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									Nebraska Book Company Retail Training Manual

Module 1     OR   Orientation

Module 2    HR    Human Resources

Module 3    MP    Management Principles

Module 4    SF    Systems and Facilities

Module 5    ACC   Accounting Policies and Procedures

Module 6    FIN   Financial Principles and Practices

Module 7    TX    Textbook Management

Module 8    TR    Tradebooks

Module 9    GM    General Merchandise Management

Module 10   MKT   Marketing, Advertising and Promotion

                          OR 1
Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Orientation                    OR
     Orientation                                        OR 7
     Resources and Resource Materials                   OR 11
     Introduction                                       OR 13
     To the Trainer                                     OR 14
     To the Trainee                                     OR 15
     To all Participants in the Training Program        OR 16
     How to Use this Manual                             OR 17
     Calendar and Notebook                              OR 18
     Evaluation Forms and Monthly Reports               OR 19
           Training Evaluation (by Trainee)             OR 20
           Training Evaluation (by Trainer)             OR 22
           Training Checklist (monthly)                 OR 24
     Terms and Abbreviations                            OR 31
     Sample Training Schedule                           OR 33
     Weekly Task Sheet                                  OR 35
     Monthly Calendars                                  OR 36

2. Human Resources                                 HR

     Policy and Procedures                              HR 5
           Personnel Forms and Personnel Files
           Employment Practices and Policies
           Attendance and Compensation
     Hiring                                             HR 6
           Accepting Applications/Resumes
           Retention of applications
     Orientation and Training                           HR 6
     Performance Appraisals                             HR 6
     Disciplinary Action                                HR 7
     Termination                                        HR 7
     Workers Compensation                               HR 7
     Employee Assistance Program                        HR 7

                                      OR 2
     Employee Relations                                  HR 8
           Communication and Interaction
           Team Building
           Atmosphere and Attitudes

3. Management Principles                           MP

     Customer Service and Care                           MP 6
     Effective Communication                             MP 7
     Theft Prevention                                    MP 9
     Setting Policy & Procedures                         MP 13
     Time Management & Delegation                        MP 14

4. Systems and Facilities                          SF

       Store Planning                                    SF 6
       Store Supplies
   Systems & Equipment
       Website                                           SF 9
         Design and Maintenance                          SF 10
         Managing the Website                            SF 12
         Order Processing                                SF 15

5. Accounting Policies & Procedures                ACC

     Daily                                               ACC 5
     Weekly                                              ACC 8
     Monthly                                             ACC 10
           Invoices                                      ACC 14
           Credit Requests                               ACC 15
           Credit Request Resolutions                    ACC 15
           Merchandise Transfers                         ACC 17
           Stock Adjustments                             ACC 17
           Travel Advances & Expense Reports             ACC 18
           Merchandise Used for Store Operations         ACC 8
           Gift Certificates                             ACC 18
           Store Checks                                  ACC 19

                                     OR 3
           Store Credit Card                        ACC 19
           Accounts Receivable                      ACC 20
           Returned Bank Items                      ACC 21
           Record Retention Requirements            ACC 21

6. Financial Principles and Practices         FIN
     Retail Math                                    FIN 6
     Budgets                                        FIN 10
     Financial Statements                           FIN 12
     Margins                                        FIN 19
     EBITDA                                         FIN 28
     Operating Costs                                FIN 29
     Key Numbers                                    FIN 34
     Open to Buy                                    FIN 35
     Markdowns and Sales                            FIN 37
     Physical Inventory                             FIN 38
     Stock Ledger                                   FIN 49

7. Textbooks                                  TX
     Processes and Procedures
           Textbooks: New and Used                  TX 6
           Term Maintenance                         TX 8
           Department Maintenance                   TX 14
           Vendor Maintenance                       TX 15
           Textbook Adoption Process                TX 20
           Order Decision Process                   TX 38
           Buyback Decisions                        TX 56
           Buyback Processes                        TX 58
           Wholesale Want Lists                     TX 83
           Publisher Orders                         TX 100
           Updating Cost and Retail Pricing         TX 102
           Receiving                                TX 103
           Processing Wholesale Shipments           TX 111
           Returns to Vendors                       TX 112
           Returns to Wholesalers                   TX 124
           Sales to Wholesalers                     TX 128
           Report Generator                         TX 132

