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(New Release 20th April 2011)
Written by Chris Davis and CLC
from FXMedia Designs


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2                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page        April 19, 2011


This E-book is for Anyone thinking about how they can Make Money using

If you already have lots of Friends or Fans ....or maybe you already have
Facebook Accounts that have 5000 friends or you already have a Fan Page
but are still looking for a way to "Make Money" with it than you can skip
the first part of this e-book , you will want to tune in when we start talking
about setting up a Fan Page and the answers will be there!! Or if you
know nothing about this... Read on, we start from scratch!!

So please stay tuned!!

FXMedia is Our Design Firm and we have all been working online for 10 or
more years and have expertise in almost everything on the Web including

 Being in the Design Industry, we have alot of our customers asking us
how to Make Money using their Facebook Fan Page.

 So we decided to put together an E-book that would give people some
tips, and suggestions and insight on how to build their Facebook
Account.( Add Friends, Create a Fan Page, Turn Your Friends into Fans)and
lastly, Make a Profit using Your Facebook Fan Page.

Now the following ideas, tips and suggestions, we have tried and tested
and have found to be realistic and successful for us. However, we do not
offer guarantee's, and only trial and error has made us successful online.

You are welcome to contact us at if you have
any questions. We will try and get back to you within 24 hours.

Ready? Lets Start…
3                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page          April 19, 2011

Here is a very Real Approach, that can make you lots of Money each day.
This is a Map to making money consistantly each day from your Facebook
Fan Page.

This is exactly what we used to get 400-600 New VISITORS A DAY to Our
Website, if you want to make money, this technique will take a few weeks
or a month to get going, but you will see, that this can and does work if
you do it right!!

So let us ask you... what do you need for your Website to Make Money??

Traffic right?? Yes, It's Traffic, tons and tons of traffic. Now we don't know if
you'd tried Google Adwords, but we have and that has only left us broke,
now thinking back I know personally that we had maxed out 4 credit cards
with Google, with no profits in return. Just money spent!!

Google Adwords is a joke, they just keep charging your CC whether you
authorize them or not!! And the same with Yahoo Search Marketing, we
put a thousand into advertising with them, and they did the same, took
our money.. and with no results!!

So everyone is trying to get their Website to rank on the First Page of
Google, with no success, even when loads of money is spent to advertise.
So after this didn't work, we decided to look towards Social Networking to
get our Traffic, like Twitter and Facebook.

We want our Website to rank in the Seach Engines, and found that when
we post to Twitter and Facebook, that it does.... immediately show up in
Google~ Sometimes even on the First Page! Now this makes sense to use
the most popular Website on the WEB! (FACEBOOK!!) that has the most
traffic and over 500 Million users, now if we can just get a few thousand of
them to see our Products or Services.... that would be instant money in our
Paypal account!!

Facebook Fan Page's are great for SEO, and rank high in Google Search
Engines, so this is the absolute best idea to build our Fan Page's and load
them up with fans, this is free marketing at its best!
4                     Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page        April 19, 2011

What can an INTELLECT FanPage with lots of Fans do for me?

• Brand Consistance

• Unique

• Engaged

• Interested

• Perfect

Targeted Traffic...Visitors to Your Website who WILL Purchase your Service
or Products!

So now we will show you, how to make an INTELLECT FAN PAGE that adds
100 more fans daily on auto-pilot, and will bring UNIQUE TRAFFIC TO
YOUR Website!

Watch your sales explode, your rank grow in Google, and see your PayPal
Account fill up with Cash!!

So before you make a Fan Page, lets work on getting more friends.

This is secret info. and we take this method seriously, keeping our Fan
Page URL private, helps us protect Our Business and Our Facebook Fan
Page Fans. You See... Facebook will take down any Fan Page if someone
reports it....for no reason at we can't take any chances, risk losing
sales and hurting our Business this way... so to be safe we keep this info.

