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									Dear Human Resources Manager,

I am a highly experienced and qualified IT professional with a rich background in Unix
admin, database admin, programming, system integration, 7x24 technical support,
testing, documentation and training.

I am a Sun Certified System Admin (SCSA) and Network Admin (SCNA).

I have an experience of 14 years with different flavors of Unix (Solaris, AIX, AT & T
etc). I also have extensive experience in software development with C, shell scripting
(Korn and Bourne), sed, awk, Informix 4GL & ESQLC, Oracle, Sybase, SQL, MF
COBOL, Pro COBOL and Tuxedo. Besides, I have working knowledge of Pro C,

In view of my rich experience and positive attitude, I believe that I would be adding
value to any workforce I am part of. I have attached my resume for your kind review and
consideration. My home telephone number is 416-693-2926.

I look forward to a positive response from you.

Kind regards,

Khaleel Mohammed
103-1481 Kingston Road, TORONTO, ON, M1N 1R5
Tel 416-693-2926 EMAIL:


   Sun Certified Solaris Network Administrator (SCNA) and System Administrator
    (SCSA) having experience of 14 years of with different flavors of Unix (AIX, Solaris,
    AT & T Unix and other SVR4 systems). Experience of 7 years with different
    Windows platforms (3.11, 95, 98 and 2000). Strong knowledge Linux
    administration, SSL, PKI, SSH, LDAP, DNS, DHCP, NFS, NIS, NTP, Apache,
    SAMBA, Sendmail etc.
   Extensive experience in software development using C, Unix shell (Korn and
    Bourne), sed, awk, Informix 4GL, ESQLC, SQL, COBOL and Tuxedo. Working
    knowledge of C++, PERL, CGI, Pro C, Pro COBOL, PL/SQL, HTML, ASP etc.
   IBM Informix Certified Database Specialist with 3.5 years extensive experience in
    IBM Informix Database Admin, design and Development. Strong knowledge of
    Oracle and Sybase.
   Strong background in production support including installation, integration, testing,
    training, documentation, maintenance and 7x24 technical support for EFT and
    SWIFT Payment systems at banks and Mutual fund companies.
   CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) from ISACA, USA with a strong
    background in IT security, audit and control.
   Proven analytical, trouble-shooting and team playing skills.


August 2001 to date: Unix Trainer (System Admin, Network Admin and Shell Scriptin;
System Administration of lab machines) – Maple Leaf College, DCA Institute of
Technology and Winnet Systems Toronto.

This assignment consists of teaching UNIX (Solaris) administration and maintenance of
upto 10 Unix servers . A brief summary of these activities is furnished below.

   Installed and configured Solaris 8 on Sparc and x86 machines. Managed OBP
    parameters, initialization scripts and files. Configured devices using devfsadm,
    /reconfigure, boot –r and admintool. Installed packages and patches using pkgadd,
    patchadd admintool etc.
   Managed users and groups using useradd, groupadd etc and admintool. Managed
    system and user authentication/authorization using Unix files like hosts.equiv, rhosts,
    netrc, /etc files, ACLs, permissions etc. Performed remote connection using TCP/IP
    utilities like rlogin, telnet, ftp etc. Configured remote connection using TCP/IP
    utilities like rlogin, telnet, ftp etc.
   Formatted disk partitions with format and created file systems using newfs. Managed
    disks, disk space, disk configuration, optimization, tuning, quotas, tunefs, fmthard,
    prtvtoc, df,du etc.
   Installed, configured and managed printers and printer queues using lpstat, lpadmin
    and admintool. Managed backups and recoveries using tar, cpio, dd, volcopy,
    ufsdump and ufsretosre. Performed removable media volume management with vold
    and rmmount.
   Managed system auditing using syslog, whodo, last etc. Performed process control
    using priocntl, prstat, pgrep, ps, pkill, jobs, fg, bg etc. Performed job scheduling using
    crontab and at.
   Performed network administration including configuration of TCP/IP files, net
    masking, assignment of IP addresses, DHCP configuration, router configuration,
    remote connections, assignment of hostnames and shooting using ifconfig, ping,
    snoop, ndd, netstat, traceroute etc.
   Configured name services like DNS, NIS and NIS+ and trouble shooting
   Installed and configured NTP, SAMBA, NFS, Apache webserver including automatic
    file systems and cachefs file systems.
   Performed investigation through analysis of sylog, /vad/adm/messages, script etc.
   Imparted training to Solaris Systems Administration trainees. Prepared presentations,
    documentation and training material for Solaris Administration trainees.