                                      OR 4
    Buyback and Rush:
          Textbook Shelves Set-Up                      TX 139
          Reservations/ Mail Orders/ Web Orders        TX 142
          Rush/Buyback Preparation                     TX 154
          Reorders/Special Orders                      TX 157
          Customer Returns                             TX 158

8. Tradebooks                                     TR
    General Trade                                      TR 8
    Short Discounts                                    TR 7
    Periodicals & Magazines                            TR 7
    Discounts                                          TR 8
    Special Orders                                     TR 8

9. General Merchandise                            GM

          Clothing & Insignia                          GM 8
          Electronics                                  GM 9
          Food & Sundries                              GM 9
          Gift/Stationary/Cards                        GM 9
          School/Art/Office/Engineering                GM 10
          Services                                     GM 11
    Open to Buy                                        GM 12
          Open to Buy Purchase Planning                GM-OTB 1
          Open to Buy Purchase Plan Examples           GM-OTB-ex. 1
    Initial Pricing and Margins                        GM 13
          Initial Margin Plan Worksheet                GM-IM 1
          Initial Margin Plan example                  GM-IM-ex. 1
    Markdown/Gross Margin Planning
          Markdown/Gross Margin Worksheet              GM-MD-1
          Markdown/Gross Margin Schedule               GM-MD-sch 1
    Preferred Vendor list

                                    OR 5
10. Marketing and Advertising        MKT

    Marketing Plan                     MKT 6
    Direct Mail                        MKT 6
    E-mail                             MKT 7
    Newspaper                          MKT 8
    Television                         MKT 9
    Radio                              MKT 9
    Guerrilla Marketing                MKT 10
    Partnerships                       MKT 11
    Buybacks                           MKT 12
    Freshman Orientation               MKT 12
    Book Rush                          MKT 12
    Atmosphere & Appearance            MKT 13

                              OR 6

       To the Trainer
       To the Trainee
       To all Participants in the Training Program
       How to Use this Manual
       Calendar and Notebook
       Evaluation Forms and Monthly Reports
       Sample Training Schedule
       Terms and Abbreviations
       Resources and Resource Materials
       Read the “Human Resources”, the “Management Principles” and the “Systems and
       Facilities modules and resource materials.
       Introduction to staff and employees
       Complete New Employee Paperwork
       Establish training schedule based on time of year and store activities
       Start a calendar and notebook.

Orientation will mark the beginning of the training program. It will be a time to acquaint the
trainee with the store, employees, and Nebraska policy and procedures. The store manager will
use this time to get to know the trainee, assess training needs, and establish a training schedule.
Information about the store, the University, students, and community should be shared.
Important dates should be established on the training calendar, and a weekly meeting time set by
the manager and trainee. A basic introduction to the PRISM POS and ICS systems is necessary.
A timetable should be established for the remainder of the year which will encompass opening
and closing procedures, how to close the month, how to clear weekly sales, how to load the
buyers guide and system updates, and system maintenance. Many of these activities will occur
later in the year when the trainee has become comfortable with PRISM and the store. The
trainee’s paperwork must be completed, and the trainee introduced to the store and employees.
The trainee should participate in the store’s orientation program. The trainee and store manager
should ensure they understand and agree upon the training goals and procedures. The trainee will
be expected to be a productive member of the store team, learning and contributing at the same
time. Extended work hours will be expected during rush, buyback, and inventory times, and the
trainee should follow the work schedule set by the store manager, including any assigned
weekend hours.

                                            OR 7
Orientation                                   Trainee Trainer

To the Trainer
To the Trainee
To all Participants in the Training Program
Resources and Resource Materials
How to Use this Manual
Calendar and Notebook
Evaluation Forms and Monthly Reports
        Training Evaluation (by Trainee)
        Training Evaluation (by Trainer)
        Trainee Checklist
Terms and Abbreviations
Sample Training Schedule
Weekly Tasks
Monthly Calendars
Complete New Employee Paperwork
Establish Training Schedule
Determine Weekly Discussion Meeting Time
Review School Calendar for Important Dates
Store Tour
Introduction to all Employees
Visit Store Competition

                            OR 8


     The trainer for the majority of the orientation period will be the store manager. The
     manager will spend time with the trainee getting acquainted and assessing training needs.
     They should establish a preliminary training schedule and set a weekly meeting time to
     get together to discuss and evaluate the training schedule and experience. The trainer
     should make available the NBC Policy and Procedure Manual, the NBC Employee
     Handbook, and other resource materials listed in the “Human Resources”, “Management
     Principles”, and “Systems and Facilities” modules. The trainee will spend time reading
     through this material to familiarize themselves with Nebraska policy and procedures and
     then discuss the material with the manager. The trainer should ensure the trainee begins
     their calendar and notebook and each should discuss their training expectations.
     Paperwork should be completed and the NBC Employee Handbook read. The trainee
     should go through the store’s basic orientation program.