Here is our Trusted Method:

We recommend opening a New FaceBook Account just for your Business.
Because We like to keep Our Personal Accounts and Business Accounts

We will show you how to add friends to your New Business Facebook
5                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page      April 19, 2011

Account. (Plus we don't really want to "risk" getting banned with a
personal account...there is a chance of getting blocked for a couple
days...and FaceBook is known for being "Ban-Happy" so the safest way to
to start from scratch with a different Brand New Account.

 Its your choice if you would like to open your New Facebook Account
from a new IP. This way there is no link between your personal account
and your New Business Account. We will leave that up to you. We have 10
Facebook Accounts from the same IP and have gotten blocked serveral
times from 2-7 days... but not one has been banned. So its your call.

Here are the Steps:

1.) First make a New Gmail Account just for your New FaceBook Account,
you can use a "Female Name" in it if you wish, or just use something you
can remember, this is the email you will use to login to your New
FaceBook Account.
Go to:

2.) Your going to need contacts, emails, that you can use to add to your
Gmail account, Facebook lets you upload your Gmail contacts as "friends"
and send invites to them. So lets get started!! Facebook allows you to add
a Maximum amount of 5000 friends... so lets do it!! You should be able to
hit 5000 friends within 14-30 days.. depending on how you fast you work :)

3.) Go to and sign-up for a New Account.

You can sign-up using a different name and a different birth date than
your personal account. We recommend and have had success using a
sweet, nice sounding female name and picture for your Profile Picture.

Make sure you use a real "looking" picture. You can search free photo sites,
Flickr and Google for Images for your profile pic, main thing is that you
don't violate any copyright terms.

You will see this works....(you can make this account your own, however, a
personal account, with a female on it tends to make friends faster, thats
6                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page        April 19, 2011

all. And you can change the picture and name later on..

Your Goal is to get 5000 friends to your New FaceBook Account.

4.) So once you have a nice real-looking profile picture uploaded, than you
are almost ready to find friends.

5.) You will see step 2 when signing up for FaceBook is to "Invite Friends
Gmail Contacts".

6.) Try to fill in where you went to school, or college, places you've worked,
Music, Movies, Books that you like, make your profile look inviting, instead
of empty and bare. This will have a positive effect when you are
requesting friends.

7.) Accept Friend requests as they come in, but don't add friends who
don't know you (except through your email accounts.)

(Now having tested this on Facebook, Facebook does allow you to import
from Gmail Contacts when you first signup with a Brand New Account.)

So now we found this method to be unbelievable at getting friend
requests~ about 100 people will join your Facebook Account daily.

                                                     We are going to show
                                                     you how EASY and Fast
                                                     this Method is, and
                                                     with consistantly in a
                                                     Month or less you will
                                                     be running to the
                                                     Bank~~ (to get your
                                                     Money..from all your

                                                      Keep reading and you
will see how truely easy this is!! And you'll probably be wondering why
7                  Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page        April 19, 2011

you didn't think of this method yourself.
Now we will show you how to Get Email Addresses to use as Facebook
Contacts and Import into your Gmail Account.

Facebook Allows you to add contacts from your Gmail Account and
automatically sends a "Friend Request" to them. You can import up to
10,000 contacts to your New Gmail Account.

So here's how you do it!

1. Get Gmail Addresses, either from a List or we recommend using an
Email List Generator, or you can acquire these Contacts from Facebook

Some of you may have Email Lists already, you can use these... some may
be old though or the people may not be on Facebook or they may be
business addresses.

But its up to you if you want to try this method using Email Lists that you
already have.

2. We recommend using an Email List Generator, because they are much
cheaper than purchasing email lists.. which can cost you from $500-1000.
Email List Generators are used to generate email id's from common
people, not businesses or companys, that way your more apt to reach a
real person on the web, that has a Facebook Account.

There are many Email List Generators available on the internet, that allow
you to generate thousands of emails within minutes, from all different
locations, changing the setting and domain this produces unique email
contacts to import into your Gmail Account.

There are a few you can try that we found are available on the web... or if
you wish to search google for free Email ID List Generators... please let us
know if you find any or would recommend them so we can add the links
to this e-book. We have listed below the one that we have tried and used
with much success.
8                  Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page        April 19, 2011

Acute Email IDs Production Engine

Acute Email IDs Production Engine seems to work excellent for us, its
$27.00 and its inexpensive,fast and easy to download, plus outstanding
support, if you need any help or have any questions.

