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									                                                                    Washington County
                                                          PROBATE/JUVENILE OFFICE

                                                           FOREIGN GUARDIANSHIP
                                           (Transferring Guardianship from Another State to Wisconsin)                         Revised 10/ 14/08
   GUIDELINE: GL-3033                                                                                                                Page 1 of 1
PLEASE NOTE:        This Guideline is provided as a public service and is not intended to be legal advice. If you have any questions about the form or
                    The procedure, please contact an attorney as Probate staff members cannot give legal advice.
                                               Please Print this Guideline for Future Reference
          A packet of forms is available from the Register in Probate for $5.00.
          You may access all guardianship forms for free on the internet at: Mandatory State Guardianship Forms
          You can print “.pdf” forms and complete them by hand, or you can fill in “.doc” forms on the internet and then print them.

        Form Number                                       Name of Form
    GN-3800.DOC         Petition for Receipt & Acceptance of Foreign Guardianship to Transfer
    GN-3800.PDF         Guardianship to Wi sconsin
    GF-131. DOC         Order Appointing Guardian ad Litem
    GF-131.PDF          Note: A $300 deposit towards GAL fees is required at time of filing.
    GN-3810.DOC         Notice to Ward of Request to Transfer Guardianship to Wi sconsi n
    GN-3840.DOC         Notice to Intere sted Persons of Request to Transfer Guardianship to
    GN-3840.PDF         Wisconsin
                                          Please see Sec. 54.38, Wis. Stats. regarding your responsibility to give Notice to all
                                          interested parties.
        You file                          Certified copies of guardianship documents from the other state
                                          (Letters/Order) to be attached to the Petition
        GN-3820.DOC                       Notice to Foreign Court of Request to Transfer Guardianship to Wisconsin
        GN-3820.PDF                       and Request for Certification and Copie s
                                          Note: Petitioner to transmit this form to the other state along with Wisconsin State Form
                                          GN-3830, Certification on Request to Transfer Guardianship to Wisconsin. The other
                                          state (foreign jurisdiction) has 30 days from the date on the Notice to provide the
                                          Certification and other documents to the Wisconsin court.
        GN-3120.DOC                       Affidavit of Personal Service (on Ward)
        GN-3120.DOC                       Affidavit of Personal Service (on each interested person)
        GN-3160.DOC                       Report of Guardian ad Litem
        GN-3160.PDF                       Due within 30 days of being appointed.
        GN-3140.DOC                       Statement of Acts by Proposed Guardian and Consent to Serve as
        GN-3140.PDF                       Guardian
        GN-3880.DOC                       Order on Petition for Receipt and Acceptance of Foreign Guardianship to
        GN-3880.PDF                       Transfer Guardianship to Wi sconsin

HEARING: No hearing is required on the Petition to trans fer. A hearing is only required when the following is filed:
    GN-3850 - Motion for Hearing on Petition to Trans fer Guardianship to Wisconsin/Notice of Hearing
    GN-3860 - Motion for Stay of Proceeding on Request to Transfer Guardians hip to Wisconsin
    GN-3880 – Order on Motion for Stay of Proceedings on Request to Transfer Guardians hip to Wisconsin

PROTECTIVE PLACEMENT: If protective placement is also required, you must file a separate set of documents. Please
use our office Guideline to find the appropriate State forms to file for prot ective plac ement.

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