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					                                               “Reading is Fun”

                                                    SabaTM Talks Products, LLC
                                               2463 Hamilton Mill Pkwy Suite280-132
                                                       Dacula, GA 30019

Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
What is SabaTM Talk Productions?
      •Saba TM Talks Production, founded in 2002
      by author Sydney L. Cain, is a company that
      focuses on teaching pre-school children to
      read through music, games, and imaginary
      play. The key to success for our kids is
      effective Literacy.

      •Ms. Cain was motivated to launch the
      company out of her experience from
      teaching her own two daughters Lauren and
      Saba Kennedie to read. She developed her
      own book series because of the limited
      number of books for pre-school children
      portraying both parents.
      •Saba TM Talks Production’s has three main
      brands- Saba Doll, Saba Books and Saba’s
      Sing-A-Along Music CD’s.

      Mission: Promote literacy and effective
      communication between family members
      through Saba’s educational products .

Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version        READING IS FUN!!!

           SabaTM Talks Production’s has three main brands:
         Saba Doll, Saba Books and Saba’s Sing-A-Along Music CD’s

Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
 Product Facts: Saba Doll

The SabaTM Doll character is a soft, cuddly, plush, multicultural doll that comes with many accessories.
Saba has many other attributes.

        •The Doll provides comfort and security to children. The materials used for the product are safe and durable.
        When the doll gets dirty, the parent can drop the doll right in the wash. The colors would not fade and the doll is
        meant to last.

        • The Saba “Carry All” bag would be used to carry Saba. There would be separate pockets used to hold the
        book and the music CD.
                     The backpack would initially come in two colors.
                     The colors would expand over time with the printing of new books and characters. The bag will
                     also have a bean bag bottom.
                      The Saba Doll is very special in that she comes with her book, interactive music and Saba
                     ―Carry All‖ bag. Children will be able to bring Saba along with them anywhere as they learn to

   Industry News:
   •MGA Chief Executive Officer Isaac Larian expects the Bratz Diamondz line to sell as many as 5 million items, which includes dolls and accessories. Bratz
    overall account for more than 50 percent of annual revenue at closely held MGA.
   • Elmo has been one of the best-selling toys almost every year since Tickle Me Elmo debuted in 1996, said Sean McGowan, an analys t at Wedbush Morgan
   in New York. Mattel earned about $100 million from Elmo last year, he estimated.
   • Associated Press- 2007- K-Mart Launching Multicultural Doll Brands
   ―Becoming relevant to minority shoppers can reap big benefits. About one in three Americans is a minority, according to the U .S. Census Bureau. Between
   2006 and
    2011, the spending power of the country’s blacks, Asians, Native Americans and multiracial shoppers is expected to grow 38 pe rcent, to $1.9 trillion.
    By 2050, minorities will account for half of U.S. residents, according to Census Bureau projections.

 Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
                                                                                            Doll          Music

 Product Facts: Saba Sing-A-Long Music

    “Saba’s Sing-A-Along Music CD” is already recorded by Grammy nominated
    music producers.

    There are 4 songs already available and ready for worldwide distribution
         These can also be translated to Spanish
    A Market study has been conducted and kids love the rhythm and words to the songs
    Saba Sing-A-Long Music can be distributed - Radio, Satellite Radio, and Retail Locations
    Saba’s selection of songs will give children a fun and entertaining way to learn words through music.

Music Facts:
       Young children with developed rhythm skills perform better academically in early school years. Findings of a recent study
       showed that there was a signif icant dif ference in the academic achievement levels of students classif ied according to rhythmi c competency.
       Students who were achieving at academic expectation scored high on all rhythmic tasks, while many of those who scored lower o n the
        rhythmic test achieved below academic expectation.
       Source: "The Relationship between Rhythmic Competency and Academic Performance in First Grade Children," University of Centra l
        Florida, Debby Mitchell
       The world's top academic countries place a high value on music education. Hungary, Netherlands and Japan stand atop
       worldwide science achievement and have strong commitment to music education. All three countries have required music
       training at the elementary and middle school levels, both instrumental and vocal, f or several decades. The centrality of musi c
       education to learning in the top-ranked countries seems to contradict the United States' f ocus on math, science, vocabulary, and
       Source: 1988 International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IAEEA) Test

 Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
                                                                Doll          Music

Product Facts: Saba Books                                              Book

  An Education book, Saba’s Thoughts of the Day the first in a series of
     books immediately sold over 2,000 copies (Self published)*.
  • The character Saba teaches reading through rhythm and rhymes.
  • Illustrator C’babi Bayoc clearly captured all aspects of Saba’s life
     including her dad.
  *Saba’s Thoughts of the Day has currently been picked up by Authorhouse Publishing Company
  –   There are currently 4 books Saba Series that are ready to be published
  –   Books will focus on reading words and always have an educational element.
  –   The books will be partnered with the Music CD’s to help promote singing and learning- Literacy is the key
      to early childhood reading and learning.