(We are not endorsing this email software, and are not affiliated with any
of these companies). But we did purchase this and have had success.

If your low on cash, here's another way that you can get email addresses
once you create your New FaceBook Account, you can search in FaceBook
for "Mass Email Lists",this allows you to "join the discussion", you can take
these names and import them into a .CSV file and import them into your
Gmail Contacts. The good news is that these people already use Facebook
and and are wanting to add more friends, so your friend requests should
most likely be accepted.
9                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page       April 19, 2011

.                                                 If you use this free
                                                  method, you will login
                                                  into your Facebook
                                                  Account and use the
                                                  search feature.

                                                  You can search "mass
                                                  email list",
                                                  "Add friends", and you
                                                  will see a variation of
                                                  groups that come up.
                                                  All with people that
                                                  want for you to add

                                                  Now we've using the
                                                  "invite" feature to add
                                                  these people.

                                                  And Facebook blocks our
                                                  Account when we do this
                                                  for a few days.

So the best way we found to do this is to save the emails into our .CSV file,
import this to our Gmail Contacts, and Export into a text file.

Than upload this when FaceBook asks you if you have any Gmail Contacts
to add.

If you don't see this option you go to your Account (right-side) "Edit
Friends", Click on "Find Friends" on the left-hand menu.
10                     Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page              April 19, 2011

Please see above, you will click on "other email service" (since Facebook doesn't offer

Now you will go ahead and type in your Gmail Address, when you try to put in your
Gmail Password, Facebook won't allow you but you will get the message
11                    Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page              April 19, 2011

So now, you can go ahead and click on "File Importer"(as shown
above)Now "Browse" files, find the Gmail File that you Exported to a text
file". You will then "Upload Contacts".

So thats a fast and simple way to get contacts for free and add them to
your Gmail Account and upload them to Facebook.

From there Facebook will let you know who is on Facebook and ask you
who you want to send friend request too. You will see this on your screen.

So go ahead and check "select all friends" and click the blue button "Add as Friends".
You will now be brought to this screen (shown below).
12                     Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page               April 19, 2011

And here you will want to "SKIP" inviting friends.

This is how to add friends for free:)

Now if you want to do this fast and have a diverse selection of Gmail ID's
to choose from you will see that Email Generators have a great success
rate, and 80% of the time will find active email address, so not to waste
your time. We want working emails, with real people on the other end so
that we can connect with them as friends.

Now we will show you how to save your email ID's in a text file folder and
how we use the Email Generator.

Are you Ready.... Here we go..This is very easy and crucial to your success.
Lets start with near about 1000-2000 email IDs, make this with your Email
ID Generator and then save the text file in a Folder, so you can get to it

(This takes only a few minutes for the Email ID Generator to Find Email ID's .)
13                 Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page      April 19, 2011

So above you see the "Acute Email IDs Production Engine" (once you have
purchased and installed the software this is what you will see when you
click "Run as Administrator".

Now click "Start Wizard" than it says enter "file name" so you can choose
usa-males.txt or if you want another file select it or click on
14                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page           April 19, 2011

"Show Database to select from text files to choose from depending on where you want
email id's from, (Canada, Usa, Men, Women...ect.)
15                  Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page        April 19, 2011

So after you select your database, click on "Next" and for your domain name
put in, click "next". Now use a "keyword" that shows up infront
of the name in the
email address for example "mike" put this keyword (chose any keyword) and
the Wizard will generate a list for you. (click "generate emails list" and you
will see the message

Wow !! an email list containing 1321 email address has been successfully
saved in the file....

Keep in mind this is great for email marketing as well!!

See an example of what the database(below) looks like when you view it.
Here you will have a variety of text files to choose from.
16                     Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page               April 19, 2011

Now you can click on "view email list" to see the text file and to copy the Email IDs.

