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					    The Circulator
    NW GA Chapter 1107
    VOLUME 1        ISSUE 2

September 2009
                                       Message from the President
Inside This Issue                      Welcome back to AORN, I hope everyone had a
1      Message from the President      great summer. I am look forward to the New Year. We
                                       have already had our 1st Board meeting and have
1      Chapter Officers
                                       several things in the works for the upcoming year. Our
2      AORN Foundation News            Annual Golf Tournament will be held on October 24th
3      Golf Tournament Info            at The Frog. During Leadership in Denver this year it
3      Chapter Website at AORN
                                       was announced our chapter won a free Congress
                                       registration in a foundation drawing from our pickle jar
3      Legal Nurse Consultant
                                       donations. Thank you Holly for coming up with such a
4      Upcoming Events                 great idea. Let’s keep the tradition going. I look
4      Directions to WDC               forward to seeing you in September.       Jenny

Chapter Officers                    Board Members                      Nominating Committee
Jennifer Jones, RN,BSN,CNOR         Karen Beard, RN,BSN,CNOR           Alice Elliott, RN,CNOR 

President Elect                     Sharon Ford, RN,BSN,CNOR           Terri Goodrich, RN,BSN,CNOR,CRNFA
Charlotte Dorsey, RN,MSN,CNOR 
                                    Becky Hippensteel, RN,BSN,CNOR     Pat Moody, RN,CNOR
Vice President            
Joyce Daughtry, RN,CNOR               Linda Lawrence, RN,CNOR            Sandra Schoffstall, RN,CNOR
Cathy Reece, RN,CNOR                Alma Reber, RN,BSN,CNOR            Kathy Stephens, RN,CNOR        

Treasurer                           Doreen Wagner, PhD,RN,CNOR
Shelia Kiper, RN,CNOR     
                                    Margie Whelchel, RN

Education Chair                     Membership Chair                      Newsletter
Joyce Daughtry, RN,CNOR             Charlotte Dorsey, RN,MSN,CNOR         Shelia Kiper, RN,CNOR          

    PAGE 2                                                                                                 THE CIRCULATOR

              AORN Foundation News – Our Chapter is the Feature Story
                                   Members Making a Difference
                     AORN of Northwest Georgia Chapter #1107 and a pickle jar support AORN Foundation

The active chapter members of AORN of Northwest Georgia #1107 are making a difference in the lives of perioperative

nurses and the patients they serve every day through their support of the AORN Foundation. Under the leadership of the

chapter’s 2008-2009 President, Holly Ervine, RN, BSN, CNOR, AORN of Northwest Georgia has gone above and beyond to

support perioperative nurses through partnering with the AORN Foundation. Along with nearly 150 other chapters and state
councils, Chapter #1107 met the 2008-2009 Chapter Challenge by making a donation to the Foundation.

In addition, members of this chapter were determined to do more to support nurses through the patient safety and

educational programs offered through the AORN Foundation, and they made it happen with a pickle jar. At each chapter

meeting, members made contributions of spare change into a large pickle jar. During Congress, Holly cashed in the

donations, and she along with members of the chapter presented an additional gift of $174 to the AORN Foundation. The

proceeds of this creative donation will benefit nurses through Foundation programs, which include scholarships, research
projects and educational resources.

Without the generous support provided through donations such as this, the important resources funded through the AORN

Foundation would not be available. Holly sums up the idea behind the chapter gift in a quote by Vernon Jordan – “You are

where you are today because you stand on somebody's shoulders. And wherever you are heading, you cannot get there by
yourself. If you stand on the shoulders of others, you have a reciprocal responsibility to live your life so that others may

stand on your shoulders. It's the quid pro quo of life. We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through
what we give.”
      THE CIRCULATOR                                                                                                          PAGE 3

Golf Tournament Information
 We would like to thank everyone for volunteering their time to help us with the golf tournament. This is our first time organizing such
 an event, and if we all pull together, we think this can be one of our best events ever!! Please let us know what you would like to help
 with as soon as possible, as time is of the essence.

 The list below summarizes what we need done as soon as possible. The attached forms are for your use in gathering sponsors and
 donations. (Our Biggest Need!)

