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					ABOUT: iFlexweb is a reputed offshore flex development company
in India. It owns its fame to all its well trained Flex developers who
follow best practices for Flex web development.

SUMMARY: Best practices followed by Flex developers in India can
give a new root to your application functioning.

Flex Developer in India Follows MVC Best Practices for Providing
Flex Web Development Services

Rich internet applications world has received refreshed look with
the advancement of incredible platforms like Flex web development.
The pulpit includes all that is required for developing eye catching
applications. Flex developers in India have been very quick at
mastering the unique features of the platform for providing clients
with outstanding flex development services.

Best practices used by a Flex developer working with Flex web
development company are mostly related to compressing code and
keeping it clean and available for future reference. Instead of coding
for the application in one big mxml file Flex developer India uses
MVC an easy to code tool for RIA development. It is loosely coupled,
very simple to use and allows object oriented coding.
Flex developer in India completely understands that code written in
mxml files for flex application development India might look ok if it
is a small part which needs coding but can wreck havoc if the
application is big and involves lot of code. It looks very complicated
and can be obstructive to allow Flex developers to unit test or reuse
even a small part of the code for any future project. It also makes it
difficult to use object oriented designs, interfaces or even outliner
view to find distinct methods. Using an MVC makes it possible to do
all this in the application.
Flex developers in India use MVC because it is the simplest way for
flex application development India. It reflects three simple words,
model, view and controller with greater meaning for application
development. Controller is a set of functions and methods which can
be used to move data back and forth from view to model. Its
simplicity of use and extra ordinary facilitates make it one of the
best practices followed by Flex developers India working for a Flex
development company India.
Models in MVC are very simple to understand and are the place
where data is concentrated for the applications use. It allows a Flex
developer in India to use getters and setters to manage all
properties. As they hold only data it sends events to alert developers
that the model has changed.
Best practice for using models to greater advantage is that setters
and EventDispatcher should be assigned to all properties in models
so that it is able to send alerts when model is changed. It is also a
good practice to confirm that changes are actually there before the
property sends alerts for the changes.
Controllers as discussed earlier is a class containing methods to be
used for moving data to and fro from the model as well as handle
and update responses from view. Code can be split into its own
classes to have subclasses, interfaces, use the outline to jump to
specific methods and use unit testing on each distinct method. That
is, it includes all that is needed to create full proof application. The
best practice to use controllers is to make sure all event handlers
are inside it which aid to modify models and changes the view. View
should never have direct access to the model.
The best part of all these best practices is that they work just well
with all different types of frameworks. All Flex developers India are
sure to know the best practices related to the use of MVC hence you
can be rest assured to receive the best services when you hire flex