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					Generating Revenue with MYOB ProfitOptimiser
Introducing your trainer…

                    Mark Holton
       Dynamic Taxation & Training Services
            Today’s Aim:

“How to sell and market MYOB ProfitOptimiser
    services to deliver value add services
                to your clients.”

A.   Welcome and Introduction

B.   Review of the key MYOB ProfitOptimiser features, functions and benefits

C.   How to sell and market MYOB ProfitOptimiser in an accounting firm:

     - How to identify key MYOB ProfitOptimiser clients and leads
     - How to generate the “I want” from clients, not the “You need” my services

D.   Effective cross referral networks

                Creating the need for value added services
Expected Outcomes

• Employ effective sales and marketing strategies to deliver
  consultations to clients on a regular basis

• Understand and ensure the most efficient use of the Customer
  Dialogue process

• Produce a higher quality, differentiated Customer Value Proposition

• Enhancement of partnership between the Customer and their Bank

• Establish your Practice as “a real alternative in our chosen markets”

           Building a better understanding of our clients
     Review of MYOB
ProfitOptimiser Features,
 Functions and Benefits

•   Name
•   Practice
•   Who do you follow in the footy?
•   How many consultations have you done?
•   What has stopped you from doing more consultations?
•   What is your service offering called?
•   How much do you charge for a value based consultation?
•   How many consultations do you want to do in the next 12
The Dilemma

                  Compliance vs Value Add

     Profit margins are shrinking on accounting and
     taxation work
     Many accountants are repositioning themselves by offering
     more profitable value added services like:

        Strategic Planning
        Business Valuations
        Bank Submissions
        Working Capital Management
        Cash Flow Analysis
Client Service Level Continuum

    Level 1            Level 2           Level 3           Level 4          Level 5

                                                                            Monitor and
                                                                            help client
                                                           Link financial
                                                           goals with
                                         Help client set   activities
                                         strategy and
                                         direction         Measure
                       Analyse and                                          Performance
                                         through           outcomes of
                       educate clients                                      Indicators
                                         goal-setting &    business
                       about critical
                                         goal-seeking      activities
    Profit and Loss    ratios

    Balance Sheet      Conduct What
                       If scenarios
    Taxation Returns
Move from Compliance to Reliance

     Level 1       Level 2        Level 3          Level 4       Level 5



    Technical       Thorough           Future     Link to       Improvement
    Foundation      Analysis           Focus      Performance

    Collect Data   Organise & Inform     Analysis & Knowledge   Applied Wisdom
How to Sell and Market MYOB
ProfitOptimiser Services in an
       Accounting Firm
Selling & Marketing Priorities

•   Run a client Seminar
•   Run a prospect Seminar
•   Distribute client newsletters
•   Selling service with compliance meeting
•   Develop cross referrals with lenders
•   Send out personalised emails or letters

• Rate the above in order of your priority from 1 to 6
The accounting challenge

• Time management challenges

• Finding quality staff

• Time to work on, not in your business

• Too many clients delivering low yields

• Cashflow management issues

• Skill set and mindset changes

• How to get a higher ROI

• Developing the firm’s USP….Point of Difference
Marketing ProfitOptimiser

• Segment your client database – break down clients
  into A,B,C and D categories

• Sell your USP and your firm’s benefits

• Promote your services to clients through monthly newsletters

• Promote your client results

• Change your advertising
Marketing ProfitOptimiser

• Run client focus groups

• Bring your top clients together quarterly

• Brainstorming sessions

• Outside consultants / development coaching

• Guest presenters including Financial Planners, Lawyers, Human
  Resource People, Marketers, Web Designers

• Results from ProfitOptimiser sessions

• Focus on top 10% to increase your profit by 50%
Selling ProfitOptimiser

Client Seminars:

• 90 minute group session

• Powerful presentation

• Explain benefits of regular ProfitOptimiser sessions

• Outline 12 month programs and fees

• Have a checklist of services
Service offerings

• Business planning and strategy development

• Goal setting session

• Financial forecasting and budgets

• 90 day reviews…ProfitOptimiser

• Team training

• Business structuring
Effective Cross Referral
MYOB ProfitOptimiser and Australian Banks
The Partnership Model
Questions and Answers
Thank You

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