June 2002 to August 2002: Systems Integrator – 2, Spectra Securities Software Inc.,
Toronto, a.k.a Sanchez Computer Associates Inc.

Allstate Integration Project:

   Installed and integrated Spectra Enterprise and Spectra Funds on 6 production servers
    (Solaris) at Allstate Financial Services, USA and on the integration server of Spectra,
   Modified system environment and application configuration files.
   Configured system environment for connection to Application Databases (Sybase
    12.0) and Back-end database (Oracle 8i).
   Created the application database tables/other objects and pre-populated the tables.
   Developed ‘bcp’ scripts (Sybase) for migrating data between machines.
   Developed ‘isql’ and UNIX shell scripts for truncating, dropping and validating
    Sybase tables.
   Transferred a number of patches and releases to Allstate machines via ftp sites of
    Spectra and Allstate.
   Installed, integrated and tested a number of patches and releases on Allstate servers,
    test servers and integration servers.
   Performed a number of extracts and loads of application data.
   Started, monitored and stopped all application services.
   Developed a PERL script to monitor Spectra Funds application servers.
   Performed database dumps, started and stopped Sybase and Oracle servers.
   Installed and integrated Spectra InfoServer 4.2 and 5.0 on integration and test servers.
   Created Oracle 8i database objects and pre-populated tables.
   Developed SQL loader scripts for pre-populating static data.
   Developed shell and SQL scripts to monitor the consistency of Sybase replication
    servers. Tested Sybase replication features using DDL and DML on the primary
   Installed and configured the GUI interface for Spectra applications.
   Prepared the following documents for spectra applications:
        a) ‘System Deployment Architecture’,
        b) ‘Data Configuration and Operations Requirements’
        c) ‘Installation and Configuration’
   Provided technical support to Allstate for installing and integrating patches and new

CIBC integration project:

   Participated in database sizing study as part of Spectra MidOffice integration project
    at CIBC.
   Developed a script to monitor disk space usage and availability on CIBC production
   Migrated the Spectra Account entry, Spectra Market Data, Spectra MidOffice
    applications to UAT machines at CIBC.

October 1997 to March 2001: Technical Support, Steria (HO: Paris), Riyadh branch

This assignment consisted of production support, Unix administration of AIX (4.2) and
Solaris servers, Informix DB Administration and development activities. A brief
summary of these activities is furnished below.

   Upgraded AIX from 4.1 to 4.2. Installed and upgraded Solaris 7.0 and 8.0. Created
    and added raw logical volumes to Informix database chunks. Created and added file
    systems for applications. Installed and configured packages and updates. Managed
    disks, volume groups, logical and physical volumes with both raw and buffered file
    systems using df, du, smitty, mount, umount etc. Defined various environment
    variables and configured environment files like profile, .profile, init scripts, motd.
   Monitored and managed processes using iostat, vmstat, monitor, ps, df, grep, top and
    kill. Scheduled both admin and application related batch jobs using crontab and at.
    Developed crontab and ftp scripts on RS6000 for periodic scanning and automatic
    uploading of data files to AS400 and mainframe systems at banks.
   Developed shell scripts using awk for automation (crontab) of scanning, formatting,
    transforming and processing of cross-platform data file transfers.
   Managed data backups, archives, restorations and recoveries using tar, dd, pack,
    compress and database utilities like dbimport, dbexport, dbload etc.
   Controlled and monitored printers and print queues using lp, lpstat, lpadmin, lprm and
    lpsched. Used Smitty extensively for AIX system management.
   Configured SNA profiles on AIX (RS6000) for on line communication with AS 400
    for sending and receiving data buffers between the two systems using APPC / APPN.
   Administered users and groups and file permissions using smitty. Performed
    housekeeping of application system files and directories.
Database Administration, design and development activities:

