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 Primary & Community Health

Primary & Community Health
Primary and community health services aim to improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians, particularly people w
Services include:

 community health
 child health
 dental health
 diabetes self-management
 early intervention in chronic disease
 family planning
 general practice engagement
 health services for homeless youth
 health self help
 integrated health promotion
 refugee health
 support for pregnant women

An effective primary health care system is essential in improving the health of a population and reducing inequalities. Accord
care achieves better, more sustainable outcomes for a lower overall cost than systems focused on specialist or tertiary care.
partnerships. As such the department funds and supports Primary Care Partnerships that operate across Victoria and are ma

The Department of Health manages service delivery and new primary health initiatives through strong relationships
other key partners including:

 the ambulatory care sector
 acute and post-acute health care sectors
 aged care services
 the human services sector
 mental health services
 local government
 General Practice Victoria
 other government departments

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Victorians, particularly people with, or at risk of, poorer health.
n and reducing inequalities. According to international evidence, primary health
used on specialist or tertiary care. An effective system relies on strong
 perate across Victoria and are made up of a diverse range of member agencies.

ves through strong relationships with the primary health sector, as well as

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