Film History II 13 Anagrams for figures in Peter Greenaway’s Z_00

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					   Week 13 National Cinemas

Reading: Thompson & Bordwell Chapters 25 New
Cinemas and Developments Europe and the USSR
    since the 1970‟s; & Chapter 26 Beyond the
 Industrialized West Asia Pacific, Middle East and
              Africa since the 1970‟s .
       Hayward, Deconstruction pp 63-64.

Vagabond (1985) Agnes Varda; The
Draughtsman’s Contract (1982) Peter
Greenaway The Cook, the Thief, His Wife
and Her Lover Peter Greenaway (1989);
Z&00’s Peter Greenaway; Romance
1998) Catherine Breillat; The Piano (1993)
Jane Campion; Dead Ringers (1986)
David Cronenberg.
  An exercise in deconstructive
The deconstructive process. Jacques
Derrida‟s four times around (4 go-rounds)
a subject. (ref. The Truth in Painting
translation, Bennington and McLeod
Jacques Derrida 1930-2004
           The „go‟ around.
The first time (around), Derrida proposes that
the researcher become occupied with folding
the great philosophical question of the
tradition. Intervention in the philosophy that
still dominates the discourse on aesthet(h)ics
(Plato, Socrates, Kant, Spinoza, Heidegger,
        second time around
The second time around the researcher
proceeds to negotiate, interpret (read) or
otherwise engage the question/the work
(ergon) in formal terms. Inside the frame…
In popular terms this is thinking inside the
  3rd g[o]-round (ground/grund)
The third time around the work (or the
subject in question) is in order to analyse
what Derrida terms the ductus (idiom of
the trait/trace as the draftsman=s
signature), and the system of duction
(production, reproduction, reduction, etc.).
      For reading a film….?
This he argues, concerns “the letter and
proper name in painting” (film,
architecture, ethics); “with narration,
technical reproduction, ideology, the
phoneme, the biographeme, and politics
among other things.”
This engages the authorship question,
properly situated in its socio-historical,
political and economic contexts. The
parergon --- thinking outside the box!!
            4th go around
The fourth time around Derrida “weaves
all these threads through a polylogue of N
+ 1 voices which happens to be that of a
woman.” That is, reinforcing hybridity and
intellectual „cross-dressing.‟
             sous rature
And finally submitting the research to the
imprimatur of sous rature (under erasure),
to suspend or prevent premature closure
of the investigation.
Is Derrida asking us to become….:
Philosophers? Mathematicians?
Historians/ art historians?
Social historians?
Sociologists?       Social anthropologists?
Political economists ?
Exercise #1 Anagrams for figures
  in Peter Greenaway‟s Z&00
Anagram, noun: a word or phrase formed
by rearranging the letters of another word
or phrase. For example, Elvis to Lives.
verb tr., intr. To rearrange letters in such a
way. To anagrammatize.
[from Latin anagramma, origin in Greek
anagrammatismos, ana- (up, again, back,
new) + -gram (letter).]
              Oliver Deuce
Among the 1000 plus anagrams for Oliver Deuce
1) evildoer cue      2) receive loud
3) decile ouvre      4) reduce olive
5) revile douce      6) cloud ere vie
7) cloud ere wie     8) cloud eve ire
9) cloud ire wee     10) clove die rue
11) clove due ire    12) could ere Ive
13) could ere vie    14) could eve Ire
15) could ire vee    16) cover due lie
17) crude eve oil    18) crude oil vee
             Oswald Deuce
Among theanagrams for Oswald Deuce are the
1) coal deus dew    2) cloud sea wed
3) deuce low sad    4) aloud dew sec
5) cease dud owl    6) cause dew old
7) cause old wed    8) cease dud low
9) cease dud owl    10) close awe dud
11) close due wad
             Alba Bewick
Alba (Alpha) Bewick- A/B; A+B - daughter
called Beta Her first name Alba which in
Italian translates as Dawn; Alb from Albatus
(L) = white, is a white vestment used by
Catholic priests and also forms the first
letters of Albatross. Alba’s surname Bewick
corresponds to the name of a rare type of
swan that migrates from Siberia to England.
There are also several hundred anagrams for
Alba Bewick, among the most interesting are
Bewail Back; Bike Abc Law and Bike Cab
Law. Bewick as a homophone for Buick
              Venus de Milo
1) ed line ovum       2) linseed ovum
3) ed unveils om      4) ed evil om sun
5) ed evil om nus     6) ed evil oms nu
7) livened sumo       8) livened muso
9) seed ni ovum       10) die lens ovum
11) die oven slum     12) idle oven sum
13) devil me on us    14) devil omen us
15) devil menu so     16) devil one mus
17) Lived muse no     18) dime novel us
19) Mined ovules      20 deism love nu
              Van Hoyten

1) havent yon     2) envoy tanh
3) envoy than     4) haven tony
5) ah envy not    6) ant envy ho
7) novena thy     8) tan envy oh
9) van eh tony    10) van he tony
11) van hey ton   12) navy he not
             Stourley Kracklite
Stourley Kracklite, among them, these interesting
1) illustrate cork key 2 ) illustrate rock key
3) lackluster riot key 4 ) lackluster tori key
5) lackluster trio key 6 ) lackluster yore kit
7) literature lock sky 8 ) artillery coke tusk
9) correlate sulky kit
Leonardo Da Vinci's Leda and the swan
Zebra stripes
Tiger stripes
Bridget Riley
Daniel Buren
Multi-stable images
Young woman with a long neck or an old
        lady with a big nose?
„Siamese‟ Twins
                Ipson Fallari

Ipson Fallari renders the following anagrams
  from a possible 2000
  1) on a fair spill 2) fails or plain
  3) so plain flair   4) flails or pain
  5) liars of plain   6) fair as in poll
  7) lisp on a flair 8) so frail plain
  9) flail on pairs   10) pair on flails
  11) slip on a flair 12) spiral on fail
                 Pulat Fallari

Pulat Fallari anagrams
1) up a tall flair  2) full partial
3) i fatal plural   4) fail ultra pal
5) air fatal pull   6) fault all pair
7) pull a fat liar
Castor and Pollux
Jeremy Irons as Beverly Mantle in
Cronenberg‟s Dead Ringers 1988
         Van Meegeren (spelling 1)

1) Mean revenge         2) a genre men rev

3) a green men rev      4) Germane nerve

5) rage never men       6) rage nerve men

7) an genre ever
             Van Meergeren 2
If spelled with an “r” Van Meergeren anagrams
1) evergreen man       2) germane nerve
3) germane never       4) revenge reman
5) avenge err men      6) garner eve men
7) garner men vee      8) genera men rev
9) graven ere men      10) revere men nag
11) veneer erg man 12) veneer gem ran
13) veneer men rag 14) anger veer men
15) genre amen rev 16) genre aver men
17) genre even arm
Vermeer‟s Girl with a Red Hat (1665)
Velasquez, Las Meninas (Maids of Honour)
              Van Eyck
Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride (1434)
Venus de Milo as Duchamp‟s Nude
    Descending a Staircase
Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a
           Staircase 1912
Marcel Duchamp’s The Large Glass
Oswald Deuce‟s Apartment
Robert Wilson and Phillip Glass Einstein on
                the Beach
Dan Flavin Untitled Fluorescent Light
Vermeer‟s Lute Player at the Window (1664)
Vermeer's The Art of Painting
Vermeer‟s The Soldier and the Laughing Girl
Vermeer's Music Lesson