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									ISSUE No: 3                                                                                    MARCH 2010

  Ministry of Defence Guard Service
                        SW/619 National Branch
                       UNITE NEWSLETTER


 Our National Branch is made up solely of Unite members who are employed in the MGS.
 We have National status and the branch elect their own National Executive biennially.

 All of our shop stewards and representatives are employed in the MGS as guards,
 something that we are very proud of, ensuring that our members are represented by the
 very people who have the day to day knowledge of the terms and conditions for MGS
 and associated rules and regulations for shift workers in the MOD.

 Unite now has the largest Trades Union membership within the MOD Guard Service, and
 we are still growing, something only achieved with the dedication of local reps and the
 support from members new and old.

 If you know of a colleague who is not a Trade Union member and wants to join Unite,
 please ask him/her to contact one of the reps listed on the back page of this newsletter.

                                                    Unite the Union                                                1
          2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
        2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
                                             MGS ISSUES
Unite members will be well aware of the many concerns facing the MGS.
You will also be aware of some of the current issues such as enforced
detached duty, the non flexi roster proposals and garrison working - just 3
important issues that management wish to introduce, albeit the non flexi
proposals have been put on hold by management.

It is intended in this Newsletter to explain the latest issues that our
members are facing in this difficult financial climate and how, with your
help, we can improve the way currently, that our members are being
treated, especially whilst the PR09/10/11 measures are being implemented.

The following pages list many specific outstanding MGS issues, as well as
Unite information.

Under another Mandatory Instruction (No 15), the MDPGA have decided that our members
could not now claim MMA when making an additional attendance at their duty station.

Notwithstanding PR09/10, Unite have been pursuing this issue with MDPGA - who have failed
to give a formal response.

This issue has now been progressed and a meeting is being arranged with DCP.

We will of course advise members as matters progress.

                                                   Unite the Union                                                2
         2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
       2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
 Unite has attempted to resolve the unfair implementation of TOIL when attending
 courses. In addition, our members also, in certain circumstances, suffer financial
 detriment when attending courses. This is totally unacceptable and unfair to our
 members in the MGS - you will see later in this Newsletter reference to this issue.

MDPGA have recently enforced guards to move on detached duty, making our
members in the MGS, cover shortfalls at other sites, as an outcome of PR09/10. Unite
members will know that under PR09, where there are gaps (vacancies etc) the task
should fall, and the advice from Wethersfield to forcibly move our members to cover
such gaps is in direct contradiction of the PR09 proposals from Wethersfield.

Unite advises members that until the dispute is resolved they should, when being forced
to go on a detached duty, either offer an acceptable reason why you cannot go, or
advise your manager that you will be going under duress and that you will raise a
grievance on this issue. Please contact your local rep for any assistance in this matter.
However, at this stage Unite will NOT advise members to refuse to go on detached
duty, thereby putting themselves in a possible disciplinary situation, which would cause
undue stress to the individual

The latest advice that Unite has received from PPPA is that an individual cannot be
compelled to use their private vehicle to cover a detached duty. Therefore, if you are
placed in this situation, and you are not a volunteer, you should ask your manager to
provide a duty vehicle for you to take you to, and return you from, the detached duty site
within your normal working hours. Until further notice we advise members to keep a
record of all details under these circumstances.

A Formal Disagreement from the Joint TUs has been submitted through the Defence
Industrial Whitley to seek an amicable solution.

                                               Unite the Union                                                  3
    2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
    2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
SIA TRAINING                                                     CIVIL SERVICE COMPENSATION
                                                                 SCHEME (CSCS)
The consultation on managements
proposal to mandate SIA training for                             Unite members will be aware that our
all guards has now closed. Whilst                                National Officer, Kevin Coyne has
the Unite disagreed with the original                            been heavily involved in this issue.
proposal, management have given
some assurances regarding the                                    Unite’s MOD and Government
location of the training.                                        Departments National Committee
                                                                 agreed to recommend acceptance of
Management have advised that,                                    the proposal on the basis that, whilst
where possible and practicable, SIA                              we had negotiated an improvement to
training will be held locally, with                              the scheme we could not gain any
some courses still being run at                                  further improvements by negotiation.
                                                                 Indeed this was the view of all other
SIA training is mandated (from 1                                 TUs with the exception of one.
Apr 10) for all operational MGS
officers, this includes supervisors
and managers where they may be                                   For full details of the CSCS, please
required to carry out any uniformed                              go to click on
operational guarding function(s).                                sector then click on MOD.
Whilst the course is now mandatory,
managers should give staff as much
notice of dates as possible and
should preferably agree those dates
with members.