         Tournament Date- Saturday, October 24, 2009, time for volunteer arrival TBD
         Price per player- $150.00
         Tournament to held at the Frog at the Georgian
         Forms attached for Player Registration, Corporate Sponsorship, Patron Sponsorship, Corporate Letter, and Tax ID
         Hand out the player registration forms to all your surgeons, anesthesiologists, etc...and let's get 100 players signed up this
         Corporate sponsorship forms are to be used to secure vendor sponsors for the tournament. If you have a vendor who is
          interested, give them the corporate sponsorship form, the corporate sponsor letter, and the tax id form.
         The patron letter is to use in the community to secure prizes for the tournament. Examples would be gift certificates for
          dinner at restaraunts, from local stores, theatres, etc... You need to include the tax id form with those letters as well.
         We are working on the hole in one prize (we are hoping to get a car this year).
         We will meet Thursday, September 3, 2009, at 5pm prior to our AORN meeting at Windy Hill. (Please let us know if
          you will attend!!)

 If you have any questjons or suggestions, please e-mail us, or feel free to call us. Thank you!!

 Darla Koch, RN, CNOR (678) 438-2407
 Michele Deubler, RN, CNOR (770) 845-0582

                                 Chapter Website at AORN.ORG
                                 The Chapter website is:
                                 The best way to access the website is:
                                      1. Login at the main AORN website
                                      2. On orange task bar, click on community
                                      3. From menu on left, click chapter websites
                                      4. Scroll down thru the state names to Georgia
                                      5. Click on our chapter, 1107 Northwest Georgia

 Legal Nurse Consultant Education
 Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Course – 2 days
 September 19 & 20
 Marriott Atlanta Northwest
 Can’t attend? Get you PLNC certification by Video Course, Audio Course, or E-Course
 This activity is approved for 15 contact hours.
 REGISTER early at: or call 901-496-5447
 Elizabeth G. Rudolph, JD, MSN, RN
 President, Jurex Center for Legal Nurse Consulting
 Register for a FREE E-Newsletter at

   PAGE 4                                                                          THE CIRCULATOR

Upcoming Events
                                                                             SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                   S    M      T     W    T    F    S
Golf Tournament Meeting   September 3   5:00 pm   WDC
                                                                               1     2    3    4    5
Chapter Meeting           September 3   6:00 pm   WDC
                                                                   6    7      8     9    10   11   12
Chapter Meeting           October 1     6:00 pm   WDC
                                                                   13   14 15        16   17   18   19
GA Council Fall Seminar   October 9     7:00 pm   Savannah, GA
                                                                   20   21 22        23   24   25   26
GA Council Fall Seminar   October 10    8:00 am   Savannah, GA
                                                                   27   28 29        30
Golf Tournament           October 24    7:00 am   Villa Rica, GA
Chapter Meeting           November 5    6:00 pm   WDC
                                                                             OCTOBER 2009
                                                                   S    M      T     W    T    F    S
        No Chapter Meeting in December                                                    1    2    3
                                                                   4    5      6     7    8    9    10
     All meetings are held at the Wellstar
                                                                   11   12 13        14   15   16   17
     Development Center. (Unless noted
     elsewhere) Dinner begins at 6:00 pm,                          18   19 20        21   22   23 24
     educational program at 6:30 pm, business                      25   26 27        28   29   30   31
     meeting at 7:30 pm. Dismissed at 8:00 pm.

                                                                             NOVEMBER 2009
                                                                   S    M      T     W    T    F    S
Directions to Wellstar Development Center
                                                                   1    2      3     4    5    6    7

     I-75 South, take exit 260, Windy Hill Road.                   8    9     10     11   12   13   14
     Turn right onto Windy Hill Road. Go                           15   16 17        18   19   20   21
     approximately ¼ mile, at the light, turn
                                                                   22   23 24        25   26   27   28
     right onto South Park Place. Turn left into
     the Wellstar Development Center.                              29   30

     I-75 North, take exit 260, Windy Hill Road.
     Turn left onto Windy Hill Road. Go
     approximately ¼ mile, turn right at the
     second light onto South Park Place. Turn
     left into the Wellstar Development Center.

                              Baby Sitting
                           Services Provided

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