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									Saturday, September 15, 2007          Room 101                         Room 102                            Room 103                         Room 201
9:00-10:00 Session A                  Masumi Narita                    Jocelyn Graf                        Masaki Kobayashi                 Yuanwen Lu
                                      9:00-11:15 Invited Colloquium:   Kyoko Baba                          Min Kim                          David Kluge
                                      Corpus and L2 Writing            Non-Native English Writers'         Visualizing the Learner's ZPD    Should Research Paper
                                                                       Voice in Intercultural and          Through Concept Maps:            Writing Be Taught at Japanese
                                                                       Political Weblog Discussions        Scaffolding Academic Writing     Universities? YES!
                                                                       Sydney Gonzales-Villegas            Using Cognitive and
                                                                                                           Chang, Ching-Fen                 Becky Kwan
                                                                       Authorial Voices in Journal         Social-Cultural Dimensions of    An Investigation into the
                                                                       Articles: A Contrastive Rhetoric    on-Line Interaction in an EFL    Preparation of Future Faculty
                                                                       Study                               Writing Course                   for Publishing in International
10:15-11:15 Session B                                                  Ming-i Lydia Tseng                  David Kludge                     Journals: the Hong Kong Case
                                                                                                                                            Emi Kobayashi
                                                                       Maki Ojima                          Akiko Mitsui                     Setsuko Oda
                                                                       An Inquiry into Japanese            Three Approaches to Writing in   Japanese University Students’
                                                                       Postgraduate Students'              Japanese-As-a-Foreign-           Transition From High School
                                                                       Argument Patterns in Writing        Language Instruction in U.S.     English to EAP
                                                                       Fei-Wen Cheng                       Universities
                                                                                                           Teresa Naves                     Lee Lai Fong
                                                                       How to Find Strong Reasons          An Early Start: Does It Make a   The Culture of Writing of L2
                                                                       for English Argumentative           Difference in EFL Writing?       Writers in Transition From
                                                                       Writing                                                              School to Higher Education
11:20-11:30 Opening Remarks
11:30-12:30 Plenary I: Miyuki Sasaki (Tony Silva)
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Session C                   Fei-Wen Cheng                    Theresa Tseng                       Icy Lee                          Hui-Tzu Min
                                      Akiko Ota                        George Braine                       Mari Tanaka                      Tom Gally
                                      Active/Passive Voice in          Promoting Writing Across the        Collaborative Writing            Foreign-Language Writing in a
                                      Writing: A Corpus Based Study    Curriculum (WAC) in Hong            Assessement: Teacher and         Liberal-Arts University
                                                                       Kong                                Student Self-Assessment          Curriculum
                                      Michael Barlow                   Yi-Hsuan Gloria Lo                  Ricky Lam                        Michael P. Geary
                                      Expressing Causality: A          It's Too Local to Be Interesting:   Implementation of School-        Constructing
                                      Corpus Study                     Learning to Be More Daring to       Based Assessment: Impact of      Conceptualizations of English
                                                                       Write From Peripheries              Writing Portfolio on Students'   Academic Writing at an Asian
2:45-3:45 Session D                   Michael Barlow                   Manami Suzuki                       Perceptions
                                                                                                           Kailin Wu                        University
                                                                                                                                            Osamu Hanaoka
                                      Sachie Karasawa                  Mariko Yoshida                      Theresa Jiinling Tseng           XU Yong
                                      Acquisition of Noun              Beliefs About Academic              A Historical Perspective of      Composition Tasks in College
                                      Modification Patterns: A         Writing: Where Do They All          Error Correction in Second       Entrance Examination in China
                                      Corpus Analysis of L2 Student    Come From?                          Language Writing Instruction