First, open Windows Spread Sheet or MS_Excel and make two headings in a new file.
17                 Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page       April 19, 2011

Copy "Select All"(right click your mouse to see this option) the email IDs
from your Text File and paste them under heading ‘Email ID’ in Windows
Spread Sheet (or Excel) which ever you are using.
18                Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page       April 19, 2011

                                                    You can leave the
                                                    Column ‘Name’ blank,
                                                    you don't have to fill
                                                    this in.

                                                    Your Window's
                                                    Spreadsheet should
                                                    should look like this
                                                    (see picture on left):

Save this file choosing Save as type as ‘CSV (Comma Delimited)’ as shown
in the picture below.
19                  Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page       April 19, 2011

Great!! Congrats! You have successfully made a CSV File containing
thousands of Unique Email ID's in it. Your work is 70% done, now lets
finish this!

Now you know how to save a contact file (.CSV) in the format. Now you
want to make as many contact files (.CSV) as you want by making different
email IDs, paste and save them in Microsoft Spreadsheat as .CSV files, so
you can import them to your Gmail Account.

Now focus and keep working at this, its not that fun, but trust me it will
pay off!

Let get these contacts into your Gmail Account.

1. Now, open your Gmail account and click on contacts on the left-hand
20                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page            April 19, 2011

2. Click on "More Options" toward the middle of the page, a menu will drop down and
you will click on "Import ".

3. The option to browse your file folders will come up (as shown above),
this is where you choose your Windows SpreadSheet .CSV file that you
saved with all the Gmail Addresses in it.

4. Now Click Import and you will see a message that confirms that the
email IDs from that CSV file has been imported in your Gmail Account. "
You have imported 1321 Contacts" and this only took a few minutes.
21                 Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page      April 19, 2011

5. Continue this process again and keep repeating this by making New
CSV Files as you did earlier.

 Your goal is to When upload 2-4 CSV files, until your Gmail Account
reaches the maximum number of contacts allowed which is 10,000(so just
get close to 10,000) do not go over or your Gmail Mailbox will read as full
and you won't be able to upload anymore contacts.

You should have 9000-10000 contacts in it, you will get a message that
Gmail can not import more contacts, as your address book is full. So if
thats the case figure out how much room you have left... and upload a
number of contacts within that amount..for example if you have 9,000
contacts, than u can import only 1,000 more, so import 897 or 998 but
make sure u stay under the 10,000 import limit.

There is one more step once you have reached your "limit" of contacts in
your Gmail account you will want to "Export" this file to a .CSV file.
22                    Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page   April 19, 2011

Now go ahead and "Save" this as a .CSV file. (See pic below)
23                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page            April 19, 2011

Go ahead and select "other email service" and put in your Gmail Address, when you go
to type in your password, you will see the screen below come up.
24                    Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page              April 19, 2011

There is another way you can get your Gmail Contacts into your New Facebook
Account and you will see this as STEP 2 right after you sign up for Facebook. You can
Import your contacts at this time by connecting to your Gmail Account. (If this is your
second step, and Facebook is asking for your Gmail Contacts, than Facebook will ask
you your Gmail Name and Password, so put it in, or If you are already logged in your
Gmail account, then Facebook won't ask for your name or password, Facebook will ask
for your permission to "allow". Click "allow" so that Facebook can connect to your
Gmail to retrieve your Gmail Contacts.) If you have passed this second step when
signing up for your New Facebook Account. Than use "other email service " option.

So now Facebook is importing your contacts from your Gmail Account and
finding"new" friends on Facebook using the newly created contacts . This may take a
few minutes.....
 When Facebook finishes importing your Gmail contacts, Facebook now will show you
25                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page           April 19, 2011

out of these Gmail Contacts which one's are already on Facebook, and how many of
them you can now add as friends (automatically sends friends requests too).

Check this out!!! Facebook imported my all 9680 contacts from Gmail
account and found that 323 out of those are already on Facebook. You
know, what does it mean? It means, Itv You can send a friend request to
323 PEOPLE with one "click" this is Awesome!! And will give you a huge
head start to getting friends to your Facebook Account!

After Facebook sends friend requests to Facebook users, Facebook will
now show the contacts that are NOT on Facebook.
26                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page      April 19, 2011


This is the fastest, most realistic way of getting friends to your Facebook
FanPage. Now you set the pace, we have to continue if you wish to see
success!! You will soon have 5000 friends within a month or less!

