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									Dear Coach:

Louisiana Youth Football is proud to announce a working partnership with USA Football
through which we will participate in their coaching membership/certification program.

Louisiana Youth Football has taken important steps to ensure the highest level of
coaching within our programs - for the youth participants and also for you, who make the
programs a success. Another step is the implementation of a coaching membership and
education for our coaches through USA Football’s coaching membership program. This
includes a comprehensive Coaching Membership that gives each coach the access to their
Online Coaching Courses, Practice Planner, Click-n-Create playbook, Drills Library, Ask the
Expert, and Member Discounts. Most importantly for you as Coach, is that you will receive a
$1,000,000 general liability insurance policy through USA Football once you complete the
level 1 coaching course.

Louisiana Youth Football has worked with USA Football to ensure that this process is
convenient, secure and confidential.

Simply go to click on the “USA Football Membership” logo in the upper
right corner, and click on “Sign Up” under coaching membership.

**You must have your own personal email address in order to get registered.

   Step 1: Enter in all the required registration information.
   Step 2: Once all information is entered correctly, click on “Continue to Payment”.
   Step 3: Enter in the code of “9FEL97F4AL” under the Promo Code section and click on
   “Update Price”. The cost will be discounted to $20.00 and will get your membership
   registered with Louisiana Youth Football.
   Step 4: Enter in your payment information and click on “Process My Payment”.
   Step 5: Once registration is complete, check your email for an automatic email from USA
   Step 6: Click on the link inside the email and your account will be activated.
   Step 7: Go to and log in on the top right hand side with your
   username (email address) and password you just created. You are now ready to utilize
   USA Football’s coaching tools.

Your Course results will be available to Louisiana Youth Football to ensure your completion
of the course. You will also be able to print off a completion certificate for your records.

If you have any questions or problems registering for the membership or completing the
course, please email ( or call (1-877-5football) USA Football

Thank you for your continued participation and your cooperation in this important process.
We are excited to offer world-class programs, working with world-class people!

                                                                                                                            Coaching Education

                                                               Coaching Education

USA	Football’s	Certified	Coaching	Education	Program	is	designed	exclusively	for	youth	and	
middle	school	coaches.	The	curriculum	offers	on-field,	classroom	and	online	instruction	
along	 with	 best	 communication	 practices	 to	 strengthen	 every	 football	 experience.

USA Football Coaches Membership
• Drills Library – A variety of drills that can be integrated into your practice schedule for individual positions, group
 and team periods.
• Coaching Handbook – Provides detailed instruction for setting up and executing a consistent practice schedule,
 teaching proper fundamentals within each phase of the game and executing drills for every position, group and team
 segment of practice.
• Depth Chart & Roster Templates – Create your depth chart and roster online to help organize your team.
• Coaching Education Course – Online courses, using 2D and 3D animation, provide coaches with the ability
 to teach fundamentals and technique. Upon completing the course, a coach receives a letter of completion along
 with recognition on USA Football’s Online Coaches Registry and up to $1 million in general liability insurance.
• Click ‘n’ Create Playbook – Allows a coach to draw up and store plays and includes a print and animations editor.
• Practice Planner – Provides coaches with the ability to create daily practice schedules that can be emailed to
 their assistant coaches.
• Film Room – A library of video clips featuring drills for every position on the field and instruction by elite high
 school football coaches.

• Coaching Schools – One-day coaching clinics conducted by top local high school and youth coaches to
 educate participants on teaching the fundamentals of every position, organizing a season with practice planning
 and developing better offensive, defensive and special teams schemes.

Other Resources
• Certified Education Program for Coaches – Online courses, using 2D and 3D animation, provide coaches
 with the ability to teach fundamentals and technique. Upon completing the course, a coach receivers a letter of
 completion along with recognition on USA Football’s Online Coaches Registry.
• Coaches Guide – Includes basic and fundamental football knowledge for all coaches.
• DVDs – A series of in-depth videos providing a range of football knowledge from planning a practice to running
 advanced defenses and offenses.

                            “I’m proud to be part of USA Football. They
                            provide great resources for leagues, coaches,
                            game officials, parents, and players. I invite
                            everyone in the football community to join me
                            and ensure a strong future for our game.”
                            -Eric Mangini, Cleveland Browns head coach and
                             USA Football coaching education advisor
Step 1) Please go to
Step 2) Please click on “Learn more…” under Certified Education Program
Step 3) Click on “Continue” under New Users if you do not have a registered user account with USA Football. If you
do have a registered user account, please type in your email address and password.
Step 4) Please enter in the promotional code you received from your league/commissioner and click on “Submit”.
Step 5) If you entered in the correct code, it will be approved. Please click on “Continue” to proceed.
Step 6) Please fill out the Membership Registration form completely, and check “I have read and accept USA
Football Terms of Service” at the bottom of the page. When you are done, click “Continue to Payment”
Step 7) Please enter your credit card information for the remaining amount. When information is inputted, please
click on “Process my Payment” then you will receive the confirmation page. If your league paid 100% of the fees,
you will receive the confirmation page and will not see this page.
Step 8) Confirmation page; please activate your account by clicking on the link that was sent to your email address
from us.

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