                                      Ming-i Lydia Tseng               Shingjen Jiang                      Chang, Ching-Fen                 Takehiro Sato
                                      Learning to Write                Taiwanese University                Peer Revision Via Blended        Interactivity of Second
                                      Argumentation in English:        Students' Conceptions and           Communication Modes in           Language Writing: Focus on
                                      Identity, Agency and Learning    Strategies in L2 English            Taiwanese College Students'      Imitation
4:00-5:00 Plenary II: Lourdes Ortega (Miyuki Sasaki)                   Academic Writing                    English Writing
Room 202                           Room 203                          Room 301                       Room 302                              Room 303
Hui-Chin Yeh                       M. Sidury Christiansen            Sonoko Tsuchiya
Diana Masny                        Fumihiko Ito                      Rob Hirschel
How Children Perceive              Threshold to Transfer Writing     Grammar Logs: Improve
Competing Writing Language         Skills From L1 to L2              Grammaticality Through Writing
Systems: A Case Study in
Cantonese, French and English
Brian G. Rubrecht              Yoko Kanazawa                         Kent Hill
                               The Effects of Instruction on
Putting Punctuation in Its Place                                     Sociocognitive Approaches to
in English Writing             Analytical Summary Writing:           L2 Writing
                               The Choice of Strategies and
Harry E. Creagen               Lexical Knowledge
                               Emily Lui                             Mariko Yoshida                    Luxin Yang
Steve Cornwell                 Norman Evans                          Ji Shaobin                        Yuh-show Cheng
Users' Attitudes Toward        Consequential Error Correction        A Pilot Study on Writing          The Role of Self-Efficacy in
Criterion, an Online Writing   Using Manageable Writing              Strategies Taken by Asian         Foreign Language Writing
Evaluation Program             Samples                               English Learners
Kazuaki Nakazawa               Stuart J. Birkby                      LEI Xiao                          Kristofer Bayne
A New Way of Practicing L2     Frequency of English-                 Mediated Cognition in Writing     Scaffolding Critical Thinking:
Writing?: Taiwanese College    Grammar Errors in Writings by         Activities: A Case Study of       Skills Development in a
Students' Views Concerning     Native Mandarin Chinese-              Writing Strategies of Chinese     Japanese EAP Programme
the Use of Weblog in a Writing Speaking University Coeds:            English Majors With Differing

Xiaoling Ji                        Mary Brooks                       Lawrie Hunter                     Diana Masny
Jack Bower                         Debbie Guan Eng Ho                Muthiah Puvenesvary               Morgan Lake
Learner Use of Electronic          A Text-Based Approach to          The Writing of Replies to         Opening the Voice &
Dictionaries on Writing Tasks      ESL Writing: Exploring the        Letters of Complaint in ESL       Abandoning Plagiarism: A
                                   Texture and Text Structure of     Contexts: Bankers' and            Classroom Study in EFL
Mark Wolfersberger                 the Narrative
                                   Chingting Chen                    Teachers'Marefat
                                                                     Fahimeh Views                     Academic Christiansen
                                                                                                       M. Sidury Writing
A Tentative Theory of Task         Contrastive Rhetoric in Action:   Towards a Practical Approach      Who is "You"? and Who is
Representation in L2 Writing       Helping Chinese Students          to Help Students Avoid            "We"?
                                   Write English                     Plagiarism
Fei-Wen Cheng                      Hung-Chung Wang                   Adam Turner                       Luxin Yang
Yuanwen Lu                         Lawrie Hunter                     Tim Knight                        Omid Mazandarani
A Study on Word-                   Graphical Anchoring of            Journalistic Feature Writing: A   The Effect of Critical Reading
Combinations in Chinese            Second Language Writing Task      Bridge From a 3-Paragraph         on Writing Autonomy of EFL
University Students' Writing                                         Essay to a Graduation Thesis      Learners
Nevine Kamal                       Hui-Chin Yeh                      Shi Mingming                      Eden Regala Flores
Lexical Cohesive Devices in        Writing for Critical Reflection   What Should We Do and What        Thinking Skills Reflected in the
Arab Students' Academic            through Blogging                  Can We Do? Chinese EFL            Argumentative Essays of
Writing: Implications for                                            Academic Writing Instructors'     Some Freshman College
Teaching Vocabulary                                                  Roles and Limitations             Students: A Descriptive
Sunday, September 16, 2007            Room 101                          Room 102                          Room 103                         Room 201
9:00-10:00 Session E                  Lei Xiao                          XU Fang                           Mayumi Fujioka                   Brian Rubrecht
                                      Akiko Ota                         Robert Berman                     Shingjen Jiang                   Hung-chun Wang
                                      The Epistemological Process,      L2 Proficiency and the            A Taiwanese Graduate             The Effects of Blog-Based
