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									?Let's face it, clean is good! Who doesn't enjoy putting on clean clothes, entering a
clean house, driving a clean car?

Sometimes, however, we forget the importance of keeping things clean, both at home
and at work. It can be a struggle to eliminate the spread of germs as well as keep up
with general cleaning in the workplace. The good news is that there are a few key
things you can do to help keep your facility clean, efficient, and safe!

Eliminating Germs at Work with Hand Washing Basics and Hand Wipes

First of all, stay home when you're sick! This is probably the easiest way to prevent
the spread of germs that cause colds and the flu. If you must be present at work when
you're sick, there are a few other options to consider:

     Hand Washing : Use proper methods for washing your hands thoroughly. A
common rule of thumb is to wash hands in warm water with hand wipes or gel
sanitizers. Encourage your coworkers to wash their hands frequently, as germs can
live for several hours on various surfaces!
     Sanitize Surfaces : To properly sanitize surfaces, you can use a bleach solution
(about 1 to 2 teaspoons per gallon of cool water), or commercially-available sprays
and cleaners (use according to manufacturer's instructions). For best results when
using a bleach solution, spray it on and let it dry. Be sure to make fresh bleach
solutions frequently as the effectiveness of the solution decreases over time.

Good Housekeeping Benefits

Keeping a facility clean and orderly is great for eliminating hazards and reducing
injuries and illnesses. There are many benefits of good housekeeping:

    Conservation of space, equipment, operating materials, time, and effort
    Protection of product, materials, and personnel results in smaller inventories,
fewer accidents, compensation claims and instances of damaged merchandise
    Decreased likelihood of fires
    An improvement in morale through a clean and orderly workplace.

It is common sense that a facility that is well-kept will be less likely to pose hazards.
Workplaces present dangers when aisles and exits are blocked, when debris litters the
floor, or where tools and equipment are simply not put away. A cluttered, unkempt
workplace lends itself to slips, trips, and falls.

Before leaving an area, assess it to make sure that it is free of potential hazards.
Below is a checklist to help:
    Check the area for debris and other hazards such as oil spills, broken pallets,
loose wire and banding
    Put tools and equipment back in their places
    Make sure that personal belongings are either locked up or under control
    Make sure switches, lights, and equipment are turned off
    In traffic areas, remove power cords before they cause problems for forklift
operators or pedestrians

Suggested Solutions

Here are some best practice solutions that can help facilities be clean and more

    Hand Sanitizing Wipes
    Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes
    Well stocked and smartly located Spill Kits to handle spills and large leaks
    Absorbents to contain leaks from machinery to prevent slip hazards
    Shelf liners to catch drips from tools and equipment

Interested in learning more about how cleanliness can help a facility be more
productive? New Pig Ltd offer more than 2600 solutions for leak and spills. In 1985,
New Pig invented the first contained absorbents, absorbent wipes and spill
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