     Top: Selling books for kids 3 and younger: These books have brought in millions of dollars of
     1.   "Goodnight Moon" (board book) by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd
     2.    "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr., illustrated by Eric Carle
     3.    "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" (board book) by Eric Carle
     4.    "The Night Bef ore Kindergarten" by Natasha Wing, illustrated by Julie Durrell
     5.    "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak
     6.     "Pat the Bunny" (touch and f eel book) by Dorothy Kunhardt
     7.    "Where Is Baby's Belly Button?" by Karen Katz
     8.    "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram
     9.    "Counting Kisses: A Kiss & Read Book" by Karen Katz
     10.   "A Potty f or Me!" by Karen Katz

Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
  Benefits Of Saba Books

Saba’s brand of Books will promote –READING IS FUN!

          Books will have a great music CD that will help and inspire children to read. Some of the books will come
           with a Sing_A-Long music CD.
               Additional ancillary products will also be created to help promote READING IS FUN!
          Millions of Books are sold each year. The market for a multi cultural book and Music Sing--A-Long is
           increasing by over 30% each year.
          Parents will be able to purchase the family of Saba Books and products to help their children learn how to
           read early. Better choices for today’s family.
          The books are beautifully illustrated with vibrate colors and shapes. The words through out the book are
           easy to read and understand.
           Parents will have the opportunity to spend time with their kids and the kids will be able to enjoy Saba’s
           stories and be introduced to Saba’s family and friends.
               The family and friends will be very familiar to children and their current surroundings.
          Books stores and online distribution will not only be able to sell the books, but the Saba Doll and Saba Sing -
           A-Long Music CD’s. This is a great opportunities for today’s retailers.
          The Preschools and Elementary schools will be able to use this book in their curriculum and become apart of
           their literacy educational programs.
          These books will also have an instant ―International‖ appeal to all customers.
              • The books will also be in Spanish versions

  Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
    Competitive Facts –Saba vs Dora
     Saba- Reading is Fun!                                         Dora The Explorer
•      Saba Products will be considered a multicultural
       character but her focus will be based on Literacy and       •   A direct competitor is Dora the Explorer which is
       her theme is READING IS FUN!                                    considered a multicultural character featured on the
         – Saba’s products will promote reading to all                 Nickelodeon cable channel. Her theme is around
             children under the age of 6. All through rhythm           the world.
             and rhyme. (Doll, Books, Music, other ancillary       •   The Dora products are made by Fisher-Price which
             products)                                                 has the stellar reputation of pre-school and kids’
         – She will use words and music in her stories to              educational toys.
             engage children and promote family learning           •   Its parent company Mattel earned over $5.1 billion
             with parents and their kids.                              in 2005 which was up from the $4.9 billion it earned
•      Based on market research, the pre-school children’s             in 2003.
       book and product base market is vital and vibrant.
•      Saba will differ because it will have it’s own base of           –   The show and its licensed goods—paper
       parents and educators who are looking for ways to                    plates, wallets, miniature
       teach children to read early. Education early is the key             moonbounces,etc..—have brought in an
•      Saba Talks Production’s will in three short years earn               estimated $1 billion since Dora premiered in
       $11.8 million by fiscal year 2010, by focusing on the                August of 2000.
       three brands
•      With all of the additional educational products that will        –   Approximately a quarter of Dora's revenues
       be created, the Saba Brand will ultimately surpass the               has come from sales of videotapes and DVDs
       revenues of Dora the Explorer.
         – Saba’s Educational focus is the key

    Cite Source: Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive Co. LLC
    Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
Saba Productions believes effective branding of the product will
enhance it’s awareness. Examples of current Marketing techniques:

            Saba Postcards

                                                                       Saba Bookmarks

          Saba Truck

 Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
 The Saba brand believes in education, literacy and children learning how to read and enjoying it.                            Saba
     products will provide a new and exciting way for children to learn.

                                                       Reading Is Fun!!!
         •     As early as 1yrs of age a child would benef it f rom the Saba Doll, Music and Book. Every child has a plush sof t cute
               best f riend. Saba would appeal to multicultural f amilies because of her diverse look a unique design. She will inspire
               children to read and use there imagination with the sing a longs, allowing Saba to come to lif e as a playmate.
         •     Parents will also enjoy the benef its of the Saba Doll. She will give them interactive tools to use in early childhood
               education as well. Saba will give children playtime f illed with edutainment so that the parents not only have a great toy
               f or there child but also educational tool as well.
         •     Teachers can use Saba’s Educational products as learning tools. With the Saba line of educational book series. Saba
               can be used as a f ocus tool while they read stories during story time and interactive web -site with educational
               exercises to assist in reading as well. Then the teachers can add in the music because children learn better through
               rhythm and rhyme.

         •    Saba Products is not just your character. The doll is also created f or educational tutorials. Businesses that are geared
              towards development of new educational tools f or children can use Saba as a brand to encourage children to read
              more. Businesses can also carry all of the Saba Brands that targets parents, teachers as well as children.

Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version
Contact Information

                                               For more information on
                                               SabaTM Talks Production
                               2463 Hamilton Mill Pkwy St. 280-132

                                                  Dacula, GA 30019

                                    Investor Relations, contact :


Saba TalksTM Productions 2007- Short Version