                                           MEAL BREAKS
Our members, in most circumstances, are now forced to take meal breaks. Unite do not
oppose the taking of meal breaks but oppose the way Wethersfield seem to have
ignored how difficult it is for some of our members just to leave a gate unmanned. Our
members still have a concern for the reputation of the MGS, and the way in which this
was imposed, causing difficulty to our members with the local customer which is totally
unacceptable - Unite believe this was just a knee jerk reaction by Wethersfield without
being thought through.

It is unfair to our members and to local MGS managers.

                                               Unite the Union                                                  4
    2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
    2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
                                                                   Change of Address

                                                          Have you moved recently!

                                                          Please let us know of your new
                                                          address so we can ensure that you
                                                          receive up to date information.

                           WHO AM I – WHAT DO I DO ??
My name is Jan Fellows. I am a uniformed MGS Officer working at Colerne. I am
also the local Unite TU rep. I am an elected Unite delegate on several constitutional
committees within the Union and also Chair the National Women’s committee.

I am a member of our National Branch Executive and one of my primary roles is
the National Womens Officer. Whilst I represent all members, if any women have
any issues whether at the workplace, or otherwise and want some friendly
guidance or just someone to talk to, in the strictest of confidence, please contact

Jan Fellows: Tel No: 01225 744539 or e mail on:

                                                                   E MAIL ADDRESS
                                                 Have you changed your e mail, or would you
                                                 like to receive information via e mail? Many
                                                 work e mail addresses have changed (Dii), so
                                                 please contact Ken Tuckwell to have up to
                                                 date information sent to your correct e mail

                                                Unite the Union                                                  5
     2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
     2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
                                        MGS – UPDATES
1. Business Improvement Programme. David Wray, Head of Unarmed Guarding
   (HuG) has written a paper that has been sent to the Owners Advisory Board
   (OAB) regarding Value for Money (VFM) within the MGS.          The paper
   recommends that:

   a. It would not be value for money to the department to outsource existing MGS
      work, but

   b. It would be value for money to outsource brand new unarmed guarding work,
      however, this would not stop the MGS from bidding for any such new work.

   It is hoped that the OAB will endorse the above recommendations which may
   then go to the Minister for a decision.

2. PR09/10.          The latest brief from the Chief Executive is:

   a. Currently recruitment is still suspended.

   b. The Defence Management Board (DMB) have asked Mark Preston to look at
      the paper regarding armed and unarmed guarding to look at a whole range of
      policy issues – this will then be fed into PR 11 (Sep 10). This means that until
      at least then all PR09 measures remain in place and that no decisions have
      been made regarding the Agency footprint.

3. Non Flexi Roster and Garrison Working.          Managements position on the non
   flexi roster proposals is that it would only be efficient at sites of 20 or more staff
   and then only when that site is fully complemented. However, management have
   now advised that they are postponing the general introduction of the revised
   roster until the way forward for the MGS is certain. However, they still propose
   to retain the non flexi roster at the trial sites and also introduce it at Innsworth,
   which has just seen a vast increase in the number of MGS. Management further
   advised that they were still continuing to gather data and information which will
   allow them to prepare for the roll out of the garrison working concept – this will
   be fully consulted with Unite, and in turn with our members.

                                            Unite the Union                                                  6
 2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
 2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
4.      CSO4s REVIEW
     Members will be aware of the above review. Management in each region have made
     their respective recommendations whether to retain, re-grade or delete the CSO4 post.
     Unite have a representative on the Agency Working Group, as an observer, to ensure
     that procedure is properly followed when looking at all proposals. The working group
     will look at all recommendations, and where applicable use post rotation. Once
     management from the working group have made their proposals these will then be
     forwarded to Unite for consultation with our members. In true Unite tradition we will
     ensure that all members are consulted at all stages within this review.

     Where there are proposals to re-grade or delete the post, our members in those posts
     will have the right to appeal managements proposal. The appeal process, will be a 2
     stage process and subject to agreement between management and the TUs should be:

           1st Stage:     CSO4 advises their line manager that they wish to appeal. The
            line manager interviews the CSO4 who puts their case forward.

           2nd Stage:       CSO4s case heard by the management team. The team may
            consist of the Head of Unarmed Guarding and the Head of Profession. The TUs
            may also sit in to ensure the appeal procedures are carried out properly.

Should the job holder still be dissatisfied with the outcome they could, if applicable, then
submit a grievance if due process had not been followed. If you are a Unite member
please be assured you will be fully consulted and represented at all stages. If you are not
a member, then why not join Unite so your voice can also be heard.

                                   WHAT’S THE WEATHER LIKE
                                       WHERE YOU ARE
At a recent informal meeting with senior management, Unite were advised that they
wished to discuss the issue of wearing sunglasses. Management want a standard for
sunglasses! They continue by saying that if MGS want to wear them they can. However
certain types of sunglasses such as multi colour and mirrored glasses are thought (by
management) to be aggressive! Management want a standard laid down and published in
the new MGS Ops Manual.