     To the Trainer
     To the Trainee
     How to Use this Manual
     Calendar and Notebook
     Evaluation Forms and Monthly Reports
            Trainee Checklist
            Training Evaluation (by Trainee)
            Training Evaluation (by Trainer)
            Monthly Calendars
     Sample Training Schedule
     Terms and Abbreviations
     Resources and Resource Materials

                                        OR 9
Training Time:

     The training time for the orientation period will occur over a two week period. It will
     include reading and discussing the training material and resource material from the
     “Human Resources”, the “Management Principles”, and the “Systems and Facilities”
     training modules. This material will give the trainee a good overview of the store,
     Nebraska Book Company, and the systems which support our stores. During this time the
     trainee will begin their calendar and notebook, establish a training schedule and set a
     weekly meeting with the store manager, and gain an understanding of the training
     program and process. Training and learning in these modules will be ongoing and some
     tasks will be completed later in the training year. Once the trainee has assimilated this
     material it is time to begin training in the day to day activities of the store.

Resources and Resource Materials:

     See “Human Resources”, “Management Principles”, and “Systems and Procedures”
     training modules

        1.   NBC Policy and Procedures Manual
        2.   NBC Employee Handbook
        3.   Loss Prevention Handbook
        4.   Procedures: Loss Prevention Measures
        5.   Policy: Loss Prevention—P.O.S. Policy

                                        OR 10
Position titles of NBC personnel were referenced in the training material. This is a list of current
names and NBC phone extensions for those positions.
                                                                     October 2005

 Position:                                                    Name                Extension

 Senior Vice President of Retail:                             Rob Rupe                5490
 Vice President of Administration                             Cindy Morris            5500
 Vice President Campus Relations                              John Callahan            5546
 Vice President Retail Administration                         Tom Van Sant             5493
 Regional Managers:
     West Region                                              Chris Weimer          Store 110
     South Texas Region                                       Bill Schaub           Store 207
     Central Region                                           Chris Rodgers         Store 135
     Southeast Region                                         John McNeill          Store 182
     Michigan Region                                          Sean O’Brien         See directory
     East Region                                              Eric Preston          Store 138
     Ohio Valley Region                                       Bill Edmonds          Store 146
     Contract Managed Stores                                  Michael Kiely            5531
 Director of Sales Promotion                                  Addam Maxwell            5462
 Director of Expense Control and Loss Prevention              Stan Selfridge           5568
 Merchandise Manager-Textbooks                                Jerry Mullinix           5494
 General Merchandise Manager                                  Jay Trent                5492
 Director of Store Planning                                   Mark Hampton             5415
 Director of Training                                         Kay Moore                5236
 Director of Staff Development & Mgt. Recruiting              Stan Vala                5481
 Director of Loss Prevention                                  Pat Rohr                 5418
 Manager of Retail Information Systems                        Rick Reeble              5491
 Systems Specialists:                                         Randy Gahm               5443
                                                              Levi Hillger
                                                              Jason Holstead
 Director of Human Resources                                  Brenda McLey             5461
 Controller                                                   Deloy Tanner             5449
 Accounting Retail Specialist                                 Dulsey Perkins           5446
 Personnel Manager                                            Ed Phillips              5421
 Payroll Coordinator                                          Valerie Pierce           5552
 Benefits Coordinator                                         Shannon Soriente         5422

                                            OR 11
Resources and Resource Materials

NBC Resources
     Human Resources
     Retail Accounting
     Data Analyst
     Store Planning
     Marketing & Promotions
     General Merchandise
     Information Systems
     Legal Resources
     Wholesale Division
     CBMS Support
     NBC Manuals
             • NBC Standard Operating Procedure Manual and Chart of Accounts
             • NBC Policy and Procedures
             • NBC Stock Ledger Procedures
             • CBMS training manuals
       NBC Forms
             • Accounting
             • Personnel
             • Vehicle
       Excel Spreadsheets
             • DCR
             • Sales
             • Budget
             • Stock Ledger
       NBC Website
       CBMS Support Website
       Mainframe Access
       Rod Mart
       NBC Graphics

