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children  young people  families

Working across the Eastern Region

  Diana Read – Chief Executive
Ormiston           Working towards
                     our Mission
           Ormiston works to support children and young
           people, especially those most disadvantaged by
           their life experiences and circumstances:

           • Ormiston is one of the largest voluntary
             providers of services to children, young people
             and their families in the Eastern Region.
           • A diverse range of child centred services
           • 27 delivery bases, across 6 counties
           • Employ 190 people from a range of professional
           • Have 200 volunteers
Ormiston        Community Programme
               Children’s Centres & Family
            Ormiston provides a wide range of support to
             under 5’s and their families – many in “super
             output” areas and in partnership with Sure
             Start Programmes:

                • Lead agency for Colchester Children’s
                  Centres in East Greenstead & St. Annes
                • Exploring the possibility of acting as lead
                  on all 6 phase 2 centres in Colchester
                • Nominated as providers of 2nd phase
                  Children’s Centres in Suffolk, Essex &
                • Neighbourhood Nursery providers in SE
                  Ipswich Children’s Centre
                • Two centres providing family assessments
                  based in Ipswich & Gt. Yarmouth

             Community Programme
Ormiston       Extended Schools
           Ormiston has a strong history of
             partnership working with
             schools & clusters:

           • Providing after schools clubs &
             lunchtime curriculum sessions
           • Providing family support as part
             of Extended Schools delivery in
           • Supporting children with
             emerging emotional/mental
             health difficulties in schools in
             the Newmarket area
Ormiston   Emotional Wellbeing Programme
            This new Programme builds on the
              work of existing Ormiston Projects
              in the Eastern Region and offers:
            • Early intervention support to young
              people aged 10 to 16 whose emotional
              wellbeing or mental health may be at
            • Partnership working with young people,
              their families/carers, CAMHS,
              Education, Health, Social Care and
              other agencies
            • Projects in Ipswich, Newmarket,
              Gt.Yarmouth and Cambridgeshire and
              opportunity for new work to develop
       Working with Travellers
• Working with children and families from all Travelling
  communities across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire,
  including those living on the roadside and in houses
• Focusing on participatory and advocacy frameworks
• Working with Travellers to find solutions to the issues
  that are important to them around accommodation,
  learning, health and racism
• Recently established Travellers Consultancy Service
  which can be tailored to the needs of individual
  statutory and voluntary organisations – informing
  planning, service delivery and policy development
                  Children of Offenders
               Lead for Regional National Offenders
                 Management - Children & Families

           •    Working in 7 adult prisons across the region:
                Norwich, Chelmsford, Bedford, Edmunds Hill,
                Wayland, Highpoint, Hollesley Bay
           •    Working in 2 Young Offender Institutions at:
                Norwich and Warren Hill
           •    Providing direct community support to
                children of prisoners in Essex, Norfolk and
                Peterborough & Cambridgeshire
           •    Awareness raising in schools
           •    Providing publications and resources
           •    National Helpline for prisoners’ families

• Ormiston’s organisational infrastructure ensures
  that our diverse service delivery is of the highest
  standard. Strong leadership, multi-skilled
  workforce, a sound financial base, high quality
  standards (working towards PQASSO), a robust
  annual planning and review approach all underpin
  project activity, offering stability and adaptability.
• We are well placed to work in partnership with a
  wide variety of statutory and voluntary organisations
  adding value to work with children, young people
  and families across East Anglia.
• Over 200 funding streams:
  – Government offices/government initiatives
  – Local Authorities
  – Prison Service
  – Health
  – Learning & skills Councils
  – Police
  – Grant making Trusts
       Contracts & Agreements
Current arrangements:
• Some agreement/contract free funding
• Mostly Formal Agreements with Grant Making Trusts,
• Service Level Agreements with Local Authorities and
  other statutory organisations
• Contracts with government departments and other
  funding bodies
• Lack of standardisation
• Still too much technical jargon
• Compact & full cost recovery still not fully
    Delivering under Contracts
• Contracts bring a clear understanding of
  accountability and expectation
• Each funding stream brings a new set/
  combination of required outputs and outcomes
• Different funding bodies have different reporting
  requirements and formats
• Good relationships equal confident delivery
• Funders who understand the work develop the
  best contract specifications, usually in
  partnership with us
• Most of our income is generated/based on:
     • bidding processes
     • established relationships with funding bodies
     • partnership working/approaches
• Benefits of Bidding:
     • We can design the work on the basis of our expertise and
       identified need
     • We are in control of timescales to some degree
     • We can ensure that the bid is driven by our mission and
     • We can be strategic, ensuring that the bid is part of a
       planned process
     • It provides some certainty in terms of our ability to control the
       size and number of bids and who we choose to partner with
• To date very little of our funding has been gained
  through the tendering process
• Disadvantages of tendering:
   –   Short timescales
   –   Admin intensive
   –   Technical
   –   No opportunity for dialogue
   –   Driven by the designs and performance targets of others
   –   Does not play to voluntary sector strengths: creativity, flexibility,
   –   Forces us into competitive relationships – eroding the value of
       the third sector
   –   Size of some tenders can push the sector into partnerships so
       that we can compete
   –   Hard for the sector to compete with some very slick private
   –   Although fairer, does not provide total equity
    Added Value of the Voluntary
• Positive relationships with service users
• Flexible ways of working e.g. being responsive
  to the needs of users
• Experience and confidence in working with
  those most excluded and marginalised
• Extensive experience of partnership working
• Creative and experienced in designing services
• Opportunity to bid for a range of additional
Thank you
Contact Details:

Diana Read
Chief Executive
Ormiston Children & Families Trust
333 Felixstowe Road

Tel: 01473 724517
children  young people  families

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