Now you can go back into your Gmail and delete those contacts, you can
import new contacts now, but we recommend that you only do one .CSV
file at a time, maybe once a day to be safe so your Facebook Account
won't get blocked or banned.

If it does don't worry they usually only block you from adding friends for a
couple days, and then u can continue adding at a slower pace. (Facebook
has gotten alot stricter on Spam.. so you may get a block, but just don't
give up!!) If all fails go to a new IP and make a New Account, you can do
this just keep focused and the more persistant the more success you will
27                    Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page               April 19, 2011

Hard work, and dedication will pay off my friends, this is not hard, but it
does require
desire and motivation. Anyone can build up Facebook Accounts, but you
gotta have the determination and the work ethic to do things. This is
going to help change your World, so lets press on!!

And always have sight of your goals and dreams!! Keep working on your
Facebook Account, because when you have 25- 5000 friends, we will show
you how to turn them into fans!!

Now I'm going to tell you about putting up a Fan Page that brings CRAZY
AMOUNTS OF TRAFFIC to Our Website, .... you gotta see this!!

Your ready now friends to set-up your FanPage!! Facebook recommends
you have a minimum of 25 Friends before you "Create your Fanpage".
"CREATE A PAGE" . So if you do have 25 or more friends... go ahead and
follow these steps!

Here is the link: (make sure your logged into your Facebook Account)
Create Facebook Fan Page
28                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page          April 19, 2011

Okay....lets think! (If you have friends.... and a product or service in mind...
go ahead and create a "FanPage".

Remember ....there is no money where there is no action, you must take
action for your dreams to become a reality!! So just don't sit there!! do

There are many ways to make money on Facebook. You can sell, your
artwork, photos, an e-book,or you can offer a service like Website Design
or Hosting. Or if you don't have your own product, you can become an
Affiliate of a Big Company and sell for them and earn a commission. You
can sell products on Ebay or Amazon, the possibilites are endless!!

Okay so do you have a product to sell?? or a service? If not you can
promote other companies products by becoming an affiliate of theirs.

Some of the top places to join as an affiliate are listed you will
find some of the highest payouts on the web!
29                    Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page   April 19, 2011

Click Bank

Commission Junction

30                    Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page               April 19, 2011


Heres Another Website that has other CPA Networks for Affiliates to
choose from.
Affiliates Seeking

Look into these sites, sign-up as an affiliate or(publisher)and start making
commissions by promoting their products or their e-books to Friends and

Once you decide on your product or method that you want to use, your
ready for a Fantastic Looking Design for your Facebook Fan Page.

Remember you only need 25 or more Facebook Friends. After you reach at
5000 FB friends level, you can do anything and earn any amount, and with
this method you can accomplish this goal in a month or less.

You have almost completed all the steps just a couple more and you'll be
on you way to making some dough!! nuts! haaha

Now you should be increasing your friends and be near the 25 mark on
the first day! Now you are ready to create Your Fan Page and start bringing
Unique Visitors to your Fan Page!
31                    Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page               April 19, 2011

Fans will pop up everywhere, because now you Fan Page reaches into
Google and the Search Engines once you start making interesting posts
and status updates!

******When you set-up your FanPage make sure you use relevant keywords
in your Fan Page Title to what ever product or service that you are
promoting, since these are great for SEO!!

Lets RECAP.......
Now Create a Page on Facebook....go here(make sure your logged into
your account)

Then Click Create Page Button on the upper-right.

You will follow the steps to choose what suites your business and product
the best.....