Non-NBC Resources
     Books in Print
     Vendor Websites
     Vendor Reps

                                     OR 12
Nebraska Book Company has developed a recruitment and training program for its Retail
Division in order to strengthen its management team. As the Retail Division continues to expand,
buying and opening new stores, and as personnel changes in existing bookstores, there is a need
for trained personnel to fill these positions. Nebraska Book Company Inc. is a company that
counts its people as its best asset. A commitment to hiring and keeping good people is part of its
overall management strategy; coupled with a commitment to train and assist new personnel in
becoming strong managers and employees.

Training material and a training program that is based in our retail stores provide the trainee a
hands-on opportunity to learn and grow. The training program is designed to be completed in a
year, exposing the trainee to all phases of the bookstore environment. Upon completion of the
training program the trainee will be placed as a department or store manager, based on their
individual skills and current vacancies within the Retail Division.

The training material is designed in modular units, which allows training to follow the needs of
the trainee, trainers’ schedules, and the natural business cycles of the bookstore. The training
material may be used in the training of store employees as well as manager trainees. A store
employee may be ready to complete the entire program, or may need training only in a specific
area or department. The Training Manual provides background and a list of reference materials
which will aid in the training of a new employee; however the majority of the training lies in the
hands of store personnel.

We are committed to building an effective training program, and hope the training experience
will be good for all concerned. We do rely on the evaluations and suggestions of trainees and
trainers to assist in improving training materials and training skills, and hope each of you will
contribute to this process.

                                            OR 13
To the Training Store and Trainers:
Your store is recognized as a store with an environment and personnel which would be an asset
in training new people who aspire to management positions within Nebraska Book Company.
We hope you and your staff are ready for this challenge, and will approach training with the
ultimate goal in mind: to prepare the trainee for placement as a manager or department
manager in a new or existing store. The trainee will likely be placed in a department or a store
that differs from your training environment; therefore the training process must encourage the
trainee not only to learn new skills, but to understand how and when to apply them. The trainee
is instructed to develop a calendar and notebook with ideas, goals, dates, and deadlines in order
to gain an understanding of how to plan and organize time and people, in the context of a year
that revolves around semesters or quarters. As a trainer you should aid the trainee in developing
this calendar as you help them understand the requirements of the tasks in each module.

While several people will probably contribute to the training process, the store manager and
trainee should schedule a time each week to evaluate progress and to discuss the training
received. The store manager should spend some of that time sharing their weekly activities with
the trainee in order to give the trainee an overview of the store manager’s responsibilities.
Monthly the trainer and trainee will complete the checklist, monthly calendar, and appropriate
evaluation forms, and spend time exchanging information and ideas concerning the training

                                           OR 14
To the Trainee:
Congratulations! You have been selected as a trainee in the Nebraska Book Retail Training
Program. You will receive most of your training in a Nebraska Retail store, participating in all
phases of the bookstore operation. You will learn from written material, from different trainers,
and from hands-on experience. The store manager will oversee your training and progress, and
participate in monthly evaluations, where you are encouraged to discuss your questions,
observations, and suggestions. Training is a learning and teaching experience for everyone
involved, and we want that experience to be positive and beneficial for the trainee and the
trainers. As a trainee you will benefit from the time each trainer spends with you. You must also
contribute something to that department and trainer. To gain lasting knowledge you will need to
perform the tasks and duties which you are being taught, and commit to being a productive staff
and team member.

Approach training with the ultimate goal in mind: to be prepared for placement as a manager or
department manager in a new or existing store. The new store will differ from your training
environment, therefore at the same time you are learning about this store, you should think about
the future and what you may need to know in a different environment. What if you move to a
new store, where you must help build the business from the ground up? What if you move to a
store with a very small staff, and you must perform many duties? You will want to gather as
much information and ideas as possible. Ensure you understand each module and process, and
grasp the timing required for each; thus the need for developing a calendar and notebook with
ideas, goals, dates, and deadlines.