                                      Way of Knowing, in Higher         Transfer of Written Discourse     Student's Academic Writing       Peer Response in an EFL
                                      Education and ESL Writing         Structures Between Languages      Conceptions and Processes in     Writing
                                      Wang Lifei                        Ho-ping Feng                      L1 Chinese and L2 English
                                                                                                          Mark D. Sheehan                  Emily N. K. Lui
                                      L1 Literacy Effects on L2         An Investigation of Rhetorical    Technology, Process and          Strategic Use of Teacher
                                      Writing Quality of Tertiary       Moves in Research Article         Feedback: An Integrated          Feedback by University
                                      Chinese EFL Learners              Conclusion Sections               Curriculum-Wide Writing          Students in Hong Kong
10:15-11:15 Session F                 Sachie Karasawa                   Mark Sheehan                      Program at a Japanese
                                                                                                          Arna Peretz                      Anneliese Kramer-Dahl
                                      Masumi Narita                     Marianna Ryshina-Pankova          Chittima Kaweera                 Christine Pearson Casanave
                                      Employing an Online               Exploring the Role of             The Efficacy of EFL Students'    "Experiments" in Alternative
                                      Concordancer for Learning         Information Structuring           Error Correction Strategies in   Writing Styles in Dissertation
                                      English Adverbial Connectors      Patterns Used by Advanced L2      Utilizing Different Types of     Work at a U.S. University in
                                      Adam Turner                       and NS Writers for Generating
                                                                        David Dycus                       Teacher Written Feedback
                                                                                                          Simon Stevens                    Japan Chao
                                      A User Friendly Alternative to    Cross-Paragraph Theme-            Where's the Student Voice in     Learning to Think and Write
                                      Concordancing Software for        Supporting Cohesion in            Academic Writing Feedback?       Qualitatively Under the
                                      Classroom Use and Self-Study      Japanese and American                                              Positivist Culture of Research:
                                      by EFL Graduate Students and
11:30-12:30 Plenary III: Hiroe Kobayashi & Carol Rinnert (Ilona Leki)   Editorials                                                         Experience of a Teacher Study
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Session G                    Rob Hirschel                     XU Fang                       Mari Tanaka                          Tom Gally
                                       Roger Mitton                     Abbas Zare-ee                 Given Lee                            Scott Johnston
                                       The Adaptation of an English     The Effects of Genre-Based    Teacher-Student Relationship:        Miscommunication in Tutoring
                                       Spellchecker for Japanese                                      How Caring Is Enacted in the
                                                                        Instruction on Quantitative and                                    Session in a Writing Center in
                                       Writers                          Qualitative Aspects of EFL    Feedback and Revision                Japan
                                       Richard S. Lavin                 Writing T. Graf
                                                                        Jocelyn                       Process Tsuchiya College
                                                                                                      Sonoko in an EFL                     Mika Shimura
                                       Improving While No-One's         Teaching Truly International  Responding to Homework               Tutor Trainings at a Japanese
                                       Looking: Student Progress        Business Writing Through      Assignments: Unskilled EFL           University Writing Center
                                       Through Uncorrected Writing      Genre Analysis and Role Plays Students' Perceptions of
2:45-3:45 Session H                    and Extensive Reading
                                       Anneliese Kramer-Dahl            Simon Stevens                 Teacher Comments and
                                                                                                      Junko Otoshi                         Tom Gally
                                       Ilona Leki                       Myung-Hye Huh                 Eun-Ha Lee                           Yunhee Whang
                                       Expanding Genre                  The Expression of Causality inDevelopment of an Analytic           Creating an EFL Writing
                                       Rrepertoires: L2 Graduates       EFL Writing                   Rating Scale for Writing             Center Community in Asia: A
                                       and Undergraduates                                             Performance Assessments in           Case Study
                                       Negotiating New Genre
                                       Christine Tardy                  Rosa M. Manchón               Yukiko as a