Now we are going to share with you our secret to blowing away your fans,
and how to get the Dopest Facebook Fan Page Template on the Planet!!
This an absolute must have Facebook Fan Page Template! (You can make
alot of money each day now... )you need now the Perfect Tool for Your
Facebook Fan Page.
32                 Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page       April 19, 2011

The cost is Only $30 and this Template comes with Support, 1000 FanPage
Themes,a PayPal store to sell any Product or (sell a t-shirt, or sell custom
surfboards) whatever you wish directly to your fans on your FanPage and
they checkout via Paypal!! Feature Youtube Videos, Live Stream TV, Your
latest Tweets and More... so pretty much any color you want your FanPage to
be....its there!! No More ugly FaceBook Blue and White FaceBook!
33                   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page    April 19, 2011

Click the link below to see ALL THE FEATURES ! (SEE A LIVE DEMO RIGHT
on Facebook ) and to Purchase this Template.

Click Here To View

This is the most deverse, Top-Notch Facebook FanPage Template on
the Web.. or should I say.... in the Universe lol!

Read the easy step install instructions and you should ready to rumble
within 20 minutes. (you do need web hosting with when you put up a Fan
Page, if you need Hosting you can get it here through Host Gator Your first
month is only a Penny! (Make sure to type in Coupon Code "1CENT")
Click Here to go To HOSTGATOR
34                    Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page               April 19, 2011

Once you have this up and your information ready to put in front of
hundreds, maybe thousands of fans!

The next step once your Amazing FanPage Template is up. You want to
suggest your Fan Page to your friends!!

You will see the option ‘suggest to friends’ click this. You can decide if you
want to select all of your friends, if only 100 become your fans this will
multiply as your fans suggest the page to their friends!

You can speed up this process by asking the friends who have become
fans of your page to please suggest your paage to their friends. Continue
with this same process every so often and remember now is the time to
post interesting information, and posts, or discounts, contests or coupons
for your fans. People like free things, so this when thinking of what to offer
on your Fan Page!! This will help you rank extemely well and fast in Google
and you will be found by more and more people, coming to your site for
your free giveaway.... but also these fans looking for freebies, may end up
purchasing your product or service as well!!

You can even offer incentives to like your page "Get my free e-book
download" "how to make money online with FaceBook" when you "like"
35                  Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page       April 19, 2011

my page You can even give this report away!!

You will see you page will go viral in no time ... you have the fans... now
turn on your charm and turn them into engaged customers!! And watch
your sales jump and your Paypal Account have money in it for once!!

This Method will work on Auto-Pilot once you get 5000 friends and have
your Professional Template up, and invite fans, if you continue to engage
with your fans, you will see fast results that will bring Huge Success.

Now its up to you, whether you choose to sit there or take action, this only
works for the doers!

This is 2011 don't you think its TIME TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH


When Facebook announced the Fan pages, there were a number of mixed
reviews. Some where hailing it and its integration to the new advertising
platform and some hated it – claiming it was turning Facebook into Myspace.
Whatever your stance is, here are 6 reasons you need to make a Facebook
page for your Website or company now.

1. Pages are public. Most of Facebook is behind a login, preventing
search engines from indexing. However, some Fan pages are not behind a
login and thus search engines can index the page. Hopefully, people will
stumble on the result in SERPs, visit the Facebook page, and then get to
your site via the link (see reason #2).
36                      Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page   April 19, 2011

2. Pages include links. Because the pages are public, you can get some
nice link credit. You can’t use an anchor text, but hey, it’s

3. Send “updates to fans”. One of the greatest features is that you can
send “updates” to fans whenever you want. It’s a nice way of building a
database of interested users. Send messages about new products,
updated Website, etc.

4. You control the page. Making the page before a Fan or a competitor is
critical. You want to be able to send the messages, edit or remove
sections, and control the information to an extent.

5. News feed. When a someone joins a Fan page, it’s published in their
News feed for all their to read (unless they have turned this off). It makes
someone joining your Fan page somewhat viral.

6. It’s free and easy. Making a Fan page takes just a few minutes – add some
information, URL, and upload the logo and you’re done.