The staff at Nebraska Book Company wants to welcome you to your new position, and offer
their assistance whenever you need it. We are happy to answer your questions and contribute to
your training experience

                                           OR 15
To all Participants in the Training Program:

I want to thank everyone who will be involved in the training process for their time and
contribution to making this training program possible and successful. The program exists
because of the efforts of many people. It is an evolving program that will benefit from honest
evaluation and suggestions. The materials provided in this training manual reflect writing styles
and content that vary from module to module, because the expertise of different people was
utilized to contribute to this manual. We hope this does not in any way detract from the learning

 We consider all modules in the training manual an ongoing project that will expand and improve
by responding to your suggestions. Your feedback is essential to the growth of the training
program and further development of training materials. As you do your evaluations or monthly
checklists, please do not hesitate to suggest, ask for, or comment on any training materials, or
ways to improve the program.

I hope you will feel free to call me at any time to discuss ideas, ask for help, or make suggestions
or requests. I will track your progress through the monthly reports and will check occasionally to
see how satisfied everyone is with the training process. You will be sent revisions and new
material as they are available, and your requests will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you again.

Kay Moore

Kay Moore
Director of Training
Nebraska Book Company Inc.

                                            OR 16
How to Use this Manual
You are beginning a training program designed to give you a working knowledge of retail
operations in a Nebraska Book Company Retail Bookstore. The material is arranged in a specific
order suggesting an orderly flow for training. However it is written in a modular form, allowing
the trainee and trainer to move through the material in an order and time frame dictated by the
activities and time of year at the store.

The modules are designed to give a general overview of each topic including introductory
material and some detailed information designed to give the trainee an opportunity to learn both
through use of the reference material and hands on experience at the store level. It is the
responsibility of the trainer to be sure the trainee has ample opportunity to learn first hand and
supplement the material by providing details, examples, and hands on experience that will
provide the trainee basic skills and knowledge of each topic.

A checklist is provided for each module for the trainee and trainer or store manager to sign as
topics are covered. An evaluation page is also provided to be filled out as modules are
completed. The evaluation forms are designed to document and gain feedback from the trainee
and trainer regarding the training experience, the training material, their satisfaction level, and
their evaluation of the trainee’s progress.

A monthly progress report is expected from the trainee and trainer regarding the training
schedule, the material covered, and experience gained during the month. The Bookstore Manager
should sign the monthly report and provide additional comments as needed. This is designed as a
tool to evaluate both the trainee and the training process and provide a checklist to evaluate the
progress of the trainee. These will be used to aid in matching with the trainee with job
opportunities as they arise. A copy should be forwarded each month to the Regional Manager
and Director of Training to document the progress of the trainee and the training program.

 Requests regarding additional material may be made at any time and every effort will be made
to supply the materials in a timely manner.

A blank monthly and weekly task sheet is provided for the trainee and trainer to develop. It
should include the training schedule and tasks and completion times. Rush and buyback dates,
marketing deadlines, budget and review dates should be recorded; as well as time frames for
each department and the overall store. A copy of the month’s calendar should accompany the
monthly reports. When completed, it should provide the trainee with a valuable reference tool for
their next job.

                                             OR 17
Calendar and Notebook
Monthly calendars and a weekly task sheet have been included for the trainee and trainer to
develop. Each month should include the training schedule, goals, tasks and completion times for
that month. Important dates, like rush and buyback dates, marketing deadlines, budget and
review dates should be recorded. In addition, as training progresses, it should include time lines
required for tasks in each department. Time lines are of utmost importance in college bookstores,
and a record of these will aid the trainee in the future. The trainee should begin a notebook to
record all activities, reminders, hints, suggestions, and thoughts. This calendar and notebook
should provide a valuable reference tool for the trainee.

 When classes begin and end mark the times of our “rushes”. There is about a two week window
at the beginning and end of each semester which provide optimum sales and buyback volume. If
you are not ready and miss that window, even by a couple of days, you will negatively impact
your whole fiscal year. For example, you must learn:
    • what lead times are necessary for orders to be received and processed
    • how much time it will take to make order decisions
    • when to begin and end buyback at retail
    • when to receive used book shipments
    • when to place new book orders with vendors
    • when orders for backpacks, sweatshirts, and t-shirts should be placed and when they need
        to be received in the store to optimize sales and turns
    • when back to school supplies must be ordered and merchandised
    • when graduation supplies must be ordered and merchandised
    • when window and merchandise displays should be changed and what themes to use
    • when store supplies need to be ordered
    • when to set up extra registers and displays for rush
    • when to set up for buyback
    • when to set textbook shelves and run shelf tags

   Begin your calendar by recording all important dates from the school calendar: for example,
   first day of class, drop dates, days of finals, school holidays.