Unite asked what the actual problem was and who were complaining. They responded by
saying that the customers were complaining - but offered no evidence. Unite advised
management to forward their proposals – hopefully before the sun comes out!!!

                                                  Unite the Union                                                  7
       2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
       2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
                          WHO AM I – WHAT DO I DO ??
My name is Brian Roberts. I am an elected TU rep working as an MGS Officer in
York. I am also elected onto Unite’s National Branch Executive and am also the
regional rep for the MGS in Region 2 (North England and East Anglia).

In addition to my duties above I am a fully trained independent mediator having
attended an external course and gaining my accreditation.

I, like Unite, very much believe in mediation. National statistics suggest that
there is an 85% success rate with mediation, and of course the advantages with
mediation is that it is dealt with at the lowest possible level, the outcome must
also be agreed by both parties and of course could mean an early resolution to
an issue.

If you would like any further information about mediation, please feel free to
contact me. I can assure you that any issue will be treated in the strictest
confidence with a 100% degree of independence.

Contact:    Brian  Roberts                 on       07727098529            or      by      e      mail        on:

 Some members may already be aware that the MDPGA have sent out letters to
 MGS, who do not have connectivity to HRMS, advising that they can access
 HRMS from home using a ‘chip and pin’ system issued by the MOD. Whilst
 management say this is purely voluntary, Unite have responded by saying that
 management should be organising connectivity for all our members at the
 workplace and not asking them to carry out HRMS actions (ie work), in their
 own time, from home. Further details to follow.

                                             Unite the Union                                                        8
  2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
  2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
                  UNITE TRAINING - FOR TU REPS
As part of the Tiger Team agreement back in Aug 2008, management and the TUs
agreed that it would be beneficial to run a training workshop for TU reps.

Unite, so far, are the only TU to take this issue forward. Unite had agreed a workshop
training day for all our reps, to be run regionally. The workshop will cover issues such
as grievances, harassment, facility time, disciplinary cases and mediation.

A pilot scheme was successfully run in Dec 09 and we are just about to roll the
programme out to reps in the coming months.

The workshop should give all reps a much deeper insight into the issues listed above,
giving them more confidence to assist and represent our members. The workshop will
also better inform Unite reps and in turn better advise and inform our members who
may be going through one of these issues.

Unite have been proactive in setting these workshops up, we see it as a positive step,
not just for our reps but more importantly in the way we represent our members in
ensuring that, when faced with such issues, Unite reps will be able to full support and
represent members at the workplace.

In addition, Unite take the issue of mediation very seriously. Unite believe that where
there are workplace issues, and if applicable, we should seek to resolve these issues
at the lowest possible level, this could also, in many instances be achieved through

                                 ALCOHOL AWARENESS
   At a recent meeting with Unite, management raised the issue of alcohol awareness.
   Some members may recall some years ago management wanted to introduce an
   alcohol ban for MGS officers, something the TUs could not agree with as this
   impinged on our members rights as a non industrial civil servant.

   However, management had produced some posters to make MGS Officers aware of
   drinking issues etc. Whilst Unite would not condone any member drinking whilst
   on duty, we asked how big such a problem is. Management were unsure and Unite
   therefore advised that we should not be addressing issues, such as this, where it
   was deemed not to be a problem!!

                                                  Unite the Union                                                  9
       2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
       2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):
Listed below are the contact details of our National Branch Executive Committee:

Name                     Region            Telephone No                   E-Mail Address

Gordon Woodyatt          Region 3          01690 720291         
Ken Tuckwell             Secretary         07881916191          
Tam Franks               Region 1          0131310 5349/2873    
John Edwardson           Region 1          07599306442          
Brian Roberts            Region 2          07727098529          
John Clark               Region 4          01980 674002         
Roy Hughes               Region 4          01869 256864         
Laurie Bowden            Region 5          01803 67 7244        
Michael Keenan           Managers Rep      01412242541          
Debbie Hale              E&D Rep           07709994470          
Jan Fellows              Womens Rep        01225 744539         
John Connolly            Learning Rep      01225 443835         

                                                   If not, why not join :

                                                                     UNITE the Union….
                                                   a Trade Union that has specifically set up a
                                                   National Branch solely to represent MGS
                                                   Officers. Unite now have the largest MGS

                                                   The National Branch has Regional, Area,
                                                   Group and local reps, all of whom are MGS
                                                   Officers themselves, this does not happen in
                                                   any other recognised Trade Union.

                                                   If you want more information or wish to join
                                                   us, please contact Ken Tuckwell on 01952
                                                   672603 (mil: 94480 2603), or 07881916191, or

                                                  Unite the Union                                                  10
       2/619 National Branch Secretary; Ken Tuckwell: 01952 672603 (07881916191):
       2/619 National Branch Chairman; Gordon Woodyatt: 01690 720291 (07788571118):

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