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									               Vista Verde Middle School and North Canyon High School
                              IB MYP Assessment Policy

At Vista Verde Middle School and North Canyon High School assessment is part of the
learning process. A variety of assessments are used to provide feedback to the students
in the Middle Year’s program.

Criterion-referenced assessment is utilized in the core academic subjects to provide
feedback regarding the progress students are making as they strive to meet state standards
and curricular benchmarks. Students must demonstrate their achievement according to
the objectives of each subject group. The areas of interaction provide a format for
teachers to use as they create rubrics and prepare assessment tasks. The assessments are
both formative and summative in nature and include a variety of methods for students to
demonstrate what has been learned and how they can apply what they have learned.

Effective assessment also involves giving the students’ guidance by telling them what is
expected of them and how their major assignments will be judged. Teachers provide
detailed feedback to students so they can monitor and be aware of their own progress as
related to the prescribed objectives. This format provides students with help and advice
through the use of formative assessments. The students themselves practice formative
self-assessment and reflect on their approaches to learning.

Progress discussions also take place during parents/teachers meetings during which,
twice a year, the social and academic development of a student is examined.
Students’ results are provided formally to parents by means of report cards, which are
sent four times a year.

Updated: October 2009

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