   Record information about your competitor: What are their refund dates? What are their store
   hours? What days are they open?

   Record information about your store: What are your refund dates? What are your store
   hours? What days are you open?

As you work though the modules and the departments within the store, record important dates,
due dates, to-do dates, time lines, useful information and ideas you encounter during your
training. Keep specific notes about your training: response to materials, trainer, timing, etc. to
help you complete the evaluation forms each month.

                                            OR 18
Evaluation Forms and Monthly Reports

Evaluation forms have been included for both the trainee and the trainers. As a module (topic) is
completed, both the trainee and the trainer(s) should fill out the appropriate forms.
Once completed, the store manager and trainee should spend time discussing the evaluations to
help each improve the training and learning experience. A copy should be sent to the Regional
Manager and to the NBC Training Director, at the end of the month to accompany the Trainee

A progress report should be sent to both the Regional Manager and the Training Director each
month. A complete checklist of topics is included, which should be used to record the progress of
the trainee. The trainee and trainer should check and initial each topic as they are completed. At
the end of each month, make copies of this checklist, fill in the month, and include a copy of the
training calendar and any evaluation forms that were completed that month. Additional
comments or suggestions that either the trainee or trainer(s) would like to include, or send
separately, would be helpful in evaluating and improving the training program; and will be
responded to as soon as possible.

                                           OR 19
                      Training Evaluation (by Trainee)
Instructions: To be completed by the trainee upon completion of each training module.

Trainee: ______________________________________________________________________

Store:   _________ ____________________________ ________________________________
            Store #               Store Name                                  Store Location

Training Module Completed: ___________________________________________________

Trainer(s)/Position: __________________________________________________________

                                  Name                                        Position

Please take the time to evaluate this training module and materials. Honest evaluation will help
us become more effective trainers, build our training materials and program, and benefit future

    1. How satisfied are you with the extent of your training in this topic?

    2. In what areas do you feel you are the strongest?

    3. Which areas do you feel you need more training or experience?

    4. How would you rate your training experience?

                                                  OR 20
  5. What training experiences and materials were effective for you?

  6. What suggestions do you have to improve the training experience?

  7. If you were the trainer how would you approach training for this topic?

  8. If you were writing the training material what would you add, enhance, or leave
     out? What are your suggestions for revisions? What can you add to the “Resources”

Signature _______________________              Signature ______________________
                   Trainer                                         Trainee

     Date:                   _________________________________

                                      OR 21
                            Training Evaluation (by Trainer)
         Instructions: To be completed by the trainer upon completion of each module

Trainee: ___ _____ __________________________________________________

Store:      ___ ________ ____________________ __________________________
                  Store #                Store Name                              Location

Training Module completed                  _______________________________________

Trainer(s)/Position ________________________________________________

                                  Name                                       Position

How would you rate the Trainee?




         Further Training Needs ?

                                                 OR 22
How was training for this module executed? Time frame?

What are your recommendations to strengthen the training materials and
training process for this topic?

Signature _______________________           Signature ______________________
                 Trainer                                    Trainee

     Date:                 _________________________________

                                    OR 23
 Trainee Checklist                                                 Month of ____________
Instructions: Check off and initial topics as completed. Each month send copies of: this checklist, the monthly
training calendar and any completed evaluation forms, to your Regional Manager and Director of Training.

                                                                         Trainee                    Manager

        Introduction                         __________                                           _________
        How to Use this Manual               __________                                           _________
        Calendar and Notebook                __________                                           _________
        Evaluation Forms and Monthly Reports__________                                            _________
        Sample Training Schedule             __________                                           _________
        Terms and Abbreviations              __________                                           _________
        Resources and Resource Materials     __________                                           _________
        Read the Human Resources Module __________                                                _________
        Read the Management Principles Module________                                             _________
        Read the Systems and Facilities Module _________                                          _________
        Introduction to staff and employees  __________                                           _________
        Paperwork                            __________                                           _________
        Establish a training schedule        __________                                           _________
        Start a calendar and notebook.       ___________                                          __________