Read more:
Search Engine Journal

Why A Facebook Fan Page Is A MUST

Do you own a business? If so, you really need to consider setting up a
Facebook fan page. What is a fan page you may say? Originally, the intent
behind Facebook fan pages was to allow “famous” people or large
companies to connect with the masses. A personal profile page within
Facebook has a limit of 5000 friends and many requested a larger “fan”
option, thus the “Fan Page” was born.
You might be thinking…well I am not a celebrity OR a large company so
why do I need a Fan Page? Regardless of what type of business you have,
you can benefit from having a fan page presence on Facebook and here is
37                 Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page       April 19, 2011

Fan pages are a bit of a different animal and because they are different,
they add value that your personal profile does not. Fan pages allow you
to brand your business, use your logo and customize your “look” just as
you would a Website. With this extremely valuable tool available to you,
you can keep your “brand” consistent across the board as it relates to all
aspects of your online presence.
The other value to fan pages is that you can keep the personal “you”
separate from the business “you”. This is a great way to still maintain
relationships with family and friends through your personal profile while
maintaining a separate business presence on Facebook.

Unlimited Fans
Your personal profile page has a limit of 5000 friends that is imposed by
Facebook. While most of us do not have 5000 personal friends, if you are
combining your personal friends with your business contacts or prospects,
this number can be turn out to be very limiting.

A fan page, on the other hand, will allow you to have an unlimited number
of “fans”. Some celebrity fan pages number into the thousands and even
millions of fans.

The other really big advantage of a fan page versus your personal profile,
it that a fan page will allow you to send updates to all your fans at one
time. Your personal profile page only allows you to send out to 20 people
at a time. However, I would caution against contacting your fan base
more than a few times a week.
You should be careful to consider their time and you certainly don’t want
to overtax their inbox with miscellaneous stuff that could just as easily be
posted to the fan page wall. Sending too much stuff will simply annoy
your fans and cause them to leave your fan page.


This is a BIGGEE! Fan pages are fully indexed by Google, which means that
anything you post on your fan page can be found by anyone doing a
38                 Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page       April 19, 2011

Google search. Content from your personal profile page or a group does
not have this same benefit. Exposure to your business or service will be
expanded because your social media content will now be found by
anyone (not just a Facebook user) who searches via Google. Additionally,
Facebook is the 2nd most trafficked site; second only to Google in fact.
Any links from your fan page to your Website will increase your chances of
achieving higher rankings within Google.

Instant Admission
Your personal profiles as well as groups are semi closed environments,
depending on privacy settings or the option of joining a specific group.
Your fan page, on the other hand, is totally open to anyone who stumbles
across it. If someone is searching for something through Google and your
fan page pops up, that person can view the entire fan page without
“liking” or “joining”. Obviously, it is your hope that they will “like” the
page. You can add incentives to build the desire to join your fan page but
joining is not necessary for them to view the content of the page.

Interaction with Your Target Market (Fans)
Your Facebook fan page permits you to have a more personal
communication with your fans than you can have through your Website.
Obviously, you could set up forums or other communication methods but
most small business owners do not travel this road. Adding features such
as this can be costly and many small businesses simply do not set aside
funds for this type of customer interaction. This is why a Facebook fan
page is so valuable. You can have all the collaboration tools available
within Facebook for FREE! You can share content, videos, photos, run
contests, ask questions, etc. This interaction will build relationships with
your target market (fans). Encouraging interaction and building a sense of
community will ensure that they keep coming back.

Drive Traffic to Your Site
Another huge benefit to Facebook fan pages is that you can customize
them and make them appear as a mini version of your Website. You can
have an opt-in option, display videos, and even have customers order
directly from your fan page. Remember Facebook has over 350 million
ACTIVE users and if you tap into even a fraction of this market, WOW! By
connecting and building relationships you dramatically increase your
39                 Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page        April 19, 2011

ability to market your products and services to your fan base!

Multimedia Advantages
Facebook allows the end user to upload videos, photos and audio files for
FREE. Essentially this means that you do not have to worry about your
web host dinging you for more bandwidth if your video goes viral and
gets 500,000 views in a month. Additionally, it is a known fact that people
response rates to videos are much higher than text. The use of videos on
your fan page will increase the quality their experience on your fan page
which will keep them coming back.
You might feel that your business would not generate a lot of interest but
fan pages are a MUST if you own a business. They provide one more way
for your business to be “seen” and that is a crucial piece of marketing

by Kimgarst
40   Make Money with Your Facebook Fan Page   April 19, 2011

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