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									                                                                                     Form No.1002B

                                                                           Serial No: _______________
                                                                           Date of Delivery: ______________


To:         Controller of Examination, HQ NUST
            H-12 Sector, Islamabad

      1.       Student Name                :    _____________________________________________
      2.       Father’s Name               :    _____________________________________________
      3.       NUST Registration No        :    _____________________________________________
      4.       College                     :    _____________________________________________
      5.       Discipline                  :    _____________________________________________
      6.       Course No                   :    _____________________________________________
      7.       Category                    :    NC           PC             MC                NFC
      8.       Which Professional Exam detail marks sheets you require? Already received please√ tick.

                Name of Exam                                         Required        Already received
                1st Professional (Part – I)
                1st Professional (Part – II)
                2nd Professional
                3rd Professional
                Final Professional
                All Professional Exams

      9.       Telephone No:       ______________________         Cell Ph: ________________________

      10.      Have you applied for change/correction of personal bio-data during you stay in the
               college? Please indicate corrections/change: ___________________________________

      Dated: _______________________            Student’s Signature: __________________________


                   NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE FROM GHQ (for MCs/Offr only)

      It is hereby certified that this HQ has no objection regarding issue of detail marks sheets as per
      para 8 above to No ____________ Rank ____________ Name ___________________________
      Of ________________________ course of Army Medical College, Rawalpindi

                                                        Signature: _______________________________
                                                        Name: __________________________________
                                                        Designation: _____________________________
Date: ___________                                       Department: _____________________________
(With official stamp)
Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Mode of Delivery:
      a.     By hand                 :       Self / Authorized person
                                             Name: _______________________________________
                                             ID Card No: ___________________________________
                                             (Copy attached)

        b.     Through mail: (for out station only)
               Address       :        ___________________________________________________



   Dated: _______________________            Student’s Signature: __________________________


   1. Please allow a minimum of 15 days processing time for issue of detail marks sheets.
   2. In case you opt to receive detailed marks sheets by hand please ensure receipt within 30 days
        of application otherwise NUST shall not be responsible for any loss.
   3.   In case of MC/Officer, an NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from GHQ is required with
        this application
   4. Please submit application to OIC NUST Affairs of your college in case of On campus
        students or have completed degree requirement within 60 days otherwise submit direct to
        Exam Branch, HQ NUST.
   5. A fee of Rs. 500/- per copy for any additional/duplicate copy of Detail Marks Sheet. Please
        deposit transcript fee in favour of HQ NUST in Account No 01-100-43918 Askari Bank,
        AWT Plaza Branch, The Mall Rawalpindi OR Account No. 22927000000501 Habib Bank
        Ltd, Sector H-12 Branch, Islamabad

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