                                                                                                      KoreanKuru Second                    Adam Turner
                                       Representations of Global        The Dynamics of Beliefs About Developing L2 (English)              An Innovative Writing Center
                                       Communication in US and          Foreign Language Writing:     Writing Rubrics for Classroom        Approach Helping Faculty and
                                       International Professional       Listening to Students' and    Use at Universities in Japan         Graduate Students in Korea
                                       Writing Classrooms
4:00-5:00 Plenary IV: Brian Paltridge (Chris Tardy)                     Teachers' Voices                                                   Write for International
Room 202                            Room 203                          Room 301                           Room 302                          Room 303
Jay Jordan                          Angela Yi-ping Hsu                Yoko Kanazawa                      Harry E. Creagen
Anneliese Kramer-Dahl               Arna Peretz                       Hsuehching Shih                    Marcie Williams
Negotiating What Counts as          Teaching Scientific/Academic      Translation as a Way of            Academic Writing Skills for
English Language Teaching:          Writing to Multilingual,          Learning Second Language           Pacific Rim Students
Official Curriculum and its         Multicultural, and                Writing: An Approach Through
Enactment in Singaporean
Sachiko Yasuda                      Multidisciplinary Students: ICT
                                    Masako Terui                      M. A. K.Hanaoka Functional
                                                                      Osamu Halliday's                   Thembinkosi Twalo
Placement Options for ESL           Case Report of a Japanese-        Exploring the Differential Roles   The Enhancement of Student
Students in Freshman                English Translators' Workshop     of Models and Reformulations       Performance at Fort Hare
Composition: Segregation or         Using an ESP Approach             as Feedback Tools                  University Through the
Fumihiko Itoh                       Ricky Lam                         Debbie Guan Eng Ho                 Language and Writing
                                                                                                         Fahimeh Marefat
Catherine Matsuo                    Manami Suzuki                     Congjun Mu                         Chun-Chun Yeh
Exploring the Potential of Multi-   The Impact of Japanese            Are They Reader-Responsible        Student Researchers' Citation
Modal Inquiry: A Teacher‘s          Learners' Self-Revisions and      Writers or Writer-Responsible      Behavior
Story                               Peer Revisions on Their           Writers?
Mary Brooks                         Written Compositions in
                                    Luxin Yang                        Josta van Rij-Heyligers            Zuzana Chvatikova
Narrative Heuristics for            Group Writing: An                 Writing the Pacific Way: A         An Appropriate Methodology
Generation Y                        Ethnographic Study on ESL         Critical-Pragmatic Approach to     Towards the Development of
                                    Students in a Commerce            Writing English for Academic       Writing Skills and a Consistent
                                    Course                            Purposes                           Approach to Building

Yuanwen Lu                          Ho-ping Feng                      Mary Brooks                        Mark Landa
Yuching Jill Yang                   Kai-lin Wu                        Paul Tanner                        John Gravener
Researching and Practicing:         Cultural Awareness Raising in     Student Feedback to Improve        Generation 1.5 Students and
Constructing a Model of             the EFL Writing Classroom         a University Writing Class         Cultural Literacy in First-Year
Academic Writing Courses for                                                                             Composition Assessment
Taiwanese Students
Akiko Ota                           Rachel Aisoli-Orake               Fang-Ying Kuo                      XU Fang
Choice of Linking Adverbials in     A Culturally Focused Writing      Using Comic Strips as Writing      Sequence of Vocabulary
Academic Writing: A Corpus          Instruction Model for Papua       Prompts: In Assessment and         Production in the Non-
Based Analysis                      New Guinea Upper-Secondary        Classroom                          Automatic Process of EFL
Keita Kikuchi                       SchoolsGonzales-Villegas
                                    Sydney                            Abbas Zare-ee                      Writing: A Case Study of Six
Matthew Apple                       Abdulaziz Alnofal                 Sabina Nowak
Effects of Computer Usage on        Writer's Block and L2 Revising    The Application of the Six
Second Language Composition         Strategies                        Thinking Hats Method in
                                                                      Teaching Writing to Mature
Keita Kikuchi                       Angela Yi-ping Hsu                Students
Using Social Networking             Bridging the Gap of Research
Services for Language               and Teaching: Focus on
Practice in EFL Classrooms:         Writers
Practices at Japanese Colleges
Monday, September 17, 2007           Room 101                       Room 102                        Room 103                        Room 201
9:00-10:00 Session I                 Paul Kei Matsuda               Kiyomi Okamoto                  M. Sidury Christiansen          Ricky Lam
                                     9:00-11:15 Invited Colloquium: Jocelyn T. Graf                 Russell P. Hubert               Hui-Tzu Min