Human Resources

        Policy and Procedures                                          __________                 _________
        Hiring                                                         __________                 _________
        Orientation and Training                                       __________                 _________
        Performance Appraisals                                         __________                 _________
        Disciplinary Action                                            __________                 _________
        Termination                                                    __________                 _________
        Workers Compensation                                           __________                 _________
        Employee Assistance Program                                    __________                 _________
        Employee Relations                                             __________                 _________

                                                   OR 24
                                               Trainee       Manager
Management Principles

    Customer Service and Care                  __________    _________
       Available and attentive personnel
       Provide accurate information and personal service
       Positive and responsive attitude and environment
       Dealing with customer complaints
       On-line customer service
       Telephone etiquette

    Effective Communication                    ___________   _________
       Community Relations
       University, Departmental and Faculty relations
       Student groups and organizations
       Regional Managers and Retail Administration
    Loss Prevention                            ___________   _________
    Setting Policy & Procedures                ___________   _________
    Time Management & Delegation               ___________   _________

                                 OR 25
                                       Trainee      Manager
Systems & Equipment

      PRISM ICS                        __________   ________
      PRISM POS                        __________   _________
      Equipment                        __________   _________
      Maintenance Procedures           __________   _________


      Design and Maintenance           __________   _________
      Managing the Website             __________   _________
      Order Processing                 __________   _________


      Retail Store Planning            __________   _________
      Store Supplies                   __________   _________

                               OR 26
Accounting Policies & Procedures

     Daily                                     __________    _________
     Weekly                                    __________    _________
     Monthly                                   __________    _________

       Invoices                                ___________   __________
       Credit Requests                         ___________   _________
       Credit Request Resolutions              ___________   __________
       Merchandise Transfers                   ___________   __________
       Stock Adjustments                       ___________   __________
       Travel Advances & Expense Reports       ___________   __________
       Merchandise Used for Store Operations   ___________   __________
       Store Checks                            ___________   __________
       Store Credit Card                       ___________   __________
       Accounts Receivable                     ___________   _________
       Returned Bank Items                     ___________   __________
       Record Retention Requirements           ___________   __________

     Retail Math                               __________    _________
     Budgets                                   __________    _________
     Financial Statements                      __________    _________
     Margins                                   __________    _________
     EBITDA                                    __________    _________
     Operating Costs                           __________    _________
     Key Numbers                               __________    _________
     Open to Buy                               __________    _________
     Markdowns and Sales                       __________    _________
     Physical Inventory                        __________    _________
     Stock Ledger                              __________    _________

                                OR 27
                                               Trainee      Manager

    Processes and Procedures                   _________    _________
       Textbooks: New and Used                 __________   __________
       Term Maintenance                        __________   __________
       Department Maintenance                  __________   __________
       Vendor Maintenance                      __________   __________
       Textbook Adoption Process               __________   __________
       Order Decision Process                  __________   __________
       Buyback Decisions                       __________   __________
       Buyback Processes                       __________   __________
       Wholesale Want Lists                    __________   __________
       Publisher Orders                        __________   __________
       Updating Cost and Retail Pricing        __________   __________
       Receiving                               __________   __________
       Processing Wholesale Shipments          __________   __________
       Returns to Vendors                      __________   __________
       Returns to Wholesalers                  __________   __________
       Sales to Wholesalers                    __________   __________
       Report Generator                        __________   __________

    Buyback and Rush:                          _________    _________
       Textbook Shelves Set-Up                 __________   __________
       Rush/Buyback Preparation                __________   __________
       Reservations/ Mail Orders/ Web Orders   __________   __________
       Reorders/Special Orders                 __________   __________
       Customer Returns                        __________   __________

                                 OR 28
                                        Trainee       Manager

    General Trade                       ___________   __________
    Short Discounts                     ___________   __________
    Periodicals & Magazines             ___________   __________
    Discounts                           ___________   __________
    Special Orders                      ___________   __________

General Merchandise

    Departments                         __________    _________
       Clothing & Insignia              ___________   __________
       Electronics                      ___________   __________
       Food & Sundries                  ___________   __________
       Gift/Stationary/Cards            ___________   __________
       School/Art/Office/Engineering    ___________   __________
       Services                         ___________   __________

    Approved/Preferred Vendor list      __________    _________
    Open to Buy/Purchase Plan           __________    _________
    Markdown/Gross Margin Plan          __________    _________
    Initial Margins                     __________    _________
    Merchandising                       __________    _________
    Restocking                          __________    _________