   Designed databases including creation of database spaces, chunks, databases, tables,
    data files, log files. Populated tables and migration of data across machines including
    extraction, transformation, loading of tables.
   Performed Informix configuration, performance monitoring, tuning, reorganization,
    fragmentation, indexing, clustering, locking, purging/archival, backups, restoration
    and disaster recovery
   Upgraded Informix; created reorganized and managed databases. Fragmented and
    indexed tables, clustered indexes, changed onconfig parameters, table schemas etc.
    Added and deleted chunks started and stopped logging.
   Performed booting and shutdown of Informix Online etc, dbexport, dbimport, restart
    and recovery, adding users, granting privileges, monitoring of chunks and shared
    memory; used utilities like dbaccess, dbschema, onmonitor, onstat, oncheck, onmode,
    ontape, oninit, onspaces, onparams etc.
   Performed data backups, recovery, restoration and migration. Rendered customer
    support, training and maintenance for payment systems.
   Managed users and privileges, developed audit trails using Stored Procedures and
   Designed, developed, installed, integrated, maintained and supported EFT and
    SWIFT payment systems using C, Informix 4GL, ESQLC, Tuxedo, awk, sed,
    embedded SQL and UNIX shell scripts. Upgraded applications and database engine
    and installed patches. Maintained version control.
   Optimized SQL statements, set/changed lock modes and levels, isolation levels etc
    and solved shared memory problems using onmode and by planned committing of
   Developed a data purge/archival utility for purging, uploading and reclaiming
    database space using dbload, awk, 4GL and shell scripts

March 1997 - October 1997: Consultant (ETL Programmer), Citibank, Riyadh

This assignment consisted of developing ETL systems that extract data from various data
stores and then transform the data to the database load format. The reporting system
software known as SAMA Reporting System and Balance of Payments read the database
and generate the various reports required by the Statutory Authority.

These applications were installed on Sybase / Solaris and Oracle/Windows platforms. A
summary of these activities is given below.

   Designed and developed the SAMA Reporting System and the Balance of Payments
    Reporting System for Citibank using MF COBOL, Pro Cobol, FPM
   Developed a number of ETL programs for extraction and conversion of data from
    various sources like Oracle, Sybase and Access databases and COBOL flat files. This
    data is in turn uploaded to Oracle for generating of statutory reports.
   Developed Shell scripts for data validation, reporting and menus using Unix shell and
January 1988 - March 1997: Manager (Computer Center), Andhra Bank, India

This assignment consisted of Unix Administration (3 servers), development, testing,
installation, integration, training, user support, trouble shooting, correspondence and
documentation for EDP and MIS applications at controlling offices of a bank.

   Installed AT & T Unix on Motorola 68020 and 68030 machines. Formatted and
    initialized SMDs, created partitions and file systems. Managed disks, volumes and
    file systems. Installed and implemented packages, patches and new software.
   Managed data backups, archives, restoration and recovery. Maintained off-site
    backups and other physical security safeguards.
   Administered users and groups. Handled environment files like profile, .profile, init
    files, motd etc. Managed file and file system security.
   Controlled and monitored printers and print queues. Managed removable media.
   Scheduled admin and application related batch jobs using cron and at. Monitored and
    managed system and user processes.
   Installed Unify RDBMS and configured the server. Created databases, tables, data
    files, rollback segments, log files and populated tables. Performed configuration of
    Unify databases, performance monitoring, tuning, reorganization, fragmentation,
    indexing, clustering, locking, purging/archival, backups, restoration and disaster
   Developed shell scripts using awk and sed for data conversion, report generation and
    system maintenance and data validation.


2002 - Sun Certified Solaris Network Administrator, Sun Micro Systems, USA
2002 - Sun Certified Solaris System Administrator, Sun Micro Systems, USA
2000 - Informix Certified Database Specialist, IBM Informix, USA
1999 - CISA (IT Auditor), ISACA, USA
1995 - M.B.A (Finance), A.U College of Management, Waltair, India


1996 - EDP Audit Staff Development Course, Management Advisory Services,
Massachusetts, USA
1996 - Oracle RDBMS & DBA, STG Inc, India
1996 - Data Communications & Networks, Bankers Training College, Reserve Bank of
India, Bombay
1995 - DSS systems and Expert Systems, National Institute of Banking, India
1992 - Structured Systems Analysis & Design, Tata Consultancy Services, India
1990 - Unify RDBMS, HCL Computer Ltd., Madras, India
1988 - Unix & C, Computer Maintenance Corporation ltd., India
1988 - Unix & Unify RDBMS, OMC Computers ltd., India
1987 - Cobol programming, Tata Consultancy Services, India

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