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					                                                       Evert-Jan Lammers

                                                       Evert-Jan Lammers is a partner at TRIFORENSIC.

                                                       TRIFORENSIC is an independent provider of forensic
                                                       services with offices in the Benelux. The professionals of
                                                       TRIFORENSIC are a mix of forensic accountants, forensic IT-
                                                       experts and private detectives. Evert-Jan was one of the
                                                       founders of TRIFORENSIC in 2010.

Education                                              The main services of TRIFORENSIC relate to fraud and
   MSc in Economics, University of Amsterdam,          integrity issues: consulting, detection and investigation.
   The Netherlands
   Accountancy, University of Amsterdam, The
   Netherlands                                         Since 1997 Mr. Lammers has led more than 200 fraud
                                                       investigations and fraud consulting engagements in the
Professional Affiliations and Recognition              Benelux and abroad.
   Registeraccountant (RA), Institute of Registered
   Auditors (NBA), The Netherlands
   Registered Forensic Auditor (RFA), Institute of     Prior to joining TRIFORENSIC Mr. Lammers was the
   Forensic Auditors (IFA), Belgium                    managing partner at Institute for Financial Investigations
                                                       (INSTIFIN) from 2004 until 2009. INSTIFIN is an independent
Teaching                                               provider of financial investigative services.
   Executive professor Forensic Auditing at
   Antwerp Management School, Belgium
                                                       Before joining INSTIFIN Mr. Lammers was the managing
Other functions                                        director of KPMG Forensic in Belgium from 1997 until 2004.
   Board member of Transparency International          He has set-up this business unit in 1997.
   Vice President of Institute of Forensic Auditors,
   Belgium                                             For a short period in 1996 he was interim manager finance at
                                                       NRG reinsurance group in London.

                                                       Mr. Lammers has started his professional career as a trainee
                                                       at KPMG Accountants in Amsterdam (1985-1992) and then
                                                       as a senior manager at KPMG Audit in Paris (1992-1996).

                                                       Mr. Lammers is regularly engaged under the TAIEX-program
                                                       of the European Commission as a trainer in fraud and
                                                       corruption issues in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

                                                       Mr. Lammers speaks frequently at national and international
                                                       events about fraud and corruption issues.

                                                       Furthermore he has issued various publications, such as
                                                       Business codes in Belgium (2001), Forensic auditing in
                                                       Belgium (2002) and The impact of the economic crisis on
                                                       fraud (2009).

                                                       Finally Mr. Lammers is the Editor in chief of the IFA
                                                       Newsletter, the quarterly magazine of the Institute of
                                                       Forensic Auditors.

                                                       Mr. Lammers was born in The Netherlands (1959), he has
                                                       lived and worked in France (1992-1996) and the UK (1996)
                                                       and has moved to Brussels in 1997.

                                                       Mr. Lammers is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), French and
                                                       English. Good German.

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