting in order to answer questions from the Continuum of Care
Committee, which oversees this process for the CEAS Committee.

This year our consultants will be Monarch Housing. They are now consulting for twelve
of the twenty continua in the State. As in the past, the consultant’s fee will be borne by
the applicants. Monarch will contract with the applicants separately. We have had some
difficulty collecting some of the fees, so we are asking the applicants to be especially
cognizant of this issue.

Please also be aware that permanent supportive housing, if ranked as the #1 priority,
usually engenders a “bonus” that covers many additional programs and our renewals.
Listed for your information are last year’s priorities. We do not anticipate any
appreciable change in the priorities for 2006, unless the April Point-in-Time survey
indicates otherwise.

Letters should be sent to the attention of Harriet Slonim at her e-mail address:
harriet.slonim@co.middlesex.nj.us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact
Harriet Slonim at (732) 745-4041 from Monday through Friday between the hours of
8:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.

Thank you for your cooperation and we are sure that 2006 will produce another great
crop of applications that will assist the homeless residents of our County.

                   PRIORITY NEEDS

Overall Focus Areas:
    Chronic Homeless
    Families

Priority Subpopulations:
   1.   Persons with MENTAL ILLNESS
   3.   VICTIMS – Abuse/Domestic Violence
   4.   Persons with DISABILITIES or HIV/AIDS

Priority Service Needs:
   1.   Mental Health Services
   2.   Substance Use Services/Treatment Programs
   3.   Vocational Assistance/Programs/Training
   4.   Health and Accessibility

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