PowerPoint Presentation - Ecozone by gjjur4356


									Prairies Ecozones

  Danielle Commisso, Kasia
   Bedkowski, Alex Cobos
 Prairie Ecozone

 Boreal Plains Ecozone

 Boreal Shield Ecozone

 Montana Cordillera Ecozone
                   Prairie Ecozone
   Flat to rolling plains
   Cold long winters, warm summers
   Shot-grass prairie in drier areas
   Some trees, hardly any vegetation left
   Rich soils
   Human Activities
       Agriculture, urbanization, oil and gas development
Boreal Plains Ecozone
           Located in the southern part of
            Alberta, mid Saskatchewan and
           Level to gentle rolling plains
           Long, cold winters, short warm
           Coniferous trees, mixed with
            deciduous, marsh areas
           Rich soils formed under soils
           Human Activities
               Forestry, farming, tourism, oil
                and gas
              Boreal Shield Ecozone

   Located in a small portion of the southern part of Manitoba.
   Plains, and low hills of the Canadian Shield
   Low winters, short summers
   Coniferous, deciduous vegetation
   Heavily leached soils, bare rock, swampy areas
   Human Activities
       Forestry, mining, tourism, recreation, trapping
        Montana Cordillera Ecozone
   Located in the southern part
    of Alberta
   Mountains, Plains, Plateaus
   Moderate winters, and
    moderate summers
   Mainly dominated by
    coniferous vegetation
   Different types of mountain
   Human Activity
         Forestry, agriculture,

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