                                OR 29
                                      Trainee         Manager
Marketing and Advertising

     Marketing Plan                  __________       _________
     Direct Mail                     __________       _________
     E-mail                          __________       _________
     Newspaper                       __________       _________
     Television                      __________       _________
     Radio                           __________       _________
     Guerrilla Marketing             __________       _________
     Partnerships                    __________       _________
     Buybacks                        __________       _________
     Freshman Orientation            __________       _________
     Book Rush                       __________       _________
     Store Atmosphere & Appearance   ______________   ____________
     Website                         __________       _________

                            OR 30
Terms and Abbreviations used in this Manual
ICS                Inventory Control System
POS                Point of Sale
TTY                line number of a workstation or terminal

FIFO               First In, First Out accounting method
MTD                Month to date
YTD                Year to date
MT                 Merchandise Transfer
NCRTR              No credit request to resolve
NCDTR              No credit due to resolve
SOP                Standard Operating Procedure
ROI                Return on Investment

OTB                Open to Buy
QTP                Quantity to Provide

Book status:
NE                 New edition
NEP                New edition pending
OE                 Old edition
OP                 Out of Print

Order status:
OS                 Out of stock
OSI                Out of stock indefinitely
BO                 Back order
Canc               Cancelled

<F1>        Press the F1 function key

Return Policies:
RPR                Return Permission Required
NPR                No Permission Required
NR                 No Returns

                                     OR 31
Order Decision Status:
Wrk               Work
Inp               In Process
Wkd               Worked
Rwk               Rework
Chk               Check
NCR               No Course Request

NBC              Nebraska Book Company
CBC              California Book Company
CBMS             College Bookstore Management Systems

NACS             National Association of College Stores

BIP              Books in Print
EZL              Easy Link

                                  OR 32
Sample Training Schedule:
     Week 1      Orientation: Systems/Facilities and Human Resources
     Week 2      Orientation: Management Principles
     Week 3      Accounting and Finance
     Week 4      Accounting and Finance

     Week 1      Accounting and Finance
     Week 2      Accounting and Finance
     Week 3      Budgeting
     Week 4      Budgeting: Marketing and Advertising

    Week 1       Marketing and Advertising
    Week 2       Textbooks: PRISM and Course Adoptions
    Week 3       Inventory: Preparation
    Week 4       Inventory

        Week 1   Textbooks:   PRISM and Course Adoptions
        Week 2   Textbooks:   Order and Buyback Decisions
        Week 3   Textbooks:   Order and Buyback Decisions
        Week 4   Textbooks:   Want Lists

        Week 1   Textbooks:   Buybacks
        Week 2   Textbooks:   Shelf Set-up and Shelf tags
        Week 3   Textbooks:   Receiving
        Week 4   Textbooks:   Rush

        Week 1   Textbooks: Refunds
        Week 2   Textbooks
        Week 3   Tradebooks
        Week 4   Tradebooks

                                  OR 33
       Week 1   GM: Art and School Supplies
       Week 2   GM: Art and School Supplies
       Week 3   Textbooks: New Book Order Decisions
       Week 4   GM and Textbooks Purchase Orders

     Week 1     GM: Art and School Supplies
     Week 2     GM and Textbooks
     Week 3     Textbooks: Receiving
     Week 4     Textbooks: Receiving

September       LOAD BUYERS GUIDE
     Week 1     Rush
     Week 2     Textbooks: Refunds
     Week 3     Textbooks: Invoices
     Week 4     Accounting: Processes

     Week 1     Textbook: Vendor Returns
     Week 2     Textbooks: Wholesale Returns
     Week 3     Inventory Preparation
     Week 4     Inventory

    Week 1      Textbook: Order Decisions
    Week 2      GM: Gift and Clothing
    Week 3      GM: Gift and Clothing
    Week 4      GM: Gift and Clothing

     Week 1     GM: Gift and Clothing
     Week 2     Buyback
     Week 3     Review
     Week 4     Evaluations

                               OR 34
  Week of: __________________
            Monday                             Tuesday
Module   Task                        Task                     Module









           Wednesday                           Thursday
Module   Task                        Task                     Module









                Friday                      Saturday/Sunday
Module   Task                        Task                     Module









                           OR 35
OR 36

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