                                     L2 Writing Around the Pacific  What's Unique About Teaching    Adjusting Writing Course        The Impact of Peer Review
                                     Rim                            Biomedical Science Writing to   Syllabi Through Student Self-   Training on Teacher Written
                                                                    Graduate Students in Korea      Assessment                      Commentary
                                                                    Mayumi Fujioka                  Yu-shan Grace Fan               Chiu-Yun Li
                                                                    Toward Successful Overseas      Information Organization and    The Influence of Teacher
                                                                    Graduate Writing: Suggestions   Coherent Writing: Thematic      Response on Students'
                                                                    for Japanese EAP Education      Analysis of EFL Essays          Revision
10:15-11:15 Session J                                               Setsuko Oda                     Christine Pearson Casanave      Sabina Nowak
                                                                    Kiyomi Okamoto                  Tracy Cramer                    Peter Neff
                                                                    ESP Writing to Consolidate      Peer to Peer Writing Fluency    EFL Student Reactions to Two
                                                                    Understanding of the Content    Journals                        Peer Review Processes
                                                                    Jesse Black-Allen               Junko Otoshi                   Kaoru Mita
                                                                    Negotiating Identity and        The First Steps to Writing     Politeness in L2 Writing
                                                                    Participation in TESOL          Fluency: Paragraphs and        Conferencing With Elderly
                                                                    Discourse Communities:          Process Writing                Learners
11:30-12:30 Session K                Mari Tanaka                    American and International
                                                                    Xu Yong                         Ming-i Lydia Tseng             Sachiko Yasuda
                                     Harry E. Creagen               Kazuko Matsuno                  Byron O'Neill                  Osman Dulger
                                     Timed Writing: A Tool for      Processing Loads and Fluency    Introducing Essay Writing to   The Effect of Metacognitive
                                     Improving the Academic         in Writing: Comparison of the   Japanese University Students   Strategies on Achievement
                                     Writing of Japanese University Production Fluency Between                                     and Retention in Developing
                                     Sumie Nishikawa                Native Speakers and Non-
                                                                    Xiaoling Ji                     Elizabeth Axelson              EFL Writing Skills
                                                                                                                                   Hideyuki Taura
                                     Systematic Use of Outlining in Developmental Features in the   Internet Collaboration Between Expatriate Students' L2 Writing
                                     Academic Writing Instruction   Writings of Chinese English     a Japanese EFL and an          Retention Back in the L1
                                     for Japanese EFL Students:     Majors                          American ESL Writing           Environment
12:30-1:30 Lunch                     From Passive Knowledge to                                      Classroom
1:30-2:30 Closing Plenary: Jun Liu (Paul Kei Matsuda)
2:30-3:00 Discussion and Closing Remarks
Room 202                        Room 203                          Room 301                       Room 302   Room 303
Yi-Hsuan Gloria Lo              Eden Regala Flores
Robert Glen                     Gary French
Taiwanese Graduate Students'    World Englishes and the
Attitudes Towards English       Teaching of Writing
Academic Composition Peer
Editing Glen
Robert in America               Jay Jordan
Taiwanese Graduate Students'    ESL Users and Future Literate
Attitudes Towards English       Designs: Methodological
Academic Composition Peer       Complexities
Editing in Taiwan
Teresa Navés                    Jay Jordan
Aija Saario Pocock              Sumiko Taniguchi
Integrating Grammar             Writing Border-Crossing
Instruction into Teacher        Narratives in a Second
Education                       Language: A Case Study of a
Kunitaro Mizuno                 Bilingual Woman's Writing
                                Michinobu Watanabe
Computer Supported              The Effectiveness of Teaching
Collaborative Learning (CSCL)   Japanese Students the Overall
in Interactive Writing          and Paragraph-Level
Community (IWC): Using a
Masumi Narita                   Structural Differences Between
                                Shi Mingming                      Scott Johnston
Icy Lee                         Tom Gally                         A Special Meeting
Feedback in Hong Kong           Motivating Future Scientists to   Creating an Asian Writing
Secondary Writing               Write Research Papers: A          Center Group as part of the
Classrooms: Ideal Versus        Case Study                        International Writing Center
Peter Clements                  Farida Abderrahim                 Association (IWCA)
Teacher Commentary in the       Phrasal Verbs in Foreign
IEP: International Standards,   Language Acquisition
Local Pressures

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